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5 Best Sleep Masks In India

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The majorly looked-for requirements to a sound night’s sleep must be the desire for a completely dark environment. How are you going to make sure that you have whole darkness inside your bedroom? Perhaps it is a thing that might seem a bit tough to accomplish, particularly if you are staying in metropolitan cities. To make this thing really possible and to provide you with the best of night sleep, we have come up with a product that you may purchase and wear at night to get complete darkness. Therefore, we have lined up the Best Sleep Masks in India, which are the nighttime gears that would help you make things perfect for you with a whole lot of ease. There are plenty of types of eye masks accessible for using whilst you sleep, but selecting one might not any easy. You might require paying due courtesy to host features prior to finalizing your choice.

The sensitivity of the skin, material, relaxation whilst traveling, and outline are only some factors that might be of supreme importance. So, to make sure that you get the best sleeping eye mask for yourself, go through our detailed eye mask reviews for sure before taking the final call.

Editor's Picks: 5 Best Sleep Masks In India

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Best Sleep Masks in India Reviewed

1. FreshDcart Blind Sleeping Eye Mask Slip

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Here is the first sleep mask suggestion from our side, which is FreshDcart Sleep Mask that is appropriate for any person irrespective of their age or gender. This sleeping eye mask has been made up of 100% silk satin so that you may travel, meditate, and sleep without any light being incident on your eye. This is the best sleep eye mask in India and is suitable for quiet meditation and yoga, ultimate for schoolchildren subsisting in the dormitory to take a nap whilst the light isn’t switched off. In addition, this might be pretty supportive of the couples in the situation when a partner wants light and the other desires darkness.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Crafted using the Mulberry Silk material for super smooth feel
  • Feels really soft when you put it on your eyes due to a smooth texture
  • An ideal nighttime gear for sleeping in any sort of light conditions
  • Appropriate for every single person irrespective of their gender or age
  • Really easy to carry with you wherever and whenever you travel

2. Healthandyoga Relaxing Gel Eye Mask Review

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For all the people who are looking for a sleeping eye mask that would not only keep the eyes away from light but also relax them after a long day at work, they may go for this Cooling Gel Eye Mask from Healthandyoga. This is a delightful strap on sleeping and meditating gear that assists in achieving this feat pretty extraordinarily. By retaining the gel reasonably cool or even at the standard room temperature and wearing it at night, the nimble pressure on your eyes delivers an extremely soothing stimulus to get rid of exhaustion, pains, and disquiet.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • An amazing cooling eye gel sleeping mask with Velcro straps
  • Settles pretty comfortably on your face and eyes for utmost ease
  • Might as well be refrigerated or kept at room temperature
  • Keeps you away from eye tiredness, dry eyes, and insomnia
  • A quality nighttime or meditation gear for the urban lifestyle

3. Okayji 3D Solid Color Sleeping Ventilation Eye Mask – Black

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If you are searching for a reasonably priced relaxing eye mask to keep the light at bay whilst you are at bed or on the couch, then your search is going to end with this really comfortable Okayji 3D Eye Mask Goggles, which is an easy-going sleeping eye mask. This eye mask goggle offers a pretty contented napping atmosphere. It has been particularly intended to efficiently diminish dark shades around your eyes. It comprises 2 adaptable elastic bands for a comfy fit and is ideal for team constructing exercises, travel, meditation, or office and home usage.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Really soft and comfortable sleeping eye mask goggle
  • Delivers the best sleeping environment to the user
  • Helps in diminishing the dark circles around your eyes
  • Comprises 2 adjustable elastic bands to offer a comfort fit
  • Ideal to use at home or office for meditation or sleeping

4. Travel Blue Blue Sleep Mask Review

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Aimed at the people who would like to wear a standard eye mask to keep the lights or glares away from their eyes, this Blue Sleep Mask from Travel Blue is a real quality sleeping eye mask. This eye mask is going to help you evade even the brightest of lights in your setting or surrounding. It has been manufactured from a top-quality material couple up with soft cotton covering on the inner part to comfort your eyes in the best way possible. It is a really appropriate gear in case you like to meditate on a regular basis at home or even in the office during breaks.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A decent quality sleeping eye mask for the love of blue
  • Helps your eyes from keeping away from the brightest light
  • Crafted out of superior-quality material with a soft inner lining
  • Really easy to carry irrespective of where and when you travel
  • Assists in relieving the headaches, eye pains, and redness

5. MadTrip Deep Sleeping Eye Mask Review

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Do you often like to slide into a profound sleep? The MadTrip Deep Sleeping Eye Mask, which is a really comfortable sleeping eye mask, is going to help you achieve that feat for sure! This eye mask helps in defending your eyes from the light of day and keeping the subconscious cheerful. In addition, it helps you to be in good vibes all throughout the day resulting from a sound sleep last night. Crafted out of soft velvet on the interior, this eye mask is going to comfort your eyes and a catches the attention of every other person owing to the trendy double eye pattern.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Helps you to go into a deep sleep even having the lights on
  • Protects your eyes from the daylight when relaxing at the beach
  • The inner surface has been prepared with soft velvet for comfort
  • Comes with a cool and fashionable double eye print on the outside
  • The box comprises a DND wrapping for the door to ensure good sleep

Best Sleeping Eye Masks – Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a sleep mask may appear similar to a simple task, but there might be some problems. Whilst you hit the market to purchase one, you might discover yourself with additional diversities as compared to what you anticipated, so which should be the one to purchase? This sleeping eye mask buyer’s guide must assist to make the decision effortless. It is significant to recall not purchasing anything driven by instinct since the sleeping masks are intended to be personalized to the person and might, in fact, have the contrasting of their planned effect in case you purchase one that isn’t suitable for your requirements.


The sleeping eye masks in their most fundamental description are bands. However, they might be a lot more as compared to that. We have the pillow sleeping eye masks, or the eye pillows, which are denser and comfortable as compared to a standard sleeping eye mask. There are cooling masks, compression masks, and magnetic masks. You might as well have the sleeping masks intended particularly for aromatherapy. In case you possess a precise reason to wear the sleeping eye mask, for instance, to improve your dreaming involvement, then this is going to have a pronounced impact on the kind of mask that you are going to buy.


The general shape of the eye mask that you are going to get and moreover its size, are both significant aspects for you to think through whilst purchasing a sleeping eye mask. The side sleepers especially are going to require keeping the mask’s size in mind whilst purchasing since they incline to move a great deal when they nap; in case the mask doesn’t have the appropriate size then it is probable that it is going to move and shift around too. This isn’t as expected to be a concern with individuals who slumber on their back.

A majority of sleep masks are going to be in straight contact with the eyelids and doesn’t let them open freely through a mild pressure, but a few of them also come with cavities that permit you to open the eyes and perceive entire darkness. In case you would prefer opening your eyes whilst wearing your mask then you must perhaps opt to purchase the ones that possess such kind of eye cavities.

In case you desire to block the sound in addition to the lights, a sleeping eye mask along with the side panels is going to be a nice idea. The head’s size is moreover anything that is going to upset the sleep mask’s size. It is accurate that a majority of them have a standard size, but in case your head is oddly large or small then you must still verify to ensure that the mask that you desire is going to fit your head contentedly.


The dark shades such as blue and black are the colors that a person is going to normally perceive in the sleeping eye masks, but it is likely to get them even in more colors. In case you are a fashionable person or solely favor a sleep mask that is unique, you perhaps are tempted to choose the one that is accessible in an impressive pattern or print. However, in case you do then we would powerfully suggest that you test, analyze, or research the efficiency of the mask prior to purchasing it.


A diversity of diverse materials are normally utilized to turn the sleeping eye masks and you might not prefer the finish of every single one of them, so you must have an idea with regard to the type of material that you would favor on a sleeping eye mask prior to purchasing one. Cotton, Silk, and Satin are all usually used to prepare masks; satin and silk, particularly, are recognized to sense really good for your skin.

The material’s feel is significant but there are moreover a few other aspects to cogitate, such as whether or not the stuff is going to annoy your skin and in case it is going to make you feel cool or hot whilst you get it on your eyes for an extended time. A few masks are going to utilize a grouping of materials and a few might as well incorporate foam or gel inside to provide the mask more structured or a definite shape, such as the eye cavities.


You might be conjecturing about the sleeping mask price. The cost might in effect vary significantly, relying on the kind of mask you attain and the stuff it has been crafted with. In plenty of cases, the old proverb remains accurate that you obtain what you spend for. Numerous high-quality sleeping eye masks might cost extra in comparison to the others, but not many of them are awkwardly priced. The price might sway greater or lower as compared to that, but that is going to provide an overall assortment of what might be anticipated.

You should not be attracted into discerning that every other mask is going to make the cut. Taking the time you need to explore your preferred sleeping mask prior to coming to decision might signify the variance amongst buying the one that is average and one that might considerably develop your sleep.

Advantages Of Using Sleeping Masks

Sleep nurtures our life, and it is all that we need to start a brand new day with an even newer spirit. But thanks to the many stresses and problems that our busy day offers, it can become harder to have a night of proper sleep at night (or day if you are a day sleeper). And, it can be frustrating as well. Therefore, using a sleeping mask can be a worthy decision to make if you face some sleeping problem. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the benefits, knowing which would help you justify your purchase from a good point of view.  

Improves Your Sleep Quality

Having proper sleep is as essential as having enough water. Sleep enhances our daily life and energizes us to perform our daily tasks with a brand new spirit. But what happens when you do not get to sleep properly? Or, when it does not come? It becomes so frustrating, right? Therefore, using a sleeping mask can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Researchers have found that our sleep is associated with darkness. So, the darker the room, the better sleep we have. But, obviously, we do not live in caves. So, the best way to stop light poking our eyes is to cover it with something. Sleeping masks work as a layer that stops light from coming in and offers you a peaceful sleep. 

Relaxes Migraine Pain

Sleeping masks can provide great relief to those who have a migraine. And if you are one of the patients, you better know how pain increases when exposed to bright lights. Sleeping masks can provide you with complete protection against light and relax your eyes with complete darkness. Some sleeping masks even come with a cooling feature which works excellently for those having migraines. You can store these masks in your refrigerator and use the cold to numb out the throbbing effects of migraines. And even if you do not have it, you can still find the experience appealing. These cold masks also work great to ease your headache. 

Excellent For Travel

If you can not sleep without darkness, or travel a lot, sleeping masks can be a great purchase for you. The automobiles like planes, buses, trains do not have a sleep-friendly dark environment. And even when you are traveling on planes, there are these junk lights to disturb your sleep. Sleeping masks, since they offer complete light blockage, perform well in such a scenario. Also, many companies build travel-friendly sleeping masks that come with many additional features like ear-plugs or pillows. 

Easily Available

Sleeping masks are not some highly-priced product that would cost you thousands. Somewhat, these masks are remarkably cheap so that anyone can buy them. Therefore, they are highly affordable as well as readily available in the market. 


If your sleeping environment causes disturbance of sleep, these sleeping masks will let you ignore any trouble around. For example, even if someone suddenly turns on your room's lights, your sleep will not get hampered as you wear the mask. So, you do not have to take medications to attain those peaceful nights of sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are sleep masks safe?

Sleep masks don't have the same side effects—or risks—as pharmaceutical sleep aids or alcohol. 4. They're safer than medication or alcohol. A lot of people who have trouble sleeping use sleeping pills or self-medicate with alcohol in order to get some rest.

2. Does sleeping with eye mask benefit?

Because sleep masks trick your brain into believing it's time for sleep, they're a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more conventional sleep aids, but you may find they're just as effective. 5. … Sleep masks can protect the delicate skin around your eyes and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

3. Can sleep masks cause wrinkles?

“If you use the sleep masks every night, you are more likely to create creases that can lead to wrinkles,” says Marmur. While it's easy to get used to the quality sleep that can come with wearing eye masks, try to give your lids a break from time to time

4. How do overnight masks work?

Designed to help ingredients penetrate more deeply as you sleep, an overnight mask works both as a barrier and sealant. A light coating of this product prevents dirt and dust from closing in on your pores and locks in your other active products, letting all the goodness work more effectively without evaporating away.

5. Are sleep masks bad for your skin?

Unfortunately, wearing a sleep mask every night comes with one major downside. Since it rests on the sensitive skin of your face for hours on end, it can cause some skin irritation. Especially if it's dirty.

A Final Word-Personal Recommendation

Since we have now concluded the overall comprehensive review and analysis process, we think that it would now be really easy and stress-free for our customers or users to choose a quality sleeping eye mask that would conform to their requirement and preferences. Further, we would like to tell you that all the sleeping eye masks that we have provided here on our listing are top-quality products, so you won’t be irritated by the fact that the material or the stuff is troubling you.

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On the other hand, if there are a few users who are finding it tough to choose a sleeping eye mask even after going through our comprehensive reviews that would match their requirements and preferences, they should go with our personally suggested product for sure. The sleeping eye mask that we would like to suggest our customers is the Friends of Meditation 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, which is going to provide you with utmost comfort in any kind of light and sits really comfortably on your eyes.

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