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Best Running Shoes Under 4000 INR (November 2022)

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Running shoes are made of high-quality mesh that makes it more breathable so that there is no sweating or swelling of feet. It gives you such comfort that can not be ever denied after once you have tried one such shoe. You may feel like spending so much behind a shoe is merely a waste of money! But, trust us, this is not a loss, rather an investment that you must make unless you want to face issues in the future. Finding the best running shoes under 4000 INR is no big deal as you are in the right place!

You may have this question hovering through your mind now that what is the point of buying a running shoe? After all, it won't stay forever. Let us tell you that running shoes are made of high-end materials that are typically used to give it a long-lasting work power. Do you know how much your shoes trouble when you run or jump wearing it? Running shoes are specially designed for such heavy performances. Wearing these shoes you can do anything at ease. The mesh on the heels can take a load up to 2.5x of your bodyweight. Therefore it lasts far longer than your daily shoes. 

Best Running Shoes Under 4000 INR

Now once you've understood the importance of running shoes in our daily life, let's move forward with the budget question. Will it fit under our budget? Yes! There are also a couple of best Adidas running shoes under 4000. We have done our research and made a list where you can easily get yours. Therefore, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Running Shoe Brands Under 4000 INR

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5 Best Running Shoes Under 4000 INR Reviewed

1. Nike Men's Downshifter 9

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Nike is one of the most famous shoe brands in the world. We always count Nike in the first line of the shoe brands. The first choice in our list is the shoe from Nike: Downshifter 9. This shoe is the 9th edition of the Downshifter segment. You can purchase this shoe from Amazon as it is one of the best 4000 Rs Running Shoe. 

Nike has always been making premium quality shoes. Therefore, there is no doubt about this one's build quality. The upper part of the Downshifter 9 is made from a durable, textile material that not only gives it a premium look but is able to adapt to your foot shape very easily. Therefore, you won't be uncomfortable to wear these. 

There is a seamless lining on the middle-upper top which is made of synthetic material that gives it stability and support. The closure system of the shoe is lacing. We always recommend wearing lacing shoes as lacing allows your feet to move freely. The inner sole is made from a foam material. 

The manufacturers have used EVA foam cushioning that is extremely comfortable. The cushioning effect protects your feet from any kind of injury. Therefore, it reduces any kind of risk while running or jumping. The sole is made of durable rubber. Rubber gives the shoe more durability and can stick to the floor better. 

The EVA foam that has been used in this shoe is very soft and easily adapts to your foot shape. The synthetic material in the shoe makes this more breathable. So, you can more freely wear this one. The cushioning of the innersole protects your leg from any kind of injury. The rubber sole provides you with better stability while running or jumping. Therefore, you can run anytime wearing this shoe without feeling uncomfortable. 

While speaking of looks, the shoe looks very premium. The synthetic lining on the shoe gives it a very stylish outlook. The good thing is that this shoe is available in two color options: black and blue. Therefore, you have this option to pick your favorite one.

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  • Breathable
  • Premium outlook
  • Comfortable
  • Rubber sole
  • You may face size issues

2. Adidas Men's Running Shoes

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Adidas is one of the most reputed brands in India. You must have seen many people using Adidas’ shoes. The shoes that Adidas manufactures are extremely comfortable. Adidas Men's Running shoe is one of the best Adidas running shoes. This running shoe is extremely comfortable and durable. You can purchase this one from Amazon for under 4000 INR. 

Adidas is known for its high-quality comfortable shoes. The brand has always been providing us with high-end materials. This is made from synthetic material and is very breathable. Thus, it prevents your feet from sweating and provides comfort. The closure type is lace-up which allows your feet to move freely. 

Talking about the cushioning material, Adidas has used high-quality mesh for cushioning. Due to the use of synthetic and mesh, this shoe is very light. The sole is made of rubber. Therefore, it can easily absorb any kind of shock. The shoe easily gets accustomed to your foot shape. Adidas has very efficiently crafted this shoe with high-end materials that provide it with longevity and durability. You can run, jump and walk all-around a day, and still, this shoe will get this over. 

We all know that build quality directly affects the comfort and we have also seen that Adidas has used all high-quality materials- starting from the synthetic upper body to mesh cushioning- while making this shoe. Therefore, the shoe is extremely comfortable and you can spend hours wearing this without any issues. 

The synthetic material makes this shoe extremely breathable. There are no feet sweating at all. The cushioning is so good that it protects your leg from any unexpected shock that you can get while jumping, running, or even walking. 

While talking about looks, this shoe has a very stylish and premium outlook like any other Adidas shoe. This is available in the black color variant.

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  • High build quality
  • Breathable
  • Excellent stability
  • Premium looksli>
  • Lesser color variant options available

3. Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe

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Asics is one of the most reputed sports brands that produce high-end running shoes. The fourth in our list is one of the most affordable sports shoes under 4000: the Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 Running shoe. This shoe is aimed for beginners who want to step their foot into the world of sports. 

Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 is a very durable running shoe. The company has used synthetic material that is extremely breathable and prevents feet sweating. You can find a rigid heel cup and a wide toe box to give you better comfort. 

One of the most interesting features of Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 is its rearfoot Gel technology. You can compare it to the cushioning system in other brands. The Gel-cushioning unit in the heel provides you with extreme comfort. 

You can also find laminated mid-cage for extra durability of the shoe. The laces are sufficient in length. This shoe is encompassed of EVA material with a thick rubber sole that gives the shoe more stability and protects you from any kind of shock. 

Asics is known for its comfortable sports shoes. The Gel technology that Asics uses in it's any other shoes is meant to give your legs more comfort while doing hard work like running, jumping, or exercising. The gel cushioning unit in the heel protects your toes from any kind of shock that it may encounter from the activities mentioned before. The synthetic material is so breathable. It prevents your legs from sweating. 

Asics Men's Gel-Contend 4 running shoe is available in two color variants: white and white; black and black and energy green. This shoe has a very stylish outlook. You can pick your favorite one among the available color variants.

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  • Durable
  • High build quality
  • Gel technology for cushioning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not suitable for long-distance running

4. Mizuno Men's Synchro Md Running Shoes

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Rihanchi Mizuno is the founder of the brand who first opened a shoe shop driven out of love for sports in 1906 in Japan. Keeping with the pace of developing technologies, every generation of Mizuno shoes has been providing us with excellent engineered shoes that are exceptionally well crafted and comfortable. Mizuno Synchro MD is the fourth in our list of top best running shoes under 4000 INR.

Mizuno, from the very beginning, has been taking great care of its shoes' build quality. They have used several high-class technologies while building their shoes. One such is AIRMesh. Mizuno has used AIRMesh as it's build material. AIRMesh is a premium quality mesh that provides more breathability and brings more comfort.

Mizuno wave is another such technology that has been used in the shoe. This is a unique technology. Mizuno Wave has been used in cushioning of the shoe. It provides more stability and can easily be adjusted with the foot shape.

The company has used U4iCX. The light missile delivers more comfort and can take the heavy load that protects your feet from any kind of injury or shock. There is a X10 that is trusted to be the most durable carbon rubber. The high-quality carbon rubber not only gives stability but also protects our feet.

Mizuno men's synchro MD shoe is very popular for its comfortability. The use of AIRMesh provides breathability and comfort. the company has used several technologies to provide the desired comfort. As we have discussed earlier, this shoe is very comfortable to wear all day long.

This shoe has a very stylish look. It is available in only one color variant option i.e. Red/black/yellow. The color combination looks so vibrant that anyone will love it.

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  • Durable
  • Great build quality
  • Uses of various technologies/li>
  • High quality X10 carbon rubber sole
  • Only one color variant is breathable

5. Adidas Men's Raden M Running Shoe

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Another fantastic shoe that has successfully made up to our list of top running shoes under 4000 INR is again from the reputed brand: Adidas. Adidas Men's Raden M Running shoe is one of the best Adidas running shoes that is budget-friendly and exceptionally comfortable. You can purchase this shoe from for under rs. 4000.

While talking about build quality, Adidas is a brand that has been successfully making shoes that last longer than ever. Adidas Men's Raden M Running Shoes are made of high quality synthetic and mesh material that gives this shoe extra comfort and durability. The synthetic material of the shoe makes it more breathable. The upper mesh body plays a great role too. The company has used layered sandwich mesh for maximum ventilation on the top. Therefore, you can wear this shoe for a day day-long without getting sweaty feet. 

The company has made the upper part of the mesh that makes it very light. Therefore, you can move freely and easily. You won't feel like wearing anything at all. The lace is enough in length. The cushioning of the shoe has really done its job. The cushioning on the heel protects your leg from any kind of injury and gives it less pressure and more comfort while doing heavy work like jumping or running. 

The outsole is made of rubber that gives the shoe extra durability. The rubber outsole can also absorb any kind of shock. It can stick to the floor better. Therefore, you won't get slipped on any slippery surface. 

All these features directly affect the shoe's comfort. Due to the lightweight, you won't get tired easily or walking or running. The mesh cushioning is so comfortable that you wouldn't feel any pain on your heels or your toes. The synthetic material along with layered sandwich mesh provides maximum ventilation that makes this shoe very breathable. Therefore there isn't any sweating issue at all. 

Adidas Men's Raden M Running Shoes are available in only one color variant that has an extremely stylish outlook. The black upper part with grey and white whole gives it a sporty look.

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  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Great cushioning
  • Use of layered sandwich meshes adds extra comfort and breathability
  • Not very appealing

Things You Need To Consider Before A Running Shoe In India

Running shoes are all about comfort and durability. And for this, you are spending thousands behind one shoe. Therefore, before buying any running shoe, you must checklist certain points that can't be avoided. 


This is a point that you should always keep in mind before buying any shoes. The size of the shoe may differ from other brands. Size of the shoe also matters according to your shoe rack. Therefore, before buying any shoe, check their size chart before you proceed. The shoes can only give comfort to your feet when they fit you well. So, when you buy a running shoe, don't miss this point. 

Build quality

As we mentioned before, building the quality of a running shoe directly affects its comfort. For example, a shoe made from high-quality mesh and synthetic upper body can provide you with better breathability and therefore, comfort. Check the cushioning of the shoe properly. Proper cushioning of the shoe can provide you with exceptional comfort. 


This is one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind before buying any running shoes. The sole is the soul of your shoe. We always recommend you buy a rubber sole instead of plastic ones as rubber soles not only last longer but also give your shoe better stability even on slippery surfaces. A better sole can also handle your bodyweight better as you should know that when you jump, your sole has to hold 2.5x of your total body weight. The rubber soles are shockproof. Therefore, whenever you buy any shoe, from online or offline, check it's sole. 


Looks matter in case of all the shoes. It has to go well with your attire as well. There are plenty of colors and design variants available in the market. So, when you pick any shoe, pick your favorite one.

Benefits Of Buying Running Shoes

The question should have clicked your mind for even once that what is the benefit of spending thousands behind a shoe? The question is very common and is natural to come upon one's mind, as in India we overlook our own comfort. 

Benefits Of Buying Running Shoes

For example, suppose you walk or run a lot. You can be simply a sports enthusiast who runs every morning. Haven't you become tired of this? Don't your legs hurt at the end of the day? If the answer is yes, then this is the reason. Running shoes are not only meant for sportsmen or athletes. You can be anyone who doesn't literally sit in one place but run all throughout the day.

Running shoes are more breathable. So, there is neither sweating of feet nor any odor problem. The soft cushioning of these shoes make you feel like walking on the clouds. Therefore, there is the least pressure on your legs. It not only reduces pain but also improves your leg's muscles and health-quality. So, buying a running shoe is actually an investment for your own comfort and better health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are running shoes really necessary?

Running shoes have proper biomechanics that helps in getting proper movement patterns. Therefore, running shoes bring more comfort and less shock risk, making running smoother and safer. So, running shoes are important if you're a daily runner.

Q. Is Asics better than Nike?

To some extent, yes! Both brands are very popular. Although Nike is slightly popular than Asics and has more color variants, Asics, one the other hand, has more durable shoes.

Q. Can running shoes be put in a gym bag?

It mostly depends on the gym bag you own. It is safe to put them in the bag if it is durable.

Q. What shoes do marathon runners use?

Marathon runners choose Nike's Vaporfly shoes in the Olympic marathon trials

Q. Which is the best budget running shoe? 

Mizuno Men's Synchro MD Running shoes are the best budget running shoes.

A Final Word

We hope that by now you are able to find the best running shoe under 4000 INR. Remember to always consider the points before buying any running shoes. Keep running. Stay safe, stay home. 

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B07998XRLB”]

Mizuno is undoubtedly a very reputed brand. Mizuno Men's Synchro MD Running Shoe offers you several high technologies that bring extra comfort to your everyday walking/running experience. Therefore, if color is not an issue to you can go for this one. If you are still unsure about running shoes or want to spend a little less, we would recommend this article on running shoes under 3000 INR!

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