Best Running Shoes Under 3000 INR

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As Dagny Scott Barrios very appropriately said, “every run is a work of art, a drawing on each day’s canvas. Some runs are shouts and some runs are whispers. Some runs are eulogies and other celebrations.” And evidently, running is one of the simplest yet very effective forms of exercise and many health experts consider this to be one of the best types of cardio out there.

Best Running Shoes Under 3000 INR

Running has also been known to improve memory and focus, thus being overall extremely beneficial for health. Bearing that in mind, it is also important for you to give your feet the best running shoes, so that they can get the proper care and comfort they deserve during this strenuous activity. And if you are here we are guessing you are on the search for the best sports shoes under 3000 INR. So look no further, our researchers have taken up the task of combining a comprehensive list of best running shoes under 3000 INR.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Running Shoes Under 3000 INR

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5 Best Running Shoes Under 3000 INR Reviewed

1. Adidas Men's Kivaro 1 M Running Shoes

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Adidas is a household name when it comes to sports shoe manufacturing brand. This particular running shoe by Adidas was made with both budget and comfort in mind. This Adidas sports shoe comes with a lace-up closure. 

It has medium width so the fitting is not too tight thus making comfortable while running. Though the shoe does run slightly smaller in size so you might need to go up from your usual size for sports shoes. 

This shoe is casual in style and comes with a synthetic exterior. This synthetic mesh exterior is lightweight along with being breathable which allows proper ventilation while adding to the comfort of feet. 

Although this affordable sports shoe under 3000 INR is lightweight, it is still pretty durable, thanks to a full rubber outsole and Imeva midsole.

  • Comes with a manufacturing warranty of 90 days
  • Durable (full rubber outsole and Imeva midsole)
  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • Lightweight
  • Not waterproof and no proper rubber guard so synthetic material can be flimsy

2. Skechers Men's Go 600-Divert Running Shoes

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Sketchers is an American sports shoe brand, founded in the year 1992, well known for manufacturing affordable sports shoes for everyday wear. 

Men's Go 600-Divert Running Shoes by Sketchers is has a rubber sole, with a breathable textile jersey knit fabric exterior (mesh fabric and synthetic upper). 

It comes with a typical lace-up closure like its contemporaries. The shoe is medium in width and comes with 5GEN midsole material which adds to the comfort while running. 

Additionally, the Goga Run insole offers proper support along with absorbing the shock of running impact. The midsoles of this particular sports shoe are of Parametric construction which offers added stability and support.

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  • 3 months manufacturer warranty
  • 5GEN midsole and Goga Run insole
  • Finely cushioned and lightweight
  • Durable enough for everyday usage/li>
  • Skidding problems and insoles can be flimsy for rough usage

3. Puma Men's Leader VT SL Running Shoes

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Puma is one of India’s leading footwear brands, especially when it comes to affordable sports shoes. Puma’s Men's Leader VT SL Running Shoes was made with a budget, comfort as well as style in mind. 

These running shoes have a streamlined look with regular lace-up design, that is stylish yet comfy. Design-wise it has an upper PU leather exterior, insoles of soft foam which offer additional comfort and freshness, and added protection is offered with a toe overlay (which also has the Puma cat logo on top). 

What’s more, these running shoes are also very breathable thanks to lateral perforations. Additionally, special heel guard EVA absorbs shock while running. This running shoe has extra agility because of its rubber outsole, offering proper ground traction.

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  • 3-month manufacturer warranty
  • Soft foam and a toe overlay
  • Lightweight
  • Inner foam can feel flimsy

4. NIKE Men's Nike Downshifter 9 Shoe

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Nike is a brand of American origin and a renowned giant when it comes to the manufacturing of sports as well as running shoes. The Men’s Nike Downshifter 9 promises to take your running experience to the next level with its world-class design.

It comes in regular width, rounded toe front, and lace-up details. This pair of running shoes have a closed mesh at the back which offers sufficient support while running. While the front open mesh allows breathability and keeps your feet fresh throughout the day. 

The insoles have flex grooves and soft foam cushioning which offers the smoothest running experience. The midfoot and heels are additionally supported by a closed mesh, which offers proper structure and support. The midsoles are additionally cushioned with foam interior which allows a comfortable pace. 

Along with this, the flexed grooves of this running shoe offer natural and comfortable movement while running. The heels of these running shoes have a tapered and sleek look which adds to faster strides while the outsole made of rubber allows solid ground traction.

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  • Open mesh at the front allows ventilation
  • Structured support with closed mesh at the back
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Traction support with rubber outsole
  • Warranty coverage could be longer

5. Nike Men's Revolution 5 Running Shoe

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Nike, as we have already stated before, is one of the best brands when it comes to budget running shoes. The Men's Revolution 5 Running Shoe by Nike is another great option when it comes to running shoes under 3000 INR. 

This running shoe comes with the classic lace-up design with a rubber outsole, rounded toe, and textile exterior. But the striking feature of this shoe is its minimalist design. These shoes are also very lightweight and extremely comfortable because of that. 

Additional running comfort is provided by the extra cushioned insoles. 

The outsoles are of breathable cloth knit material which is durable and provides support as well. This shoe was made with style and comfort in mind, as its best in class minimal design keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day. Extra support and durability are offered by the reinforced heel and outer design. 

The fit of the shoe is usually true to its size so you might not have to go up a size while buying. The cushioning inside is also very light thus the shoe does not feel bulky on your feet thus offering a smooth and comfortable running experience. 

The bulky feeling of the shoe is additionally reduced because of the textured outer wall. Sturdy traction support is offered by the rubber outsole on every kind of surface. Ample spacing is offered for a comfortable fit.

[amazon box=”B07RDMD1KS”]
  • 30 days manufacturer/seller warranty
  • Minimal and lightweight design
  • Cushioned insole
  • Breathable knit textile exterior
  • There might be some squeaking or clicking noises while walking

Things You Need To Consider Before A Running Shoe In India

In case you have made it this far, it is our assumption that this analysis has helped you decide the best budget running shoes for your soles. Now in order to finally grab the best pair of sports shoes which will be right in your budget, you need to bear in mind a few the features. 

Here is a precise list of those features:


Cost obviously comes first, since this list was made especially for those looking for affordable running shoes. Sports shoes are usually expensive but we have compiled this particular list so you can grab the best pair of shoes without burning a hole in your pocket. A minimum budget of 3000 INR is necessary, in our opinion, to get the best design and comfort while running.  Although prices of the shoes we have listed tend to change often, they tend to stay around this budget and should be affordable if you are looking for sports shoes under 3000 INR. 

Size and Design

Design and size are both important factors to look at while you are browsing to find the best running shoes under 3000 INR. Factors like the fit, cushioning of insoles, heel height, and outsole material are significant features to bear in mind while choosing the right pair of running shoes as these will make sure your sprints are comfortable and devoid of sprains and strains.

Speaking of size, it’s better to go 1 or half a size higher than your usual shoe size while picking running shoes since it is quite hard to find the exact sizing in the Indian marketplace. This is why measuring your feet is of the utmost importance prior to buying sports shoes. We recommend measuring your feet post running or workout sessions because that is when your feet are the largest. While it may look slightly big and feel a bit awkward in the beginning, but it will provide the best comfort in the long run, pun intended. Make sure while testing the size and fitting that there is a minimum of an inch of gap between your thumbnail and the toe insole. Also, bear in mind to test the width of the shoe, so that it’s neither too wide nor too narrow. You should be able to wiggle your toes freely while wearing the shoe. The heel grip should be tested for whether it is slipping while walking or running. As an end note, also try your shoes on with socks to figure out the perfect fit.

Things You Need To Consider Before A Running Shoe In India


Cushioning is another important factor when it comes to choosing running shoes because this is the main determining feature of comfort as well as shock absorption. The design of midsole material minimizes the impact and absorbs heel-strike shock. There is a range of cushioning techniques and methods which are used along with certain materials. Certain running shoes have soft padding called crash pad on the exterior edge for additional support. The obvious suggestion would thus be that, make sure your shoe has ample cushioning. Some experts tend to think minimal cushioning is better. There are no set rules as to which is better or worse so it all comes down to your preference and what makes the individual feel most comfortable. In case you do choose extra cushioned running shoes, make sure to choose ones with maximum shock absorption. 


Outsole needs to be under consideration too while choosing the best running shoe under 3000 INR. For this, you need to bear in mind the kind of surface you’d be running on, whether on the outdoors or on a treadmill. There are different kinds of outsoles with key differences which meant for different terrains. Choosing the wrong kind of outsole material may cause sliding and slipping and in the long run cause injuries.

Heel Height

The ‘drop’  or  ‘pitch’ of the shoe, also known as the heel height, have a range of about 0-14mm on most running shoes. A lunge test may be needed to figure the right heel height for you, in order to choose the correct pair of running shoes which would be suitable for your soles. Generally speaking, having a stiff ankle joint (which can be measured through a lunge test by seeing how close your toe is to the wall while lunging) would require a higher heel drop in running shoes.

Types Of Running Shoes

It is essential to remember that there are different kinds of running shoes that cater to a different kind of usage and need of the individual. The different kinds of sports shoes can be classified as under:

Barefoot running shoes

The bare minimum of protection and support is provided by this kind of running shoe while sprinting, offering traction support between the ground and the feet. Since these shoes are manufactured in a way that they offer the best natural pacing, they offer very minimal cushioning and support. 

Minimalist running shoes

These kind of running shoes are a mix of regular and barefoot shoes running shoes. Their key feature is how they are lightweight, offering average support and cushioning, and usually meant for casual runners. 

Stability shoes

These kinds of running shoes have features like reinforced posts in midsoles, along with additional support for lengthened running and exercise. Stability shoes are especially best for runners who have flat-foot having problems with overpronation since it offers neutral reinforcement and support. 

Cushioning shoes

As the name suggests, these kinds of shoes are created to absorb the maximum amount of shock and are best for those who tend to go on long runs and do not need much motion control or support. These shoes provide the best toe-to-heel for maximum shock. These kinds of shoes are also the best options for trail running.

Motion-control shoes

Made especially for those who suffer from problems of overpronation, these shoes offer ultimate support by protecting your knee joints as well as your shins from excessive tension. Motion-control running shoes keep your feet secured as they usually have doubly dense midsoles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should running shoes be a size bigger?

Whether you are running or working out, you should bear in mind that your feet expand while you are doing so. So, it is definitely a good idea to buy one which is a size or half larger. This is why it is also the best idea to have your feet measured prior to buying.

Q. When is it time to replace running shoes?

Most running or sports shoes last for about 500 miles. You would notice shoes would start to feel flat with lower cushioning once they start wearing off. If you are feeling discomfort or pain while going on your regular run it might be time for you to get a new pair.

Q. How long do running shoes last?

Most running shoes last for about 400-500 miles of running so on an average 1-2 months depending on how much and how frequently you run or use them. Running on indoor and treadmill surfaces will make your shoes last longer compared to outdoor terrain.

Q. Can use running shoes for walking/daily wear?

Yes, absolutely. Running shoes can easily be used for everyday wear as well especially if you are someone who tends to work out or go for runs after work, this might be preferable for you. But make sure to get one which is lightweight and breathable if you are choosing to wear it all day.

Q. Should I use socks while wearing running shoes?

It is a personal preference, whether you choose to wear socks or not. Wear socks if they feel more comfortable but socks do tend to hold in moisture, which prevents breathability and may cause blisters.

A Final Word

Running is not only one of the finest forms of work out but also a very physically demanding activity, and your soles require utmost care while running. This is why we made an in-depth analysis of the best running shoes under 3000 INR to ease your buying as well as the choosing process.

We hope this helps you decide and choose the best pair for your feet and give you a comfortable jogging experience. Most of these shoes can be used for low-end activities for day to day wear as well, which only adds to their versatility. We do hope our list has been comprehensive and thorough to provide you with information regarding choosing the best sports shoe.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B07RDMCV4K”]

The open mesh and structured support at the back are the best features in this budget. The brand Nike speaks for itself when it comes to after-sale services and warranty (30 days) support which are undeniably user friendly.

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