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Best Projectors In India

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Good memories come with many struggles, hard times, and opportunities to leave behind. We all like to cherish the good times of our life by going through pictures which were taken at the right moment. Even the funniest ones make you feel nostalgic. Some photos on the screen can give you butterflies and some can make you cry. We'll talk about how the Best Projectors In India figure into making such butterfly-inducing memories!

A lovely evening with your partner beside, switch on the projector and slide the images of your childhood. Don’t hesitate to show your stories to your partner with the projector. Viewing pictures on a small screen doesn’t connect the emotion of your memorable moments like it does on a big screen. Get two cups of coffee for both and connect with your projector to feel the shivering Manali trip last winter.

Best Projectors In India

Think about a room full of 10 people watching a movie on a laptop, how difficult it may feel to even think about that. But if you get the best projector for indoor purposes, you can have a theater-like experience at home. The projector has become an essential tool in our professional life as well. Starting from teaching students in a classroom to giving presentations at the office, almost everywhere a projector has become a necessary commodity. 

Imagine how difficult it was to explain to students at schools about human body diagrams where teachers had to draw figures for explanation and then erased them to show other parts of our body; how difficult it had been before without the use of projectors at educational institutions. Now, it’s just a matter of a click to show school lessons with projectors.

We can’t even think of giving a presentation without the help of a projector. To keep people contained or focus on a particular topic, to show hundreds of people a subject in front of them, a projector is a must because who has got time to walk to hundreds of people and show the same thing a hundred times?

To ease your confusion on what projector fits your need, we have reviewed the best of the projectors on the Indian Market and also mentioned some guidelines to follow before making your selection. Let’s not talk further and unveil the projectors.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Projectors In India

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The Best Projectors In India You Can Buy Today

1. Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

[amazon fields=”B075H55M26″ value=”button”]

Who doesn’t like the brand name, Epson! Epson has been an eye catching brand for a long time in the market. Their latest projector, Epson EB-S41 SVGA, has caught the market by storm with assurance towards quality. In this era, we can’t just think of old methods like using tangled wires to connect the internet, and this device also consists of many other different ports as a backup technique for connectivity.

Epson EB-S41 supports Wifi LAN connection which I mostly use at my studio room to watch Netflix. Take it from a user that it's easy to connect. The stunning 4K video quality makes it lively to enjoy the popcorn, even though though to be honest, sometimes it's hard to look away from the screen!

Who doesn’t get nervous while giving a presentation? I often forget to switch off the lights and unwittingly give the presentation in a luminous condition, thumbs up to my 3300lm projector with no visual disturbance in viewing the content at the screen for the audience. One doesn’t have to get frustrated to adjust the projector and end up breaking it off, as the keystone feature aligns the projector, securely, perpendicular to the screen.

The product guarantees to be supportive approximately 10,000 hours of lamp life in economical mode which is a huge deal for a moderately priced device in contrast to the features they offer. Oh, and there is an auto-power on feature as well. Yay! The guidelines must be followed before purchasing the best and required projector according to one’s needs.

[amazon box=”B075H55M26″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The projector is easy to handle at indoor as well as in outdoor conditions. The connectivity with the internet via WiFi gets the whole deal and worth of buying this projector.”]
  • Even in bright conditions, it manages to give high quality view without any hindrance.
  • Can be connected to the WiFi!
  • The Keystone Adjuster feature allows user to adjust the projector at any corner of the room.
  • Is able to provide 10,000 hours of lamp life in economical mode
  • It's an LCD projector.
  • The product could have a built-in speaker

2. Myra TouYinGer X7 LED Projector

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“Home is where the heart is” – the most beautiful time we spend in our lifetime is with our family, and to make us increase the bonding with them, the new Myra TouYinGer X7 LED Projector brings us close. Spending quality time at home and watching your favorite movies, playing fifa and what not on a large screen delights our eye with the best projector for home purposes. 

The screen size can be adjusted according to the adequate space between 37-130 inches. With the 1080p resolution, it doesn’t miss any details of the winning goal. The 1800 lumens brightness is perfect for home usage according to the buying guidelines which are mentioned later.

Get your tickets to 3D horror movies at home, as the projector supports 3D contents as well, so why waste money and time standing in a queue to watch 3D movies at theatres? Do get your red blue 3D glasses, however, as these don't come in addition to the projector.

Store any movies on a pen drive and play it on the projector as it supports the USB port. We still love headphone jacks over wireless headphones – sometimes being old school is not bad, – and so the projector comes with an audio jack which can be used with external speakers for good sound quality.
The projector comes in two colors, white and black, and boasts a manual keystone slider to assist your viewing angle. And lastly, it comes with an adjustable manual focus.

[amazon box=”B07G46ZHXH” title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is a decent projector for home use only, and not for any education or office use. The 1080p resolution and the screen size with an extension up to 130 inches does the job more than well.”]
  • 1080p resolution which perfectly blends in the moment
  • LED lamps which have 20,000 hours of lifetime
  • Supports 3D along with 2D
  • Supports HDMI, TV inputs, USB, AV, audio and VGA
  • No Wifi Connectivity
  • Not recommended for office use
  • Phone cannot be connected.

3. Mini LED Projector

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A great person said, “Small is beautiful but large is necessary.” I refute this statement; if a person can’t afford biggies then they should stay happy with what they have. There is no need to spend way above one's capacity. With the term “small”, there is a projector named Mini Led Projector. Now don’t get carried away, this projector is the best projector in India at the cheapest price anyone can get.

Why play on a 40 inch display TV when you can play it on a 120 inch screen? Yes, the screen can be extended up to 120 inches. The 1080p resolution shows phenomenon details in this mini projector, so don’t hesitate to watch movies with family. The LED lamp comes with a life of 20,000 hours in contrast to most other powerful projectors which supports even less than 5,000 hours of life. This projector also supports anaglyph 3D content.

Many devices can be connected through different ports allowed in this projector like SD card slot, 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV ports. The keystone feature is provided to adjust the screen according to your visual requirement. Most importantly, a headphone jack is available to connect with an external sound system. Even though a built-in speaker is provided, it is recommended to use an external speaker to get better performance.

It is harmless and portable, doesn’t emit harmful radiation and is compact in size, so it can be switched to different positions easily.

[amazon box=”B076P7M6F4″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This is a budget projector for home usage. We often buy things even though we don’t require high specs all the time. So, this is the best indoor projector one can get at a cheap price.”]
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • 1080p resolution which gives an amazing experience
  • Built in speakers with external support for speakers
  • LED lamps come with a life of 20,000 hours – which is power efficient
  • Absence of audio signal transmission

4. XGIMI H2 LED Home Projector

[amazon fields=”B07KCTD2G5″ value=”button”]

Don’t go for the simple looks, as looks are deceiving at times. If you step back just by glancing at the design, you might lose the hidden gem at an affordable price. Epson doesn’t wait to surprise you with their all-in-one projector and the best projector in India, Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector. The 3100 lumens projector lamp lets you focus on the screen completely in indoor as well as outdoor conditions. 

The 3LCD technology gives a clear image even at the brightest condition. One can nail the presentation in a room full of lights and also enjoy a fifa tournament with colleagues on a large screen size of up to 300 inches. The Full HD resolution image shows every detailed information. The HD projector comes with a UHE 210W Lamp that can give service for approximately 7,500 hours in eco mode.

The built-in Wifi lets you easily access your favorite movies on demand; it's just a matter of tapping the Wifi button. In addition, two HDMI ports are available where one supports MHL. The keystone correction feature enables you to adjust the screen according to your viewing angle from any corner. A 2WATT monaural built-in speaker is also included in this innocent looking beast. To be honest, this is one of the best projectors for home as well for office use.

[amazon box=”B07KCTD2G5″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”This projector is affordable in many ways. There is no question on the specifications the projector provides, running flawlessly at any given condition. You won’t regret buying this after the initial drain on the pockets.”]
  • 3LCD technology which makes the projector work in bright condition
  • Built-in Wifi connectivity
  • 2 HDMI port which includes one for MHL
  • UHE 210W lamp which supports up to 7,500 hours in eco mode
  • Consumes high power
  • As it supports AVI format, it cannot play video directly through USB.
  • Premium quality means high price tag.

5. Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector

[amazon fields=”B078Y36QH2″ value=”button”]

Every shiny thing has a price to pay. The price tag may hold your beat for a second but it’s a complete gem with promising quality. This product is one of the Best Projectors in India as rated by users. The beautifully designed projector takes every attention as possible and also the projection makes you bite nails to Jurassic Park in 3D.

The most eye-catching feature is it runs on Android 5.0, capable of running android application and with additional features like CPU: Mstar 838 Cortex-A53, GPU: Mali-T820, RAM: 2GB, ROM: 16GB. Speaking of image quality, it displays FULL 1080p contents and a supporting role of 4K ultra HD image display with brightness of 1350 ANSI lumens.

Just take a deep breath, prepare for the epicness as a built-in Harman Kardon Stereo speaker is embedded for the best sound quality to give you a thrilling experience of Godzilla. One may install this to the biggest space like theater, up to a range of 300 inches, and with the help of automatic keystone correction, you can adjust the screening.

The dual frequency (2.4GHz + 5GHz ) Wifi does not let you get bored of buffering. We may forget to switch off the washroom’s light but the projector automatically shuts off the lens cap when the projector is not being used. This is not just power-saving but also also helps to prevent scratches, as we don’t have to touch it to close it. Overall, this is the Best Home Projector with high class performance.

[amazon box=”B078Y36QH2″ title=”WHAT WE THINK” description=”The projector does stand out in terms of quality and performance in spite of the high price tag. There won’t be any complaints for the users' experience after the hefty but oh so worthy payment.”]
  • Comes with an Android OS which opens a variety of options for the customers to use different applications
  • Dual Wifi connectivity for a smooth experience
  • Availability of ports like headphone jack, SPDF, LAN, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, as well as an HDMI port to use with other devices
  • Built-in speaker from Harman Kardon Stereo
  • Automatic lens cap
  • Premium quality means high price tag.

How Does A Projector Work?

There are numerous types of projectors but we will mainly discuss LCD and DLP projectors. If we look at the present time, the LCD projector has become outdated but since based on this the later versions were built, we want to discuss how the LCD projector works first.

How Does A Projector Work?

LCD Projector

To acknowledge the mechanism of an LCD projector, I want to begin with the initiation of the beam light. At first, a strong beam of white light is produced. Then the beam light is reflected off a number of mirrors – dichroic mirrors. The dichroic mirrors have a particular layer which only allows one type of wavelength of light to be reflected. The white light then hits the mirrors and produces either red, blue or green beams of light.

Inside the LCD is a collection of tiny pixels where beams of red, blue and green pass through. The LCD attains some attributes of solid and some of liquids. Speaking of the liquid, the LCD has interesting features where it can allow light to pass through or block light when current is passed through. There are three LCD screens inside the projector. The main duty of the three LCD screens is to emit the moving picture or still picture on the grayscale. Three versions of one same scene: one tinted red, one tinted green, and one tinted blue is transferred when colored light falls on the three screens.

The question is how does an image get the right color? Birth of millions of colors occurs when the tinted image passes through a dichroic crystal!

DLP Projector

The DLP technology depends on a microchip called digital micromirror device or DMD. Nearly two millions of small mirrors in a square grid lie within a DMD chip. The size of the mirrors are compared with 1/5th of a human hair! The DMD is placed over a microscope which is in charge of inclining the mirror attached on one side or the other.

An electronic circuit also decides the position of each mirror. When a bright light falls on the DMD, the electronic circuit keeps on changing the position of each mirror back and forth. Light shines on the way to the screen when a mirror is inclined towards the lamp. This one mirror indicates one pixel. 

Each mirror works separately and these two million mirrors make up a high resolution picture. An additional technology is used to color the image that is the colored wheel which is placed in the pathway where the light reflects by the mirrors of DMD. The wheel consists of colors of red, blue and green. These colors combine after reflection from the mirror and the collection results in a high resolution image. In the end, a final image is produced after the lens captures all the beams of light.

Advantages Of Projectors

1) Adaptable Screen Size

Has anyone ever tried to stretch the display size of a television? Obviously, it’s not possible, but you CAN extend the screen of your TV or computer with the aid of a projector. 

The key is to take advantage of the customizable screen size of the projector. Regardless of which projector you buy, the screen size is not permanent. The screen size can be controlled manually to your desired ratio. 

2) Less Stress on Eye

No matter what your age is, it’s always difficult to read small sized content from a distance. From the above advantage, projectors do get rid of the trouble of eye discomfort. The larger the object’s size, the easier to understand, and this lets the burden off from your eye. 

Furthermore, a reflected light coming from a projector is way better for the eyes than a direct light from a television. The direct light from the television is harmful for the eye and in the long run, eye specialists get the commissions.

3) Easy to Handle

Think of carrying a large size TV in your office for a presentation or imagine taking it to your school for teaching students through large displays. Can you carry such a heavy burden and prepare yourself for presentation at the office or school? Obviously this will be both highly impractical as well as maddening. 

However, instead of a TV, carrying a projector which is much lightweight and small in size, can accomplish your task easily. One projector can be used in multiple places and no lag in performance will be observed. We recommend lightweight and portable projectors if you plan on carrying it to different places, though.

Furthermore, setting up a projector is very easy and less time consuming compared to any other device like a big screen TV.

4) Bigger Picture

Like our parents say, look at the big picture of life. So you better listen to your parents by purchasing a project to literally see everything in bigger pictures! Joking aside, images shown through the projector can be very big in size. In comparison with a TV, a projector gives you the feeling of a theater at home while TV has a limited screen size and the size is way smaller than a projector.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Projector: Buyer's Guide

Things To Consider Before Purchasing the Best Projector: Buyer's Guide

Contrast & Brightness

The main task of the projector is to illuminate pictures or videos on a screen. Projectors used in theaters do not need much light to project on screen. A variation of luminous conditions is required for different usage. If the projector is used in a dark zone, a 1500 lumen projector would fill the requirement.

Moreover, for operating the projector in a little more luminous condition i.e. at home, a projector within a range from 1500-2000 lumens is needed. As luminosity increases, the range must also be increased.

To use it for office purposes or educational institution, a range within 3000-3500 lumens is required to serve the purpose. Do keep in mind that projectors with high contrast ratios do not perform better than those with native contrast ratios.

Likewise, LCD projectors' performance outweigh DLP projectors.

Native Contrast Ratios? What are those?
A native contrast ratio is the contrast of the darkest and brightest parts of the image. The higher the native contrast ratio, the better and higher quality is the image.


In this era where 4K, UHD are trending, the previous resolutions now seem to be ancient. As with technological advancement, people demand clear visuals for not just a sentimental yearning but as rather necessities. Therefore, the optimal resolution should maintain Full HD, i.e. 1080p. This is the minimum resolution the projector should support to watch any images or videos without any hindrance.


A built-in speaker is available in most of the projectors talked above. They come with good sound quality, but to experience far better sound quality, one should use external speaker to get a home theatre experience with great sound quality.

Each device comes with different specialty. A speaker’s let alone task is to produce a good stereo sound whereas a projector which also has a built-in speaker may not serve the same sound quality as the external speaker does. An audio jack port is available in every projector.

Connectivity Options

Without any connection with external devices, a projector cannot give any extra add-on features with those devices. The projector is used with many other devices like laptop, smartphone, computers etc through different ports or even by wireless connection.

USB, HDMI, Wifi, Bluetooth and so on come with many projectors discussed above.

Screen or Wall

Normally, projectors project any content over any surface but it is recommended to use a white background for high quality images or videos. Projectors are also available which allows images or videos to project on coloured screens.

3D Technology

Most of the films which are created come with 3D technology. So, it is a necessity for the best projector in India to support 3D content on the screen. With 3D technology on projectors, additional expense arises for buying special 3D glasses to experience the visual effects of 3D.

Throw Distance

Usually, this is the distance between the projector and the surface where it projects images or videos. The higher the throw distance, the better the image appears. But do keep in mind that the quality of images also depend on the projector lamps.

Screen Size

Furthermore, the screen size also matters for a clear visual. At home, the screen size should be around 100 inches for projection. And for office conference, the screen size can be around 130 inches. These days, high quality projectors have lower throw distances but still produce high quality images due to the bigger screen size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a projector be used in a low-light condition?

A projector actually works best in low-light conditions. The darker the surrounding, the better the image appears. Rather it becomes tough when the room is bright. But for such problems, one can buy projectors with high lumens to avoid any light to distract in your movie time. Some of our listed projectors have that quality.

2. When connecting my laptop with the projector, the screen size bursts out of the range. How can I resize it to the desired size?

Simply, right click on the home screen, select on the screen resolution option and switch to the corrected display setting in order to adjust with the resolution of the projector.

3. I find terrible noise on the screen whenever any dark colored scene appears on my projector. How do I identify the source of the problem?

Try to disconnect all the inputs from the projector including the plug which is connected to the office or house circuit. Then connect only the projector’s cable on a different circuit. If the problem still remains in the starting screen, then there is an internal problem in the projector.

Doing so, if no problem shows up, try to insert one input at a time in the projector while the projector is on. To find the real culprit, the last cable will show noise. Thus, this is how you can identify the root of noise in your screen.

4. How far should be the distance between the projector and the screen?

This actually depends on the available space you have and also the screen size up to which the projector can be extended. The throw distance can be adjusted manually by simply placing the projector at a particular position and switching it on.

After the starting image is shown on the screen, you can either from that particular position adjust the screen size with the help of a remote or you may move the projector a little backward to fit the image perfectly over the screen. And for a more elaborate explanation, you can follow our guidelines about throw distance.

A Final Word: Our Personal Recommendation

Here we took you to the best projectors in India and tried to fairly test them. Even though there are no strings attached to which to buy among the 5 projectors, like always, we try to recommend the best one to clear your confusion and that is the one with high specs but reasonable cost.

[amazon box=”B075H55M26″]

Well, you already guess it right, it’s the Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector. Though it costs a fortune, it is a great projector to use at any light condition, whether it’s used at office or home. This just nails it everywhere. This is one of the only times where we compromised budget-friendliness at the face of sheer quality. Like I said, ‘small is necessary but large is beautiful’.

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