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10 Best Pressure Washers In India

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Today, in several cities, and even countries, driving a filthy or muddy car is an offense and requires you to pay a fine. In such cities, people are really conscious about getting their vehicle washed on a regular basis. But, getting the car or vehicle washed from a washing agency or workshop might pierce a big hole in your pocket as far as the charges are concerned. Hence, we need to find a solution that may help you evade those washing charges and put a halt on your regular visit to the workshop

10 Best Pressure Washers In India

Therefore, we have lined the Best Pressure Washers especially for you that are going to help you clean up everything that requires washing in your house. Ranging from the garden to the tiles to your vehicles, these pressure washers provide you with the best washing performance. Apart from all that, to make your decision-making procedure a breeze, we have delivered a Pressure Washer Buying Guide, which describes the aspects that you need to take care of whilst purchasing one.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Pressure Washers In Inda

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The Best Pressure Washers In India You Can Buy Today

1. BLACK+DECKER PW1370TD-IN 1300W 100Bar, 360L/Hr Pressure Washer

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This pressure washer is solid, lightweight, movable, and suitable for cleaning gardens, patios, furniture in the garden, washing cars and bicycles. A piercing netting water filter avoids the dirt bits from injuring its pump, while the suitably molded grip permits you to contentedly transport it from a site to another. It consists of a supreme 100 bars of pressure and a robust flow of water providing 360 liters every hour, delivered by the dominant 1300 watt complete water-resistant motor.

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  • 3 axial-piston wobble-plate pumping arrangement
  • Automatic safety valve with minimum pressure bypass
  • Consists of an inbuilt accessory holder
  • Offers an effective click-fit gun holder
  • Comes with a HP hose and power cord storage

2. American Micronic- AMI-PW1-1500WDx- 120 Bar (140 Bar hose), 1500 Watts Pressure Washer

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American Micronic’s revolutionary high pressure home and car washer helps you do a quick and efficient cleaning job in less time with minimal effort. With its multi-function nozzle that is designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs you can also clean other surfaces like courtyards, roofs and terraces. With its sturdy wheels and easy-fold handle make this a portable device. The quick-connect fittings help you save time while changing nozzles, and the auto stop function helps you save energy and prolong motor life.

This pressure washer with 1500W power, flow rate of 390 l/h and pressure of 120 bar provides a great cleaning experience. This high pressure washer has a brilliant space-saving design and carried effortlessly. It helps in quick cleaning and is easy to assemble and use. It takes upto 5 minutes to wash a two wheeler and upto 10 minutes for a four wheeler on a regular day.

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  • High Efficiency spray gun with Adjustable spray Nozzle.
  • 1500W Max. powerful copper motor & with Max flow rate 390L/hour (6.5L/min)
  • Programmed safety faucet with pressure shut-down feature
  • Water Inlet quick connector with Hose Length: 6 meters.
  • Offers an inbuilt detergent bottle

3. BLACK+DECKER BW13 1300Watt 100 Bar,390 L/hr Pressure Washer

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Ever since 1910, Black & Decker has been marking the custom for invention and formation of the tools related to power, outside patio care tools, and home appliances. The creator of the primary convenient electric drill comprising both the trigger switch and pistol grip, Black & Decker has progressed from a little machine factory in Baltimore to a worldwide industrial powerhouse. Comprising an extensive line of value products utilized inside and outside the house, this pressure washer scores very high on our review.

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  • Comes with a detergent injector kit
  • Provides several extra-value accessories
  • Amazing water flow rate of 390 liters per hour
  • Offers an automatic safety faucet with low pressure by-pass
  • Comprises a rot power turbo nozzle

4. Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watt High Pressure Washer (Yellow)

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The Karcher K 2 Premium comes with a water-cooled motor that offers a retractable handle together with a fast connecting spray gun. It further comprises a 6-metre lengthy high-pressure pipe and a filtration system to safeguard the pump alongside the entrance of dirt bits. The pressure might also be attuned just by twisting the hose, and the additional dominant dirt eradicator, with its revolving point jet, eliminates even the most persistent dust.

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  • Easy to use high-pressure hose pipe
  • Detergent tank streamlines application of detergents
  • Comes with a water-cooled motor
  • Entirely maintenance free 3-piston axial pump
  • Safe defense from pressure overload

5. KARCHER K 2.050 HIGH Pressure CAR Washer

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This is a solid, light in weight, hands-on and strong pressure washer, and is appropriate for intermittent minor washing tasks round the household. It is appropriate for washing cars & bikes, lawn furniture and yards, amongst other equipment. An effect-resilient plastic covering defends the motor as well as pump contrary to dust and damage. A safety faucet avoids additional pressure. A motor halt utility shuts down the motor while the trigger gun is barred.

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  • Powerful yet economical pressure washer
  • Comes with an impact-resilient casing
  • Produces fabulous 100 bar pressure for washing
  • Really compact and versatile product for cleaning
  • Provides a high-pressure gun for powerful cleaning of your car

6. Hitachi AW130 Pressure Washer

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This is a premium high pressure washer from Hitachi that offers the best cleaning performance while cleaning vehicles as well as patios. This pressure washer offers a lightweight solid manufacture for effortless usage. It is a valuable product for those who are professionally into the business of car washing or other kinds of washing. It comes with a long pressure hose for wide range washing capability. It is pretty easy to transport from one place to another owing to its handles and wheels.

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  • Extensive washing ability with long pressure hose
  • 10-metre high pressure hose for effective cleaning
  • Comes with an inbuilt thermal protector
  • Easy to store due to vertical storage
  • Rotating ON/OFF switch for handy usage

7. BOSCH AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer

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This pressure washer for Bosch is a solid and light in weight unit with which you will be able to assign several kinds of nozzles to make it further effective. Bosch is a world prominent company and the pressure washers they offer are really prevalent owing to their size and structure, which is the best in its class. The Bosch AQT 33-11 is a well-designed pressure washer that offers amazing power turning it into an ideal unit for home cleaning.

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  • Ready to use & convenient pressure washer
  • Comes with an auto-stop energy efficient feature
  • Compact & lightweight model for home use
  • Powerful 1350 Watts produces 110 bars pressure
  • Integrated storage space for all accessories

8. Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watt High Pressure Washer

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The pressure washer from Bosch allows you to perform fast and effective washing tasks. Credits to the 3-in-1 outlet intended for an extensive selection of washing jobs, you might as well clean other planes such as rooftops and patios. Moreover, the solid wheels and convenient handle turns this into a portable gadget. Furthermore, the fast-connect accessories assist you in saving time whilst shifting nozzles, and the auto-stop feature lets you save more energy.

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  • Comes with a powerful 1500 Watts motor
  • Provides an effective 125 bars working pressure
  • Offers a convenient 5-metre long cable
  • Comprises of effectual quick-connect accessories
  • Integrated accessories holder also provided

9. iBELL WIND66 Universal Motor 1400 W 100bar 5.5L/Min Flow High Pressure Washer

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This pressure washer from iBell is a top-class pressure washer that comes with a high-pressure motorized sprayer that is utilized to wash any kind of vehicle & to eliminate dirt, grime, and dust from planes and substances like buildings as well as solid surfaces. It further might be utilized for the purpose of gardening. This pressure washer is suitable for every kind of cleaning and washing task in hand. It further offers various nozzle spray angle tips as well.

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  • Provides 1400 Watts of high power for cleaning
  • Offers a maximum pressure of 100 bars
  • Comes with high pressure nozzle spray angle
  • Long 5-metre high pressure hose for washing
  • Incorporated inbuilt detergent tank for efficient cleaning

10. Makita HW102 100bar High Pressure Washer

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This pressure washer from Makita comprises of a retractable handle for additional maneuverability. The flexible type gun is tremendously tough, since it is the thermoplastic kind of hose. This consists of a rapid linking for mutually the fittings and the hosepipe. It further offers its total-stop-arrangement, and rubber stride wheels. The retractable grip plastic type gun offers further more convenience, fast linking for fittings and hosepipe along with rubber tread wheels.

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  • Telescopic handle for added operability
  • Abundant flow of water at 360 liter per hour
  • Works on a 1300 Watts of effective power
  • Comes with a foaming nozzle & detergent tank
  • 5-metre long hosepipe for added convenience

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Pressure Washers – Buying Guide

While going out in the market for buying a budget pressure washer, you need to take care of the following aspects and specifications to take the best decision:

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Pressure Washers - Buying Guide


In case you need a solid pressure washer owing to lack of space and requirement. As per the extent of the floor or yard, the pressure washer require therefore is going to require suiting your purpose, the long-lasting models are going to be bigger and provide a steadier performance as compared to the small units. The size of the motor size is further going to regulate the pressure aptitude and the greater the amount inclines to provide a superior performance.


It is essentially lashing force on which people tend to buy pressure washers. The greater the pressure is, the more stress-free it is to get rid of muddy and persistent stains and dirt. An elevated pressure rating is perfect for cleaning yards for an instance.


There are several diverse units that you might purchase and every single one of them comprises of diverse fittings, reflect on what you require and what all you are going to utilize. Moreover, you need to reflect on things like whether you want to use a pressure tube, patio washing accessory, wheels or do you require using the handheld pressure washer.


Your budget is going to describe the assortment of pressure washers you may select out of, and which company you will be opting. The units from Karcher are really costly whereas the units marketed by Bosch are reasonably prices as compared to other models provided on the market and still function really effectively. In case you desire a very dominant jet washer then it is going to cost even more as compared to the one for nimbler usage.

Maintenance & Repair

These pressure washers are open to abrasion, and providing a place to call in case of failure is really important. It is really significant to consider the warranty that is offered by the device while selecting the one you want to buy to help defend your investment.

Benefits Of Using A Pressure Washer

Whenever we are using any electronic appliance, there is always some benefit attached to it. And all we have to do is to find those to make our purchase more worthy. Pressure washers are not a very common appliance that everyone looks for. But, as you are here searching for the machine, we bet that you would love to hear some of the benefits that this device has to offer. We have enlisted such few advantages that you can expect to get from a pressure washer. 

Saves A Lot Of Time

One of the major benefits of using a pressure washer is that they save you a lot of time. Unlike other conventional cleaning methods, pressure washers use a lot of water pressure, which easily removes dirt and oil, and other stains. With a professional pressure washer, you eliminate the majority of the cleaning effort and time and, that, too, without sacrificing the desired outcome.

Improves Health Quality

Many of our people are allergic to dust mites. And while we always blame pollution or some other causes for any health hazards, it is also very important to keep our walls and exterior clean. Pressure washers clean your walls and other areas of your home efficiently and eliminate dust and other bacterias as well, making your home a far safer place to live and flourish. 


Portability is another advantage of using a pressure washer. A pressure washer is not a huge device that you can not carry. Rather, thanks to the size and structure, one can easily take the device to wherever they go. So, even if you are planning to ship somewhere or clean some other place, you can always use a pressure washer to do your job.

Some Essential Information You Should Know About Pressure Washers

Some Essential Information You Should Know About Pressure Washers

How are you going to utilize the power washer?

The answer to this question is going to define the amount of power you are going to need and the money that would require spending. The experts are going to desire to opt for a commercial-grade pressure washer offering outputs that may hit the 5,000 PSI mark. Conversely, be ready to dip further intensely into the wallet as they are much costly and the price may ascend from there as the build quality and power goes up.

For proprietors that utilize the power washer for the bigger cleaning tasks or need to get a surface ready for painting, you might desire to choose a gas-driven model offering a 3,100 PSI. The gas models that aren’t that dominant or the quality electric model for modest cleanups might be bought for lesser money. In case you solely require washing down that play equipment or outdoor furniture, the electric, the handheld model could be a good choice.

Do you want manifold spray tips?

In case your outdoor cleaning includes both light and forceful jobs, you might favor a model with manifold spray tips so as to select the appropriate water pressure for every task. However, in case you majorly perform the routine domestic cleaning, you might be content with a unit that comes with one adaptable-spray nozzle, perhaps coupled up with an additional, turbo nozzle for the occasions whilst you require extra power.

On the other hand, be cautious if you choose to utilize the 0-degree spray nozzles or tips that are common with a majority of pressure washers. These models focus the entire power of the machine into a small opening – effective for eliminating obstinate stains, etc. — but moreover may give rise to severe injury in case any body part comes in their path.

How handy are you as a user?

The 2 parts of pressure-washer that prove to be the most upsetting to the users are the plastic water links and water hosepipes. But they are simple to fix, particularly for DIYs. To avert any leakage, exchange the water connection by any brass fitting or bind the threads using the plumber's tape. In case you don’t prefer fiddling with devices, remember that the advanced water hoses – such as a steel-plated line — are less expected to bend and stress-free to handle in comparison to the water hoses made up of plastic.

Try a solution of vinegar and water for your pressure washer!
Doing so is a very good idea if you have a garden, as vinegar and water are harmless to plants. Do keep in mind though that vinegar can't clean dirt and grime.

How much preservation will you be able to handle?

Similar to cars, the gas pressure washers require a decent level of maintenance, which comprise inspecting the engine oil, exchanging the engine oil, and repairing the spark plug as per the company's recommended schedule. In case you aren’t capable of getting this sort of maintenance done on a routine basis, select the electric model.

Keep a watch on the gas

The gas-ethanol fuel mixtures are retailed all over the country. Whilst the fuel is good for the hefty automotive engines, it might play mayhem with minor gas engines utilized in outdoor equipment like the pressure washers. Generally, carefully, 10% Ethanol fuel might be utilized, but 15% Ethanol fuel retailed in a few regions must be eluded.

In any situation, verify the company's suggestions concerning fuel necessities and engine preservation and assure that you follow them precisely as if you fail in doing so, the pressure washer’s gas motor, carburetor, fuel line, etc. warranty would be void — something that is the reason behind several criticisms we perceived about the gas-driven models.

What are the required features?

Several models comprise features aimed at offering added convenience, like the inbuilt storage pockets, detergent dispenser, a hose winder, and a design that facilitates easier storage. But additional features are going to upsurge the cost, so ensure that you pay for the ones which you would certainly like to use.

How essential are weight and size?

In case you need to carry your pressure washer from one place to the other, or you desire to store it over a shelf, choose the light in weight, handheld washer. In case you want to enjoy the gas-driven model’s power, though, remember that a few machines offer a vertical design or the foldable handle, which might diminish the space for storage they would necessitate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much power should the best pressure washer have?

A pressure power between 2000 and 3000 PSI is required to clean dirty concrete, and if you can clean dirty concrete, then you can take care of any other cleaning chores, actually.

2. Is there such a thing as too much pressure?

Yes, too much pressure power can lead to damaged cars and, worse, severe injury if aimed directly at a body part.

Just be cautious when using a pressure washer. As for cleaning cars with a 3000 PSI powered pressure washer, just keep some distance from the car and then fire away. The pressure will drastically decrease the farther you are from the object the water hits.

3. Can I use regular detergent and soap when using a pressure washer?

We don't recommend it. There is special car shampoo for cleaning cars, and not all kinds of (chemical) solutions will get rid of all kinds of filth. For example, vinegar will be a good disinfectant, but not take care of visible dirt and grime.

4. How heavy are pressure washers?

They can be considerably heavy. Don't attempt to use the heavier ones if you have back problems.

In particular, the best pressure washers that we reviewed weigh between 4 kg and 15 kg.

5. How heavy a pressure washer should I buy?

We recommend you buy a lightweight and hence portable pressure washer. However, if you don't plan on moving it much or you don't care about straining your back by doing it, then be free to choose a weighty one which will probably have more features. For example, there may be 3 nozzle systems such as the likes of Vertex England – High Pressure Washer Cleaner.

A Final Word-Personal Recommendation

A pressure washer is a very efficient tool to clean hard-to-clean objects like cars, car mats, trucks, doors, boats, concrete – you can name some more. While regular attempts at cleaning them would be very tedious and also not as fruitful (imagine scrubbing clean a boat or a concrete floor!), using a good pressure washer would do the job in a heartbeat.

What's more, it's fun to use a pressure washer! We have fun every time when using it. There is a certain sort of pleasure and satisfaction at how easily just a click of a finger and some wary aiming can get rid of filth so very fast! Wouldn't you agree? If not, you probably have not experienced using a pressure washer, which you should amend now by buying one!

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Ergonomic, lightweight, boasting premium features, this pressure washer has everything.

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