Top 5 Pop-Up Toasters in India 2020

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Top 5 Pop-Up Toasters in India 2020

Top 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India

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Table of Contents

Everybody knows the fact that if you want to lead a healthy and fit life, you need to do away with the junk food and join hands with a proper diet full of vital nutrition. To get your body into shape and become healthy you have to eat good food all throughout the day be it your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To kick start the day with a hale and hearty breakfast, you need to have a couple of bread toasts, fresh juice or milk, and some dry fruits to go with that.

But, for the preparation of crispy and browned bread toasts within seconds, you need to have a quality pop-up toaster on your kitchen’s countertop. Hence, today we lined up the Best Pop-Up Toasters that you can buy to make relishing bread toasts like a breeze without much of a hassle. Using these pop-up toasters, you need not to constantly keep an eye on the unit to check the browning process. These toasters automatically pop the bread out after heating it for the time that you have set before placing the bread inside the unit.

Since the morning breakfast can make or break your day, buying a pop-up toaster for your kitchen might not be a thing to ruminate about a lot. So, get yours now by going through the detailed review provided below and make a wiser decision according to your requirement and budget.

Best Pop Up Toasters in India – Reviews

Tefal Express 850-Watt Pop Up Toaster

Get you morning schedule sorted and relaxed with this Tefal Pop-up Toaster, which is going to renovate the overall style of toasting. This stunning pop-up toaster has been intended in stainless steel and black together with a brushed upshot so, it turns it into a picture-perfect addition in every modular kitchen. Equipped with the smartest of functions such as reheat, defrost, stop, and high-lift; this Tefal toaster provides you with 7 levels of browning to satisfy discrete taste palettes. It functions on a power of 850W, which certainly promises to offer quicker results. It further comprises of a slide out Crumb Tray that gathers the fallings and makes cleaning a breeze.

best popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with 7 browning levels to toast the bread precisely
  • Comes with a raised bun warmer to offer the function of reheating
  • The high-lift features effectively ejects the smallest of breads outside
  • Comprises of defrost and reheat buttons to provide ultimate ease
  • Functioning at a wattage of 850-watts, facilitates quicker preparation

Borosil BTO750WPW11 750-Watt Krispy Pop-up Toaster

Everyone wants to buy the best product for themselves, so it's solely right you relish the finest from our end, prominent for top-class and performance. It’s the reason why Borosil has poured all their experience into producing stunningly intended, hands-on products such as the appliances assortment, particularly planned and by keeping in mind your requirements and budget. The Krispy Pop-Up Toaster from Borosil turns preparing everything smarter, simpler, superior, and as steadfast as they are anticipated, you may trust the Borosil products constantly to carry out the task exquisitely.

popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of the reheat and defrost button for frozen breads
  • Comes with 6 distinct adaptable settings for browning control
  • Offers an anti-skid feet that easily keeps the unit in its position
  • The cool touch plastic body doesn’t heat for secure operation
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for after sales service

Philips Daily Collection HD2582-00 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Easily prepare that crispy golden brown bread toast on every single occasion using this compact pop-up toaster from the house of Philips, which is a world-leader as far as electronic and kitchen appliances are concerned. This pop-up toaster delivers 8 distinct settings along with 2 big adjustable slots, so you might get the uniform toasting outcome irrespective of the kind of bread that you want to consume. It further comprises of an inbuilt bun rack, which permits you to heat up your desired buns, rolls, and pastries quickly and easily. With the provided cancel button, you may stop the toasting process at any time.

best popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers 8 different browning settings for discrete preference
  • Easily heats up the pastries, buns, rolls with the inbuilt bun rack
  • Comes with the large adjustable slots for different kinds of bread
  • Provides a high-lift feature to take out smaller pieces of bread safely
  • At 830-watts of power, delivers a really faster toasting performance

Prestige PPTPKY 850-Watt Pop-up Toaster

The preparation of an ideal toast was never so much easy. Prestige has come up with a really powerful Pop-Up Toaster that comprises of with wider bread slots and assures the safe removal of the browned bread or toast. Further, the toaster is really easy and appropriate toast treadle and self-regulating guides to make sure an even browning performance. It has been equipped with the easily detachable slide-out crumb trays for making the cleaning process really easy. To assure the user about the quality of the product, Prestige has offered a 1-year warranty on the product for after-sales support.

best popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of an inbuilt slide out crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Provides you with 4 different toasting options for convenience
  • Offers a power rating of 850-watts to facilitate faster outcomes
  • Comes with the wide bread slots for easy removal of the toast
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Havells Crust 800-Watt Pop-up Toaster

A pop-up toaster is an appliance that is really appropriate when compared to the customary technique of roasting. Havells has engaged the up-to-the-minute technology to produce or come up with this pop-up toaster. It comprises of a stainless steel cage casing to defend it from rusting, a defrost feature, electronic adjustable toasting, and reheat option. This pop-up toaster from Havells provides you crusty and crispy bread on every occasion you turn it on. In addition, it can be operated even by the kids devoid of any sort of trouble; such is the ease of use that you get.

best popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 2

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers the stylish illuminated cancel and defrost buttons for ease
  • Auto shutdown feature keeps you away from any sort of trouble
  • Provides you with 7 different heat settings for desired browning
  • Features a stainless steel cage exterior to keep it safe from rusting
  • The cool touch housing doesn’t let the heat inside felt on the outside

Personal Suggestion

As we have now concluded our detailed and comprehensive Pop-Up Toaster Reviews, we suppose that it is going to be really easy and effortless to choose the desired product for your kitchen without any confusion whatsoever. We must tell you that every single toaster that we have reviewed above comprises of all the necessary and convenient features that a person longs for whilst buying one from the market. Further, all these toasters have been accompanies by a warranty period so that you have nothing to worry about if there is a glitch or a problem in the toaster, which is a quite rare sight.

popup toasterTop 5 Pop-Up Toasters In India 2

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But, even in any case, if there is any customer or user who is unable to find the right pop-up toaster for their kitchen to prepare exquisite crunchy toasts at home, they must surely go with the product that we personally recommend. The pop-up toaster that we are going to suggest to our users is the Borosil BTO750WPW11 750-Watt Krispy Pop-up Toaster, which is a reasonably priced yet top-notch toaster that can cater to all your roasting requirements with a whole lot of ease.

Owing to the 6 adaptable setting for browning control, detachable crumb tray, defrost, reheat, and cancel function, this pop-up toaster will offer decent result every time around. It features the cool touch plastic body, which comprises of the cord storage and anti-skid feet for keeping it stable. At last, the product has been covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty to provide after-sales support.

Pop-Up Toaster Buying Guide

What are the Features to Keep in Mind Whilst Buying a Pop-Up Toaster?

We completely agree with the fact that it is a really small product to purchase and definitely might not require a profound deal of thought and exploration; this section is solely providing you with a few basics and knowledge from our personal experience.


This aspect relies on the totality of bread that you require toasting at once. For using the toaster at home; the 2-slice toaster is what you must opt for purchasing. For commercial usage, you may consider the ones providing 3 or 4-slice accommodation. As I had purchased a pop-up toaster for my kitchen; I am going to be delivering my views and experience for usage at home.

Temperature Control

A majority of toaster models have been equipped with the digital rider resembling temperature control to supervise the multiple levels of heating. There are some toasters that are customary and solely provide you with 2 heating modes that are namely high and medium.

Eject Button

Although the pop-up toasters have been well-appointed with an automatic eject; an alternative eject button might be really handy in case of emergency.

Defrost Button

A few models comprise of the “defrost function” which sets the toaster on a really high temperature. Supplementary models might support parallel feature owing to the heater feature. If you possess such a model, you may set that heater to extreme level if you desire to defrost any bread.

Cleaning Tray

The cleaning tray is generally positioned below the pop-up toaster and assists in removing those breadcrumbs that come out whilst the bread is being toasted.


In a few pop-up toasters, you might also get a plastic cover on the top, which keeps the dirt, insects, and dust away from entering the unit and facilitating easier cleanup.


This might be the most methodical feature that has been discussed in this listing. In case you’re surely particular; then have a look at the manner in which the clamps of the toaster have been positioned. Customarily, there used to 2 clamps that were used to pull that bread below for browning. Currently, there exist 4 clamps in a few pop-up toasters. The 2 clamps are utilized to pull down the bread and the other 2 grasp it on the sides so that you get evenly toasted bread.


This might also be one of the main points of discussion. You must check what kind of a budget you have for buying a toaster for your kitchen. We are pretty certain about the fact that you may purchase a top-notch toaster for anything around Rs. 2500.

After Sales Service

A majority of brands propose a 2-years warranty for their range of pop-up toasters. There might also be a few that would provide support and service at home and might be preferred. On the other hand, owing to the local repairs that are still prevalent in India; this might not be that big a concern for the user.

Best Pop-Up Toaster – Additional Features

In case you'd prefer having a few additional features with the toaster you purchase, here are a few of the further impressive functions the toasters these days come equipped with:


A height-lift carriage allows you to raise smaller items above the toaster slots.

LED Indicator

A few pop-up toasters comprise LED lights, offering a progress bar or the timer countdown.


To enhance that hush-hush motorized lift, you are going to require an alert to notify that your toast has been prepared so that you don't fail to benefit from that butter-melting hotness.

Motorized Lift

For all the people who don't prefer being surprised at the sunrise, a few toasters now come with the motorized lifts that moderately raise the toast in place of the abrupt popping up.

Lift & Look

Do you like your toast to have specific shade, which might be tough to get? Search for the feature that gradually raises your bread toast and sinks it down back so that you might be able to look into how the browning is being done.

Which are the Most Popular Types of Toasters on the Market?

2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

The most common kinds of toasters on the market are the 2-slice pop-up toasters. The organization is pretty modest like its design but it is incapable of browning the bread from both the sides in one single go. But the appliance’s that are available today in the market supplies the instantaneous result coupled up with the browning of both the sides of bread.

4-Slice Toaster

The second kind of toaster is the 4-slice pop-up toaster. The segments of this toaster permit the user to utilize either one or both the sides at one fell swoop together with offering the choice amongst the toasting or browning level of 2 distinct bread pieces in one go. This is going to make for a superior difference since you might be able to utilize this pop-up toaster for either both or one side that signifies that you might as well use 4 bread slices at once. This is going to help save energy as well.

6-Slice Toasters

On the market, there are 6-cut toasters as well, on the other hand, the degree of power that is compulsory to generate 6 cuts in the interim commonly tests the extreme electrical circuits point inside the kitchen, so they incline to be rather below-powered. The 6-cut toasters frequently generate a lower-class toast in comparison to a corresponding 4-cut toaster, in spite of the fact that they provide you with the toast somewhat quicker.

Conveyor Toasters

Following the 6-cut toasters, the house stride up in the limit are the conveyor toasters. The smaller eateries, overnight boardinghouse, sandwich shops, and several sites that require you to provide food to a group of individuals’ breakfast in the interim might be able to apply the conveyor toaster to prepare nearly 900 pieces of toast within 60 minutes. So, here we would sum up the whole conversation on the pop-up toasters and its types.

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