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The 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India

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For the people, who live in small spaces or do not have enough space on the kitchen counter, buying the larger appliances might not be pretty feasible as installation and storage would be a headache. Therefore, they purchase the kitchen appliances that are pretty smaller in size but provide you with plenty of power to get the job done.  Since the summer season has taken its shape and the scorching heat is on our head, a flavorful glass of a smoothie or a cup full of creamy yogurt would be perfect.

Hence, today we listed down the Best Philips Hand Blenders that are going to deliver the finest blending performance and an ultimate power for mix and chop through any hard foodstuff or material. A quality hand blender is what one needs to prepare quite a lot of things in the absence of a mixer grinder at home. Further, it helps you prepare several things such as smoothies, fruit shakes, yogurt, and many egg dishes for breakfast within no time.

So, if you are short of counter space in the kitchen and want a powerful hand blender to conform to your needs and requirements, go through our detailed reviews below to get what suits you the best.

Best Philips Hand Blenders Reviews

Philips Daily Collection HL1655-00 250-Watt Hand Blender

This hand blender from the house of Philips allows the user to rapidly blend bigger amounts of constituents for a time period of around 20 minutes. This product has been ergonomically framed to provide you with a superior grip together with a rust resilient metal arm to blend both cold or hot beverages and dishes. It has been equipped with a specially designed blade assists blending of elements such as boiled dal and spinach, puree, buttermilk, and milkshakes. It further comprises of an extra wall bracket for relaxed storage of the appliance.

best philips hand blender5The 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of removable blades to deliver easier whisking
  • Offers a powerful 250W motor that processes tough elements
  • Provides a single trigger press which makes it really easy to hold
  • The body surface doesn’t have many grooves to ensure easy cleaning
  • Comes with an additional wall bracket to facilitate easier storage

Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 550-Watt Hand Blender

Want a quality hand blender at a reasonable price? Equipped with a 550 Watt motor and an exceptionally intended blending foot, the Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 is going to blend any sort of food materials with a whole lot of ease. This hand blender delivers delightfully smooth end results for purees, soups, and milkshakes. It has been equipped with the hand blender ProMix technology, which is an advanced technique for further steady and quicker blending. The technology makes use of the triangular shape to generate an ideal flow and provides optimum performance.

best philips hand blenderThe 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Pretty easy to use and clean with the removable blending bar
  • Comprises of a single switch for easier usage and convenient grip
  • Equipped with a powerful 550W motor to blend tough elements
  • Comes with a uniquely designed blending foot for advance power
  • Covered by a 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty for after sales service

Philips Daily Collection HR1604 550-Watt Hand Blender

Now preparing healthy homemade food has become really easy. Everyone needs to have a hand blender for their home to prepare impeccably blended purees, soups, and milkshakes. The Philips Daily Collection HR1604 Hand blender comes equipped with the 550 Watt powerful motor and blending foot that has been specially designed. It provides you with the best results with the patented ProMix blending technology. The blending foot has a triangular shape for ideal flow and mixing performance. The single-switch and the slim-grip fit any hand size pretty easily.

best philips hand blenderThe 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers a 2-button release system to removing the blending bar
  • Provides amazing results with the patented ProMix Technology
  • Comes with a 0.5-liter beaker for blending and whisking products
  • The blending bar is rust-resilient and provides long-lasting usage
  • A triangular shape for ultimate blending performance and flow

Philips Daily Collection HR1363 600-Watt Hand Blender

Equipped with a dominant 600 Watt motor, this Philips Daily Collection HR1363 is an effective hand blender that offers power along with amazing durability. This hand blender comprises of the double action blade that cuts the food items both vertically and horizontally. The turbo button on this hand blender provides you with additional power for blending the toughest ingredients. In addition, the hand blender comes with an anti-splash blade guard so that the ingredients or the liquid doesn’t splish-splash here and there. It has a detachable plastic bar that helps in cleaning it up easily.

best hand blenderThe 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Equipped with a powerful 600-Watts motor for blend dominantly
  • The double action blade allows for faster processing of food items
  • Comes with an additional chopper accessory for stress-free cutting
  • Offers a soft-touch grip and buttons easy maneuvering and handling
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty or after-sales service

Philips HR1351-C 250-Watt Blender

Want a chic and contemporary hand blender to match the overall ambience of your modular kitchen? The Philips HR1351-C does exactly the same since it is an immersive kind of hand blender that has a smooth, ergonomically curved design for supreme functioning ease. The HR1351-C hand blender provides you with the liberty to whisk, blend, mix, aerate, and whip right inside the beaker or vessel. With the 250W motor, this hand blender is suitable for use at home as it delivers the required power. It has been equipped with a stainless steel blade for durability and amazing performance.

best philips hand blenderThe 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers only a single operation speed to process any food item
  • Comprises of an additional chopper accessory for slicing veggies
  • Comes with a detachable blending bar to offer easier cleaning
  • Provides a beaker together with a lid to store soups and purees
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Personal Recommendation

We suppose that with the summer heat at its peak and the beginning of the summer vacations, having a hand blender might come in pretty handy so that you may serve your kids with healthy homemade drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, soups, and more. After going through our comprehensive hand blender reviews, we suppose that it is going to be real easy for our user to select the Best Philips Hand Blender according to their budget and requirement.

best philips hand blenderThe 5 Best Philips Hand Blender In India 1

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However, in case there are a few customers who are still not confident enough about which hand blender they must choose to buy, they should go with our personally suggested product to get the best performance that too at a pretty reasonable price. The Philips Hand Blender that we are going to recommend to our customers is the Philips Daily Collection HR1600-00 550-Watt Hand Blender, which has been equipped with the 550-watts motor and comes along with a 0.5-Liter beaker.

To facilitate easy cleaning of the unit, the blender comes with a 2-button releasing system to detach the blending bar. With the patented ProMix technology, the hand blender delivers both consistent and quicker blending performance. So, buy this quality blender from Philips since we are pretty certain that you would not regret buying this product for even a single second.

Philips Hand Blender – Buying Guide

The hand blenders that are available on the market are appropriate for both blending and mixing the smaller bunches of food items like veggies, fruits, or eggs inside beaker or bowls, eliminating lumps out of batter and soups, beating creams, whipping butter, preparing suave purees of those semi-solid elements, like the boiled or fried veggies. Some of the hand blenders are coupled up with the chopping jars and some additional accessories which further augment their value or worth. There are both corded as well as cordless options available as far as the hand blenders are concerned.

Therefore, if you love consuming smoothies or milkshakes pretty often, mix smaller portions of cake batter, or just perform mixing of ingredients, buying a hand blender should be a necessity.

What are the Aspects to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Hand Blender?

It completely relies on what kinds of blender you need to have in your kitchen, but there are a few other significant features in addition that you should consider whilst searching for an ideal blender to use in your kitchen:

The hand blender that you are going to buy for your kitchen should provide you with ample power to match your food preparation necessities. For whipping and mixing, the hand blender equipped with a 250-300W motor is going to be adequate but if one wants to crush ice the motor needs to have a power of at least 500W. Within India you might be able to catch decent-quality blenders offering a dominant 600W DC motor such as that of Philips.

Stainless Steel Blade

The hand blender or stick blenders that are equipped with the stainless steel blades provide you with a dominant blending and whipping performance. These blades are even effective in crushing ice so that you get amazingly chilled beverages at home.

Variable Speed Control

When you are blending or whipping the desired food products, to get the best results, the speed of the blender is a really important aspect. With the variable speed control, you will be able to regulate the speed according to the texture of the puree or batter you need for the preparation.

Detachable Blade Assembly

All the hand blenders that comprise of a detachable blade assembly or blending bar are pretty easy to clean and hence are really easy to store inside your kitchen cabinet.

Easy Locking System

The blenders that comprise of an easy locking system are pretty easy to use and maneuver.

Slim & Compact Design

The buyer must opt for a hand blender that sports a slim and compact design that fits in really well in the hand. Further, the position of the buttons should be such that they are easily accessible.


Comprising of an additional chopper, beaker, and other sorts of accessories such as a whisker or the rubber mat for superior grip is going to further add to the value of the hand blender.

Easy Soft Grip

The hand blender that comes with a comfortable grip facilitates easy usage as well as safety during operation.


You always need to make sure that you have a look at the time period of warranty provided by the manufacturer. You must not opt to purchase any hand blender that has been covered by less or no warranty. You must be pretty clear about the fact that what all does that warranty cover such as motor damage, blade change, damage of minor parts, etc.

Select a Reliable Brand

You must always choose a brand that you have trust in. There are probabilities that if had bought an appliance from that particular brand and it attends you appropriately, your hand blender is possibly going to live up to its reputation.

So, these we are few things or aspects that you need to take care of before purchasing a hand blender for your kitchen so that you get the finest purees, soups, batters, and smoothies.

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