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Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

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The demand for equipment that might check for the fake currency is growing day after another. From the time when the fake currency has been flowing in the market, it is really significant to ensure that you are always on the safe side. In the recent times, the people are receiving fake currency notes even whilst withdrawing their money out the ATMs of the bank, which thereby warns us about the foulest existing situation. Therefore, it is counseled to make use of the note counting machines that have the feature of fake note detection so that the user is away from the fake currency.

Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

Whilst you hit the market to buy the Best Note Counting Machine in India, it might be no less than an intimidating job. Having a wide range of products, you may certainly get muddled. Thus, today we have lined up the Best Cash Counting Machines that are pretty supportive in billing, counting, spotting fake currency, and other astounding features in an economical range. You might as well go through the Note Counting Machine Buying Guide, which is going to assist all our users to choose the machine that would perfectly suit their requirements, budget, and preference.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

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Our personal recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B071R9J8P4″]

The note or currency counting machine that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Ooze JN2040 LCD Money Note Counting Machine, which is a compact yet pretty dominant model with a note counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. So, if you want a quality note counting machine for your workplace or home, this one would be a nice choice for sure.

Best Note Counting Machines in India

1. SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Notes Detection Plus External Display and 1 Year Warranty – (White)

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Are you often getting the fake currency notes? The solution is this Stok currency Counting Machine, which assists in counting the currency of every single denomination within mingling denomination and distinguishes fake currency in a stress-free manner. It might be able to count the totality of notes, for every single denomination, and the overall value for currency. The progressive high-tech 3D counterfeit detection allows for precise discovery of fake currency notes. Add & batch tasks are pretty idyllic and valuable whilst counting the cash. It is an appropriate machine for using in the hotels, banks, builders, restaurants, diamond merchants, bullion traders, retails shops, traders, etc.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Diminishes all the losses that are incurred owing to human error
  • Helps you to save a lot of time spent in counting the currency notes
  • Easily detects the fake currency notes with the counterfeit detection
  • Calculates the overall value of the denomination of the currencies
  • Comprises of the add & batch function for easy counting of cash

2. Kores Easy Count 441 Currency Counting Machine

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If you want to purchase a quality currency counting machine from a well-known brand, then you may go with the Kores Easy Count 441 Currency Counting Machine, which turns counting really quick and precise. Whilst in operation, this currency counting machine verifies the currency by means of MG and UV whilst counting the totality of the currency in a well-programmed manner. With the preset counting as well as add up function, the counting performance might not be further easier and effectual. The machine is also capable of checking double and half currency and comes with a counterfeit alarm.

[amazon box=”B010NAF8XK”]

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides you with an automatic currency counting function
  • Checks both double and half currency with a whole lot of ease
  • Comes with both preset counting and the add up functionality
  • Checks for the fake currency notes using the MG and UV technology
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

3. Ooze JN2010 Review

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Searching for a compact yet pretty dominant note counting machine at a really budget price? Here is the Ooze JN2010 Note Counting Machine, which is a fully automatic currency counter as well as detector, which has been particularly intended for the Indian market. The currency counting machine comprises of a large LCD display at the anterior side along with the buttons for automatic detection using various technologies such as MG (magnetic) & UV (ultraviolet) whilst counting currency. Appropriate for a wide-range of currencies from all over the world. It offers functions such as the automatic stop, start, and clearing together with adding, batching, and the self-inspection feature.

[amazon box=”B07VWVGDCC”]

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Delivers a really dominant counting speed at 1000 notes/min
  • Equipped with a large LCD display for added convenience
  • A fully automatic currency counter with detection function
  • Comes with the automatic start, stop, and clearing function
  • Checks the fake currencies using UV & MG whilst counting notes

4. Easycount EC-2000 Review

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For all the people who need a note counting machine, here we have come up with the Easycount EC-2000 Automatic Currency Counting Machine, which comes up with the precise results whilst counting the currency notes. This unit comes with a Manual Start functionality, which assists to begin counting machine physically in place of automatically. This note counting machine delivers precise outcomes whilst checking fake currency notes using the MG and UV expertise. This model delivers an outstanding note counting speed of about 1000 notes/min. This machine comes with the chained note detection functionality with the adaptable sensitivity of detection.

[amazon box=”B01HGACARC”]

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides the useful automatic start, stop & clearing option
  • Comes with a digital display with backlight for better vision
  • Delivers an amazing counting speed of a 1000 notes per minute
  • Sets the batch mode for counting the notes of a precise number
  • Comprises of the counterfeit detection using the UV & MG mode

5. Bossko Currency Counting Machine Review

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If you want to purchase a quality currency counting machine for a budget price, decent appearance, and amazing performance, then this note counting machine from Bossko is the best that can opt to buy. It just requires the standard power supply rated at AC 220V 50/60 Hz and consumes really less power at a working wattage of 75 W. This currency counting machine comes with the automatic counterfeit detection using the UV and optional MG whilst counting the notes or bills. This machine is really appropriate for a majority of currencies from all over the globe. Further, it comes with the feature of automatic stop, start, and clearing along with the much-needed programmed half note recognition.

[amazon box=”B07717GXMX”]

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Crafted out of ABS plastic so as to offer decent resilience
  • Consumes really less power having a working wattage of 75W
  • Offers automatic counterfeit detection using UV & MG modes
  • Appropriate for counting the currencies from all over the world
  • Comes with the vital automatic half note detection for security

Best Cash Counting Machine – Buying Guide

What are the Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Note Counting Machine?

Whilst buying any currency counting machine, you surely need to take the following aspects into consideration since they are going to assist you in making a sensible decision.

Counting Preferences

There are 3 diverse kinds of note counting machines that are namely mixed bill counter, counter, and bill sorter.

Counter: A modest functionality, which displays and counts the total number of notes delivered irrespective of the overall value of the money stacked.

Mixed Bill Counter: This kind of a note counter not just shows the totality of notes, but moreover assesses every bill to provide you with the details about the total number of notes and their overall value. Additionally, it might moreover avoid those counting errors whilst the note of incorrect denomination sneaks inside the sack.

Bill Sorter: It is a kind of not counting machine not just has the operability of mixed bill counter but moreover comprises of numerous trays for unscrambling the notes into packs of their individual denomination.


There are 2 kinds: electric and portable. The portable note counter is the one that is operated through a battery, cool to transport, and pretty light in weight. It might be able to count the minor totality of notes and come with features such as counterfeit etc. It is appropriate for the portable stands, artisans, trade shows, and more.

The electric note counter requires a countertop footprint of nearly 1 sq. ft. On top of counting notes, it might be able to offer supplementary features for convenience and security as desirable. It is appropriate for a majority of commercial and small companies.

Counting Speed

The counting speed is customarily considered as the totality of notes per minute. A majority of the currency counting machines offer a counting speed in the range of 900 – 1500 currency notes per minute. This might be supportive in saving both effort and time of the user. Although the greater speed sounds extraordinary, in case the hopper capacity is in between the range of 100 or 200 bills per minute then you might not have a lot to cheer about.

Type & Size of Hopper

It is significant to possess an acceptable hopper size for enhancing the counting speed. It certainly means that you might be taking pauses to reload the currency notes less frequently. Contingent on the speed operation, a hopper might be positioned in diverse locations. Some of the note counting machines might be able to handle the notes that aren’t gracefully stacked.

Batch Feature

Some of the note counting machines comprise of the batching feature which physically straps the currency for deposit. The machine spontaneously halts at the pre-fixed figure, groups it, and pauses for the user to take the batch out.

Counterfeit and Error Detection

Deceit and fake notes are the chief concerns encountered by businesses these days. The counterfeit and error detection function incorporated in the note counting machine might be of a great assistance in averting such problems.

The currency counters comprising of such functions often show up an error code in case the counting procedure is interjected owing to torn or folder currency, manifold note serving at once, and currency of incorrect size.

There are 2 primary kinds of counterfeit and error detection that are performed using the Magnetic sensors and UV light detector. They probe every single currency note and screen for the features previously planned of an appropriate note. In case an apprehensive note is discovered then it halts and informs you about it. A few machines offer audible, visual, or nimble alarm.

In addition to the information provided above, ensure that the counting machine software is appropriate to be updated repeatedly with newest trends since you might not know when one more demonetization may take place. Ensure that the note counting machine agrees to take new currency notes released by the RBI.

Advantage Of Using Note Counting Machine

Note counting machines have become widely popular across the globe. They are now being used in almost every sector of any industry. And if you own a business where dealing with notes is a regular job, you may want to have one of these to ease your job. Counting notes by hand needs dedication. A single wrong count can lose you thousands of rupees. Therefore, as the note increases, so should increase your concentration. However, counting them by hand is inefficient. Dry hands or crumbles notes may cause a problem. Or when counting many notes together, we may easily miss one. Therefore, using a note counter machine is a far better choice. 

Note counter machines offer efficient and perfect counting within seconds. But many of the advantages of the machine are looked over. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the benefits related to a note counter machine below. If you have doubts regarding purchasing a note counter, the following points can help you make a wiser decision. Please note that the experience becomes even smoother when you use a quality machine instead of settling with some low-quality ones. Hence, we strongly recommend you to follow our buyer's guide to find the best quality note counter yourself. Or, you can simply pick on from our list above and enjoy these benefits. 

Accurate Counting Result

At many times while counting notes by hand, one can easily miss one. Or, it may also happen that you counted them wrong. It can cause you to lose a lot of money. Especially if you are a business owner who needs to keep track of even 1 rupee, you must be careful enough not to lose instead of gaining. However, one can not blame oneself every time for this incident as manual jobs can have a flaw. Unlike a person counting bundles of money, who can easily make a mistake, technologically advanced note counters are designed for error-free and efficient note counting. They are developed to deliver accurate and perfect results in their cash counting process. With the help of technologically developed smart and advanced features, possible technical errors in their functioning are now minimized to null. So, there is hardly any chance of missing or miscounting. These counters can also count old notes that are stuck together in bundles. These notes can cause trouble in manual counting and result in miscounting. Thus, if you have a business where you have to count bundles of notes frequently, consider buying a note counter machine and acquire perfection to boost your economy. 

Easy Operation

Many of us prefer to dodge electronic appliances because of the complex function. These functions can be hard to understand for people using it. For example, if you are buying something for your older father and if the device has many features, he can find it hard learning those. Considering many business types led by people of all ages, a note counter machine has been developed to offer accuracy with convenience. Note counter machines come with easily understandable features to make sure total accessibility. One does not require to read a manual or get special training to use the device. Thanks to its simple usage and user experience, anyone can use it easily. Thus, it adds convenience and efficiency in your counting experience and gives you results in seconds without requiring you to learn anything at all. 

Saves You Time

Time is precious and waits for none. And operating a business is not easy at all. It takes a lot of dedication and concentration to maintain your services. A simple flaw in the system can cause you huge trouble. But, money is the base of any business, and therefore keeping a proper record of your spending and profits is necessary. No mistake is spared in that case. If you have a running business with many customers waiting at the billing counter, a note counter may be a great help for you. It saves you a lot of time by giving you a faster and accurate result. So, your business management becomes, even more, smoother as you can manage customers efficiently. Also, there is hardly any chance of mistakes in counting notes with the machines. So, a note counter offers you efficiency, speed, and accuracy all at the same time. 


Note counter machine is a remarkably convenient option for counting notes. They not only offer speed and accuracy, but some of these are also very portable and allow you to take them wherever you go. Some machines are also battery-operated, making sure that you can use them, even in the event of a power failure. Thus, using a note counter is far more convenient and easier. As mentioned earlier, the note counters have a simple user interface that allows the users to use them at ease. Piling all these features together, one can easily understand the convenience that this machine offers. With note counters, cash management can be served in a hassle-free way. These counters have user-friendly interfaces, which are easy to handle and operate concerning their functions.

Fake Note Detection

In the past few decades, there has been a sharp increase in more hard-to-detect fake notes. And while fake notes can create serious trouble in the economy, it can leave a vast impact on your business too. Detecting fake-notes with bare eyes can be difficult, and one can commonly fail to do so. But with the note counter, one can easily detect a fake-note using their counterfeit detection feature. Fake note detector machines can inform you with a beep that there are fake, torn, or unusable notes in the bundle that gets inserted into the machine. These notes can not be used in the future and can cause your grave loss. Thus, having a fake note detector machine at your business means that you are free from the threat of fake, unusable currencies. And, it gives you the freedom to run your business smoothly, maintaining the economical quality of your accounts.

Reasonable Price

One of the major problems while buying something is its price. Many avoid buying an appliance primarily because of how costly they are. Note counter machines are very reasonably priced machines that can be availed of easily. So, you do not have to think several times before spending your money for such a purpose. Considering all the features, safety, and security these devices offer to you and your business, one can rely on it safely and soundly. Following that, spending thousands of rupees behind such a machine is completely justified. The price of a cash counter machine varies with the features and functions they offer. Also, considering the size and capacity of the machine, you may see a change in its price. Thus, you have always the choice to purchase one according to your preference. 


Note or cash counters are a highly popular machine and used in almost every sector to count thousands of notes every day. Therefore, this machine is always available in the market for you to purchase. You can purchase a note counter from online e-commerce sites or from a shop offline. And, if you have a budget issue, you can always avail of EMI options that many brands offer. Therefore, buying a cash counter can never be ceased because of its availability. All our mentioned best note counters are well available on Amazon and can be purchased instantly. Availability is one of the greatest advantages of the device that allows you to buy a note counter as soon as you are ready. 

Attractive Modern Design

Many of us want something that would look good on our desk. A managed and maintained desk reflects an impact on our customers. Therefore, while using any appliance, one must be very careful about its appearance. Thus, the manufacturers have taken care of a good deal of the design of a note counter. The modern-day cash counters not only look classy but have an extremely modern look that enhances the decor of your desk. So, buying a cash counter organizes your job and your decor smartly and supports your business to boost its limit. 

What are the Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Note Counting Machine?

Build Quality

Before buying any electronic appliance for any purpose, one must always make sure that it has a good build quality. A sturdy build ensures the durability of the device. It ensures the protection of a device from any sort of external harm, thereby protecting the machine's internal compartment. Most of the middle range note counters have a sturdy ABS plastic build. ABS plastic is a high-quality fiber that can withstand any damages. However, if you want something better, the metal build would be suitable for you. But the plastic built devices are lighter than the metal ones. Hence, if you are finding something lightweight and portable, go for the plastic ones. And if you prefer something stronger, a metal body would be better. 

Multiple Currency Counter

The multiple currency counters are a helpful device that is useful for business owners who deal with international clients. For this purpose, one may need to count several currencies frequently. Now there are two types of functions available in the cash counters for this. The first one is- automatic currency detector. It detects the currency automatically that you have put in the device. Therefore, you do not have to change the settings frequently but can keep counting different currencies accordingly. The next type offers you a manual set up where you have set the device respectively. Both these features are very suitable for businesses where various currencies are granted. 

Check The Reviews

Buying something online can be tricky. One can never tell a product's quality before buying it. But, your investment will go into vain if you find your product inefficient after buying it. Therefore, you should keep your eyes open while buying a note counter. The best way to make a wise choice is to listen to others. The people who have used the device (that you are going to buy) before, can tell you the best about it. So, we recommend you to visit the review section before purchasing any note counter online. In the reviews, you will find both positive and negative comments about the device. By matching these with the product description, one can easily get what they want. However, reviews can be manipulated too. And reading too much of them can confuse you easily. To short this problem, one must look into the rating section. Rating is an average point-based calculation where people are asked to rate something on the basis of 1 to 5. The higher the rating, the better the product. The cumulative rating on some products can tell you about their quality and efficiency and guide you to better decision making. Make sure that you have checked both the reviews and the ratings to get the best idea about the device you are going to buy. 


Warranty plays a crucial role as a trust issue for a product. Buying an electronic appliance can become a waste if there is no assurance from the brand about its quality. Warranty, therefore, works as an assurance. It comforts you about the performance, durability, and quality of a particular item. Note counters are one of the most important devices in a business. And if it is something that you use daily to count bundles of notes, you would never want it to stop working. However, even if it does, you would prefer the fastest service to fix it as soon as possible. Therefore, go for a machine that comes with a good warranty period. The warranty period ensures that if you face any trouble with your purchase, the brand is likely to resolve that at its earliest. 


The price of a currency counter depends on various aspects such as its type, size, capacity, speed, and extra features. Thus, it is what you need that you have to pay for. While buying a note counter, it is better to have a budget preference to find the best options faster under it. It also helps you to understand your features better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can money counters detect fake money?

Currencies may be printed with IR inks that either reflect or absorb infrared light. Money counting machines with infrared technology use sensors that detect the presence of both types of IR inks, allowing them to identify legitimate currency by nation and denomination. And weed out the fakes.

2. How does cash counting machine works?

Simply put, currency counters operate by placing a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each bill through individually, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted to determine the denomination and provide a total.

3. How accurate are bill counters?

The good news is that most modern bill counters have error detection. Most modern bill counters will let you know if multiple bills have accidentally been pulled through, if a bill is torn in half or if the bill being counted isn't the right size.

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