Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

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Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detector in India

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The demand for equipment that might check for the fake currency is growing day after another. From the time when the fake currency has been flowing in the market, it is really significant to ensure that you are always on the safe side. In the recent times, the people are receiving fake currency notes even whilst withdrawing their money out the ATMs of the bank, which thereby warns us about the foulest existing situation. Therefore, it is counseled to make use of the note counting machines that have the feature of fake note detection so that the user is away from the fake currency.

Whilst you hit the market to buy the Best Note Counting Machine in India, it might be no less than an intimidating job. Having a wide range of products, you may certainly get muddled. Thus, today we have lined up the Best Cash Counting Machines that are pretty supportive in billing, counting, spotting fake currency, and other astounding features in an economical range. You might as well go through the Note Counting Machine Buying Guide, which is going to assist all our users to choose the machine that would perfectly suit their requirements, budget, and preference.

Best Note Counting Machines in India

Trucase Mix Note Value Counting Currency Counting Machine

Are you often getting the fake currency notes? The solution is this Trucase currency Counting Machine, which assists in counting the currency of every single denomination within mingling denomination and distinguishes fake currency in a stress-free manner. It might be able to count the totality of notes, for every single denomination, and the overall value for currency. The progressive high-tech 3D counterfeit detection allows for precise discovery of fake currency notes. Add & batch tasks are pretty idyllic and valuable whilst counting the cash. It is an appropriate machine for using in the hotels, banks, builders, restaurants, diamond merchants, bullion traders, retails shops, traders, etc.

Trucase Mix Note Best Currency Counting MachineCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Diminishes all the losses that are incurred owing to human error
  • Helps you to save a lot of time spent in counting the currency notes
  • Easily detects the fake currency notes with the counterfeit detection
  • Calculates the overall value of the denomination of the currencies
  • Comprises of the add & batch function for easy counting of cash

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Kores Easy Count 441 Currency Counting Machine

If you want to purchase a quality currency counting machine from a well-known brand, then you may go with the Kores Easy Count 441 Currency Counting Machine, which turns counting really quick and precise. Whilst in operation, this currency counting machine verifies the currency by means of MG and UV whilst counting the totality of the currency in a well-programmed manner. With the preset counting as well as add up function, the counting performance might not be further easier and effectual. The machine is also capable of checking double and half currency and comes with a counterfeit alarm.

Kores Easy Count 441 Currency Counting MachineCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides you with an automatic currency counting function
  • Checks both double and half currency with a whole lot of ease
  • Comes with both preset counting and the add up functionality
  • Checks for the fake currency notes using the MG and UV technology
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Ooze JN2040 Review

Searching for a compact yet pretty dominant note counting machine at a really budget price? Here is the Ooze JN2040 Note Counting Machine, which is a fully automatic currency counter as well as detector, which has been particularly intended for the Indian market. The currency counting machine comprises of a large LCD display at the anterior side along with the buttons for automatic detection using various technologies such as MG (magnetic) & UV (ultraviolet) whilst counting currency. Appropriate for a wide-range of currencies from all over the world. It offers functions such as the automatic stop, start, and clearing together with adding, batching, and the self-inspection feature.

Ooze JN2040 Review - Best Note Counting Machine in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Delivers a really dominant counting speed at 1000 notes/min
  • Equipped with a large LCD display for added convenience
  • A fully automatic currency counter with detection function
  • Comes with the automatic start, stop, and clearing function
  • Checks the fake currencies using UV & MG whilst counting notes

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Easycount EC-2000 Review

For all the people who need a note counting machine, here we have come up with the Easycount EC-2000 Automatic Currency Counting Machine, which comes up with the precise results whilst counting the currency notes. This unit comes with a Manual Start functionality, which assists to begin counting machine physically in place of automatically. This note counting machine delivers precise outcomes whilst checking fake currency notes using the MG and UV expertise. This model delivers an outstanding note counting speed of about 1000 notes/min. This machine comes with the chained note detection functionality with the adaptable sensitivity of detection.

Easycount EC-2000 ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides the useful automatic start, stop & clearing option
  • Comes with a digital display with backlight for better vision
  • Delivers an amazing counting speed of a 1000 notes per minute
  • Sets the batch mode for counting the notes of a precise number
  • Comprises of the counterfeit detection using the UV & MG mode

Bossko Currency Counting Machine Review

If you want to purchase a quality currency counting machine for a budget price, decent appearance, and amazing performance, then this note counting machine from Bossko is the best that can opt to buy. It just requires the standard power supply rated at AC 220V 50/60 Hz and consumes really less power at a working wattage of 75 W. This currency counting machine comes with the automatic counterfeit detection using the UV and optional MG whilst counting the notes or bills. This machine is really appropriate for a majority of currencies from all over the globe. Further, it comes with the feature of automatic stop, start, and clearing along with the much-needed programmed half note recognition.

Bossko Currency Counting Machine ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Crafted out of ABS plastic so as to offer decent resilience
  • Consumes really less power having a working wattage of 75W
  • Offers automatic counterfeit detection using UV & MG modes
  • Appropriate for counting the currencies from all over the world
  • Comes with the vital automatic half note detection for security

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Personal Recommendation

Since we have now ended up with the overall comprehensive review and analysis of the best note counting machines available on the market, we are pretty certain about the fact that our users and customers would find it really easy and stress-free to choose a model that would conform to their requirements, budget, and preference. In addition, after going through our listing of products, you may catch that we have provided at least one model that is going to match the needs and preference of one or the other user or customer for sure.

Ooze JN2040 Review - Best Cash Counting Machine in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price On Amazon

However, if still there is any customer who is finding it tough to choose a note counting machine as per their need and budget, we would suggest them to go with our personally suggested product so as to make a smart decision. The note or currency counting machine that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Ooze JN2040 LCD Money Note Counting Machine, which is a compact yet pretty dominant model with a note counting speed of 1000 notes per minute. So, if you want a quality note counting machine for your workplace or home, this one would be a nice choice for sure.

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Best Cash Counting Machine – Buying Guide

What are the Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Note Counting Machine?

Whilst buying any currency counting machine, you surely need to take the following aspects into consideration since they are going to assist you in making a sensible decision.

Counting Preferences

There are 3 diverse kinds of note counting machines that are namely mixed bill counter, counter, and bill sorter.

Counter: A modest functionality, which displays and counts the total number of notes delivered irrespective of the overall value of the money stacked.

Mixed Bill Counter: This kind of a note counter not just shows the totality of notes, but moreover assesses every bill to provide you with the details about the total number of notes and their overall value. Additionally, it might moreover avoid those counting errors whilst the note of incorrect denomination sneaks inside the sack.

Bill Sorter: It is a kind of not counting machine not just has the operability of mixed bill counter but moreover comprises of numerous trays for unscrambling the notes into packs of their individual denomination.


There are 2 kinds: electric and portable. The portable note counter is the one that is operated through a battery, cool to transport, and pretty light in weight. It might be able to count the minor totality of notes and come with features such as counterfeit etc. It is appropriate for the portable stands, artisans, trade shows, and more.

The electric note counter requires a countertop footprint of nearly 1 sq. ft. On top of counting notes, it might be able to offer supplementary features for convenience and security as desirable. It is appropriate for a majority of commercial and small companies.

Counting Speed

The counting speed is customarily considered as the totality of notes per minute. A majority of the currency counting machines offer a counting speed in the range of 900 – 1500 currency notes per minute. This might be supportive in saving both effort and time of the user. Although the greater speed sounds extraordinary, in case the hopper capacity is in between the range of 100 or 200 bills per minute then you might not have a lot to cheer about.

Type & Size of Hopper

It is significant to possess an acceptable hopper size for enhancing the counting speed. It certainly means that you might be taking pauses to reload the currency notes less frequently. Contingent on the speed operation, a hopper might be positioned in diverse locations. Some of the note counting machines might be able to handle the notes that aren’t gracefully stacked.

Batch Feature

Some of the note counting machines comprise of the batching feature which physically straps the currency for deposit. The machine spontaneously halts at the pre-fixed figure, groups it, and pauses for the user to take the batch out.

Counterfeit and Error Detection

Deceit and fake notes are the chief concerns encountered by businesses these days. The counterfeit and error detection function incorporated in the note counting machine might be of a great assistance in averting such problems.

The currency counters comprising of such functions often show up an error code in case the counting procedure is interjected owing to torn or folder currency, manifold note serving at once, and currency of incorrect size.

There are 2 primary kinds of counterfeit and error detection that are performed using the Magnetic sensors and UV light detector. They probe every single currency note and screen for the features previously planned of an appropriate note. In case an apprehensive note is discovered then it halts and informs you about it. A few machines offer audible, visual, or nimble alarm.

In addition to the information provided above, ensure that the counting machine software is appropriate to be updated repeatedly with newest trends since you might not know when one more demonetization may take place. Ensure that the note counting machine agrees to take new currency notes released by the RBI.

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