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Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India

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One of the best ways to load different electronic devices quickly and safely is by buying a USB wall charger. This product is versatile, which can be compatible with a large number of pieces of equipment. In this sense, USB chargers are accessories that should not be missing in our home or office, as they are very useful and, depending on the model you choose, you can use it with several devices at once. In addition, you can take it wherever you want, since; generally, this product does not take up much space and is light.

Features to consider in a mobile charger

When deciding on a new loader you must take into account the following points, each one of them will have more or less importance according to the interest of users of the loader:

Number of ports

There are chargers from a single USB port with up to 6 ports. Think of how many devices do you have to load and/or how many people are you going to use that charger?

In general, users prefer porters of 2-3 ports for personal use but if you are going to use it in a common area for a number of people, it would be advisable to choose the one with the largest number of ports.

Charger power (W)

A lot of manufacturers indicate the maximum power that the charger is able to supply when multiple devices are simultaneously charged.

If you intend to use the charger frequently to charge several devices at the same time, it is advisable to choose a high-power charger.

In this way, each port of the charger can provide the required current demand for each connected device and thus recharge as soon as possible.

Chargers with intelligent charging

Another interesting feature is to know if the charger has intelligent charging. Its operation is as follows: when we recharge a number of devices simultaneously, the charger detects each connected device and provides the maximum current that the device supports and is capable of providing said port.

Load speed

Each charger, as well as each electronic equipment, has its specifications on the amount of energy they offer. In this case, the most basic ones range from 500 mA to 1500 mA.

This is a very important purchase parameter that you must have clear previous to choosing your charger, to avoid damage to your equipment and prolong the useful life of the battery, since if you exceed the indicated size, you can damage your device.

Also, it is important that you take into account the loading speed, which will be determined by the output current. For this reason, we can notice that our equipment charges faster or slower depending on the charger we use. Consequently, the one with an output of 1500 mA will be faster than the 500 mA output.

In this sense, it is good to consider that some shippers offer to do the work in much less time than normal and this is where we should pay attention. Although it seems very practical, we can be doing irreversible damage to the battery or the entire device, therefore, it is necessary to be very sure of the compatibility of the charger with each device.


On the other hand, you will get models that include a working indicator of the charger, which will notify you of the state of the load so you know if it is working properly.

The place of the indicator is varied, but they almost for all time place it at the top and it is usually a small light, which stays on while you use it. The color it emits will depend on the manufacturer's brand.

This feature will only be present in some chargers. It is more common in those that have different ports and are connected to an outlet. Some have a very intense light that can be annoying inside the room at the time of sleep, so it is not recommended to place it near the bed.


Probably you are wondering how much a USB charger costs, since the price is a determining feature when it comes to purchasing the best model.

In a product as indispensable and versatile as this, we can say that you will not have problems with the cost, since with the increase of the offer and the competition between brands; there are economic models that can easily adapt to our pocket.

Its price is often related to the type of charger. In addition to this, it is necessary to take into account other important factors, for example, if it supports several devices at the same time or the loading speed it can offer.

So using the above things in mind you can choose the best Multiport USB Wall Chargers according to your requirement.

Best Multiport USB Wall Chargers in India – Reviews

TeckNet DuoPower 40W 5 Ports

Powered by 40W tecknet multi-USB port offers nothing but the best quality solutions ever. It’s made with the most cutting-edge technology which helps you identify USB power and compatibility of the device from famous brands like Apple, Samsung and other devices to charge better and faster.

Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 1Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

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Why we recommend it

  • tecknet multi USB port wall charger with features cutting-edge Bluetooth technology which identifies and optimizes USB power compatibility of devices from Apple, Samsung, and many other devices to enable faster recharge rates of up to 2.4 amps per port or 8 amps overall.
  • It comes with a single plug adaptor, which can be located onto it effortlessly and linked to an AC power supply. It otherwise, you can connect the USB charger to the plug adaptor using the included cable.
  • It’s lightweight, compact design for improved portability (only 88 x 60 x 26mm, 170g), ideal for home and travel; easy-to-read led indicator helps to confirm whether the USB wall charger is properly connected.

Regor [4 Port] 5 Amp Wall Charger Adapter

Regor brings light-in-weight, smart and portable devices that help you save time by charging your devices easily and with safety. BIS certification makes it all the more appreciable.

best wall charger in india
Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

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Why we recommend it

  • 4 ports, 5 Amp (25W) USB Wall chargers for charging multiple devices together, Minimize waiting time and avoid taking turns on the power outlet.
  • Lightweight and compact makes it a great travel companion, 110-240V input enables you to carry the charger with you anywhere in the world, Compatible with all Indian switchboards, The charger uses Indian pins which fit perfectly in our Indian sockets
  • Overheat, cover charge and overvoltage protection to protect your devices and you from various electric surges
  • BIS certified which ensures complete peace of mind and follows multiple safety protections, from premium-grade components to strict testing and automatic shutoff
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects only.

Lumsing Quick Charge 2.0 33W Multi-Port USB Wall Charger

Where quality meets looks, Lumsing chargers are nothing but best in what they do. These chargers are built by keeping convenience in mind. They are one-of-a-kind, handy and portable. It gives complete safety to the user from any sort of damage and overcharging.

best wall charger in india
Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

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Why we recommend it

  • This 4 port USB wall charger has a special orange-colored Quick Charging port that can charge your devices up to 75% faster than the average market charger! This is your go-to charger for those days where you need a charge, but don't have much time. Charge your devices in record time and be amazed.
  • Our chargers think for you so that you can focus on what matters most: living your life. All 4 ports have Lumsing's Smart Charging technology and will adjust themselves to like-minded devices and bring the best possible charge (up to 2.4 amps).
  • Phones and other devices are growing more and more expensive with each passing day, so safety is one of our biggest concerns. Our chargers have a built-in multi-project system that guarantees the safety of your devices. This system includes a heat-sink, so your phone won't overheat while blaming.
  • Our chargers are specially built with convenience in mind. Tired of those huge, clunky chargers? Try out our chargers; they're small enough to carry in your pocket, but tough sufficient to be released or stepped on and endure working.

Anker A2123Y21 6-Power Port USB Wall Charger (White)

Join the 10 million+ powered by America's leading USB Charging Brand Anker using most advanced Charging Technology: PowerIQ and Voltage Boost combine to provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 12 amps overall (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge). Ultra Powerful: 6 ports pump out 60 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging. Certified Safe: Anker's Multi Protect safety system and UL certification ensure complete protection for you and your devices. Worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage.

Anker brings to you this multi-port USB wall charger to solve all your power problems in a jiffy. The USB charger features 6 ports where you can USB charging cables to charge your numerous gadgets like smartphones, tablets, grooming devices, power banks and so on. The wall charger comes along with a 5 feet or 150 cm detachable chord and an extra velcro strip to safe your devices while you are charging on the go.

best wall charger in india
Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

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Why we recommend it

  • The PowerIQ technology in the 6 port charger from Anker provides your device the charging boost it needs to charge the device faster. The voltage boost technology safeguards a fast charging experience so that you do not have to wait so long for your device to charge.
  • Be it your smartwatch, smartphone, portable gamepad, tablet or your reading device, the Anker 6 Port USB charger is compatible with all. This ensures you don't have to buy multiple USB chargers to charge multiple devices.
  • The multi protect feature and the circuit design keeps your device and gadgets safe when you are charging your device on the go. This makes the device safe to use when you are charging your smartphone, tablet or any other device.
  • The Anker 6 Port USB charger is designed as such to protect your gadget and devices from any form of surges or spikes that you might come across while charging the device. Its smart design helps to offer the fastest possible charge, in addition, to protect it from any mishaps.
  • Charges Multiple Devices- the USB charger can be used to charge multiple devices at the same time. Forget the woes of keeping your devices in line to charge them, the Anker USB charger effortlessly helps to charge the devices together in unison.
  • Mount or Stick Anywhere Charge everywhere- Now you can stick the USB charger on to any surface for your comfort. You can stick it under the table surface or on the side of your bed or reading table so that you can easily charge your phone, tablet or power bank with much-improved mobility.

AVLT-Power 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger

AVLT power sub charger is powered by 60W USB wall charger. It’s portable, handy and lets you charge whenever and wherever.

best wall charger in india
Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

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Why we recommend it

  • It’s portable and you can easily place it anywhere or mount. Life is easier with these devices. While reading your book you can charge your phone easily. It’s time-saving and performance oriented.
  • It’s a multi-purpose device it not only charges but also save your gadget from any sort of shock and damage.

Personal Recommendation

best wall charger in india
Best Multi Port USB Wall Chargers In India 2

Check Price On Amazon

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of Home appliances and products you buy because of the money. Respected USB Wall chargers are indeed nearby on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have recognized a good option for you AVLT-Power 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger is a valuable, performance oriented and inverter batteries. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you get the best battery charging solutions ever.

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