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Best Mattress In India – Brands (November 2022)

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Being at your place and inside your house can be associated with comfort as well as relaxation. The people who work all day long and devote quite a lot of time in traveling from home to office and vice versa do require some sound relaxation as and when they require. But, one must know that every single person has his own individual requirements of the best mattress in India so as to get the best comfort while sleeping. But finding the one which is going to suit your sleeping needs is a tedious task for those who don't know much about mattresses.

10 Best Mattress In India for you to buy today!


Therefore, we have come up with the Best Mattresses in India available on the market so as to make your decision making a bit easier. The mattresses that we have listed down below comprise the orthopedic foam, dual comfort foam, memory foam, spring, etc., which are going to cater to the requirements of many customers. Apart from that, we have also provided you with the features of every single mattress so that you can choose the one that provides the comfort that you long for.

It is necessary to have the top mattress when you spend one-third of your life sleeping on it. One bad night's sleep can ruin the entire day and work efficiency. Here’s where a high-quality mattress comes into play if you’re really serious about your health and fitness in the long run. Good sleep is the best element for a healthy life and refreshed mind. Overall it shows in every facet of life. Happiness is a byproduct of a good night's sleep.

Editor's Picks: 5 Best Mattress Brands In India

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The Best Mattress In India You Can Find Online

After a whole day of grinding for your passion or at work, we all need a sound sleep and there is nothing best than having the best in the market mattress to sleep. We closely spend one-third of our life sleeping, you better choose the right mattress for your quality sleep, your spine posture and overall quality of your health. There are so many options available in the market that buying the best one could be a taxing process. Here’s why we’ve come up with the best 10 mattress options so that you can get the best sleep and overall good health for you and your loved one.

1. [amazon fields=”B07H362XK6″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B07H362XK6″ value=”button”]

Flo is a Direct to Consumer mattress startup which promises the best sleep of your life, or your money back. They give you a 100-night trial & 10-year warranty. A queen size Flo Ergo mattress costs approximately Rs. 15,000 whereas a similar quality from Sleepwell or Kurlon costs Rs. 40,000+. They're able to give a mattress this cheap because they ship directly from the factory and don't have middlemen like distributors, etc.

[amazon box=”B07H362XK6″]


  • The materials used are top layer memory foam and base layer proprietary Flo responsive foam.
  • 100 Night Trial & 10 Year Warranty
  • It has an aloe vera infused washable cover made out of Cashmere silk
  • The product comes in standard and custom sizes
  • Free delivery & COD all over India

2. [amazon fields=”B00RAETMIK” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00RAETMIK” value=”button”]

Buying a good mattress is a good way to improve your chances of good sleep. Our first pick is from Wake Fit Mattresses. A good quality sleep always counts when it comes to health quality. If you’re even a little bit health enthusiast, then you know what we’re referring to here.

[amazon box=”B00RAETMIK”]


  • The material used is of high quality and density memory foam.
  • We felt its softness is ideal, neither too much nor too less.
  • The mattress is made with best quality quilted cotton fabric cover.
  • The product comes with a 5 year manufacturer's Warranty.
  • It is available in multiple sizes.

3. [amazon fields=”B00RACAAWE” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B00RACAAWE” value=”button”]

The dual Wake-Fit Dual Comfort is arguably the best in India that you can get. Sleep good with a comfortable mattress and sleep your way to good health. Sleep good, feel good and look good; yes, it’s that good.

[amazon box=”B00RACAAWE”]


  • The material used is high-density foam.
  • It has medium-firm on both sides.
  • The mattress is made with a premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover.
  • The product comes with 7 years of warranty.
  • It comes in multiple shapes and sizes.

4. [amazon fields=”B01FC1CIHO” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01FC1CIHO” value=”button”]

DreamZee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop is the third-best in India based on reviews. The product comes with multiple sizes and shapes, all of them being so soft as to make you keep lying on bed forever. We reviewed this, and so we know this is a fact! There is a good Warranty card too, promising at least 5 years of soft and firm usage.

[amazon box=”B01FC1CIHO”]


  • Its material used in the mattress is in memory foam.
  • It is soft and firm to use.
  • It has a first-class imported quilted cover.
  • The product comes with five year warranty period.
  • It comes in multiple shapes and sizes as per the client’s requirement.

5. [amazon fields=”B01H1LFFQY” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01H1LFFQY” value=”button”]

Nilkamal is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry. Changing habits are a bit difficult but changing mattresses takes no time. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health, and this mattress should fit your bed too as it comes in lots of sizes.

[amazon box=”B01H1LFFQY”]


  • The material used in the Nilkamal Mattress is Evlon/Lux foam.
  • It has medium to average firm look and feel.
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty period.
  • It comes in various sizes.

6. [amazon fields=”B01AK03YXY” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01AK03YXY” value=”button”]

Kurl-on Dream Sleep is one of the famous mattress brand available on the market. Use these mattresses and improve the health and fitness levels along with work efficiency. With a 5-year Warranty and spring mechanism, you can be sure about its functionality. It can be looked at as the best spring mattress in India. Don't you just love the name, by the way?

[amazon box=”B01AK03YXY”]


  • The material used in the mattress is spring.
  • It offers medium to average comfort.
  • The product comes with 5 year warranty period.
  • The Kurl-on mattress is available in different shapes and sizes as per requirement.
  • These mattresses come with a quilted cover.

7. [amazon fields=”B010DUZGGY” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B010DUZGGY” value=”button”]

Coir Fit is one of the famous brands among users. It provides the perfect sleep due to its perfect design! Though this only has a Warranty of a year, we loved its foamy material.

[amazon box=”B010DUZGGY”]


  • The material used in these mattresses is coir foam.
  • They offer medium to average comfort feel.
  • The product comes with one year manufacturer warranty.
  • These mattresses come in different shapes and sizes as per client’s requirement.
  • These mattresses come with one side quilted upholstery cover.

8. [amazon fields=”B015MKXSUQ” value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B015MKXSUQ” value=”button”]

Though made of rubberised coir, we were impressed with its softness. It comes with a nice quilted cover too, so that's neat. The Warranty given is for 2 years, which is not a bad number. Moreover, it comes with a lot of sizes to fit your needs.

[amazon box=”B015MKXSUQ”]


  • The material used in the mattress is rubberised coir.
  • The overall look and feel of these mattresses is soft.
  • It comes with a quilted cover.
  • The product comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty period.
  • It comes multiple shape and sizes.


Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Our next available mattress in India is from Story@Home. All mattresses mentioned in this list are at the top of their game and can be used without giving any second thoughts. Increase overall health and fitness levels of you and your loved ones by using this mattress. One limitation of this product is that only a 1 year Warranty is given. A good night's sleep is one of the best ways to ensure a good mood, a fresh mind, and overall good productivity at work and life in general. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, and also coming with a quilted cover and boasting softness, this Mattress is overall very good.


  • The material used in the mattress is Evlon/Lux foam.
  • The product gives a soft feel.
  • It comes with a quilted cover.
  • The product comes with one year warranty period.
  • The product is available in multiple shapes and sizes.

10. [amazon fields=”B01MY9ZCS0″ value =”title”]

[amazon fields=”B01MY9ZCS0″ value=”button”]

Use this mattress and save yourself from unhealthy body posture, disturbed sleep and sever problems that you might suffer from incomplete sleep. Unfortunately, no Warranty is offered. Yet, this product is on our list, so obviously it has earned its keep. Some of the flattering characteristics it boasts are availability of sizes and foamy comfort. One feature that curiously caught our eye is its washable protector made of rubber.

[amazon box=”B01MY9ZCS0″]


  • The material used in the mattress is in the latex foam.
  • These mattresses are known for their good comfort.
  • These mattresses come with a washable protector made from a normal rubber.
  • It offers no warranty.
  • The mattress is available in different sizes.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Mattresses Available On The Indian Market?

You may have already noticed that we have talked about availability of shapes and sizes in our reviews. What did we mean? Is there a scientific basis for determining size? Here we provide the various sizes Mattresses come in.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Mattresses Available On The Indian Market?


Twin Mattress (39” X 75”)

These are moreover known as the single mattresses and might be able to accommodate solely a single child or person. Such mattresses may not be capable of accommodating a tall grown-up.

Twin XL Mattress (39” X 80”)

Such mattresses are called the single beds as well, but they span 80” in length, which turns them ideal to accommodate the people that are tall. They save a lot of space when placed in the dormitory rooms as well as the visitor bedrooms.

Full Mattress (54” X 75”)

A full mattress is going to be better for all the people who desire to possess a broader space whilst they are sleeping, since the separating mattresses vacate solely 27” of space for a single person for relaxing.

On average, Mattresses double in weight in 10 years
This happens due to the gradual accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, and dust. Yes, so don't be surprised if your Twin Mattress becomes a King Mattress in time!

Queen Mattress (60” X 80”)

This type of mattress is a remarkable catch for the adults that are growing or even the couples that favor sleeping closer to one another. These are normally the most prevalent type of mattresses found in India.

King Mattress (76” X 80”)

These mattresses are one of the finest choices for the couples who would prefer having their individual space whilst they sleep. Such mattresses are moreover a quality pick for households or the pet owners who tend to share the bed with the pets at home.

California King Mattress (72” X 84”)

The mattresses of such sort are mainly king mattresses out of which 4” are separated from the length and affixed to the width. It is an idyllic option for people who require the utmost sleeping area.

How to Select the Top Mattress for Bedroom – Buying Guide

On the market, there are plenty of options to choose from, which is an advantage as you get a variety to select a quality mattress as per your preference and a disadvantage since an option surplus can lead to a lot of confusion at times. Therefore, with our Mattress Buying Guide, we would like to tell you’re the features that you require checking before coming to a final decision.

How to Select the Best Mattress for your Bedroom -  Buying Guide


Bed Size

The mattress size is a significant aspect that plays a vital role whilst choosing the one to put on your bed. Your mattress requirements are going to differ as per the totality of people for whom you are buying the mattress, or the type of area you’re probing for whilst you sleep.

A few people discover themselves completely comfy in a single mattress of 39” X 75” or 39” X 80” dimensions. Families or couples commonly incline to search for a queen or king-sized mattresses which provide bigger spaces for sleeping, and hence additional comfort comes in.


The majorly imperative thing whilst searching for the Best Mattress Brands is how comfy your bed is. Some things that you should hunt for whilst determining amongst plenty of choices are: How does the bed feel? Is it sufficiently soft? Or is it going to adapt as per the body’s shape or not?

As soon as you come with answers to every single one of these or have tried your mattress on such parameters, you need to take a general idea of how the bed is going to serve your napping position. There might be plenty of mattresses that are comfy whilst you’re relaxing on them but aren’t fairly the same whilst you consider lying down or sleeping on them. Hence, you should get overall satisfaction prior to investing in the accurate type of mattress for sleeping.

Did you know?
The word “Mattress” comes from Arabic, meaning “throw”. Not surprising, given that many Arabs were bedouins, or frequent travellers who lived on tents!


The mattress’s quality is going to be your bed’s soul. It turns out to be even further significant to select the appropriate mattress quality to avert further disorders or discomfort whilst sleeping. The quality of your mattress comprises durability, firmness, and moreover, the material quality utilized.

Somebody who takes a nap on their back is going to require a firmer mattress in comparison to somebody who is a tummy sleeper. Whilst purchasing a mattress from your preferred mattress type, ensure that you try it as long as you would like to, to get overall gratification.

In addition, the different types of mattresses are prepared to make use of different chief materials. Water, foam, air and other sorts of mattresses deliver different stages of relaxation. It is imperative that you check your mattress prior to purchasing one to verify the kind of relaxation you’re probing for.

Personal Recommendation

We suppose that after every user has gone through the detailed and comprehensive reviews, they are going to find one or the other mattress that would match their requirements, preferences, and budget. Furthermore, we would like to tell all our users that not even a single mattress on our listing is from a non-reputed brand and won’t trouble you anyhow after the purchase. So, you may choose any of the best mattress in India considering your budget and preferences without any sort of stress.

However, if you are unable to choose a mattress that would suit your requirements and budget, you should go with our personally suggested product so that you get utmost value for your money. The best of the best mattress brand that we would like to recommend our users to purchase is this one:

[amazon box=”B00RACAAWE” template=”list”]

This Mattress is going to deliver comfort like no other mattress can. In addition, it comes with a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty so that you don’t need to worry about any sort of problem that you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I choose the biggest size available?

No, we recommend you choose a bed size that is appropriate for the number of people that sleep on the bed, and whether they like a lot of room or whether “just enough” room suits them. Of course, the best mattress has to fit the bed!

2. My siblings/offspring often play wrestling on the bed. What type of Mattress is most suitable for them?

If they play wrestling or jump on the bed, then the bed will take damage eventually. However, to minimize that likelihood, you can choose a Mattress made of tough quality such as rubber.

3. Help, my Mattress has no Warranty. Does that mean it will break down?

Many Mattresses unfortunately come with no Warranty. But that doesn't mean it will break or get ruined at the slightest touch. So, don't worry that much.

4. I have unfortunately bought a Mattress of a wrong size. What do I do?

You can return it if it has not been used. If the size of the Mattress is only a little off to what you require, however, then don't worry. It may very well stretch in time and adapt to your needs!

5. How can I wash my Mattress?

Good question. It is a tough procedure to wash it and wait for it to dry as it will take a long time. However, some Mattresses come with a washable protective cover. You can try that!

A Final Word

One thing to keep in mind is that we have listed our top recommendations here, but that does not mean that we have listed the #1, #2, #3, … #10 in terms of quality. That would be boring and redundant. Instead, we have catered to different tastes of everyone and selected the best Mattresses Brands in India accordingly. Thus, the overall best is listed, and so is the most economical one (the cheapest but with certain level of quality). Moreover, we have also catered to other features besides quality and budget, such as availability of sizes.

In short, you can rely on our list and choose one suiting your needs, or just read the Buying Guide and then select one tailored to your needs!

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      The Sleepwell Spinetec Air Mattress has been solely crafted to offer utmost comfort to your back and deliver a comfortable sleep. This mattress from Sleepwell has been designed by adding temperature-sensitive material, which that has been discovered by NASA and trails your body contours and hence, diminishes stress and enables top-quality comfort. Further, this mattress comes quilted using high-quality fabric cover that makes sure that you get a sound sleep.
      It offers an enhanced back support and a plush surface feel owing to the memory foam. The air circulation that this mattress has on offer is particularly to cater deep sleeping for a longer duration. It comes with the pillow-top finish and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty so that you don’t require worrying about the after-sale issues.

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