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Best Lamination Machines In India

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Who are we without any documents? In the modern world, documents speak more than we do. Starting from our identity to our work experiences, what they want to see is a legal document. So, you would never want your ID proofs or results to get withered with time. But if, as they say, time leaves none, how can we protect the documents from the clutches of time? Not to mention, keeping those safe inside a file is not sufficient enough to protect those from the attack of insects or any other harm. Thanks to modern technology the best way to protect your documents is to get these laminated. The best lamination machines in India are the best help for you in such cases

Best Lamination Machines In India

If you do not know about the lamination process and are here to find a way to protect your valuable documents, then we would like to tell you what lamination is. Lamination is a very simple process where you embed a document or paper between two transparent layers of plastic films.

The plastic layers protect your document or paper from any kind of external impact and make it last longer. Hence, with a protective shield around, you don’t have to worry about your documents anymore. Even if you get wet in the rain, your documents stay well protected. But, which one is the best lamination machine in India? And where can you find it? You would find all your answers here. Finding the top lamination machine is not an easy job. But if you know how to find it, it is smooth as butter.

Our list of lamination machines has brought to you the five lamination machines that are very efficient in its job with 100% satisfaction. We have also mentioned some very important points that one should consider before buying a lamination machine. So, without any further adieu, let’s get started.

Editor's Picks: 3 of the Top Lamination Machines In India

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Best Lamination Machines in India Reviewed!

1. SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination/Laminating Machine

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STok is one of the most famous manufacturers of lamination machines. This is probably the best lamination machine company in India. SToK’s lamination machines are very efficient and come with many features in an exciting price range. Thus, the first one in our list is SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination Machine is the first choice on our list. This machine is an amazing choice that you can purchase from This one can laminate up to 9 inch wide documents. 

SToK has always been providing high-quality lamination machines. SToK ST-L11A is no exception in such cases. As said earlier, this machine can laminate up to 9 inch wide documents, you can laminate all large documents as well as smaller documents, i.e. Aadhar card, Voter card, certificates, etc. The lamination machine has a great speed of 300MM/min. This is certainly a remarkable speed that lets you laminate your valuables much faster. It features two roller systems. With the efficient rollers, your lamination work gets more precise, neat and clean. The efficient roller system prevents jam, wrinkles or curling the edge and ensures zero air bubbles in the laminated document.

The machine doesn’t make any noise while doing its job. While talking about the speed of this lamination machine, we can not help but appreciate that it offers a fast warm-up speed of 3-5 minutes. So, you don’t need to wait too long to get your machine ready for its job. This machine can continuously work for up to 30 minutes. The supported foil thickness ranges between 80-120micron.
It supports both hot and cold lamination. Hence, you can laminate any type of documents without worrying about the lamination type. SToK ST-L11A A4 can be used anywhere you want. It can be used for any purposes- for your office works or at your home. Even students can use it for their school or college projects. It has a very good build quality and an attractive outlook. It goes with any kind of environment and looks so modern. You also get 5 free lamination pouches and a 1-year warranty along with the lamination machine.

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  • Fast lamination process
  • Great lamination speed
  • 5 free lamination pouches
  • Hot and cold lamination support
  • Up to A4 size paper support

2. TEXET LMA4-V A4 Photo Quality Laminating/Lamination Machine

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TEXET is another famous manufacturer of lamination machines and has made its name to the list of Best Lamination Company in India successfully. TEXET LMA4-V A4 Photo Quality Lamination machine is now the second top choice in the list of best lamination machines in India. With an amazing build quality and design, this lamination machine also packs excellent features only to enhance the lamination experience. You can purchase this lamination machine from 

This lamination machine is extremely portable. You can use it anywhere you want. It can be used for your office works, for any projects, or to simply laminate your valuable documents and kid’s paintings. This is a one-stop solution for all your document protection. This lamination machine can support up to A4 size documents and all documents smaller than that. You can laminate anything, starting from calendars, drawings, artworks, photos to your certificates, invitations, computer print. The machine has an awesome build quality. The body is made of ABS plastic that is proven to be a robust material and gives your machine excellent protection. The matte-finish on the body gives the lamination machine an excellent outlook.

In our busy daily lives, all we need is something faster. Following that, this lamination machine offers you much faster speed only to keep you on track of your schedule. The lamination machine warms up within 4 minutes which is pretty fast. So, you do not have to wait for too long. It also has a lamination speed of 30cm/min. The machine features a smooth & quiet twin-roller feed mechanism. These efficient rollers prevent jam, wrinkles or curling the edge and ensure zero air bubbles in the laminated document. So, you always get a perfectly flat-finished document.

The lamination machine can operate with a film thickness range between 100-160microns. You also get 5 lamination pouches inside the box as a starter kit. For better security, the company has added high-quality power cable with earthing. The packaging of the machine looks amazing. The device is backed by 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

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  • Warms up pretty quick
  • Fast
  • Great build quality and design
  • Does not support cold lamination

3. JD9 Lamination Machine- Fully Automatic Professional Laminating Machine/Laminator

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JD9 is one of the most famous manufacturers of Officer Accessories. Starting from the PVC board cutting machine to Laminators, we have seen many high-end and efficient products from the brand. It has earned a lot of trust from its customers in the past years. Following that, JD9 Lamination Machine – Fully Automatic Professional Laminating Machine/Laminator is our next top choice on the list. You can purchase this machine from

JD9 Lamination Machine is an excellent lamination machine that can laminate documents of up to A3 size. It means, with this laminator or lamination machine, you can now laminate even bigger documents. You can use this laminator for any purposes. You can use it at your home, office, classroom or to laminate artworks etc. The laminator has a very quick warm-up time so that you do not have to wait too long to get your machine ready to use. When the machine is ready, it gives you a signal using a neon light installed on it. 

For better uniform and bubble-free results, the brand has used four special rollers in the machine. These rollers can laminate your document at a faster pace without any wrinkle, smudges or curled corners. The laminator offers you both hot and cold lamination with reverse function. It is very useful if you have to laminate different types of documents. There’s a gradual temperature control system offered in the machine. It may happen that due to loss of electricity or wrong insertion of the pouch, the lamination process may get jammed. So, there’s a knob provided on the side that lets you unjam your laminator in case of any jamming issue. Once you take out the pouch, you can re-laminate your document safely. 

The laminator has a total metal body. The metal body not only gives it excellent protection but also looks very attractive. The laminator comes with a total of 12 months of worry-free warranty

[amazon box=”B07T46VN7Q”]
  • 4 rollers ensure superior lamination
  • Supports up to A3 size documents
  • Hot & Cold lamination
  • Lamination can be reversed with this product
  • Not so quick warm-up

4. SToK 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination Machine/Laminator

The fourth best laminator on our list presents before you SToK 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination machine. We mentioned earlier how famous the brand is in the manufacturing of world-class laminators. This laminator features many amazing features along with strong build quality. The lamination machine is a 2-in-1 laminator that can support both A3 and A4 sized documents. You can purchase this one from at a much cheaper price. 

SToK 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination machines can laminate large documents of up to A3 size. So, you do not have to worry about the document size anymore. It is an ideal choice for home or office purposes. The laminator comes with a jam-free release system to ensure better performance and accessibility. It features a fast warm-up feature and gets ready within 3.5 minutes. Hence, there’s no waiting for long hours to start your work. The laminator also has a very fast laminating speed of 250mm/min. It takes only 85 secs to laminate one A3 sized document. 

The supported documents thickness is 0.6mm and it can operate with a pouch thickness of a maximum 2250micron (125×2). It uses two rollers to generate the heat and laminate your document. There won’t be any smudges, scratches, curled corners, or air-bubbles in the document. The machine supports both hot and cold laminating, enabling you to laminate whatever kind you want, without worrying about the document type. If the lamination pouch gets stuck inside, you can simply press the ABS button and then pull it out. You get 5 A3 pouches along with the machine for free as a starter kit. This machine is also backed by a 1-year Manufacturing Defects warranty and it shows why this is one of the top lamination machines on the Indian market.

  • Hot and Cold lamination
  • Larger document support up to A3
  • Quite fast
  • The pressure is not so good

5. GOBBLER 312-PL 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination Machine/Laminator

GOBBLER 312-PL 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination Machine is one of the best lamination machines in India standing at 5th position. Gobbler is another reputed brand in the industry. This laminator comes with many exciting features at a very low price. You can purchase this laminator from 

GOBBLER 312-PL 2 in 1 A3 & A4 Lamination Machine can support up to document A3 document size. So, you can laminate anything and almost everything you want. This laminator can be used for home purposes. You can even use it at your office, classroom or to laminate artworks etc. It offers you a fast warm-up speed. It warms up within 3.5 minutes. So, you do not have to wait for too long. It also has great laminating speed. It features a laminating speed of 250mm/ min. To laminate an A3 sized paper, it would take a maximum of 85 seconds. 

The machine supports a maximum pouch thickness of 80-250microns. It means that you get more protection for your documents. You can do both hot and cold lamination with this device. It enables you to laminate any kind of documents you want. This machine is backed by 1 year of warranty.

  • Fast speed
  • Quick warm-up time
  • Hot and cold lamination support
  • Noiseless
  • Build quality could have been better

Benefits Of Buying A Lamination Machine

No one wants his/her documents to get smudges, stains, tears, and wrinkles. Many of you may have experienced that pain of damaged documents for not having those laminated. Therefore, there are endless benefits to buying a lamination machine. 

Money Saver

A lamination machine is an excellent investment that anyone should make. We all have many important documents at home. Due to time and several other factors, these documents get damaged. But laminating these from outside can cost you more and the universal quality that you get may not satisfy you. Having a lamination machine at home, thus, can save you a lot of money. You do not have to go to the shops anymore and spend as they demand. You can now laminate your documents yourself. For properly managing your money, you can also invest on a good quality scientific calculator.

Protection To Your Documents 

Lamination machines give huge protection to your documents. As mentioned before, we all have seen the impact of time over the mortal papers. Hence, to save it from the clutches of time, all you have to do is to get these laminated. Having a lamination machine at home lets you laminate all your documents yourself with your desired film quality. So, you always get the best protection for your documents. 

Saves Time

Regardless, this machine saves you a lot of time. If you have a lamination machine at your home, you do not have to go out and wait for a certain amount of time to get your documents laminated. With this machine at home, you can simply do it yourself. It saves you precious time and energy, especially when you need to get it done on an emergency basis. 

Benefits Of Buying A Lamination Machine


If you have ever got documents laminated from a shop, you may have seen that all the shops almost use the same thickness of films. However, it may not satisfy you because more thickness offers better protection of the document. With the lamination process outside, you can hardly control the quality. But if you have the lamination machine at your home, you have full control over using your desired film quality. 

More Frequent Use

While you have something at your home, it is obvious that you do not have to worry about going out of your home to get the work done. A lamination machine at home can laminate all your documents instantly that you might have not done due to lack of time or other reasons. We also recommend our users to check out the best paper shredders for handling paperwork in a better manner.

Things That You Must Consider Before Buying A Lamination Machine

So, by now you may have understood how important it is to get your documents laminated. But, doing this every time from any shop can be a little costlier and may not offer you the best quality. A Lamination machine is a one-time investment that you should make. However, buying just any lamination machine may not serve your desired result. So, when you are planning that investment, why don’t just invest in the best? The following points are certain necessary features that the best lamination machines on the market will have. 

Document Size

When you are buying a lamination machine, always check out the maximum size of the document that it can laminate. You would never want to buy something only to find out that it can not laminate your most important documents. So, before you buy your lamination machine, check the maximum size that it can laminate. For example, if your lamination machine can laminate A3 papers, it can laminate the smaller documents too. But if it’s laminating area is A4, you can not laminate bigger sized documents with it. Therefore, before purchasing a lamination machine, check what can be the maximum size you have to laminate frequently and then purchase accordingly.

Lamination Pouch Thickness 

The thickness of the lamination pouch determines the protection level that you get. Generally, a 160 microns width lamination is enough to laminate your personal documents, i.e. lamination of Aadhar Card, Voter card or Birth certificate, results, etc. But, if you want to use it for your business purposes, you have to look out for higher micron pouch-support. Different lamination machines are compatible with different pouch thicknesses. For example, if a laminator supports 250 microns, it can support all widths with lower thickness. So, decide the purpose of using your laminating machine. If it is for your personal use, you can go with a machine that supports lower microns. But, if it is for business purposes, it is better to get a lamination pouch that supports higher microns. 

Frequency of Use

Different lamination machines have different purposes of use. The lamination machines that are mainly used for home purposes can not run for too long at a single time. These are generally designed for occasional usage. However, if you have many documents to laminate and you use the laminator frequently, a normal lamination machine can not live up to your expectation. You would find many heavy-duty lamination machines in the market. These laminators can laminate your documents with a faster speed run for a longer time. A 5 minute heating time is, therefore, a good choice for your home laminator, while a heating time of 1 to 3 minutes is recommended for heavy-usage purposes. 

Hot & Cold Lamination

Having some versatility in anything is always good. We all have heard about these two terms: hot lamination and cold Lamination. In hot lamination, the laminator uses heated rollers to melt the glue. The glue works as an adhesive between the films. The hot lamination process is extremely helpful in laminating paper documents such as certificates, ID proofs, etc. On the other hand, for documents which are heat sensitive, we use a cold lamination process. In cold lamination, the machine uses pressure that works as adhesive to stick the films together. In most of the cases, hot laminations are used. But, it is always better to have an option with you. We suggest you go for a lamination machine that offers you both hot and cold lamination. 


Having a fast-paced lamination machine is always more preferable. It saves you a lot of time. While talking about the speed of laminating machines, we come to hear about two kinds of speeds: warm-up speed and laminating speed. Warmup speed determines how fast your machine gets warmed up. A speed of 2-5 minutes is always considered to be quick. But if it takes more than that and makes you wait for more than 8-9 minutes, we suggest ignoring that machine. Laminating speed is how fast the machine can laminate your document. A speed of  250mm/min to 350mm/min should be the normal speed of a lamination machine. Therefore, choosing a fast laminating machine is always profitable. 


Working with a lamination machine can be difficult if you don’t have enough safety features. As lamination machines generate heat, there is always a chance of getting hurt. So, check out all the safety features that your lamination machine has to offer. For example, many lamination machines come with auto heat protection. If you use your lamination machine for too long, it may get heated up and damage your document and itself too. Auto heat protection automatically turns off the machine in such cases and protects your documents from being destroyed. 

Quantity Of Rollers 

The job of lamination is done by the rollers inside the machine. These rollers ensure that there would be no bubble, wave or distortion while laminating your documents. A normal lamination machine has four rollers. With more rollers, you get a better result without any bubble, waves. So, you get neat and clean precision in less time. 

Build Quality

While buying any lamination machine (or any machine), you should always check out its build quality. The build quality of a machine directly affects the longevity that it has to offer. Having a good build quality ensures better safety and durability of your device. Especially when it comes to the lamination machines, you should always check the build quality carefully. 


The more features you get from a lamination machine, the more price you have to pay for. Thus, before you buy any laminator, chalk out your maximum budget limit. In doing so, it would be much easier to find out the best one under your budget. However, if budget is not an issue to you, you can simply look for the features that you need and then buy accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are lamination machines worth it?

Having a lamination machine at home has plenty of benefits to offer. It saves you money, time and protects your document more easily. Moreover, you can control the quality of lamination yourself. So, lamination machines are worth it.

Q. Does lamination protect your documents from external factors?

It certainly does. Lamination is a process where keeping your document in the middle, two films are glued to each other to protect it from any kind of external factors. It protects your document from smudges, stains, tears, and wrinkles.

Q. Can I laminate pictures?

Since pictures are heat-sensitive, you need to have a cold lamination machine to laminate your photographs.

Q. Which is the best OCA lamination machine?

AKT 3100 OCA Lamination Machine is so far the best oca lamination machine in India.

Q. Which is the best lamination machine under budget on the list?

SToK ST-L11A is the best budget lamination machine on the list.

A Final Word

Documents are everything that proves our legal identity. Starting from birth to death, at every step, we have to submit various documents to the authorities to prove our existence, excellence, and knowledge. You may even want to preserve some photographs, drawings of your children for their lifetime. We hope that, by now, you would have understood how important and a great investment it is to have a lamination machine at home. Below is the best lamination machine in India that we liked.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

[amazon box=”B07T46VN7Q”]

With four rollers support, hot and cold lamination, reverse feature and temperature control, this machine features an extremely robust build quality and has a faster speed. You can laminate documents of up to A3 size. All these amazing features make this one of the best laminators.

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