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5 Best Hand Dryers In India (November 2022)

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Washing your hands after visiting the toilet, before and after having meals, and on other occasions is necessary to maintain general hygiene. At home, you can use your towel to pat dry your hands but if your own a hotel, restaurant, co-working space, etc. you need to provide your customers with paper towels, which can prove to be pretty costly and polluting. Further, people tend to litter them all over the bathroom in a hurry and not in the dustbin, which turns your space pretty untidy. To counter this situation, you need the Best Hand Dryers in India so everyone can dry their hands and avoid the littering!

5 Best Hand Dryers In India

The hand dryers are a rapid and operational substitute for purchasing a truck full of paper towels yearly. Automatic hand dryers don’t have push buttons; hence, there is a lesser threat of transferring a horrid disease. These devices necessitate lesser maintenance on top since there aren’t any rolls of paper to do away with each week.

Hand dryers are appropriate and cost-effective for the restrooms used by several people. These gadgets are appropriate for businesses, but the homes might benefit too. A majority of contemporary hand dryers are intended for consuming lesser energy, so you aren’t adding up to your energy bill.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Automatic Hand Dryers In India

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The Best Hand Dryers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer

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Nowadays, an automatic hand dryer is a necessity owing to the presence of a flood of bacteria and other pathogens in the restrooms. Dolphy is a brand that has been in the bathroom essentials market for a long time now and its wide range of automatic hand dryers on the market has been really impressive.

Similarly, this Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer is a pretty reasonably-priced hygienic hand drying equipment that would certainly help you keep that paper towel mess out of your restroom. Having an air blowing rate of 15m/s, this device would dry your hands within a few seconds.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Crafted out of high-quality ABS plastic for longevity
  • Helps you dry out your hand in a smaller frame of time
  • Offers really easy installation and effective operation
  • Comes with an effectual induction distance of 5 to 20 mm
  • Appropriate to use in hospitals, schools, and offices

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2. Alpine Industries Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

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For all the people who don’t like the noise that a hand dryer generates, the Alpine Hazel Ultra Quiet Hand Dryer would certainly keep all such worries at bay. This automatic hand dryer has been intended using ABS polycarbonate plastic so that it doesn’t get damaged very easily.

The device doesn’t necessitate any sort of touch operation and works solely when it senses your hands beneath the infrared sensor. The high-speed operation of this hand dryer facilitates faster drying out of hands through the hot air blower within a matter of just 15-20 seconds.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Made up of high-quality ABS polycarbonate for durability
  • Does not comparatively generate noise during operation
  • Allows you to dry your hand in the most hygienic manner
  • Facilitates faster and easier installation in the restroom
  • Equipped with an infrared sensor for saving electricity

3. Dolphy Automatic Airblade Jet Hand Dryer

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Here comes the highly innovative and modern hand dryer from the house of Dolphy in the form of the Airblade Jet Automatic Hand Dryer. This hand dryer for washroom has been equipped with the brushed motor and offers a touch-free operation owing to the infrared sensor.

With the usage of such a dominant technology, this device offers a hand dry time of just 8 – 10 seconds. Moreover, it helps the user by saving a lot of electricity by using really less energy to run. In such a way, this automatic hand dryer is going to help you keep your restroom free from any paper towel littering.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Offers a highly refined design for an inspirational lifestyle
  • Delivers a speedy hand drying time of just 8 to 10 seconds
  • At 1000W, this automatic hand dryer saves a lot of energy
  • Helps you in keeping your restroom neat, clean, and tidy
  • Starts working as soon as you put your hand beneath the unit

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4. Kitsch Fast Dry Automatic Sensor High Jet Speed Hand Dryer

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KITSCH provides you with an exceptional selection of bathroom fittings and accessories to turn your daily life easy and simple. Similarly, one of such innovative gadgets from KITSCH is the Croma High-Speed Hand Dryer that would enhance your lifestyle.

This automatic hand dryer is going to dry your hands within 10 to 15 seconds, which is pretty fast as compared to the conventional hand dryers. It comes with output wattage of 2000W that is comparatively higher and the unit shuts down spontaneously whilst the user takes his or her hands away from it.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Crafted out of the burn-proof ABS plastic for protection
  • Comes with a touch-free operation to evade contamination
  • Equipped with both electrical and temperature sensors
  • Offers an amazing way to upgrade your restroom’s appearance
  • Helps in drying out the excess water on your hands rapidly

5. 3G Decor Automatic Sensor High Jet Speed Hand Dryer for Washroom (White)

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For all the people who like installing sturdy and glossy stainless steel fitting in their restroom, we have come up with the 3G Decor Automatic Sensor High Jet Speed Hand Dryer which is going to help you maintain the general hygiene at home or office.

This fast dry automatic hand dryer from the house of 3G decor Some is going to offer as much as 90% savings in comparison to whilst you use paper towels. It comes with the automatic shut-down feature, which is going to turn the hot air blower off as soon as you take your hands away from the unit.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Comes with a stylish ergonomic design to upgrade your restroom’s look
  • Efficiently dries out the excess water from your hands with hot air
  • Comprises of both temperature and electrical sensors for utmost safety
  • Allows you to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene at home
  • Crafted out of burn-proof stainless steel to ensure user’s security

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Personal Recommendation

As our customer would have now gone through the detailed description and comprehensive automatic hand drying machine reviews, we suppose it would now become really easy for our users to find the model that would conform to their requirements and budget. Furthermore, we would like to tell our users that with the listing above, we have encompassed each and every type of automatic hand dryer available on the market so that every single one of you is able to find the unit that they would opt to purchase.

When was the hand dryer invented?
The first electric hand dryer was made by George Clemens in 1948.

On the other hand, if even after going through the detailed product description, any customer hasn’t been able to find a hand dryer as per their budget, requirements, and preferences, we would like them to go with our personally suggested product to get a decent value for their money. The automatic hand dryer that we would suggest our users purchase is this one:

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The Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer is a pretty reasonably-priced model and offers an easier installation coupled up with a cost-effective operation.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hand Dryers In India

Why do we buy an electronic appliance? An electronic appliance makes our life far easier and more convenient. And when it is about hygiene, we should be extra careful about picking the right one. A hand dryer is one of the most useful appliances that we can use in the bathroom. Furthermore, if you have a restaurant, shop or hotel where you offer bathroom service too, you know how people would want to use paper towels to dry up their hands. But, the number of paper towels wasted over weeks or a year is staggering. Hence, a hand dryer is a far more environment-friendly option that we can opt for. To find the best hand dryer, make sure that they meet the following criteria before you buy. Despite having a plethora of choices available in the market, these characteristics should be present in every model that would assure you of its quality. 

Type Of Hand Dryer

So, the first and foremost thing to consider before buying a hand dryer is the type you want. Primarily three types of hand dryers are available in the market- traditional hand dryers, high-speed hand dryers and automatic hand dryers. Depending on your choice, the price of the hand dryer would vary. As you pick the type, you should be able to know the features. The automatic hand dryers are the preferable ones which run on a sensor to detect whether the hand is placed or not. It is more hygienic than the other types.

Power And Speed

Power is related to speed. The more powerful your hand dryer is, the speedier it becomes. Hence, make sure that you pick a powerful hand dryer. However, with power, there comes noise. But many would prefer powerful noisy hand dryers for 10 seconds over the less loud hand dryers for 45 seconds. 

Energy Efficient

Since the hand dryers run on electricity, it is necessary that you chose an energy-efficient hand dryer. It would reflect the benefit on your electricity bills. High-speed hand dryers function much better than traditional ones in terms of energy efficiency. Automatic hand dryers are also energy efficient as they turn on only when someone uses it.


Durability is another crucial concern that you should take well care of before buying a hand dryer. If you think that your hand dryer may get some rough use, picking a model that is designed to withstand heavy usage can be the best bet. A durable hand dryer would ensure longevity and safeguard your investment. 


A good warranty period ensures that your investment is in the right hands. You can not justify the quality of an electronic appliance from outside. The brand thus assures you by providing a warranty period in which, if your product causes any trouble, the company stays liable to solve the issue as soon as possible. Hence, find a product that comes with a good warranty period. 


The price of a hand dryer depends typically on its type, quality and performance. However, only the cost does not define a product's quality. You should ensure that the product that you are looking for has a well-balanced price as compared to the features, offered. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there any risk when using hand dryers?

It can be unhygienic if the hand dryer machine is touched by other public users. Research says that there's tons of bacteria on hand dryers because of public touch. We recommend buying the best automatic hand dryers which can work from a good distance so that people don't touch.

2. How long should does an automatic hand dryer need to dry hands?

An automatic hand dryer typically takes longer than it takes to wash hands with a hand wash. It takes around 45 seconds to effectively dry hands. However, the best hand dryers, like the ones we reviewed, can do the job in around 10 seconds.

3. How long do hand dryers last?

Quite long! They last between 7-10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Dryers

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A Final Word

No restaurant washroom or community can be deemed to be at any standard at all without having a hand dryer. Even many schools and colleges and universities nowadays have them. But why stop there? Why not buy an automatic hand dryer for your home today and be one step ahead when in comes to hygiene and convenience, not to mention cost-effectiveness due to no mass wastage of tissue paper.

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