10 Best Hand Blender In India

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In any Indian kitchen, cooking is an essential part of our everyday life. We love to cook food with the help of important appliances, like blenders, choppers, and beaters. Further, primary kitchen gear is a hand blender that is used in cooking and making mouth-watering meals.

Top 10 Best Hand Blender In India

A hand blender can also be termed as an immersion blender or a stick blender. It comes with a long stick like a channel that you can grasp with your hand and blend naturally. Unlike the other out-of-date blenders, a hand blender can be castoff in any bowl you want. It does not have a container of its own.

Choosing the right-hand blender, that can gratify all your supplies, is an important task. You must keep in mind some of the aspects before buying the mixer, as the power of the motor, weight, design and other free add-ons.

Today, blender is reflected as an indispensable part to do kitchen activities. It typically contains to prepare many dishes within a few minutes.  There are lots of kitchen appliances accessible to make cooking to be easy and simple. Households do some activities like chopping, mashing, cutting and blending. 

A blender helps people to cook any dishes rapidly with wonderful and yummy tastes.  By using the product you cook samosa, dhosa, briyani and other dishes.  The high-class range of blenders subsists online with the quality of materials. Ask any professional cook about the best brands in blenders, and you certainly won’t miss the brands listed below. Here’s why’ve listed top 10 blenders from this brand so that you get to choose from nothing but the best.

Nowadays, the hand blender one of the main useable and convenient kitchen appliance used for a variety of tasks, including grinding, mixing, blending, or even pounding food in the same bowl, that it is being cooked. Note that a handheld blender’s main advantage over other food processors is that it doesn’t necessitate the food to be laden into a different vessel for mixing. You can even use it when the food is stagnant in the pan on the stove.

Immersion blender, as it is also recognized, is a compacted and insubstantial tool which can be stowed in any cupboard, dangled on the wall, or located in a chosen storage stand right on the kitchen countertop. What is more, this valuable device may come with different add-ons, extra blades, and supplementary fixtures to allow you to abridge even a bigger range of cooking chores.

With kitchen appliances like blenders trialing with cooking and trying out new recipes will no longer is difficult. You can effortlessly expand your daily menu with the assistance of a great blending set. Feel free to cook whatsoever your heart desires, the hand blender will aid you to cope with an intimidating task in a breeze with just a gentle press of a button! You can grind vegetable or nuts, beat cream, mix the components for cocktails, prepare nourishing smoothies, mince the meat, and make chutneys, sauces, and a lot more!

We consider our valuation will help you select a suitable handheld blender in harmony with your preferences and needs. However, if you need to scrap more solid elements, we endorse you to reflect buying a countertop blender as well as a handheld one.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Hand Blenders In India

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The Best Hand Blenders In India You Can Buy Today

1. Havells Puro Blend Hand Blender 200W

[amazon fields=”B07ZQ3V2VJ” value=”button”]

This 2000-Watt powerful hand blender from Havells is very influential in its working. The lean and ergonomic structure of the handle and the minute wall stand for calm storage makes it a nice deal. The unit is pretty easy to clean through the removable stem. It comprises of 2 speed stages for quicker mixing or cutting/grinding. The blade of this hand blender has been formulated by multi-purpose Sterile Stainless Steel for mixing & mashing.

2000 Watt motor wattage: powerful 2000w motor design: slim ergonomic design handle & small wall mount for easy storage easy cleaning: detachable stem for easy cleaning speed: two-speed levels for faster blending/chopping multipurpose blade: multi-purpose hygienic stainless steel blade for blending & pureeing.

[amazon box=”B07ZQ3V2VJ”]

Product Information

Brand Havells
Colour White
Power 200 Watts
Stars Rating 5
  • Hygienic stainless steel blade
  • 2-Speed for faster chopping
  •  Easy to clean unit
  • A touch noisy at high speed

2. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

[amazon fields=”B00YQLG7GK” value=”button”]

Philips mixers are known for making baking easier for delicious and yummy fluffy cakes and smoothies if that entices you. It can easily prepare cake batter in no time without any manual work done. Its super light-in-weight and ideal for strip beater sand dough.

[amazon box=”B00YQLG7GK”]

Why we recommend it

  • Powered by 250W motor it gives you perfect cooked meals with less effort of whisking.
  • It comes with a smooth surface for easy cleaning, dishwasher friendly and super easy to maintain.
  • The eject button release the beater with a single touch button.
  • It’s designed ergonomically which makes mixing simple and effortless.
  • This mixer comes with two pairs of beaters.
  • Five different speed turbo gets you done everything you need in no time.

Product Information

Brand              Philips
Model               HL1655/00
Colour                White
Power            250Watts
Stars Rating     4.5
  • Steel Rod, Rust Proof metal rod for hot/cold blending.
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 20 minutes blending of Hot & Cold Dishes
  • Removable blades for whisking & Whipping
  • Product gets heated quickly.

3. Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender – Reliable and Efficient Hand Blender

[amazon fields=”B0073QIN6C” value=”button”]

Handheld, light, and easy to maneuver, the Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender is a must-have in any modern kitchen! You can save a considerable amount of time and energy by putting to various uses.

This appliance uses just the optimum amount of power that keeps it running. Besides, the low wattage ensures that you are not bogged down by high electricity bills. Thanks to the stainless steel shaft, you can immerse the hand blender into a pan of hot food and it will then carry out its job despite the heat. The 2-speed variable speed control is a very handy feature that allows you to customize the speed according to your needs and preference. This blender fits comfortably in the grip of your hands as it has been designed in a slim and ergonomic fashion. You can carry out any movement minus the slightest trouble.

The detachable leg with easy locking system makes the cleaning of this hand blender a safe and fuss-free process. You can bid adieu to all your worries about the product, as we provide a 2 years warranty on the HBCP Hand Blender.

[amazon box=”B0073QIN6C”]

Product Information

Brand                  Morphy Richards
Model              HBCP
Colour          White
Power             400 Watts
Stars Rating      4.4
  • Soft push button
  • 2-speeds for quick chopping and mixing
  • An assembly of attachments is provided
  • Power cable sparking issues found in some units

4. Inalsa Robot 2.5PS 150-Watt Hand Blender

[amazon fields=”B01GNU4Q8M” value=”button”]

Sleek and efficient, the Inalsa hand blender is a powerful instrument and an ideal kitchen companion for you. Use it to make batter, whip cream or beat eggs in a matter of minutes without messing your kitchen. The hand blender has been designed to occupy minimal space in your kitchen.

The housing material comprises of polypropylene, while the blades are made of durable stainless steel. It has a detachable plastic bar, which can be removed by twisting the body of the blender, making it easy to clean. The hand blender has a single speed which provides a uniform texture to the puree, cream or sauce prepared.

Blend tasty smoothies and shakes with Robot 2.5 PS Hand blender from Inalsa that makes everyday food preparation fun and easy. Featuring a lightweight design, this blender is crafted in elegant color black and grey. The ergonomic handle and detachable SS Stem make it an easy to use appliance for both beginners and experts alike.

With the super sharp blades in the foot, you can easily make purees, prepare baby food or even tasty and healthy smoothies that keep you energized all day long Last but not the least the hanging loop and easy to use push button will make you fall in love with this product.

[amazon box=”B01GNU4Q8M”]

Product Information

Brand Inalsa
Model Robot 2.5PS
Colour White
Power 150 Watts
Stars Rating 4.3
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Really easy to operate
  • Convenient push button
  • Blending is not that good

5. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer

[amazon fields=”B0187F2IOK” value=”button”]

The Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Blender helps you get away from the toughest cooking tasks and makes your kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks easy and efficient. Now prepare your bakery favorites at the convenience of your home with the Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Blender.

It features stylish design and color, powerful 250W motor, 3-speed controls, chrome plated dough, and beater attachment, ejects button, slicing/push switch and lot more. The Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer comes with 3-speed controls for preparation of various different dishes. The dough hooks and beater attachment rotate in low, medium and high speeds. Its 3-speed control function lets you adjust the speed of the motor according to the ingredients you are processing for perfect blending results.

This powerful 250W motor ensures effortless and fast blending. Also, it consumes very less electricity and hence, is easy on your pockets. The Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer has an eject button. This eject button is useful when an attachment is supposed to be removed or changed. The attachments cannot be removed unless this eject button is pressed. It has a weight of just 1.1 Kg, which makes it a very lightweight kitchen appliance. Also, its slice/push switch facilitates a convenient and safe operation to the user.

[amazon box=”B0187F2IOK”]

Why We Recommend This

  • The Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer comes with 3-speed controls for preparation of various different dishes. The dough hooks and beater attachment rotate in low, medium and high speeds. Its 3-speed control function lets you adjust the speed of the motor according to the ingredients you are processing for perfect blending results.
  • Bajaj HM 01 Hand Mixer houses a powerful 250-watt motor. This powerful 250W motor ensures effortless and fast blending. Also, it consumes very less electricity and hence, is easy on your pockets.
  • The Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer has an eject button. This eject button is useful when an attachment is supposed to be removed or changed. The attachments cannot be removed unless this eject button is pressed.

Product Information

Brand             Bajaj
Model            HM 01
Colour           Black
Power               250 Watts
Stars Rating     4.3
  • Provides an amazing 3-speeds control
  • Stylish in design
  • Chrome plated attachments
  • Overheats at times

6. Philips HR1350/C 250-Watt Hand Blender

[amazon fields=”B009UORCGW” value=”button”]

The Philips Daily Collection Hand blender combines 250 Watt power with a uniquely designed blending foot. It gives a wonderfully smooth result for soups, purees, and shakes. Preparing healthy food has never been so easy! The Philips hand blender ProMix thechnology was developed together with the prestigious Stuttgart University. It is an advanced technology for more consistent and faster blending. The unique ProMix blending technology of Philips hand blenders uses a triangular shape to create an optimal flow and gives maximum performance making silky smooth soups and smoothies.

  • With the 2-button release system of the Philips hand blender it is easy to remove the blending bar for easy cleaning.
  • Single switch for easy use.
  • The Daily Collection Hand blender has a slim-grip to fit any hand.
  • For Perfect Soups, Purees, and Shakes
  • Strong 250 W motor for the toughest ingredients.
[amazon box=”B009UORCGW”]

Product Information

Brand               Philips
Model          HR1350/C
Colour             White
Power             250 Watts
Stars Rating    4.2
  • Detachable bar for quick cleanup
  • One-speed units are easy to maneuver
  • Slim grip to fit any hand
  • A bit cranky when used for a while

7. Prestige Hand Blender – PHB 11.0

[amazon fields=”B07C1S9GLR” value=”button”]

Prestige Hand Blender with powerful 230-watt motor to get multiple functions Blending, Mixing, Chopping, Whisking, Pureeing.  This hand mixer comes with a dough hook attachment. The dough hooks are best for kneading bread dough, pizza dough and mixing tough cookie batter. It houses a beater attachment too. The beater attachment is best for making whipped cream from cream, beating eggs to make a meringue or mixing thin cake batter. It has a weight of just 0.58 Kg, which makes it a very lightweight kitchen appliance. Also, its slice/push switch facilitates a convenient and safe operation to the user.

[amazon box=”B07C1S9GLR”]

Product Information

Brand                 Prestige
Model             PHB 11.0
Colour            White
Power                  250 Watts
Stars Rating  4.2
  • Endurable stainless steel shaft & blade
  • Easy to clean and store in the kitchen
  • Lack of speed control button 

8. Inalsa Hand Mixer Easy Mix 

[amazon fields=”B075K76YW1″ value=”button”]

This hand blender from the house of Inalsa Lifestyle comes with 250 watts powerful motor can be a good choice for your kitchen. As a serious cooker or chef, you can take care of stiffest of doughs. It comes with 7 speed configuration in which you can get slower start, a zero speed gives you smooth and trouble-free start. All settings are thumb operated, which means the hand mixer is very easy to use. This product comes with including 2x wired beaters,2 dough hooks,2 balloon whisks by using this you can do any kitchen task easily.

  • The blender comes with an ergonomically designed handle which allows you to handle the blender quite easily.
  • This blender is fitted with super sharp blades for perfect results every time. These blades are perfect for blending smoothies, shakes, baby food etc.
  • The hand blender is made of high-quality durable plastic that ensures long-term workability. The material used is sturdy and offers easy to use.
  • As all the washable parts easily detach from the motor, it is much easier to clean. You could remove the slip grips before washing it.
  • The hand blender has a really powerful motor embedded within it and the unique design allows you to easily blend in a pitcher, bowl or pot.
[amazon box=”B075K76YW1″]

Product Information

Brand               Inalsa
Model              Inalsa
Colour          White-Red
Power                 250 Watts
Stars Rating        4.1
  • Cord length is not comfortable.

9. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender – Simplify Your Blending and Mixing Tasks

[amazon fields=”B00A7PLVU6″ value=”button”]

This blender by Orpat is powered by a heavy-duty 250W motor that will blend and mix anything in seconds. The grip of this blender is super comfortable, making the Orpat HHB-100E WOB hand blender easily to operate. For easy and quick beating, churning and whipping, Orpat brings to you this elegant blender. Designed with both comfort and style in mind, this blender is also easy to clean and maintain.

As this blender comes with a heavy-duty motor, it is quick to blend and mix. This blender by Orpat will also help save your electricity bill as it is extremely energy efficient. Enjoy hazard-free and healthy cooking with the Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt hand blender.

Hand blenders are handy as they help in the faster completion of our daily chores. The Orpat HHB-100E 250watt hand blender is a great appliance to simplify your daily mixing and blending tasks, whether it is blending a smoothie for breakfast or mixing dough for baking. This Orpat hand blender is powered by a heavy-duty 250W motor that performs all tasks relentlessly and quickly. The extremely comfy grip is another added advantage as it makes it easy to handle. This blender is also energy efficient, allowing you to save on your power bill.

[amazon box=”B00A7PLVU6″]

Product Information

Brand                Orpat
Model                   HHB-100E WOB
Colour              White
Power                 250 Watts
Stars Rating  4.1
  • Easy to clean and store in kitchen
  • Provides a sturdy 18000 RPM
  • Smooth & safe push button
  • The appliance is really noisy

10. KENT Hand Blender- 300 W, White

[amazon fields=”B07Y5FDPKV” value=”button”]

Kent is an Elegant & Powerful Hand Blender. It is equipped with 300 w powerful motor which helps to finish works in minutes. Detachable Mixing Rod facilitates Easy Cleaning of the Product. Kent could be used for Blending, mixing & ripping. Let it be Lassi or tasty Smoothie or making Vegetable Puree. Its 5 variable speed controls make mixing and blending very easy and offer perfect results every time. With the blender’s turbo function, you can get the kitchen chores done quickly

With a 5 speed function, use this blender to crush and churn vegetables and fruits in a jiffy as it is equipped with a 300-watt motor and super sharp stainless steel blades.

[amazon box=”B07Y5FDPKV”]

Product Information

Brand           Kent
Model               16051
Colour               White
Power          300 Watt
Stars Rating 4
  • Variable speed controls
  • Overheating protection 
  • Turbo Function
  • The bitter size is  small

Different Types Of Blenders

Before buying a blender, there are several points that you should be well aware of- one of which is its types. If you think that there are just one or two types of blenders, then you might be having some wrong ideas. There are at least four types of blenders that are popular in the market and have seen huge and increasing demand with every passing year. These blenders come with many outstanding features and powerful technology that makes them one of the most sought-after products in kitchen appliances. Therefore, to guide you through, our team has noted down (below) some of the popular types of blenders that you might be interested to see. 

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are the most popular type of blender available in the market. They are highly sought after due to their performance and low price. You can compare these blenders with a modern electric version of an old-fashioned eggbeater. Hand blenders come at different price ranges depending on their quality and power. These blenders have multiple attachments that you can attach to perform different blending jobs. Hand blenders are fantastic for a range of baking and desserts. They are lightweight and cozy when it comes to using it. So, if you are a baker, you would probably be finding hand blenders more helpful than other types mentioned here. 

Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders or stick blenders are other common types of hand blenders available in the market. These blenders probably have the simplest design of all kinds. It has a comfort handle at one end while a blending blade along with a safety guard at the other. These blenders are perfect for blending soups and hot liquids perfectly. You can also make protein shakes or an instant pudding in no time. These blenders come in a wide variety, from motor power to many added features. You would find immersion blenders being sold by many well-known brands. Go for the trusted brands that offer a good quality product with a comfortable design and a good warranty period. 

Single-Serve Blenders

Single-serve blenders are types of personal blenders that have a unique bullet design, for which they are also called the bullet blenders. These personal blenders work in a different way than the other types. To use the blender, you have to put your ingredients in the upper storage space and put the chopping blade to the top. Now turn the cup upside down and insert it into the bullet blender base. When you start the machine, it would start its blending job and present a fine result before you. These types of blenders are ideal for making smoothies and chopping up frozen fruit, ice and nuts to create a smooth drink. So, you can use this type to make those perfect liquid recipes. They are also perfect for baby food preparation. 

Portable Blenders

Portable blender is a new invention of technology that offers many benefits overall. As the name suggests, the primary advantage of this type is that they are highly portable. These blenders also offer a powerful motor that fits within the small base of the machine. These blenders have a clear glass tube design which looks pretty attractive. Due to the smaller size and compact design, they are highly portable. These blenders are perfect to be used in your car or the office or perhaps after the gym. Therefore they are perfect for smoothies and protein shakes. If you are having a baby to prepare food for, these blenders are perfect for you to add convenience. Portable blenders run on a rechargeable battery which is charged using a standard USB charger.

Full-Size Blenders

Full-size blenders are multi-purpose blenders that are perfect to target different blending and mixing jobs in your target. They come in all sizes and shapes and different price segments. These blenders are quite powerful than the others. While buying a full-size blender, there are certain features for you to consider. These blenders come in different capacities and are made of all different materials. You can also pick the speed and motor power according to your preference. As said earlier, full-size blenders can do multiple jobs using different blending jars. Therefore, you can make juices or smoothies, and cook or prepare your baby foods too. Hence, if you are finding something permanent and willing to set up your kitchen passionately, a full-size blender can be your perfect choice.

Commercial Blenders

If you are passionate about food and want to start up your own business, the other types may not be sufficient to take all the loads in your small food corner. Commercial blenders are all about power. These powerful blenders can take heavy loads and are designed to blend more hard ingredients. Commercial blenders are costlier than the other types with a far better power supply and powerful performance. These machines can chop and blend most things from soft cooked pumpkin through to roasted nuts for butter.

Things To Consider When Buying A Hand Blender – Buyer's Guide

Different models of mixers come with various price range and quality. Usually, consumers favor the best product from the meeting listed in an online shopping site.  You might also find striking discount deals on buying blenders.  Based on the low weight you select products online smartly.

Things To Consider When Buying A Hand Blender - Buyer's Guide


Cost Effective Products

Before going to buy blenders one must have to consider applications based on a limited budget.   Naturally, this product will range between 500 and 3000 that used for small kitchen appliances.    One must have to check the excellence of products along with the price. Choosing budget-friendly goods saves more amounts for buying kitchen appliances online.   Buyers pick superior quality of products at reasonable cost from the online portal.

Convenient Blender

Now, vast numbers of kitchen applications are existed in the online shopping portal to save on buying products from the retail store.  With simple steps, one might pick the right product effortlessly and rapidly online. Appliances are convenient to operate in multifaceted situations.  For first time users, it is problematic to use, if you choose user-friendly products you admittance the device for the long term without any subjects. All appliances are not comprised of guides so buy a product based on handbooks.

Look At Speed Settings

It is crucial when purchasing a blender for your kitchen. It must have a minimum of three-speed settings.  Most of the blenders providing start-up feature which progressively takes blades to a detailed speed. It is keeping constituents to be down on the jug and cut splish-splash back. It aids you to work high, low and effectual products.  Nevertheless, some models of blenders are reachable with pre-planned meanings to appetizer device firmly at any time. This kitchen employment bids a chance for buyers to choose based on speed controls.

Best Brand

Numerous brands of blenders are existed in the online store to offer flexibility to people on saving the device.   It also benefits from reassurance to decrease risks on the sales.   By using brand guarantee one can replace spoiled parts effortlessly.   It is significant to a factor which reflects all users.  If you want to buy the best blender from online, look at all things to select impeccable products at sensible cost.

Ensure The Build Quality

Would you ever want to see your investment has stopped working after some months? Or what if it breaks completely? Hence, ensuring the build quality is an important task to do before you buy a hand blender. Hand blenders take the heavy load while blending staff. It also goes through a lot of pressure. Therefore, to ensure a sturdy build, go for a high-quality ABS plastic body that ensures the durability and longevity of your device. You should also check the quality of the blades. Stainless steel blades ensure quality blending and do not rust or break soon. Thus, by ensuring the durability of the product, you can sit back quietly with total confidence in your investment.

Motor Quality

Any electronic device that runs on a motor may not be proven efficient if you do not check the motor quality yourself. The motor is the heart of the device that powers it. Hence a powerful motor is something that decides the quality of your machine. It also ensures that your work is done in no time and with utmost efficiency. A good quality motor also lasts longer than ensures the durability of the product life. Wattage is the power of the motor that the product is offering. A higher wattage depicts a more powerful performance. With a powerful motor, you can operate your device for longer without any break in between. Hence, choosing a motor wattage ranging between 200-600 is an ideal choice for hand blenders. 


Another crucial factor that you should consider and check before buying a hand blender is the offered warranty period. When you are investing thousands behind this kitchen appliance, you have every right to justify the quality. The quality of the product is justified by the brand through the offered warranty period. A prolonged warranty period offers better trustworthiness and insurance of the product's quality and durability. As all of our enlisted products are from one or the other reputed brands, they come with at least a 1-year warranty period that should be the minimum when you are purchasing one from outside. Always go for longer warranty periods for hassle-free support from the brand when you face troubles with your hand blender. 


We believe that everyone has some budget preference or limit. Different types of blenders come in different price segments and features. Some of the major price deciding factors in hand blenders is their build quality, wattage. With a powerful motor, you are expected to pay more. Therefore, having a budget beforehand helps you in many ways. Let us explain how: you are searching for this online, and you find plenty of options. But with many options, you will eventually get confused about which one to buy. But, if you have a budget preference beforehand, you can simply search on that basis. It will also help you to understand the features which you should expect to get under that price range. Therefore, before you buy a hand blender, make sure that you have a preferred budget range. Sorting out many options becomes a lot easier when you have this in your pocket.

Safety Features

Safety is another feature that you should consider before buying a hand blender. Any electronic device that runs on the motor and has blades should come with added safety measures. With a hand blender, many accidents can occur if there is no proper safety. Also, fewer safety features can risk the performance and life of the product too. Since the hand blenders run on powerful motors, they are always at a risk of burning with heavy usage or overpower. Therefore, hand blenders should come with an auto-power cut that cuts the power supply automatically in case there is any sudden electric fluctuation or overuse. Again, a good grip ensures a lower risk of getting hurt from slipping of the devices. There are other safety features too that you should check before buying your hand blender so that you can ensure smooth performance without any risk of getting hurt.

Simple & Easy Steps To Clean Your Blender

Every kitchen appliance should be washed correctly as it is mandatory for every everyday work. And it is mandatory for appropriate functioning of the machine as well. If the dusting or upkeep is unrestrained and the blender is kept using without observing the condition of the blender, the competence decreases. Appreciatively, there are various ways to clean this small appliance. Irrespective of the type and brand of your blender, these methods will help you keep the device in good form.

Personal Recommendation

The hand blender is a really useful appliance to have in your kitchen for several kinds of usage. Thus, you need to have the one that supports all your requirements. You might be confused even in choosing one out of the above described Top 10 Hand Blenders in India, thus, we are providing you our personally recommended product:

[amazon box=”B00YQLG7GK” template=”list”]

The Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender is the best deal for your kitchen to have as it is available for a decent price and offers the best performance in its price range and lasts really longer while providing the top-class cutting, blending, and grinding results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can I use a hand blender for?

You can use it for a wide variety of things such as beating eggs, stirring the cookpot with any liquid in it such as soup, making whipped cream, butter, and whatnot!

2. Isn't it better to just use a blender?

Yes and now. A blender can do the job much more efficiently than a manual hand blender. However, can you use the blender for stirring the contents of your cooktop? Overall, a hand blender is very flexible and can be used for a lot more things.

3. Can a hand blender be able to crush ice?

Interesting question. We think it would be very likely possible. However, for the sake of the shelf life of the hand blender, we would not recommend it.

A Final Word

A hand blender is an underrated kitchen utensil, in our opinion. It is extremely versatile and can serve a wide range of stirring and brewing jobs. Why not gift one for your mother figure and see her light up!

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