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10 Best Hair Dryers In India

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Our hairs speak a lot about our personality as we tend to style them according to our preferences. In order to style our hair according to your desire, first of all, you need to take care of your manes so that they remain healthy and up for any sort of styling. Nowadays, people tend to use many gadgets and devices such as hair straighteners, Curling Irons, and trimmers to style their hair as they would like to. However, up and until your hair isn’t frizz-free and appropriately dried, none of the hairstyles that would like to carry might look as appealing as they are supposed to. Therefore, here is the line-up of the Best Hair Dryers on the market, which are going to help you keep your hair healthy and up for any kind of hairstyling.

10 Best Hair Dryers In India
Image of a cute happy funny young woman indoors at home in bathroom dry hair with hair dryer singing.

In addition, when you use shampoo to wash your hair in the morning, they generally become pretty frizzy and tightly curled; thus, using a quality hairdryer is going to help you dry your hair evenly and get rid of all those frizz and curls. Choosing a hairdryer from the market might be tricky as there are plenty of options available; therefore, we have picked all the top-quality hairdryers available so as to make your job a touch easier.

Editor's Picks: 5 Best Hair Dryers in India

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Our personal recommendation is:

[amazon box=”B076JJT62W”]

The hair dryer that we would like to recommend our users to purchase is the Philips Hair Dryer, which comes with all the necessary features and specifications that a user longs for whilst buying one.
With the advanced concentrator technology, thermo-protect temperature feature, long 1.5m cord, really compact design, 2 heat settings, and 2 years of Philips India Warranty, you won’t find any hair dryer better than this beauty from Philips. So, all those who want to purchase one and are confused whilst making a choice, this hair dryer is going to serve all your requirements with precision.

Best Hair Dryers in India


[amazon fields=”B07YRW95FZ” value=”button”]

This particular hair dryer from Hesley is seriously what you require for drying up your manes really fast prior to an outing. This hair dryer is black in color and offers a lot of power that augments amazing performance and rapid drying outcomes. The unit is compacted, light in weight and comes with heat-matching ceramic expertise to provide you amazing outcomes. It comprises of 3 distinct heat settings merged with 2-speed settings that provide your complete control for every sort of hair. Apart from all that, a supplementary shot control is offered to support you in achieving the appearance you need.

[amazon box=”B07YRW95FZ”]


  • Comes with 2-speed setting namely high and low
  • Offers 3-heat settings for styling flexibility
  • Its negative ions help keep your hair healthy
  • The cool shot feature assists in setting up your style
  • It further provides maximum versatility with Salon Concentrator

2. ROZIA HC8208 Review – Professional Hair Dryer

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The Rozia HC8201 hair dryer comprises of 2-speed and 3-heat setup coupled up with a cool shot feature. This provides overall control along with expert styling flexibility for every kind of hair. Whilst the elevated heat is suitable for dense or rough hair, the low heat is appropriate for the ones having breakable hair. The cold shot feature helps you in setting up your hairstyle. This hair dryer offers a fabulous arrangement of speed, power, and design, which provides both durability and frivolous easy control.

[amazon box=”B071D7Z8F4″]


  • Comprises of 2 distinct Heat-Speed settings
  • Lock your style with the Cool Shot feature
  • 2 different concentrator attachments provided
  • Really easy to use having the best controls
  • Offers an overall styling and drying flexibility

3. SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air (White)

[amazon fields=”B077RY8CTX” value=”button”]

Clutch the look you need using this amazing hair dryer from Syska. It has been amazingly crafted in Korea to provide your manes picture-perfect conditioning for glossy, charming and crimp-free hair. It has been particularly intended to retain you’re the softness of your hair making use of the large wind cove which diminishes the overall air spin for silent and effective drying. It provides the user with overheating security for a harmless hair drying capability. The solid foldable scheme turns it stress-free for you to hold as well as carry the unit anywhere you need to.

[amazon box=”B077RY8CTX”]


  • The large wind inlet permits silent & effectual drying
  • Overall design augments both style and comfort
  • Foldable handle makes it easy to carry along
  • Its overheating protection feature ensures protection
  • Comes with an effectual Health Breeze Mode

4. Havells HD3201 1500W 3 Heat (Hot/Cool/Warm) Settings Hair Dryer Review

[amazon fields=”B07GB9RH74″ value=”button”]

Make your hair frizz-free and stylish collectively making use of this Havells hairdryer, which comprises of a solid and influential motor that helps you retain the beauty and health of your hair whilst defending them against any sort of damage owing to the disproportionate heat. The overall design is pretty light as well as compact, which makes this hair dryer from Havells, an ideal ergonomically designed unit to provide superior luxury and stress-free management. The concentrator that has been provided with a fixed nozzle and can easily be seen in the image given above.

[amazon box=”B07GB9RH74″]


  • Its honeycomb inlet averts the tangling of hair
  • Provides pretty gentle drying at 1500 Watts
  • Offers dual-protection against overheating
  • Comes with a detachable concentrator for the focused flow of air
  • The foldable handle makes it easy to transport

5. Panasonic EH-ND30-P62B 1800W Foldable Hair Dryer with Heat Protection Mode(Pink) Review

[amazon fields=”B07821D487″ value=”button”]

This hair dryer from Panasonic provides your manes a lenient and a sleek look and assists in offering the correct conditioning for glossy, perm-free hair, in providing the exact fashioning and seamless styling. It is going to allow you to dry up your hair pretty contentedly, even if you are keeping it a bit away from your manes. It comes with a solid design, which turns it easier to hold and transport. Further, it comprises of the turbo-dry capability that gushes dominant yet mild wind that is capable of setting up your curls.

[amazon box=”B07821D487″]


  • Comes with 3 different temperature settings
  • Its resilient design turns it easy to transport
  • Comprises of a Healthly Mode for perfect drying
  • Also provides a cool-air selection for locking your hairstyle
  • The hair dryer also offers 3-speed settings to the user

6. Panasonic EH-ND11A Review

[amazon fields=”B005TFNAFI” value=”button”]

This Panasonic Hair Dryer is the product you need to solve all your hair styling and locking requirements. This product has the capability to provide faster hair drying along with easier styling. Comes with a 2-speed settings arrangement, which makes it even easier to use and style your hair. The 1.8m cord length also comes in handy for the people whose dressing table is quite far from the power source. The Panasonic EH-ND11A functions at a power of 1000 Watts which offers salon identical fashioning of your manes.

[amazon box=”B005TFNAFI”]


  • Comes with an effective turbo dry features
  • Provides a 2 level speed selection for ease-of-use
  • The compact design makes it easier to carry or transport
  • Sets up your tresses with a powerful yet mild wind
  • Its lengthy cord helps you dry the overall length of your hair

7. Philips HP8142/00 Hair Dryer (Blue) Review

[amazon fields=”B076JJT62W” value=”button”]

Philips is a market leader as far as devices and gadgets for overall grooming are concerned. This brand manufactures its products keeping in mind the type of customer usage. The range of hair dryer that Philips offers is also seamless and focuses on providing the best technology possible. This hair dryer comprises of an advanced concentrator technology with fast-heating head. It has a compact design to provide easy handling and 2 distinct speed-settings to provide flexibility.

[amazon box=”B076JJT62W”]


  • Offers 1000 Watts of power for amazing results
  • 2 speed-settings for effective drying and styling
  • Thin concentrator for the concentrated flow of air
  • The ThermoProtect temperature setting avoids any damage
  • Comes with simple storing hook for suitable storage

8. Vega VHDP-02 Review – Professional Hair Dryer

[amazon fields=”B00QLX3UZC” value=”button”]

This hair dryer provides fabulous styling choices in the smallest time and world-class appearance. Containing varieties in the needed colour arrangement and security features such as a durable coolant fan with a programmed cut-off, and silent working apparatus, the dryer is perfect for using at home and moreover at outdoor places. The outdoor environment might be severe on the equipment due to humidity and elevated heat. This unit has the ability to withstand the greater temperatures and it is further resilient to direct sunshine disclosure.

[amazon box=”B00QLX3UZC”]


  • Comes with a 2 speed-heat settings for flexibility
  • Secure automatic overheat cut out provided
  • Offers professional salon-like styling to the user
  • Detachable end cap to offer easy cleanup
  • Covered by a 2-year replacement warranty

9. Nova NHP 8109 Silky Shine 1400 Watts Hot & Cold Foldable Hair Dryer (Black)

[amazon fields=”B08KH2V4K4″ value=”button”]

Making use of this hair dryer from Nova, you will now be able to get the professional hair styling at your house. It has been designed with the ionic conditioning technology, which further makes sure that the hair isn’t damaged during the drying. It offers the EHD+ technology that makes sure that just the appropriate quantity of heat is circulated, thus, preventing any kind of hair damage. The ThermoProtect heat settings that have been provided with this dryer offer shine and conditioning to your hair.

[amazon box=”B08KH2V4K4″]


  • It provides powerful but mild drying at 1400 Watts
  • 2 distinct heat-settings to provide flexibility
  • Comes with the advanced overheat protection feature
  • Compact designing for easy handling
  • Provides an attachment type concentrator

10. Philips HP8143/00 Hair Dryer (Pink)

[amazon fields=”B074KLJQ2P” value=”button”]

Now dry up your hair following a shower in the most appropriate and easy manner using this Philips hair dryer. It is an effectual hair dryer as it styles up your hair within a few seconds time. This fabulous hair dryer has been intended in an ergonomic manner for stress-free handling. Apart from that, it provides a small and solid design, which is appropriate for contented storage. It further comprises of a rubber storage hanger to provide even more expediency.

[amazon box=”B074KLJQ2P”]


  • Comprises of a ThermoProtect Temperature setting
  • Offers a 2-speed setting to provide flexibility
  • Generates an apt level of airflow for gentle drying of hair
  • Comes with a rubberized hook for convenience
  • 2-years comprehensive worldwide warranty on the product

Best Hair Dryer – Buying Guide

Hair Dryer for Quick & Safe Drying Performance?

While considering the products for hair care, you unquestionably obtain what you spend your money for. Purchasing a hair dryer also isn’t an exception now. These expert blow hair dryers have been intended to rapidly dry up your manes, enhance the volume of your hair and provide it the hairstyling within minutes of time. But, the hair dryers offer several distinct styling and speed settings, which might influence how the dryer affect the hair.

Best Hair Dryer -  Buying Guide
Close-up image of smiling stylist drying hair of female client with round brush and hair dryer

There are many distinct heating technologies that you might select from, which are namely ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic. Every single technology is a healthy choice and comprises of its personal unique manner for drying your hair. As all of them are advantageous for numerous reasons, companies are going to often merge above one heating expertise together to provide all of the encouraging features into a single device.

Best Hair Dryer -  Buying Guide
View drom side of hairdresser using hair dryer while styling hair of female client in salon. Brunette in white shirt in process of preparing trendy hairdo for young customer sitting in chair.

The tourmaline heating expertise might dry your hair up nearly 40% quicker as compared to the remaining heating technologies. It functions particularly well with thin and wavy hair kinds since it diminishes the time that your hair requires to devote in the heat and to smoothen up the frizz.

The ionic dryers are particularly decent for profuse, curled or broken hair. The negative ions formed by this kind of heating expertise allow you to dry up your hair using a reduced amount of heat. It further diminishes the frizz and functions very gently as compared to the other hair dryers, turning it an ultimate selection of frizzy hair.

The ceramic hair blow dryers discharge infrared heat along with those negative ions that make the hair follicles dry all throughout. It safeguards your manes from any sort of heat injury, turning it a respectable unit for any sort of hair that might be damaged certainly.

The Nano-E Technology is the technology that solely the range of Panasonic hair dryers provides. It functions pretty well on any kind of hair since it helps in diminishing the frizz and permeates additional moisture inside your hair as compared to the customary ionic models.


The superior the wattage or power capacity of the hair dryer, the extra heat is going to be generated and earlier your hair is going to become dry. For a majority of hair types, dryer offering wattage in the range of 1,300 and 1,800W is going to be sufficient, with superior levels solely essential if you possess pretty frizzy, thick, and curly hair. The people with damaged or frail hair must go for the towel drying in combination with the lower heat settings.


Apart from the wattage or power, there are plenty of technologies that hair dryers come equipped with and would help you to dry your hair quickly and make way for any hairstyle you want.

Fast Drying – The dryers having this technology are going to deliver a dominant airflow that would dry out your hair quickly.

Temperature Control – This would consistently measure the hotness of air and adjusts itself to guard your hair from any sort of damage from heat.

Touch Cool – It is the technology that makes sure that the hair dryer attachment’s exterior surface remains cool so that your hands, as well as the head, are safe.

Noise Reduction – This is the technology that is going to diminish the noise generated by a dryer so that you can calmly do your hair as you like.

Ceramic – The ceramic hair dryers deliver uniform heat distribution and really mild heat so as to keep your hair undamaged from the heat.

Ionic – The hair dryers with this technology itemize the molecules of water quickly drying your manes, but moreover preserve the level of moisture in your hair for better long-standing results. By facilitating the neutralization of the positively charged ions present in your hair, the ionic dryers moreover help in conditioning your hair and diminishing the frizz.

Infrared – This is going to help in delivering constant heat that dries out the hair consistently throughout, whilst moreover averting segments of the scalp from getting overheated or becoming dry.

Tourmaline – Tourmaline is described as the best infrared and ionic generator all over the globe. This gemstone covering comprises minerals, which are going to aim the negatively-charged portions of your hair, in addition to breaking down the bigger water molecules so as to evaporate even more quickly. Apart from drying your hair faster, it lids in the vital moisture to make sure that your hair remains shiny and healthy.

Features & Attachments

There is a wide selection of diverse settings, features, accessories, and attachments accessible for contemporary hair dryers.

Diffusers – these are going to help in lifting and separating the hair to enhance the natural texture. It helps in drying out your hair rapidly devoid of sullying its style. It assists in diminishing frizz and enhancing the curl definition.

Dryer Brush – The inbuilt brush for convenient drying and styling requirements

Swivel Cord – This is going to the avoid any tangling of the cord

Cool Shot – This is going to deliver a burst of cold air to assist in getting your hairstyle set or fixed

Automatic Shut-down – It turns-off the dryer whenever it is placed down and starts working again whenever you lift it

Steam Dryers – This is going to make your hair softer for lesser tangling and assists the deep conditioners to penetrate quicker

Pre-set Heat Settings – Helps in avoiding all that guesswork on what the drying temperature must be for regular, fast, and mild drying.

Advantages Of Using A Hairdryer

Inventions are blessings for the human race. They are there to make life easier and more comfortable. Hence, whenever we are buying any appliance, there are certain aspects and advantages that come with them. And when it is something related to beauty, there are plenty. Therefore, while there are plenty of reasons not to go for a hairdryer, we present some positive views to it by pointing out some of the major benefits that a hairdryer has to offer you. But, we would also like to inform you that only a quality product like the ones on the list is capable of delivering such performance. Therefore, make sure you make a wiser decision. 

Money Saver

One of the most important advantages of using a hairdryer is that they save a lot of money from your beauty fund. Hair Dryers help you to style your hair on your own that you would have done at the salon. At the salon, for this job, they will be charging you a lot of money, whereas, you can do it all for free at home. Also, the initial cost of a hairdryer is very low, and it does not consume that much electricity which makes it a budget-friendly option for anyone. 

Lightens Your Hair

If you have curly hair or thick air, you might be facing the problem of roughness and, therefore, damage. Hairdryers are a better option to untangle those tangled species by making them lighter and smoother. Plus, a blow of warm air now and then is also good for your hair. Using a hairdryer after a shower helps you to straighten your hair faster and in an easier way. 

Saves A Lot Of Time

One of the things that we lack in this era is time. We all are so busy that we hardly get any time for ourselves. The hurly-burly of our daily life ends up giving us some tangled and rough hair which happens mostly due to wet hair coming in contact with pollution. But, where is the type to dry up our hair before hurrying to the office? In such a case, a hairdryer seems to be one of the perfect options that dry up your hair pretty fast and makes you ready for any kind of occasion. 

Suitable For Pets

If you have pets at your home, you know how difficult it is to take them to a bath. And after bathing, it becomes a wet session for both your pet and your home. Therefore, having a hairdryer can be a beneficial option for pet-owners. A hairdryer’s primary job is to dry up hair. So, whether a human uses it, or a pet, it does not necessarily matter. You can always dry up your cute little friend using the same hair dryer you use for yourself. 

No Gender Discrimination 

While there are devices that only women use, a hairdryer is not one of those. A hairdryer has wide acceptability and is used by anyone in our society. But make sure that you use it properly to avoid any kind of damages to your hair.

Best Hair Dryer – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the Best Hair Dryer?

Today, there are plenty of hair dryer choices available on the market; thus, making sure that the one you purchase is the best, can be tough. Hence, we would like to provide you with a few things that you can check before buying a hair dryer from the market, which is going to help you catch hold of one that is the best.

2. Which is the Best Hair Dryer for Dry Frizzy Hair?

Hairdryers help in keeping your hair healthy in several ways as you might know. Today, a majority of people are demotivated owing to the fact that their hairs are dry, frizzy, and curled, which doesn’t allow them to style their hair in the way they would like. So, a lot of people inquire about a hairdryer that would help in getting rid of the frizzy hair. The answer to this is really simple; using an Ionic Hair Dryer or the Hair Dryer that are equipped with Ionic Technology is going to help you in such condition of hair.

3. How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer?

Hair dryer is an appliance that is going to help everyone who desires effectual blow-drying outcome fast and with the slightest struggle. There is a growing tally of features on contemporary hair dryers that permit you to get the hairstyle since it dries, signifying you might acquire a fresh look devoid of going to an expert salon. Today, we are going to help you in purchasing an appropriate hair dryer for your specific requirements, comprising details on existing attachments as well as hottest features.

4. Is hair dryer harmful for hair?

Correct blowdrying will not harm your hair – it's applying heat to your hair when it's already dried that causes damage.

5. Does hair dryer kill lice?

Devices blowing heated air onto the scalp have been tested for efficiency in killing lice and eggs and show up to 99% mortality of eggs and 88% mortality of hatched lice.

A Final Word

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