5 Best Glue Guns In India (November 2022)

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If you are into Art and Craft and love making things out of old, useless stuff then a glue gun would be your best friend. Not only arts and crafts but also being used in so many places, Glue guns are a must for every household. In this article, we will review the Best Glue Guns in India that you can buy for yourself and get the best out of it!

The field of art & craft has become really vast and dynamic owing to the emergence of quite a few blogs and vlogs running on the internet. Art & Crafts not just allow you to create amazing stuff for your home or gallery but also allows you to perform certain DIY things at home or office as and when required. In addition, following such blogs is going to enlighten you about the working trends in the industry and help you become even more creative.

5 Best Glue Guns In India


The glue guns are the backbone of the crafting biosphere, turning a wide range of projects probable. They function with things ranging from paper & lace to metal and wood. It’s reasonably priced, to begin with, and having glue sticks readily accessible, utilizing a glue gun couldn’t be much stress-free to practice. Therefore, we have come up with the Best Glue Gun on the Indian market, which is going to provide you with the edge that you need following your aspirations in the field of Art & Craft.

A glue gun is an equipment that is handheld and is fed with a compact glue stick. A heating component inside the frame of the gun liquefies the glue stick, and the adhesive pours out of the metallic cone-designed tip of the glue gun.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Glue Guns In India

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The Best Glue Guns In India You Can Buy Today

1. ApTechDeals Bond 100 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Review

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Do you want a powerful hot melt glue gun for refining your art skills? Here we are with the top-notch hot melt glue gun from ApTechDeals that provides you with the high performance and high-tech PTC technology. In addition, it comes with the thermal insulated soft grip handle so as to facilitate professional usage and deliver top-class glue output. Within just 3-5 minutes, this glue gun preheats and then offers a constant output according to the type of usage. With the trigger feed glue output, you may also regulate the flow of glue for utmost handiness.

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Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Offers optimum performance with the high-tech PTC technology
  • Appropriate for pro applications through thermal insulated handle
  • Maintains a constant temperature an preheats in just 3-5 minutes
  • Allows you to regulate the glue flow using the inbuilt trigger feed
  • Comes with a heat absorbing nozzle cover that prevents burning

2. billionBAG 40 Watt with FREE 10 Glue Sticks Hot Melt Electronic Glue Gun Review

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Revel in this fabulous deal that provides you with the Hot Glue Gun that along with 10 melt glue sticks. This long-lasting kit is impeccable for beginners as well as for experts in performing art & crafts. It functions ideally on any sort of fabric and other substances used in crafting. It's an essential product for every person who loves creating DIY projects. This easy to use adhesive equipment is not just aimed at performing DIY crafts preparation but further in day-to-day speedy repairs works. The melt glue sticks that are available with the Melt Glue Gun Set offer super robust adhesive whilst being used amid 2 different entities.

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Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Comes with the soft-grip handle for utmost safety and comfort
  • Prevents burning with the heat absorbing nozzle cover on the tip
  • No need to buy the glue stick separately as it comes with the pack
  • Makes any sort of DIY project or task a breeze with it handiness
  • Turns it easier to regulate the flow of glue with the trigger feed

3. Stanley 69GR20B Review

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Are you searching for any sort of gum or glue that might be utilized to safeguard your wooden stuff or the cloth cover of your pillows? Then you should choose to buy the hot glue gun. These glue guns are frenzy currently on account of their suitability and versatile usage. The hot glue guns utilize warm melt bonding agent to attach any two surfaces. As the guns utilize thermoplastic glue, they are much more operational as compared to the standard glue. Stanley has come up with the Gluepro Hot Melt Glue Gun that is particularly effective in obtaining numerous different sorts of planes.

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Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Comprises of a 30W motor for appropriate working and heating
  • The trigger feed mechanism regulates the flow of glue with ease
  • Comes with a fold-out stand for safer and handier storage of the unit
  • Provides you with reliable performance on a daily basis for projects
  • Heats up pretty quickly and bonds up within a period of 1 minute

4. FADMAN HOT MELT Glue Gun | Operating Power 20 WATT Review

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If any customer is searching for a full-package comprising the hot melt gun along with abundance of glue sticks, then the Fadman 20W Hot Melt Glue Gun is going to provide you with exactly what you require. This hot melt glue gun kit comprises of 20 glue sticks along with the main tool so that there isn’t any stoppage when you are working on a major project. Be it for any professional project or the simple daily household repairs, with the 20W motor, you will be able to handle any sort of art and craft work. As far as the built-quality and framing is concerned, it doesn’t lack a single bit and offers long-lasting operation.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A top-class professional hot melt glue gun at a reasonable price
  • Provides ample power and faster heat up with the 20W motor
  • Delivers the required built-in quality for long-lasting operability
  • The overall hot melt glue gun kit comes with a pack of 20 glue sticks
  • Ergonomic grip designs and trigger to provide comfort for longer use

5. Glun Kobra 40W Hot Melt Glue Gun Review

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If anybody is longing for a hot melt glue gun solely for art & crafts purpose, then the Glun Kobra 40W Hot Melt Glue Gun is going to provide you with all that in a really reasonable price. This hot melt glue gun has been equipped with the 40W motor for constant heating and impeccable performance for every single project. This glue gun further comprises of a stand that allows you to keep the gun safely in an upright position to avoid leakage of gum. It further comes with the on/off switch and an LED indicator for further support and convenience whilst using the glue gun.

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Why Do We Recommend This?

  • Appropriate for using at home or office for minor repairs
  • Comes with an LED indicator and On/Off button on the unit
  • Comprises of a stand to keep the glue gun in an upright position
  • Makes the bonding and pasting work at office or home a breeze
  • Provides consistent heating that allows you to work for longer

Personal Recommendation

So, these were the most remarkable glue guns available on the market that we have comprehensively reviewed in a detailed manner so that you might not feel the heat whilst buying one from the market either online or offline. We must tell you that every single hot melt glue gun that we have featured in our listing are going to provide you with the best performance given that you use it in the manner explained in the manual. All the units have been framed using long-lasting material and components.

However, in case, there is any customer or user who is finding it tough to select the best alternative out of the 5 reviewed above, according to their needs and requirements, then they should opt to go with our personally recommended glue gun for sure. The hot melt glue gun that we would suggest our customers to buy is this one:

[amazon box=”B00N9RBVG8″ template=”list”]

The Stanley 69GR20B Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun is the best that you can get from the market.

Be it art and crafts or any other household repairs, this hot melt glue gun from Stanley is going to take care of it in the most advanced and effective manner for sure. At a power rating of 30W, it will provide you with constant heating of glue stick for longer working and would also not munch in a lot of electricity. So, buy the Stanley Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun now to get the best outcomes.

Benefits Of Using Glue Guns

Glue guns have become one of the most recommended alternatives for many sticking jobs. The appliance of glue guns is widely broad, covering almost any industry present today. Following that, there is no doubt that you can use a glue gun in many creative ways. Therefore, we thought that before you make a purchase, you should know about all the benefits that you are going to receive from it. 

Always Ready For Use

No one likes to wait when they are being creative. Or, suppose you have a huge workload to manage. In such a case, a glue gun can be an excellent option for you to choose. Using a glue gun is easy and convenient. To use a glue gun, you first have to insert a glue stick in the gun that you can purchase from any stationary shop in the market. And if you are buying the glue gun for the first time, you also may receive some complimentary glue sticks from the manufacturers. After inserting it, plug the glue gun in the switchboard and turn the switch on. It will take you no time to heat, and you can soon use it for as long as you want. 

Use For Multiple Purposes

Another huge advantage of using a glue gun is that it can be used for multiple purposes. Suppose your kid studies in school, and he gets an assignment where he needs to make a model. Glue guns are the perfect option for this. Glue gun offers better gluing than many gums that keep the material stick to its place. Also, removing the glue is much simpler. You can use a glue gun to fix your furniture or use it for electrical purposes. Glue guns can also be used for insulation purposes. So, thanks to the multiple usages, glue guns can be a healthy investment for anyone. 

Longer Shelf Life

Many people ask the question of whether the glue from a glue gun will decay, leaving an item losing over time? This concern is totally ethical, and you have every right to ask. But, also stay assured that glue guns work as a temperature adhesive device. This means once cooled, you can store it for a longer time without worrying about it getting decayed or remelting again (unless the temperature is too high).  It assures that glue guns have a longer shelf life and can therefore be used without any worrying about future results. Make sure that you choose a good quality glue stick and gun to get a better result. 

Faster Speed

Apart from being highly convenient to use, another remarkable advantage of using a glue gun is the speed. Glue guns offer you great speed at work which helps you to manage your workload better. Glue guns can be used for many purposes that need a faster result. For example, if you are helping your child with his handcraft, a lot of time would waste waiting for the glue to settle. But, hence a glue stick is a temperature adhesive product, it cools down faster, which speeds up whatever you are doing. Also, glue guns do not take much time to heat up. 

Does Not Spill

Unlike traditional glues, hot glue guns are a much smarter choice. While using regular glue, there are plenty of chances of spilling the glue. It can make your workplace dirty or even spoil your work. But with glue guns, you do not have to worry for such causes. A glue gun does not create a huge waste, nor does it cause any harm to your project. Most of the part of a glue stick is utilized during work. Also, the glue leaves no residues and does not overflow. The fast drying time of the glue makes it clean and easy to work with. So, you don’t have to clean the mess time and again. 

Excellent For Creative Purposes

You can use a glue gun for your handcraft projects or make models. And while you are using it for such a reason, you can leave your personal touch to it too. For example, suppose you are making a nice hand-band for the upcoming friendship day. And your best friend's favourite colour is yellow. Using a yellow glue stick you can do a lot for customization to it. And yes! if you just noticed ‘yellow glue stick, then you should know that the glue sticks are available in many colour variants which lets you add your personal favourite colour to various tasks. So, with a glue stick, you can do far more than just gluing stuff. You can create something of your own, leaving a personal touch. 


Simple Methods To Use A Glue Gun Safely And Efficiently

A glue gun is not only an electronic appliance but also produces heat which makes it even more crucial to use. Below we have mentioned some safety tips to maintain while using a hot glue gun.

Never Touch The Nozzle

You should never touch the nozzle of the glue gun while it is turned on. When the nozzle of the gun heats up, it melts down the glue stick. Hence, the heat of the nozzle can hurt you. Be careful not to touch it either right after you turn the device off. 

Don’t Hold It Too Far And Use Less

Do not hold the gun too far from the thing you are using it on. It can create a mess due to those glue strings. Also, a little amount of hot glue is enough to do most of your job.

Never Leave It Turned On

You should never leave a glue gun turned on. If the nozzle keeps heating up, it will continue to melt the glue even when you are not using it which will waste the glue for nothing good. 

Keep It Away From Children

Always keep the glue gun away from children. Make sure that your child does not touch the nozzle when it is hot. Also, if your kid has some work to do with it, be right with them to make sure he/she uses it safely.

Things to Consider Whilst Buying A Hot Melt Glue Gun – Buyer's Guide

For buying a quality glue gun, you might not require thinking a lot since it isn’t a real costly deal to buy. But, to get the best out of your money, you need to think about a few aspects as well. The aspects to consider before purchasing your glue gun are as follows:

Hot Melt Glue Gun Buying Guide


Trigger Feed

The Hot Melt Glue Guns are both the push feed and trigger feed variety. Whilst using the trigger feed gun, the glue is spread on a substance by the trigger pulling. But having a manual or a push-feed model, you require inserting the glue stick within the hole. Afterwards, you need to apply the pressure through the thumb to dispense the glue out of the nozzle.


You are going to require selecting amongst the industrial or mini glue gun. The latter is stress-free to grip since it has been framed using lighter components. It is perfect for utilize in the constricted spaces. However, the glue sticks utilized with the mini glue gun might not last for a really long time.

Industrial glue guns dispense much more glue when compared to the mini variants. However, the glue sticks utilized in the industrial units are far more costly. This kind of glue gun is well-matched for the proficient operators.


Another significant aspect to think whilst buying a glue gun is the wattage. Without wasting much of energy; the 100W unit is going to be sufficient for any kind of project. But you might choose according to the amount of power you actually require.

Switchable Tips

Nozzles must be exchangeable in keeping with the kind of the project you are working on. This thing is going to ease down your effort in an effective manner.

Warm Up Time

A majority of glue guns are going to require 3 to 5 minutes to heat up before using.

Buying Guide for Glue Guns


Cord Length

The elongated cord length signifies that you don’t need to be constrained to function in a section adjacent to the wall outlet. However, it might further signify that the cord might become intertwined and might trip the pets and kids.

Glue Gun Stand

Choose a robust glue gun offering utmost quality. Ensure that the stand is providing the required security in addition.

Suits Precise Purpose

Your project may differ once in a while. Buying the hot melt glue gun that matches your explicit purposes will be the best choice.


Associate the prices of glue guns in case the budget is also an important consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a glue gun do?

It uses got glue. You pull the trigger like you do with a gun and then hot glue will come out.

2. Is a glue gun dangerous?

If it makes contact with your skin, then pour running water on that part of the body until the burning sensation goes away. Don't worry about it too much but be careful using it.

3. On what can I use glue gun?

On anything where you could use glue on, essentially. Just don't put it on glass lest it should break. It will even work underwater though the strength of the glue would be slightly weaker.

A Final Word

We think a glue gun is really a very useful tool with which to take care of many a mending job – whether it be simple gluing jobs or even professional designing jobs or recreation. For the record, we think it far and above supersedes the superglue and other types of glue.

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