Best Foosball Tables In India

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Foosball or Table Football is becoming more and more popular day by day in India. It is a tabletop game that is more like soccer- in an indoor version. As this is a multi-player game, you can play it with your friends or family. Foosball is based on association football. By that we mean, Foosball has many similarities with football. You would find two teams playing against each other to goal a ball.

But there are certain dissimilarities too and these make the game more engaging. In this game, you can not change the position of the players. The players are fixed on a particular sport, fastened with a metal rod that you can move wide across the table to control the game. Each team faces the opponent team. You have to score a goal and beat your opponent’s points to win the match. So, the best foosball tables in India can give you the best lifetime experience.

Best Foosball Tables In India

Isn’t it an amazing game to play? We hope that you already know the basics as you are finding the best Foosball Table in India. There are many manufacturers manufacturing Foosball tables in India. Finding the best among all is a quite hard job to do. However, you can relax and sit back quietly as you are in the right place.

Finding the top Foosball Table is a hard job but certainly not a ‘Namumkin’ one, only if we know how to find it. Hence, We have brought you a list of the foosball tables that are the best. And if you are curious about how to find out a good foosball table yourself, we have mentioned certain important features that a best-rated foosball table should have. We request you not to miss out on any points if you are serious about this sport and want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Foosball Tables In India

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5 Best Foosball Tables In India Reviewed

1. Boot BOY Foosball Table

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Boot Boy Foosball Tables is the first one on our list of the best foosball table in India. This is an excellent foosball table with amazing durability, design and also is affordable. You can purchase this Foosball table from and get it delivered at your doorstep. Boot Boy is one of the most famous Foosball table manufacturer brands. 

Boot Boy Foosball tables are famous for their awesome build quality and sturdy design. This foosball table is an FTSI approved Foosball table. FTSI stands for Federation Of Table Soccer, India which is a Non-Government organization and affiliated, authorized and approved by the International Table Soccer Federation – ITSF. MDF construction stands for high-grade laminated medium-density fibreboard. The frame has a heavyweight in its class that ensures better stability. It weighs around 25-26 kgs approx.

The foosball table has very beautiful graphics. The soccer field looks quite real that adds extra cheese on the top. It does not only stay in the field but all the 22 pieces of football players look very realistic and made of high-quality material to last long. The hollow steel rods are hard enough to give you a long-lasting experience and can go even through the most exciting and tempted games. 

The soccer table is pretty much easy to install. You are provided with an installation manual right inside the package. The do-it-yourself (DIY) procedure makes you learn about these tables more. You also can take video assistance for the installation for which there is a link that you have to follow. With the foosball table, you get six soccer balls and 45 days of the warranty period.

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  • Sturdy design
  • Great build quality
  • Looks quite attractive
  • Up to 4 people can play comfortably
  • DIY installation following the installation manual that is slightly time-consuming

2. Fieldsheer Soccer Game Table / Foosball Table

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Fieldsheer Soccer Game Table is another excellent foosball table from Boot Boy. It is one of the finest quality of soccer foosball tables. You can purchase the best rated foosball table from The foosball table has a size of 48x24x32 inches. It is an amazing option to keep in your living room or open terrace. Due to the lightweight, you can carry it wherever and whenever you want. 

The foosball table is made of high-grade laminated medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and has a solid square construction that enhances the stability and ensures the durability of the board. The foosball table comes with many features. You get cup holders on both sides of the table. The rods or the control bars are hollow and made of high-quality steel. The ergonomically designed control bars are very comfortable to use. You get 22 pieces of real looking soccer players. All the other accessories have a glossy chrome finish.

You have to follow an instruction manual to install the foosball table. The do-it-yourself (DIY) installation is pretty easy and helps you learn more about the soccer boards. You also get video assistance for installing the foosball table, for which you have to follow a link. The product is backed by a 45 days boot boy warranty. You get 6 balls included in the package.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great build quality
  • Decently sized
  • Glossy finish
  • DIY installation with the help of a user manual or an installation video guide

3. Play In The City Unisex Football Table

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Play In The City Unisex Football Table in another best foosball table for home on our list. It comes with the awesome build quality and many amazing features that are valued for money. You can purchase this foosball table from The table has a size of  55 x 31.5 x 34.5 inches. The huge size ensures stability. You can use this foosball table at your home, office or club.

The table has very good build quality. It is made of high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that is scratch proof. The model has a total black-colored design that gives it a sophisticated outlook. The 15.8 mm Hollow steel rods or controlling handles are ergonomically designed for more comfort and are made of high-grade hollow steels and come with Suregrip large black handles to make a better grip to maximize the experience. With the rods, 22 real looking player models are fastened. The board has thick sidewalls on both the sides that ensure smooth & fast play. The field is made of super processed strong thick 12.5mm and has a warrior logo. 

The foosball table comes with chrome finished accessories. The table has 2 cup holders on both sides where you can keep your bottle or drink while playing. The product has to be installed on your own for which you are given an installation manual inside the package. You also get video assistance to set up your product. You get 2 soccer balls along with the foosball table.

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  • Huge in size
  • Glossy chrome finished accessories
  • Ergonomically designed handles for better grip
  • Comes with cup holders
  • Only 2 game balls provided

4. Toy Park Premium Foosball Table

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Toy Park Premium Foosball Table is an amazing foosball table that has a hefty design, excellent looks, and outstanding build quality. This foosball table is specially designed for all ages. The table has a size of 120×61.2×78 cm. You can buy this best foosball table under budget from 

The foosball table is made of high-grade laminated medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and has a solid square construction. It ensures the stability and durability of the board. The board also comes with stainless steel rods that have an anti-skid grip with an ergonomic handle. It minimizes your hand fatigue and gives you sweat-free hands. So, with the combination of MDF cabinet and stainless steel rods, you get better stability and more control over the game. The 22 colour-coded players look very realistic to bring you the best experience of playing table soccer. The players are made of high-quality ABS material.

The company has also provided you with the side scoring system. So, you can keep track of your points easily. The stickers have great quality and last for years. The product requires self-installation or DIY installation. You can simply follow the installation manual that you get inside the box to assemble the parts. You can also take the help of video assistance. You get two balls included in the package. 

[amazon box=”B075C9JNF7″]
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great build quality
  • Chrome-plated steel rods
  • DIY installation is easy
  • Only two balls included

5. Kemfyre Foosball Table

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The last on our list presents Kemfye Table Football before you. You can purchase the best mini foosball table from for under your budget. This is an extremely cheap option that has not compromised with the quality. This foosball table has a size of 121x101x79cm. Due to the light-weight, it offers you great portability. 

The foosball table is made of high-grade medium density fiberboard (MDF) material and has chrome finished steel rods that ensure stability and sturdiness. All the eight rods are placed very efficiently so that the players can have better control over the game. The 22 color-coded players are divided into two colors: 11 blue players and 11 white players. 

The rods have comfortable grips that help you get better control over the game while making that winning shot. The foosball table looks very attractive and can be placed anywhere in the home.  As a centerpiece, it is sure to bring more life to any room. The installation has to be done on your own. With two cup holders on both sides, you also get two soccer balls inside the package.

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  • Portable
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Made from high-quality material that lasts long
  • Decently sized
  • Build quality could have been better

What Is A Foosball Table?

Foosball tables are becoming more popular day by day. A foosball table is a rectangular table with a design similar to a football field. You can even say that it is a replica of football, mainly designed for indoor purposes. 

The board has a similar field like-design of football. There are two opposite sides. In foosball, you can not move the players horizontally. The players can only be moved wide across the board. You would find 4 rods on the board on which the players are fastened. By moving the rods, you will be controlling the players. 

The game is pretty simple. In the middle of the board, you would find a marked circle (similar to the center point of a football field). Here you would have to place the ball. Either of the team starts the game by kicking the ball. Each rod faces the opponent and therefore, you can control the game in any row. All you have to do is to dodge the opponent and make a goal. There would be a goalie before goalposts. Generally, the game runs on 10 points as the target. However, it is a matter of personal preference. You can increase or decrease the target point according to your preference.

Types Of Foosball Tables

If you are going to buy a foosball table, you may want to know that there are several types of foosball tables available in the market. However, four such types are highly popular among the players and are sold commonly. These types are: Stand Alone or Traditional Foosball Table, Table Top, Multi-game, and Coin-operated.

Traditional or Stand Alone

This is the most common type of foosball tables and is one of the best. Traditional tables have legs attached to it and are bigger and heavier than the table-top foosball tables. While talking about the durability, as these tables are made of high-quality wood, these are long-lasting and provide a more authentic sports experience. Stand Alone foosball tables are ideal for older people, adults, or teenagers who are serious about the game and want to take the full taste of foosball. 

Table Top

Unlike the stand-alone foosball tables, Tabletops are far lighter and, therefore, portable. Thus, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. As the name suggests, you can set them on a table, floor, or any hard surface, depending on what is most comfortable for yourself. The quality of the tabletops varies with the usage of different materials. However, tabletop foosball tables are a cheaper choice than Stand Alone ones. These are the most suitable type for beginners and kids. 

Types Of Foosball Tables

Multi-Game Foosball Table

This is one of the most popular types of foosball tables. It includes a foosball table that can be converted into many other games, such as table tennis, air hockey, chess, checkers, etc. Hence, if you want many games at your home but don’t have sufficient space for that, these tables would be the best choice for you. All you have to do is to change the board and the rods and install what you want to play. These tables are available in both Stand Alone and Table Top versions. For multi-gaming features, it costs you more than the previous types which are relatable. So, if you do not mind paying extra, this type can be your choice. 

Coin-Operated Foosball Table

Coin-operated tables are used for business purposes. They are made of high-quality materials that give it extraordinary durability. The design of the tables is very realistic and gives you a feel of playing some real soccer games. There is one coin collector on the top which distributes the ball properly. This means, it does not need you or your staff to be present at the place but the table itself generates revenue by collecting the coins.

Things That You Must Consider Before Buying A Foosball Table

Finding a good foosball table is not an easy job to undertake. However, it is not impossible as well only if you know ‘how to’. Knowing the proper method makes it easier for you to find the one. All you have to do is to take note of certain important points or features that are very important. All these features, if present, make a foosball table the best out of others. 

Build Quality 

While buying a foosball table, the first thing that you should be concerned about is the build quality of the table. It is very important to check the build quality because of several reasons. First of all, as this is an engaging sport, it is quite natural that the board is subjected to some heavy usage. Secondly, as you're investing your money, you would generally want something that lasts long.

Thus, having a good build quality is very important. To get that, check your board's build material. For example, you would find boards made of solid wood, composite or particles. Solid wood boards are the boards that you find in high-end foosball tables. These tables are heavyweight. But woods are affected by humidity. Therefore, you would need better maintenance for this type.

Particle tables are the cheaper options that you would find at a very low price. However, these tables don’t last long. The composite is a mixture of both types which isn't costly and lasts longer. Hence, if you want to find the best budget foosball table for home use, you should always choose the composite one. 


Next comes size. Size is another very crucial factor in a foosball table. The size of a table determines many things like comfort, accessibility and experience. For example, a table that is too big may cause you great trouble to control the game. Again, a small-sized table may not give you that desired experience. On the other hand, the player can also have different size preferences. Therefore, having a well-balanced size for a foosball table is extremely important if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest. However, as said before, different people have different size preferences. Hence, check which size is perfect for you and then buy one. 


A good design does not only make a foosball table attractive but also creates sporty excitement by presenting visually realistic images before you. Therefore, the manufacturers try to make it as attractive as they can. Foosball is an indoor version of football. Following that, it has almost the same design as the latter. Starting from the field to the players, almost everything the same.

Thus, the graphics play a huge role to bring the same excitement indoors. Many companies use normal stickers pasted on the table that tear off quickly. Thus, you should always look for high-quality stickers that attract you visually and give you your desired excitement. The markings should always be perfect. Many companies use cheap stickers to mark the game that easily fades away or gets torn off. Thus, look for the premium tables as those come with permanently dyed markings with lamination.

Rod Material

When controlling the magic, the wand has to be perfect! In Foosball, you control everything using the rods. So, the rods are the most used part of a foosball table. Therefore, having a good quality Rod is very important. It not only ensures durability but can also provide comfort and ease of playing. We would always suggest you use steel rods. You would find two types of steel rods: one that is soli and the second that is hollow.

Solid rods are heavy and quite difficult to move. Hollow rods are light-weighted and so you can easily move these without any extra efforts. Hence, most of the companies use hollow rods to provide better user accessibility. Both types are extremely good and durable. If you are a beginner and want fast-paced games, you should go for the hollow rods.

Also, check whether the handles of the rods are comfortable enough or not. A comfortable handle can let you play your games efficiently without causing any physical distraction. Don't forget to check how well the rods are fixed and how easily can those be moved. Buy a foosball table only after you are satisfied with the rod quality. 

Board Texture 

As the ball rolls on the board, good texture for swift movement is very important. The board texture depends on the build material of the board. Depending on the resistance that it creates to the ball, the speed of the game varies. For example, a wooden texture would cause more resistance than a laminated texture. So, if you are a beginner and want a fast-paced game, you should consider the latter. But, if you are a professional and prefer sword-to-sword competition, the wooden board shall fit the best. 

Goalie Configuration

You may have seen different foosball tables with one and three goalies configuration. So, it can make you confused about which one to pick and what makes the difference? This is one of the most confusing subjects one faces while buying a foosball table. The number of goalies is a matter of preference.

If you prefer a fast-paced game, then the three-man goalie setup is an ideal choice for you. But, if you have the professional skill of playing foosball, you would prefer a one-man goalie. In the USA, three men goalies are used the most while in the UK, you would find a one-man goalie. Thus, if you are a beginner or planning to buy it for a kid, you should buy the three men goalie setup. 


While playing with the best foosball tables, safety would be another important point that you should never miss out. For example, if you are buying this foosball table for your children, you would never want them to get hurt. So, before you buy a foosball table, look for the safety features that it has to offer. Check out the rods and the handles as, without proper handles, the fingers may get caught easily. You can also look for the ball recovery system so that you don’t have to lean on the table to grab the ball. 

Height Adjustment 

All the foosball tables come with a standard height that is for both teens and adults. However, if children are playing the game, you would need a foosball table that has an adjustable height. Hence, if you are planning to buy the a new foosball table, you should buy one with adjustable height. 


Now, when you are done with everything mentioned above, check what you get under your budget. The quality of a foosball table determines the price. You also get different features in different budget segments. Therefore, chalk out what you truly desire and then find the best price for that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many players can play foosball at a time?

A maximum of 4 people can play foosball at a time.

Q. Why is it called Foosball?

Foosball is an American rendition of the German word Fussball (German word for Soccer). It has a more formal name: Table Soccer. However, in North America, Foosball has become more popular and is widely used.

Q. How many balls do you get in a Foosball game?

You get 9 balls in a foosball game where if you hit 5 goals, you will win the match. If a ball goes legally into the goal, it is a point.

Q. Who invented foosball and when?

Alejandro Finisterre invented table football or foosball in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

Q. Which is the best budget foosball table on the list?

Kemfye Foosball Table is the best budget foosball table on the list.

A Final Word

Foosball is gaining popularity in the world of table sports quite so fast. Many people and fans are demanding the presence of the sports in the Olympics. India is no exception in that case. Therefore, if you are a foosball fan or want to give it a try, we hope that we could help you by discussing every single detail regarding the foosball tables.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

Boot BOY is one of the most famous manufacturers of foosball tables and offers you the best build quality, design, attractive outlook under any budget range. Hence, this is the best foosball table in India that can give you the best experience of playing foosball with your friends, family, or colleagues. 

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