The Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India

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Today, people have become really conscious about their health and fitness level. Keeping a decent level of fitness and energy rank helps you perform well for the whole day without experiencing any drop in the energy levels. Further, following quality fitness regime is going to keep you in shape, which certainly helps you stand out at work. But, there still are a few people who don’t really like to hit the gym for exercising and rather work out at home to save time as well as money.

For such people, today we have come up with the Best Elliptical Machines that are going to help you warm up for your workout. The elliptical machines are the ones that help your body to open up and get ready for an hour of quality workout without experiencing cramps. These machines also known as cross-trainers assists in getting rid of the excess fat on your hands, legs, thighs, hips, and the belly region. So, all those people who want to buy a quality machine for warming up must go through our comprehensive Elliptical Exercise Machine Reviews and find your best fit.

Best Elliptical Machines Reviews

Orbitrek 4 in 1 Elliptical Cardio Exercise Bike

Aimed at the people who want to own a decent cross-trainer for a budget price, this machine is going to be appropriate. If you are eager to burn the excess calories along with enhancing your cardiovascular strength, the Orbitrek 4 in 1 Exercise Bike would help you do so with ease. This cycle comprises of a physical tension knob for strength regulation. It further displays the distance, time, calories burned, and the speed so that you might be able to take care of your training routine. It features a steel frame construction coupled up with a supportive and relaxed saddle. The seat as well as the handle might be certainly be adjusted to match the discrete requirements.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Helps you accomplish a complete body work-out for warming up
  • Simulates running and walking without any impact on knees or joints
  • Comprises of the larger pedals along with ridges to avert slipping
  • Offers the natural elliptical motion to diminish the stress on joints
  • Delivers a dual-action workout arms for upper body exercises

Kettler Cross P Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike

Looking for an advanced cross trainer or elliptical machines? The Kettler Cross P Cross Trainer is a nice choice for everyone who is anticipating their cross trainer bike to offer a quiet working along with a well-adjusted motion, which is delivered via the 14kg flywheel. Your heart rate might as well be measured owing to the hand pulse sensors or utilizing the chest strap coupled up with an inbuilt Polar attuned wireless receiver. The console comprises of a big LCD display together with the sweat-resistant keys along with the 15 programs and 4 users summaries for proper feedback and performance enhancement.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Comprises of a 14Kg flywheel for a complete body cardio workout
  • Displays the pulse, calorie, speed, distance, and hand pulse sensor
  • Comes with the perspiration-resilient keys for added convenience
  • Offers a decent stride length to assure you of comfortable exercise
  • Provides the 16 stages of computer-organized magnetic resistance

Hercules Fitness EL10 Elliptical Trainer

The fitness elliptical cross trainers assures you of the low impact training. The machine helps in diminishing the stress and strain on the legs as far as the elliptical motion is concerned. The outline of the movement resembles to the normal path that a person’s hip joints, ankles, and knees trail whilst running, walking, or jogging. This cross-trainer comprises of an ergonomically designed seat, which turns it an even more preferred elliptical machine for every single age group. All the weight bearing exercises when compared to the remaining fitness equipment like the elliptical trainers, stationary bicycle, permit a weight bearing workout.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Facilitates the low impact exercise to diminish the overall strain
  • Comprises of an ergonomically designed seat to suit every age group
  • Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance when compared to other machines
  • Helps you in burning plenty of calories within a really short time frame
  • Comes with a hand pulse feature to measure the heart rate pulse

Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer

Here comes another chic and stylish cross trainer or elliptical machine to match well with the overall ambience of your gym. This elliptical machine, similar to the other machines, simulates the jogging, walking, and running in the best manner possible. It comprises of a 5Kg flywheel to deliver a quiet performance along with the well-balanced motion. This elliptical machine further provides you with 8 distinct levels of manual tension for advanced training. It further diminishes the stress and strain on the knees and joints owing to the actual elliptical motion.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Provides you with 6 functions to facilitate advanced training
  • Offers 8 different levels of manual tension for a precise workout
  • Comes with a 5Kg flywheel for quiet working and balanced motion
  • Comprises of the bigger non-skid pedals to evade the risk of slipping
  • Delivers the actual elliptical motion to reduce the joint stress

Pro Bodyline Commercial Line Heavy Duty Elliptical Trainer

For the people who desire to purchase a complete package as far as an elliptical machine is concerned, the Pro Bodyline Heavy-Duty Elliptical Trainer is going to be the best you may opt for. Having 16 distinct levels of magnetic resistance along with a seating facility, this machine definitely stands out among the others. The console that this elliptical machine has been equipped with, reads out the distance, burned calories, current speed, active pulse, and the odometer. The maximum weight that this elliptical machine can hold is as high as 110Kg.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A top quality elliptical trainer equipped with 16 resistance modes
  • Comprises of a bigger screen LCD console with touchscreen feature
  • Measures the hand pulse of the user with the sensor on hand rails
  • Calculates the distance covered, speed, calories burnt, and active pulse
  • Has a chic and stylish appearance to match the ambience of your gym

Personal Recommendation

We suppose that after going through the detailed reviews and analysis about the Best Elliptical Machines on the market, it might have become really easy for our users or customers to choose the one which suits their budget as well as requirements. After reading the reviews, you must have also recognized that we don’t just focus on providing costly or lavish models but the units that offer the best bang for your buck. Every single elliptical cross trainer on our listing doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or preservation on a regular basis.

BEST ELLIPTICAL MACHINESThe Top 5 Elliptical Machines in India 1

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However, if there are a few customers who are finding it tough to ascertain which elliptical machine or cross trainer they must opt for, then they should readily go with our personally recommended product. The elliptical machine or cross trainer that we are going to suggest to our customers is the Hercules Fitness EL10 Elliptical Trainer, which provides you with all the specification as well as features to provide you with the best performance for a decent price.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – Buyer’s Guide

Whilst purchasing a smaller or a bigger appliance, a person certainly requires having a certain thought process so that he or she may be capable of purchasing the finest unit according to the budget and need. To prepare yourself before buying an elliptical machine, below we have mentioned the aspects that you should consider:

Available Space

The elliptical machines might consume ample space in your gym or at home, which is undoubtedly something that you must reflect on if you subsist in a smaller house. Whilst the majority of these elliptical machines also possess a minor footprint, the handlebars might simply consume any additional space.

Certainly, the unfortunate fact is that plenty of users incline to willingly go to the store to buy a fitness machinery of their preference – solely to remorse it when they determine that the equipment might not move in from their front door. Consequently, it’s significant to calculate the vacant floor space that you’re eager to lose prior to buying a cross trainer. It’s correspondingly significant to associate these measurements to the general dimensions of the elliptical machine that you prefer buying.

In case space is a problem for you, you might as well choose to buy an elliptical cross trainer that doesn’t comprise of the handles. These, though, don’t offer complete-body exercises as your arms are going to remain motionless throughout the training session. On the other hand, the elliptical machines without the handles are cheaper and are going to assist in saving much space at your place.

Budget Analysis

Prior to spending on a machine, the users must appropriately examine their budget to make sure that they don’t expanse their purse threads out real thin. Whilst it might be normal to be over-excited and hit the store for the classy and proficient looking trainer, this might outcome in you possessing a machine that you might barely be able to function.

Actually, in case you’re a beginner to this kind of device, don’t falter to choose the cheaper unit offering the fundamental features. Recollect that the inexpensive the machine is, the humbler it is going to be whilst using. Certainly, the professional users might surely opt for gym-class equipment but think of keeping an eye over the price tag and be make sure to equate numerous machines prior you take your ultimate decision.

Drive Arrangement

The elliptical machines usually comprise of 3 major drive arrangements that are namely; Front, Center, and the Rear. The front drive arrangements generally complement trainers that brag of a drive axle arrangement at the machine’s front. Actually, the users might as well perceive the wheel going at the time of the training session.

This kind of drive system moreover inclines to be low-cost as compared to their counterparts. Taking the rear-drive into consideration, these cross-trainers comprise of a drive wheel situated at rear-end of the machine, where users might not be able to see them.

Whilst being tremendously reliable, this kind of arrangement might be further costly in comparison to the front drive. Finally, the cross trainers that comprise of the center arrangement system usually have 2 drive axles and are further resistant as compared to the other two counterparts. Owing to this reason, the elliptical machines with the center-drive organization are pretty often seen inside the fitness centers and gyms.


In case you might be able to afford it, it might not be a bad notion to opt for a machine that permits you to effortlessly regulate the stride length as well as incline. This permits you to push in some diversity to your workout session and averts your muscles from fine-tuning to the similar motions. Athletes are also going to advantage from the interval training whereby they trundle amongst resistance levels and incline to get an active metabolism and inspire your body to shed extra calories within a short time frame.

Whilst the inexpensive models comprise of a physical incline feature, further reliable although costly machines do comprise of an automatic choice whereby you might be able to regulate the incline feature with just the touch of a button.

Additional Features

Certainly, the basic and low-priced models seldom comprise of the more deluxe features that generally go together with more costly machines. Even then, if you desire focusing on the comfort, you must feel restored in case you spent in an elliptical machine comprising of an additional features. For an instance, a few machines comprise of the amenities like the water bottle holder, inbuilt fan, inbuilt music player, heart rate sensor, and the charging port. In case you’re eager to devote extra money, you might as well buy the machines that have been equipped with minor trays to put up your books, laptops, or magazines.

The large number of elliptical trainers also comprises of the display monitor that might assist you to track the vital fitness-associated data and thus help you when you keep a track of your progress. The display readouts frequently comprise, but aren’t solely confined to, heart rate, calories burned, distance, recovery time, and time.

Further the cross trainers even comprise of the ergonomic features such as the foam-padded elliptical handles that offer a strong grip even whilst your fingers are slippery or sweaty. Likewise, the market further comprises of the machines that offer textured and oversized foot pedals, hence permitting you to work out as energetically as you desire with very diminutive threat of slipping. In case you’re a novice, it’s similarly a good notion to choose an elliptical machine that comprises of the preset inbuilt programs to lead you through numerous speeds.

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