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5 Best Electric Tandoors In India (November 2022)

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Everybody loves to consume grilled & tandoor dishes but aren’t able to prepare at your home. Owing to this reason, people tend to splurge a decent amount of money to have nicely grilled and smoked food outside in those big-fat restaurants. Further, even after spending your bucks on eating out, there are times that you don’t get the taste that you would like to relish. In such a situation, a compact electric tandoor is a device you require to begin preparing grilled veggies and juicy tandoori chicken inside your kitchen. This is why we have found and reviewed the Best Electric Tandoors in India that will let you prepare tandoori food at home with the most delicious taste!

Top 5 Best Electric Tandoors in India

The electric tandoor functions on electricity as the name suggests and comprises a square-designed metallic box having a sliding tray. It might be utilized to prepare every single type of tandoori parathas, kebabs, Indian bread, and pizzas.

On the other hand, with several options available on the market, it might become really confusing so as to which model you should purchase for your kitchen. Don’t you worry! We have you covered with an exclusive line-up of the Top Electric Tandoors on the market having the best of specifications as well as functionality to keep your grilling job up to the mark. We have also picked the best electric tandoor for you from the list we have prepared!

Editor's Picks: Top 3 Electric Tandoors In India

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The electric tandoors provide you with an amazing option to go oil-free and prepare healthy foodstuff. It is an even more inexpensive option in comparison to the convection oven since it requires no pre-heat phase, less cooking time, needs lesser power, and is really low-priced in comparison to an oven. In addition, the electric tandoor grills are pretty light in weight as well as transportable so that you might be able to convey it to your garden or courtyard for open-air cooking.

The Best Electric Tandoors In India You Can Buy Today

1. WellBerg Micro Combo Electric Tandoor


Formulated with aluminum and hardened visible glass windows, this electric tandoor is anti-shock and totally long-lasting. Relish the stress-free food preparation of healthy and delightful mushroom, chicken, fish, or potato on the move. It assists you in roasting the delicious dishes in a healthy way. You can unfreeze frozen dishes and heat up fast food without any overcooking. It further comprises of a pizza cutter and a non-stick layer.

Product Information

Brand                   WellBerg
Model                   Micro Combo
Power                   1500 Watts
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating        5

Pros & Cons

Cook dishes with no oil Consumes a lot of energy
Convenient to use
Really long lasting material

2. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

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This electric tandoor is a really convenient and easy-to-use unit since it comprises of a wide variety of useful features. The tandoor is very hygienic and is ideal for all kinds of tandoori and grilled dishes. The looks of this tandoor are going to compliment any kitchen indoor setting. The unit comprises of toughened glass windows and yet it is lightweight. It further has non-magnetic imported heating elements and its body it totally shock proof.

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Product Information

Brand                   Mini Chef
Model                   06
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating         4.6

Pros & Cons

No pre-heating required No power indicator installed
Cooks pretty quickly
Economical heating elements

3. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor Mini Size

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This mini size electric tandoor from Mini Chef is an amazing model to incorporate into your kitchen as it takes very less space on the kitchen countertop and looks very elegant. It comprises of non-magnetic Kanthal (Sweden) heating elements and is completely shock-proof. Having this electric tandoor you can grill, roast and heat up anything that you like ranging from fish, meat, bacon, and mushroom to the rolls, cookies, biscuits, and cakes with a lot of ease.

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Product Information

Brand                   Mini Chef
Model                   04
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                    Black
Stars Rating        4.5

Pros & Cons

Toughened glass windows The light indicator is not present
Ideal for tandoori and grilled dishes
Easy to use and shock-proof

4. Glen SA-5014XL Electric Tandoor

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Glen is a brand that deals in a wide variety of home and kitchen appliances that offer nice features and a decent quality. The appearance of this electric tandoor can match any kitchen indoors and makes it even classier. It provides you a healthy cooking method like the customary clay tandoor. It further comprises of the see-through windows and the heating elements are also energy-efficient. It also saves a lot of energy owing to the thermal insulation provided with this electric tandoor.

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Product Information

Brand                    Glen
Model                   SA5014XL
Power                    1400 Watts
Colour                   Grey
Stars Rating        4.2

Pros & Cons

Amazingly elegant appearance The customer service isn’t good
Comprises of see-through windows
Saves energy with thermal insulation

5. ChefMan Big Electric Tandoor


Savor the delightful food dishes by cooking any kind of delicious food at any time. Prepared using toughened glass windows and aluminum, this unit is very long-lasting and shock-proof as well. Have fun while cooking amazingly tasty bacon, mushroom, fish, cookies, biscuits, and potato using this unit that supports you in roasting some delicious dishes in the best manner.

Product Information

Brand                    ChefMan
Model                    Big
Power                   2000 Watts
Colour                   Black
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Roast dishes on the go Doesn’t have a temperature controller
Reheat without overcooking
Toughened glass windows

Best Electric Tandoor Brands and Products Table

The people who often party at home should own an electric tandoor since it provides you the best and most delightful dishes such as the roasted chicken, mushrooms, bacons, and many other tandoori dishes. Apart from that, you may also bake cookies, biscuits, cakes, and pies as well making use of one of these elegant electric tandoors.

Personal Recommendation

As we have now reviewed all the electric tandoors that were included in our Top 5 Electric Tandoor in India listing, we think that it would be really easy for our users to choose the best electric tandoor that suits their needs as well as budget. In case, any user is still discovering some confusion in choosing one out of the listing provided above then they must go with our personal suggestion.

The electric tandoor that we are going to suggest to our users is this one:

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The Glen SA-5014XL 1400-Watt Tandoor comprises of the best array of features and is energy-efficient as compared to the other units available in the market. So, buy this amazing electric tandoor from Glen and be a smart buyer online.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Tandoor – Buying Guide

Before one should come at the final decision so as to which electric tandoor he or she must buy, there are certain aspects or features that you have to keep in mind to catch hold of the model that would best suit your requirements and necessities:

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Tandoor - Buying Guide

Inbuilt Temperature Gauge

This is particularly valuable for the electric grills that comprise covers. An inbuilt temperature gauge allows the user to distinguish when the tandoor is all set to cook.

Adjustable Thermostat

A thermostat permits the user to fix the electric tandoor’s temperature according to the dish being prepared or as per the requirement. In a few expensive top-notch models, there is a 10-level thermostat so as to get the temperature fixed to 10 distinct settings. This aspect or specification is pretty valuable for people who like to prepare different types of cooking.

Detachable Cooking Grates or Trays

The cooking grates or trays that are removable turn it somewhat easier to fix up the food and make the tandoor spotless after you are done with the cooking.

180-Degree Opening

A few electric tandoors comprise a 180-degree opening, which permits you to get the access to every single side of the tandoor easily and utilize every single side whilst preparing food for several people at once.

Non-Stick Coating

This is an indispensable feature to have for an electric tandoor, which makes sure that your foodstuff doesn’t get stuck to the cooking surface of the tandoor. It moreover helps to get keep the user away from cleaning the tandoor for hours.

Floating Hinge

A floating hinge is particularly valuable for preparing the foods that are a bit thicker like chicken, pizza, or fish since it prepares the food uniformly from both the surfaces.

Oil Collection Groove

A few electric tandoors have exceptional grooves on offer that gather the extra oil and keep away wastage. This is an outstanding feature to check before buying any electric tandoor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is an electric tandoor an oven?

Yes. Many people may only consider the microwave oven as an oven. However, there are many different kinds of ovens such as baking ovens, OTG, and electric tandoors.

2. Is an electric tandoor worth it?

Electric tandoors are a very healthy choice of oil-free cooking. Fulfill your tandoor cravings with an electric tandoor and remain healthy in the process!

3. Is an electric tandoor then totally healthy?

Well, we wouldn't recommend binge eating fast food. Electric tandoors are really good for oil-free cooking, but just don't go crazy on only-fried food all day every day!

A Final Word

There is a lot to ovens than most people know. Some ovens are specifically designed for particular cooking, such as oil-free cooking by electric tandoors. You can do other cooking too, by the way, by using an electric tandoor. Eat heavy and still stay healthy!

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