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10 Best Electric Kettles In India

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The smaller kitchen appliances are the ones that people quickly opt to buy so as to get their cooking needs and requirements fulfilled. These sorts of appliances help you to prepare your breakfast and brunch with a whole lot of ease and in no time flat. In case you are that kind of person who loves to drink coffee or tea in quick successions, we have you covered with the Best Electric Kettles in India that have been screened after doing a lot of research on the available options on the market. 

10 Best Electric Kettles In India

All the electric kettles that we have provided in our listing deliver all the necessary features that a person wants to have in the kettle they buy. With the features such as automatic shut-down, borosilicate glass, robust exteriors, easy pouring & cleanup, overheat protection, and 36-degree swivel base, these electric kettles are going to provide you with the best bang for your money for sure.

Furthermore, at the end of the overall review, we have also provided you with our personally recommended electric kettle in case you aren’t certain about which one you must opt for. This would surely help you out in getting a premium quality electric kettle whenever you hit the market to buy one.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Electric Kettles In India

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While working a lot of people like to sip a kind of beverage whether it is cold or hot. A majority of people like to have tea or coffee at work to be energised and up for the task. For making instant coffee or tea, you need to have an electric kettle or an electric tea maker. So, all those who want to buy an electric kettle are at the right place since today we are going to provide comprehensive reviews of the Top 10 Best-Rated Electric Kettles available in the Indian market.

The Best Electric Kettles In India You Can Buy Today

1. Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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 Take Kitchoff Electric Kettle wherever you go as it is lightweight, convenient, and easy to operate. It is a multi-purpose electric kettle that is used as a tea/coffee maker and serves hot water quickly. We’re impressed with the 1.8liter inner tank capacity that matches with the big families consisting of 6 or more members. For this reason, we’ve named this the best electric kettle in India. The elegant handle with a single-touch lid locking mechanism is beautifully designed for convenient use. The outer body is made of stainless steel and rubber protection layer to safeguard the device from accidental damages.

This cordless electric kettle features auto turn-off technology which switches off the kettle when overheated. To add on, the product is backed with a 1year warranty from the date of purchase. Winding up, Kitchoff electric kettle is the basic model that offers reliable performance. It is made of durable materials that enhance the lifespan and for beginners, it may be difficult to handle and operate. Customers do complain about the heating issues and can cause electric shock sometimes.

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  • Excellent 1.8liter tank capacity
  • Automatic turn off technology
  • Stainless steel with rubber protection
  • 1500 watts of power supply
  • Heating issues

2. Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle

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Philips HD9303 is the finest electric kettle which we have discovered online. It provides 1800 watts of sufficient power and has been formulated using the refined stainless steel conclude. The electric kettle is cordless, which signifies that you don’t need to connect it to any sort of wire. This kind of kettle comprises of an isolated base which is linked to a cord or wire and offers the electrical energy that the kettle requires.

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  • Wide mouth for easy pouring and cleanup
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Overheating prevention
  • The kettle is a bit heavy

3. Orpat OEK-8147 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

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This cordless electric kettle from Orpat has a 1-Litre capacity. It also has an overheating security protection to evade any sort of burnt taste. The auto shut-down feature has been installed together with an indicator that shows that the boiling has been done. It is placed on a 360-degree spin base for safe and easy usage.

A hidden heating element together with the stainless steel & aluminum die cast frame to enhance the durability of the kettle. This kettle comprises of a broad mouth to facilitate easy serving of tea and coffee or some other liquid simply. A graceful handle along with a sole touch cover locking structure has also been introduced along with it for easy transportation.

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  • Auto-stop with indicator light
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Overheating safety protection
  • Customer support needs improvement

4. Prestige Electric Kettle – PKCS 1.2 L

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Having a lot of attractive traits like the single touch lid locking, auto shut-down, and ergonomic handle design, the Prestige PKCS electric tea kettle is the majorly bought kettle within the Indian market. Prestige PKCS possesses many models of diverse,  exclusive, and contemporary designs and volume. With the 360-degree swivel base for power and functioned in the corded method, this kettle is the essential appliance for any modular kitchen.

[amazon box=”B07TXCSDM6″]
  • The heating element is hidden
  • Automatic cut-off function
  • Single Touch Lid-locking
  • The top cover is a little delicate

5. Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

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Philips HD9306 Electric Kettle is one among the coolest options you can choose. This tea maker is convenient having the stainless steel covering and handy to bring out owing to its lighter weight. Having a joint locking lid, this electric tea maker is going to help you in diminishing the energy consumption whilst it is being used. 

This electric kettle comprises of the transparent measurement points on both the sides, which assists you to take a look at the level of water, tea, or coffee devoid of opening the lid. This secure device assists you in boiling the fluid at the temperature you desire. It provides you a wide range of temperature spontaneously.

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  • Hidden heating element
  • Steam sensor & overheating prevention
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • The external stainless steel heats up which is dangerous

6. Orpat OEK-8127 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

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The overheating protection cover has been provided to evade any kind of burnt taste. The auto-stop feature has been presented along with a light indicator that displays that the work has been completed. The all-around swivel base has been given for effective utilization of the kettle. A concealed heating component along with the stainless steel adds to the durability of the electric kettle. 

The mouth of the pot is wide so that you are able to pour the drink without facing any sort of a problem. A great handle with a solitary touch top locking outline is moreover presented along with it so that it might be efficiently carried. A detachable filter is also provided to keep the additional material away from your hot beverage.

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  • The availability of removable filter
  • Dry boil and overheat protection
  • TEasy to use being a cordless unit
  • The wire or cord provided is small

7. Bajaj Majesty KTX-15 1.7-Litre Kettle

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This particular Bajaj electric kettle comprises a really stylish outline and therefore, assists in providing your kitchen area a further contemporary appearance. The electric kettle is really convenient to use and compact as far as size is concerned. The Bajaj Majesty KTX possesses the auto-stop facility which assists in halting boiling the beverage the time it moves above the specified temperature. 

Furthermore, the Bajaj Majesty electric kettle is very handy in that you will be an able to effortlessly place it anywhere and is a really nice choice for people who travel often. By means of the hidden heating components and stainless steel arrangement, this electric kettle heats up the liquid in just a few minutes.

[amazon box=”B00KKL8OXO”]
  • Cordless unit provides portability
  • Automatic shut-down facility
  • Heating Element Is Hidden
  • Leaks from the top at times

8. Prestige PKGSS 1.7 1500-Watt Electric Kettle

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This electric kettle from Prestige is a high-class unit made up of clear borosilicate glass along with blue LED light which turns boiling a visual pleasure and the unit is heat-resistant – up to 500-degrees Celsius. The present German-French plan displays that it has been formulated making use of the stainless steel, open with rich plastic, and glass which provides it a captivating appearance. 

The top cover is simple to clopen (close and open) with the purpose that you require pressing the start button to open the cover. An automatic stop feature has been introduced together with an accurate temperature regulator, vivid indoor regulator, and a dry body guarantee.

[amazon box=”B00NW4UWN6″]
  • Automatic cut-off and keep warm functionality
  • 360-degree swivel power base
  • Single touch lid locking utility
  • The unit might start rusting after some time

9. Inalsa Electric Kettle PRISM-1500W with LED Illumination,Boro-Silicate Body, 1.8 L Capacity, Glass Kettle

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Inalsa is the fast boiling glass electric kettle: This kettle with 1500 watts of power boils water in just 2-3 minutes. Conveniently prepare hot tea, delicious cocoa, or instant soup in short time

Humanized design and large-capacity of 1.8 L with Prism features extra-ordinary safety measures like the automatic shut-off, dry boiling and over-heat protection to ensure your safety. This electric kettle allows for easy filling and serving. With its 360-deg cordless pirouette base this kettle comes in handy and portable. It allows freedom of movement for your convenience Integrated Cord storage: The cord can be wrapped around the base, so that the kettle is easy to place in your kitchen.

[amazon box=”B07T93P6H2″]
  • Led illumination and water level indication
  • Made with the finest quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Looks Premium
  • Temperature drops fast after switching off

10. Pigeon By stovekraft Amaze Plus 1.5 Litre Electric kettle

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This fashionable and trendy cordless kettle offers a heat-free handlebar. The cover of this electric tea kettle has been formulated by plastic and the heating component is hidden. This kettle fires the boiling temperature below 5 minutes. 

You might carry it with yourself freely as per your ease whenever and wherever you like, and you might also rotate its power base at 360 degrees. One more significant utility of this electric kettle is that it provides a red light pointer, which is very useful expresses whether the electric kettle is being used or not at that particular moment.

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  • Cord-free easy serving
  • 1500W so fast boil
  • Inbuilt stainless steel filter
  • The wire or cord provided is small

Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Kettle – Buyer's Guide

Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Kettle - Buyer's Guide

Buying an electric kettle isn’t the same as purchasing a pen; there are a few features that you should consider before the final purchase in order to avoid any sort of problem afterward. So, here we go, providing you with a few tips and tricks to catch an Electric Kettle that is one of the best on the market as per your individual requirements:

Overall Capacity

An electric kettle might be available in different volume or capacity starting from 1L up until 2L. A majority of kettles are going to offer nearly 1.5L, which is adequate for several households. In case you will be boiling water to prepare a couple of cups of coffee or tea, even the 1L kettle is going to be adequate. On the other hand, if you require boiling water to cater to a bunch of friends, or to cook soup for 3-4 individuals, a larger capacity model is going to be more suitable.

Boiling Time

Apart from the kettle’s capacity, the consumers might as well desire knowing how quick the kettle boils the water. In any case, the motive behind people using electric kettles is getting hot water almost instantaneously. A majority of quality kettles are going to take just 3-4 minutes to get the water boiled; in case it takes even lesser time, thumbs up for that!

Keep-Warm Function

One more significant and convenient feature is the kettle’s capability to keep the boiled water warm for a longer time. A few models are going to be capable of keeping the water at the preferred temperature for nearly 30 min or even an hour, which is pretty suitable for the consumer. A few models even comprise an out-and-out keep warm function so that the consumer might be able to use this feature as and when required.

Boil-Dry Protection & Automatic Shut-Down

These functions are really significant and serve as the vital safety functions. A few electric kettles assert to have these features whilst as a matter of fact it doesn’t function as wished for. In case this feature doesn’t function or the kettle doesn’t have this feature, there are chances of a big fire danger if the consumer does not remember to shut down the electric kettle for a long time period.

Detachable Cord

The thing that would irritate the users is the cord coming in the way whilst they pour water into the cup. Therefore, the cordless electric kettles or the models that come with the removable cords are favored by a majority of people. Furthermore, the latest models comprise a discrete base, permitting the consumer to lift and carry the electric kettle without being troubled by the cord.

Non-Spill Spout

One more thing that annoys the user is the water spillage on the counter whilst pouring it inside a cup or any other vessel. It might as well be a little dangerous in case the water spills near the cord or base or in case hot water falls off on the hand of the user. A majority of high-quality models comprise the non-spill spurts that offer safety against this type of risk.

The Quantity Of Water For Boiling

At times, people don’t require boiling plenty of water; they might be boiling water for sole a cup of coffee or tea prior going to the office in the morning or for preparing a comforting green tea prior to sleeping. In case the electric kettle doesn’t permit the users to boil nearly 1 or 2 cups water, a few people might perceive it as a disadvantage.

Temperature Settings

A few advanced or expensive models come with temperature settings that permit the users to get the required temperature. Whilst this isn’t an important feature, it certainly adds up to the suitability and might appeal to a few people.

Type Of Handle

The electric kettle’s handle is really important, and it’s vital that it’s easy to handle and comfortable. People are going to serve boiled water and any slip-up or mishap might give rise to dramatic consequences. A majority of electric kettles, these days, are equipped with the non-slip handles that are intended with a decent grip and quality ergonomics. It’s moreover significant to note whether or not its handle is going to become hot. In case it becomes hot, it might burn the hand of the user or effect spillage, which might inflict any accident or even injuries in some situations.

The Position of Heating Element

This factor is significant when keeping the scale build-up in mind. Whilst there isn’t any sort of performance disparity amongst 2 models as such, unseen heating components are recognized to inflict lesser scale build-up. This is going to shake the extended performance of the electric kettle since the more the scale is going to accumulate, the less effectual will be the electric kettle. In addition, the scale build-up is going to add one more problem by compelling users to intermittently clean the kettle and eliminate that scale.

Top Electric Kettle Brands with Price List

Product NamePower (in Watts)FeaturesBuy Now
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 1
2000 Automatic shut-down for safety
High-quality borosilicate glass
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 3
1800 Wide mouth for easy pouring and cleanup
Food-grade stainless steel
Overheating prevention
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 5
1350 Auto-stop with indicator light
360-degree swivel base
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 7
1200 The heating element is hidden
Automatic cut-off function
Single touch lid locking
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 9
1800 Hidden heating element
Steam sensor & overheating prevention
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 11
1000 The availability of removable filter
Dry boil and overheat protection
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 13
2000 Cordless unit provides portability
Automatic shut-down facility
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 15
1500 Automatic cut-off and keep warm functionality
360-degree swivel power base
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 17
1800 Self-illuminated transparent power switch
Dry boil safe facility
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 19
2200 Cord-free easy serving
Strix controller added security
10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2

Personal Recommendation

You just have by now gone through all the product reviews that we provided. Now is the time to suggest a single product that has all the frills you require in your electric kettle.

This is our personal recommendation:

[amazon box=”B00B7GHLIU” template=”list”]

Overall, the Orpat OEK-8127 1-Litre Cordless Electric Kettle is the best electric kettle in India according to us when we consider the finest units in the realm of electric kettles since it possesses all the innovative functionalities that are existent in the best of the electric kettles available these days. This electric kettle product comprises of a filter and is being offered at a pretty reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are electric kettles environment-friendly?

Yes, they are. Since they don't require burning things, no carbon dioxide – or, worse, carbon monoxide – is produced, which leads to global warming and pollution.

2. How does an electric kettle work?

Electric kettles work via, as their name reveals, electricity. They convert electrical energy to heat energy which increases the temperature of the liquid inside.

3. Are stainless steel electric kettles the best?

Yes and no. We recommend electric kettles made of electric kettles. These are more durable, but you cannot see inside the kettle, which you would be able to do if the kettle was made of glass. However, glass kettles are fragile. You may also opt for plastic electric kettles which are cheap, but then they have their own share of cons such as difficulty to clean.

Overall, we recommend stainless steel electric kettles.

A Final Word

An electric kettle is a very convenient house appliance which adds to convenience like very few appliances can. If you are a coffee lover, then owning an electric kettle is almost an essential necessity.

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