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10 Best Egg Boilers In India

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Boiling an egg is no rocket science, but in a real sense it’s one of the most crucial tasks in the kitchen. As at time, it gets overcooked and rest of the times undercooked. It’s all about the right balance. It’s one skill that might take years and still a skill to master for many of us. Eggs are the most nutrient-rich source of protein and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is the single most important factor when it comes to health and fitness here’s why we’re reviewing the top 10 Best Egg Boilers in India for you to get the most perfectly boiled eggs ever.

10 Best Egg Boilers In India

The plus of using an egg boiler completely remove the need to boil the eggs in a water-filled vessel thus effectually dipping clean up time and effort. The boiler can easily accommodate up to 5 to 7 eggs and even more at one go. They are compact in size, easy to use and stylish looking as well. However, some models have add-on features such as omelette maker and an egg poacher. You will love this post if you’re an egg buff.

Editor's Picks: 5 of the Top Egg Boiler Brands In India

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The Best Egg Boilers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Glive's Electric 2 Layer Egg Boiler Poacher

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This egg poacher from Glive’s is the best egg poacher in India as it has the ability to cook 14 eggs in just a few minutes and has a stainless steel heating area. Obtain ideal soft-boiled eggs at each occasion with this double layer egg poacher which saves a lot of energy. As per the measuring pot, you will be able to steam any extent of eggs. It is going to provide eggs that delicacy, nutritional value, and the bounciness as well. It is really simple to peel the shell after its boiled in the poacher.

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Product Information

Brand                    Glive’s
Model                    GIS0568A
Eggs Capacity     14
Colour                   Multi
Stars Rating         5
  • Boil 14 eggs in a few minutes
  • Two layer egg boiler
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • The size is really small

2. SIBY Double Layer Egg Boiler for Kitchen/Outdoor Multifunctional Double Layer 14 Egg Electric Egg Boiler

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This egg boiler or egg poacher from Siby is finest unit among all the egg poachers available in the market since it is compact and has the ability to boil as much as 14 eggs at a single go. It comes in with a useful measuring glass and has a design which has a really beautiful appearance and can also be gifted to any friend or relative. It further has a crystal clear top cover so that you can monitor the boiling process.

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Product Information

Brand                    SIBY
Model                 SIBY
Eggs Capacity     14
Colour                   Assorted Color
Stars Rating      4.8
  • Crystal clear top cover.
  • 14 egg steam at one time.
  • It has auto-off function.
  • The pre-boiling process is very tricky.

3. DS Mart Multi-Function Electric 2 Layer Egg Boiler Cooker&Steamer

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This egg poacher or egg boiler from DS Mart is 2 layer model which can even become a really cool present or gift for any friend or relative. The cost for boiling 7-14 eggs is just less than 10 minutes. This egg poacher, which can cook 14 eggs, has been formulated with the food grade material and has a stainless steel heating plate. So, you can buy this compact product to boil eggs within a few minutes and very easily.

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Product Information

Brand                   DS Mart
Model                   DS Mart
Eggs Capacity     7-14
Colour                   Multicolor
Stars Rating        4.5
  • Egg boiler electric automatic shut off
  • This Egg Boiler takes only 10 minutes to cook the eggs
  • Can  boil 7-14 eggs at once.
  • Consume extra electricity.

4. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher

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This Simxen Electric Egg Poacher is a cute in appearance and has the capability of boil 7 eggs without letting the nutritional value of the eggs to go down by overheating the eggs. Thus egg poacher has been formulated with the food grade material, stainless steel heating plate, a measuring cup, and a clear top cover. It might also be used to steam any kind of food and make several dishes of egg and thus can be great gift for friends or relatives.

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Product Information

Brand                   Simxen
Model                 Simxen
Eggs Capacity     7
Colour                   Multi
Stars Rating        4.4
  • Egg boiler electric automatic shut off
  • Very compact design
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Transparent cover lid
  • The product manual isn’t provided.

5. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

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This egg boiler from Inalsa is a really fabulous unit since it comes from a brand that has made its name in the field of home improvement and kitchen appliances. This unit has all the facilities that an egg poacher must provide to its owner. It comprises of a transparent cover pan so that you can monitor the poaching process and also comes with the dry boil protection. It has a nice 7 eggs cooking rack and with the multi-utility steaming bowl you get to boil, half-boil and even steam vegetables. Chic is much more than an egg boiler. To avoid calcination, the element is concealed in order to make this appliance durable and long-lasting.

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Product Information

Brand                   Inalsa
Model                   Chic
Eggs Capacity     7
Colour                   Black/Silver
Stars Rating        4.4
  • Food grade BPA free lid
  • Adjustable degree of hardness
  • Indicator light
  • Overheating and boil dry protection
  • Little bit expensive

6. Tormeti Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 2 Layer 14 Egg Poacher

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Having this amazingly easy to use machine you may cook up to 14 eggs, either boiled or soft-cooked, all inside a single bunch. Boil 14 eggs in a single go with this automatic egg poacher. You will be able to cook eggs in the manner you want to, lacking any oil or fat. This machine prepares the eggs making use of steam generated by a hot water tank. The cover has a minute egg-shaped holder to take it off and to evade likely burns from hot water.  In addition to steaming eggs, you can heat milk, steam corn, vegetables, seafood, steam buns, dumplings, tortillas, and more. This poacher is hands-down the best egg boiler in India!

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Product Information

Brand                   Tormeti
Model                   Tormeti
Eggs Capacity     7
Colour                 Multi
Stars Rating        4.2
  • Ideal to make any sort of egg
  • Boil or cook 14 eggs at once
  • Automatic off
  • The eggs sometimes take additional time to boil

7. LIBAH™ Plastic Automatic Off Mini Electric 7 Egg Poacher Steamer Boiler

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With the Libah Egg Poacher, you will be able to boil eggs promptly with exactness. This egg poacher possesses a capacity to cook 7 eggs within a single go and that too pretty easily. This egg poacher saves your time and prepares eggs quicker as compared to the customary method of boiling eggs whilst holding their nutritive standards. You may prepare several different variation of egg inside this safe and convenient egg poacher.

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Product Information

Brand                   LIBAH™
Model                   2452
Eggs Capacity    7
Colour                   Multi
Stars Rating        4
  • It is durable and safe to use
  • Cook eggs in various forms
  • Automatic cut-off option
  • Sometimes the water drips outside

8. Shopo Unique Mini Electronic Egg Poacher

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This egg poacher or egg boiler from Shopo is a very cute and small model that is ideal for gifting to someone special may it be your friend or any in your family relation. This egg poacher is a very ideal model since it boils 7 eggs in a single go and that too within minutes. Apart from that, this egg boiler boils eggs or even cooks different varieties of eggs with ease. The formulation of this unit has been done with the food grade plastic and the top cover is transparent.

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Product Information

Brand                  Shopo
Model                  SM48PK
Eggs Capacity    7
Colour                 Pink
Stars Capacity    4
  • Made up of food grade plastic.
  • Ideal for boiling eggs quickly
  • Shuts down automatically
  • The water sometimes comes out

9. Glive's Multi-Function Double Layer Electric Egg Poacher

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Preparing eggs precisely the manner you want them was never this easy. Having this handy egg poacher you may cook nearly 14 eggs in several variations, kept with the same group of eggs. You might steadily make eggs in the method you want devoid of any problem. This egg poacher prepares making use of only steam. The cover of this egg poacher is transparent so that you may keep a check on the cooking process.

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Product Information

Brand                   Glive’s
Model                   GLL568
Eggs Capacity     14
Colour                   Multi
Stars Capacity    4
  • Durable plastic and stainless steel
  • Boils 14 eggs to perfection
  • Automatic shut-down option
  • The pre-boiling process is a bit tricky

10. Kent Super Egg Boiler (16069), 400 W, Silver

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This Kent Egg Boiler designed with a stainless steel body and a flat heating plate, the Super Egg Boiler is durable, won’t rust, and ensures faster boiling.The easy and quick one-touch operation of this appliance helps you boil 6 eggs at a time in just a few minutes. Its 3 boiling modes let you boil the eggs – soft, medium, or hard, according to the choice of every family member.

The operation of this device is as simple as the device itself. You would simply add the appropriate amount of water in the measuring jar. The amount of water required to be placed for each of the settings is mentioned on the jar. Place all of the eggs in their designated slots. Now close the lid and switch on the boiler and it automatically turns off when the eggs are boiled. The transparent lid helps you look at the eggs as they get boiled. The small pin present at the measuring cup’s bottom helps in breaking the egg after it is boiled. Poke a small hole on top of the egg before boiling for easy results.

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Product Information

Brand                   Kent
Model                   16069
Eggs Capacity     6
Colour                  Sliver
Stars Rating        4
  • Easy to use with just a single switch
  • Requires less water for boiling
  • Cooks 6 eggs in just 3 minutes.
  • Automatic turn off
  • Overheat protection unit
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Cleaning up the vessel is a bit tricky

Coming back to boiling eggs, traditionally it takes 15 to 20 minutes to boil eggs by placing water in a pot on a medium flame. This sound pretty easy and basic and even after that chance is you might overcook or undercooks the same.

The traditional way to cook hard boiled eggs is to place your eggs in a pot of water and medium heat over the burner for 15 to 20 minutes. Well, this may sound easy, but, there are chances of the eggs being over or undercooked.

In any modern day kitchen, egg boilers are a smart addition as they are compact enough to fit in any given place boiling multiple eggs at a faster speed. They help you save time and also reduce physical effort and leave the burner to do rest of the work.

How To Boil Eggs Using A Boiler

  • The first and the foremost step are to simply place the egg boiler straight on a dry, sturdy and flat surface.
  • Next, fill the provided calculating cup with cold water subject on the desired stiffness and the number of eggs, consuming the individual markings on the cup. For instance, if you want 5 medium boiled eggs, fill water cup to the line as marked corresponds with the medium egg line and the number 5. Now, pour water into the water tray.
How To Boil Eggs Using A Boiler
  • Then simply cut the blunt end of the eggs with an egg piercer, as it checks the eggs from teeming or cracking throughout the cooking procedure.
  • Place eggs on the egg holder. Now, place the egg holder with the eggs on the water tray and near the lid.
  • Plug into the wall opening and turn on by pushing the ON/OFF switch. The control light will brighten.
  • When the eggs are prepared, the timer will sound, and the light will turn off, but the application will remain on until you physically switch it off.
  • If you plan to serve the eggs directly, switch off the application. If you want to keep the eggs warm, leave the appliance in on pending you are ready to serve them.
  • Remove the egg holder with the eggs from the water tray and hold them under cold water to end the boiling process. Otherwise, the eggs will continue to boil and become harder. You may now serve the eggs.
  • After a short cool-down time of almost 5 minutes, you may use the egg boiler again. Unplug the appliance after use.
  • Unpack the egg boiler, remove any stuffing and check all the parts present and unspoiled.
  • Wash the omelet dish, the egg tray and the simmering tray in warm soapy water, dry methodically.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now reviewed all the Top 10 Best Egg Poachers in India, it might be fairly easy to choose one out of the provided selection of egg poachers. If there is still any difficulty in choosing the best egg boiler then the user must go with our suggested product.

Egg the miracle food!
Eggs are actually the most compact natural energy source to be bought commercially. It is second only to mother's milk overall!

The egg poacher that we are going to suggest is this one:

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Kent comprises of several useful options and has been built to last. The unit also comes with various safety features as well.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Egg Boiler- Buyer’s Guide

Egg boilers are a pretty useful product that boils your eggs even when the stoves are busy. It makes your job faster as they come with several features to boil the egg perfectly. Egg boilers have gained immense popularity over the years in the market of kitchen appliances as they are readily available and affordable. Making a perfectly boiled egg is not as easy as it seems. You have to consider a lot of things such as the egg-to-water ratio, type of utensil to be used, cooking time, and type of eggs. Having an egg boiler is a lifesaver and perfect cook for this issue. Most of the egg boilers come with a one-touch option that is easy to manage. It is why finding the ideal egg boiler is so important. But this job is better said than done. Therefore, our team has come up with some necessary points that one should consider before buying an egg boiler. 

Build Quality

When you are buying an electronic device, you should better check the build quality. A good build quality ensures the durability of the product. It assures you that your product will not break easily after any accident. Most of the egg cookers or boilers are made up of aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or a combination of these. The heating plate of the boiler is of a conducting material that conducts the exact heat needed. The lid of the product is typically made up of plastic. Make sure that the plastic has a good quality. Plastic lids are better as they allow you to peek inside but they are also less durable than their metal counterparts. Hence, while buying an egg boiler, make sure that you have checked the build quality carefully and you are satisfied with it. 

A Perfect Egg Holding Capacity

Your egg boiler is solely dedicated to boiling your eggs ideally. Hence, it is necessary to check the capacity of the eggs that the tray can hold. The preferred size of the egg boiler depends on your need. For instance, you can count it depending on the number of people you have in your home and how many times a day you eat eggs. Suppose you have 6 members in your family who eats eggs twice a day or two at a time. Hence, an egg boiler with at least six boiling capacity would be a great help for you. Go for the maximum capacity as they can serve more people at once. 

Look For The Extra Features

Egg boilers can be multi-functional to serve different boiling or steaming jobs. These boilers come with many added features such as auto-off, timer etc. Boiling eggs is not an instant job. It takes quite a time, and hence the most annoying thing while boiling an egg is to wait for it till it is done. But with an egg boiler, you do not have to wait for long. You can do your other cooking jobs while keeping your eggs to boil on the boiler. The boilers stop automatically when boiling is complete. This feature adds extra convenience to the job. Other types of boilers come with two-layer settings where you can accomplish multiple jobs together. These features are pretty handy when it comes to faster food preparation while hurrying. 

What Is Your Budget Preference

Budget is a crucial factor to consider before buying an egg boiler. Egg boilers are available in various price ranges depending on their type, capacity and quality. If you are going for a two-layer egg boiler, you are more likely to pay higher. Again, if you want something handy and economical, that option is also available in the market. Hence, all you have to do is to choose a budget limit. Having a preferred budget helps you to find the best out of that segment. It also gives you a fair idea of what you should expect in that range. Therefore, before you plan to buy an egg boiler and go looking for one, you should always consider having a budget preference beforehand that would help you get the best faster and easily. 

What Other People Says

Indeed, you should never let people talk about your private problems. But the people's opinion while buying a kitchen appliance is necessary to decide and ensure the quality of the same. Therefore, before you buy an egg boiler, make sure to check the reviews beforehand. The experience that other people have had with the one you are looking for would help you to decide the quality and efficiency of the product. Go for the products with a higher review. They tend to last long and give you the best performance out of many in the market. Trust your instincts too. Read the product description carefully before you make a purchase. 

Maintenance of Egg Boiler

Who would ever want to invest their money in some unworthy appliances? But if you want your device to last long, you have to take care of it properly. Yes, like every other living being, machines also need proper care. We call it maintenance. Everything that you buy requires some sort of maintenance. The longevity of the device also depends on how well you can maintain it. Various appliances require different procedures. However, you will find many things in common too. So, to help you keep your device in sound health, we have prepared a list of several maintenance tips. Following these will ensure your egg boiler's smooth performance for a more extended period. 

Disconnect It After Every Use

Prevention is better than cure. And at times, curing may not be an option. Therefore, we should take care of every detail to protect our device from any harm.  For the appliances, one of the biggest threats is the same power that helps them run. So the first thing is, you should always disconnect the device from the electric socket. Thus you can protect it from any electrical fluctuations or hazards. For instance, thunderstorms posses a greater risk to your electrical appliances, if connected to the power sockets when it's happening. They can burn the mechanisms, or destroy the machine. And if this happens, there will be hardly any chance of recovering it. So, it is better to disconnect the device from the power source after every use. Thus, you can protect your machines and your home too. 

Clean It Properly

Cleaning is related to hygiene, which is the next step in maintenance. Keeping your device properly cleaned is necessary and a vital step to keep your kitchen healthy and fresh. As you will be using water to boil the eggs in your egg boiler, you must clean it every time after using it. Use fresh water to rinse the bowl off and leave it for drying. Now use a clean towel to wipe the remaining water from it. Close the lid properly and store the device in a safer place. Also, if you have not used the machine for quite a time, make sure you want it properly before using it the next time. 

Store It Well

One of the biggest mistakes that we do in our kitchen is leaving things unstored. At many times we leave these small appliances in some corner until we use them next time. There are many risks associated with it. For instance, if the device is somewhere your children can reach, it may either hurt the child or vice versa. Or if you have any pet in your home that can get up there, it can destroy the machine without giving any moment. Hence, always keep your egg boiler from out of reach of children or your pets. We recommend storing it somewhere safer where only adults can touch it. Also, avoid keeping it near any fire or water supply in the kitchen. 

Benefits Of Using Egg Boiler

So, what are the benefits of egg boilers? Why should you use it? There must be plenty of questions occurring on your mind right now. You may even be thinking about whether you should buy one or not. But we presume that, since you are here looking for one, you might be facing some of the problems with regular egg boiling and want it more conveniently. So, the primary target of egg boilers is adding convenience to your cooking experience. Egg boilers operate on electricity and need no fire to boil eggs. They also do not dip the eggs completely, rather use steam to boil them. So, to understand why one should opt for an egg boiler, we have to focus on some of its advantages. Our team has come up with a list of benefits that the egg boilers have to offer. 

More Convenient

The primary reason behind using egg boilers is that they are more convenient than anything else. Egg boilers are designed to serve perfectly boiled eggs easily and faster. When it comes to boiling egg, there are certain things that we have to take care of, such as the right amount of water, perfect temperature, boiling time, etc. But with egg boilers, all you have to do is to pour a certain amount of water into the bowl and keep the eggs on the tray. Then after closing the lid, turn on the machine. The machine then takes care of everything on its own. 

Faster Performance

So, apart from being convenient, what can be another point that would convince you to buy one? To understand this, let's create a situation. Suppose you have an important meeting to leave for and you are running late on time. The perfect breakfast that you can have is boiled egg and bread. But, to boil an egg, now you have to fill water and egg into the bowl, and put that on the stove. Boiling in this way needs effort and time. But with the egg boilers, you can have boiled eggs in no time. Hence, another advantage of using an egg boiler is that they offer faster performance than conventional boiling. Egg boilers are solely for boiling eggs. Along with convenient handling, egg boilers boils eggs at the perfect temperature, which takes less time for eggs to boil. 


Suppose you are going to a picnic or changing your hostel. In this case, egg boilers can be the first and foremost choice for you to make. Egg boilers are small and portable devices that are lightweight and convenient. Plus, to use this, one just needs to plug it into the switchboard. Therefore, there is no stove or gas required. So, this can be a perfect choice for the people who travel too much. Furthermore, due to their size, you can also store them anywhere in your home without worrying about space. You can also store eggs into it when you are not using it or taking it somewhere. Hence, portability is one of the primary advantages that egg boilers offer you. 

Works For Multiple Purposes

If you want something more than just an egg boiler, you can also go for egg boilers that have two or three layers and can make an omelette or poach for you. Yes, egg boilers can do different kinds of stuff as per your preference. You can also steam boil your vegetables or other things in it. For that, you have to buy that kind from the market. This type of egg boiler offers a frying pan where you can fry or boil your omelette. Thus, you can use egg boilers for multiple purposes. 

Offers Complete Control

With an egg boiler, you can control several things like temperature, boiling time etc. And the best part is that you do not have to wait till it is done. For example, if you want to have a half-boiled egg, all you have to do is to pour water, position eggs, set the perfect temperature and set a timer. Now, you can do your other job without worrying about this one. I would automatically stop when the boiling is done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Aren't eggs bad for health?

Eggs are among the most nutritional food in the world, actually! Eating too many egg yolks will cause you harm, though.

2. How many egg yolks can I eat?

A grown man or woman can eat three whole eggs a day. So, yeah, egg yolks aren't bad for you unless they are overeaten.

3. Should I just eat the egg white, then?

No, we highly recommend that you don't disregard the egg yolk. Eat up to 3 a day because egg yolks are very beneficial to health. It's a good type of fat.

4. Can a bodybuilder eat more than 3 eggs a day?

Bodybuilders are generally much healthier than normal people. Therefore, they can eat slightly more. Still, we recommend limiting egg yolk consumption to 3. If they want, they can eat dozens of egg whites, though!

5. What can I do with the unused egg yolk? Do I throw them away?

There's a lot you can do with the unused egg yolk. You can just give them away to someone else in the family who hasn't eaten 3 egg yolk that day yet, or you can donate to street kids. Alternately, you can bake cakes or puddings or something with the egg yolk. Another suggestion is to use them in the soil of plants if u have a garden.

A Final Word

We love eggs, to be honest. And when we got to know about egg boilers, we couldn't contain our excitement, and had to put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboards – you know what we mean) and write this review. Even if you don't share our love for eggs, you know how important these are for health. Not to mention how versatile they are and how they can be eaten with a wide range of food – from roti with egg to pudding and more!

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