TOP 10 Best Drilling Machines in India January 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The power tools are crucial for the people employed in the building industry. These gears are frequently convenient for DIY projects and home improvement in addition. Therefore, plenty of people favor having it inside their toolkit. Such tools have certainly been advanced in the past few years. Owing to the developments in electronics time of charging has been condensed and amplified motor power has been perceived. The same has been done with the drilling machines since they now comprise of lithium ion in place of the old battery arrangement, enhancing their performance.

The Best Drilling Machine that you are going to find on the market is going to be a high performer using which you will be capable of doing any sort of drilling task pretty suitably. In case the machine is cordless, it will offer advanced mobility. They are extensively utilized by a majority of tradesmen like a pretty convenient power tool. It is really prevalent mostly owing to its power-weight ratio.

Since there are plenty of options available on the market, selecting one that would match your requirements and preference could be really tough at times. Hence, we have lined up the Best Drilling Machines together with a Drilling Machine Buying Guide so that you may also be aware of the aspects which you need to keep in mind whenever you want to purchase one.

Best Drilling Machines in India – Reviews

Cheston CHD-6104 10mm Reversible Drill Machine

Purchase this powerful drilling machine from Cheston store, which is really convenient while you require drilling a hole into any wall in your house or perform a petty refurbishing task. The drill machine that is available together with this amazing set of tools possesses a semi metal frame. This drilling machine kit comprises of several needful insert bits. It is certainly a canny replacement for your minor hand apparatuses. A noticeable feature of this kit is that they are very durable.


Product Details

Brand                    Cheston
Model                   CHD-6104
Power                    350 Watts
Colour                   Green
Stars Rating         5

Pros & Cons

Comes with reversible function Energy-efficient unit Slim and sleek design Some essential drill bits are not included

Cheston CHD-6103 10mm Reversible Drill Machine

This amazing and stylish drilling machine from Cheston is a very powerful yet energy-efficient unit that comes in with a nice set of drill bits for managing small home tasks. The framing of this drilling machine has been done with semi-metal body which makes it more durable. It is the finest replacement for those hand tools that you tend to use at home and comprises of a reversible functionality, which offers it furthermore handiness and convenience.


Product Details

Brand                    Cheston
Model                    CHD-6103
Power                   480 Watts
Colour                   Blue
Stars Rating        4.5

Pros & Cons

Powerful and handy unit Drill bits/rod not provided
Energy-efficient drill
Sleek and smooth design

Black & Decker KR704RE Impact Drill

Black & Decker is brand that deals in top class tools and equipment for home and commercial use so that you are capable of accomplish from big to even the smallest of tasks with a lot of ease. The Black & Decker KR704RE Impart Drill is a fabulous drilling machine having a lot of power and strength to make a hole even through the hardest of concrete material. The design of this drill is very ergonomic, which makes it very easy to use and hold while working.


Product Details

Brand                   Black & Decker
Model                   KR704
Power                   710 Watts
Colour                   Orange-Black
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful hammer drill The drilling machine sparks at times
Ergonomic design
Convenient to use

Bosch GSB 10 RE Professional Impact Drill

This drilling machine from Bosch is one among the most powerful units in the overall drilling machine’s collection. The Bosch GSB 10 RE is a crucial guide to your refurbishing and fitting tasks at home or any other place. It comprises of an influential motor, a sleek design, and is very light in weight. Utilize this machine for any sort of fixing and repairing tasks with a whole lot of confidence and be certain of seamless results every single time by means of this versatile equipment.


Product Details

Brand                    Bosch
Model                   GSB 10
Power                    500 Watts
Colour                   Blue
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Impact and screw driving mode Drill bits have to be purchased
Stable speed with continuous drill mode
Steps for changing bits

Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit

The Bosch GSB 600 RE is one all-encompassing drilling kit for your specialized or home tasks. Formulated having a sleek and manageable scheme, it provides an appealing value to your repairing tasks. Ranging from screwing to the drilling and even unscrewing, this drilling machine is enduring due to its dominant 600 watts motor. Therefore, begin with this amazing 600 RE drill and sense the quality output whilst performing various tasks with this machine.


Product Details

Brand                   Bosch
Model                   GSB 600
Power                   600 Watts
Colour                   Blue-Black
Stars Rating        4.2

Pros & Cons

Multi-function drilling machine The tools provided aren’t of good quality
Two way hammering mode
Easy to handle and use

BLACK+DECKER HD455KA Impact Drill Kit

The Black + Decker HD455KA is intended to carry out different sorts of demanding tasks with a lot of ease. It has a 550 Watts motor along with a powerful hammer stroke, which helps to deliver the critical drill for the user to perform a majority of DIY jobs at home or any other place. The extreme capacities of this drill are: 10mm into steel, 10mm in stone, and 20mm into wood. The adjustable speed offers a mild start and complete control on a majority of materials.


Product Details

Brand                   Black & Decker
Model                   HD455KA-IN
Power                    550 Watts
Colour                   Orange
Stars Rating         4.2

Pros & Cons

Drills into a variety of materials It lacks some needful tools in the kit
Ideal for home repairs
Lock on button for more control

Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt Drill Set

This 500-Watts drilling machine comes with a tool set from Bosch and just weighs 1.5kg, which turns it light in weight and solid in design. Its power rate is very influential at 0-41600 BPM and comes with forward as well as reverse spin.



It has 10mm of drilling diameter and an impact button for different materials. The speed regulator permits you to control the command with the help of your fingers.

Product Details

Brand                    Bosch
Model                    GSB 500 RE
Power                   500 Watts
Colour                   Blue
Stars Rating        4.2

Pros & Cons

Handy tool set for general repairs Manual screw driver not provided
Easy to use smart kit
Ideal for home DIY tasks

Bosch GSB 1300 550W Impact Drill

The proficient metal operational tools offer a really wide variety of abilities which can complete any task. With this amazing drilling machine you may perform any sort of job having complete confidence.



Its proficiency makes sure that you utilize solely the top quality equipment & tools that are capable of providing the majorly effective outcomes every single time you use it. This powerful equipment is designed to provide superior performance and added handiness.

Product Details

Brand                    Bosch
Model                   GSB-1300
Power                   550 Watts
Colour                   Blue
Stars Rating        4.2

Pros & Cons

Powerful 550 watts motor Switch easily from impact to drill mode Full ball-bearing construction The drill bits and drill rod not provided
Switch easily from impact to drill mode
Full ball-bearing construction

Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit

Give up on calling the plumber to arrive and perform the repairs needed at home and the maintenance jobs with this amazingly intended drilling machine from the brand named Skil. This top-class drilling machine is going to assist you to make precise holes on wood or even hard surfaces. This drill machine comprises of a comfy pistol shaped grip for convenience. This assists the user while using it and looking to make holes on the walls or doors.


Product Details

Brand                   Skil
Model                    6513JD
Power                   550 Watts
Colour                   Orange
Stars Rating        4.1

Pros & Cons

Helps to drill any sort of surface The drill machine is a bit bulky
Robust and reliable design
Offers an effective speed rate

Buildskill BED2100 230V Impact Drill

The BED2100 is an electric impact drill machine from Buildskill, for the people who are searching for an ideal drilling machine. It comes with an amazing ergonomic design that supports easier handling while using the machine. The advanced technology utilized in making this machine provides exact drilling. This Buildskill Impact Electric drilling machine has a powerful 350 Watts motor. The assisting handle comprises of an adaptable depth halt that might be rotated to nearly 360 degrees lacking any fuss.


Product Details

Brand                    Buildskill
Model                   BED2100
Power                   350 Watts
Colour                    Yellow
Stars Rating        4

Pros & Cons

Lightweight and easy to use Drill bits not provided with the drilling machine
Energy-efficient unit
Comes with reversible function

Best Drilling Machines 2018 – Advantages

A quality drilling machine has several advantages on offer; you might grab them straight away, and then get a hole done so as to hang your looked-for object. In case your drilling machine possesses ample power and a decent rate of impact, then your functioning will be pretty smooth and easy. There are plenty of advantages; we shall have a look at some of them down below:

Makes the Work Easy

In case you possess a drilling machine, you might be able to install a shelf, flat screens, photo frames, or anything that necessitates making a hole in the wall for hanging. In case you need to unbolt anything, you may also do that through the screwdriver mode of the drill. The drilling kit comes with the tools such as a wrench, pliers, and hammer, which might offer the required assistance for the everyday household maintenances.

Saves Your Money

At the present, you don’t need to call any repairman for slightest of fittings, you might get all that done easily by your own self. Primarily, you need to invest your money in purchasing a quality drill that would help you in the later years, deprived of any difficulty. A compact drill might be able to save you plenty of money that you might have paid for the facilities for repairs. In case you purchase the entire kit, then you barely require any serviceman at the doorway.

Effective & Smooth

A decent-quality drilling machine is constantly easy to operate. In case you possess a powerful drill, you might effortlessly perform every single task pretty quickly. If the drilling machine works smoothly, you might not require putting in additional efforts, and it isn’t going to slip from the mark that needs to be drilled. A drill should be smooth, and authoritative to get the operations done easily.

Offers Self-Assurance

Whilst you possess a drilling machine, you may do all the work on your own. You might not require any specialist or their engagements. All that you are going to require doing is to hold your drill and get the work done. It would be really easy to make holes on those shelves, performing any repair work, and everything associated with repairs. In case you possess a complete kit, then you might effortlessly succeed in any difficulty in your house.

Saves Your Valuable Time

A quality drilling machine would save enough of your time that you might waste when you wait for the repairman to get the job done. Do-It-Yourself before the problem gets an upper hand on you. You might be able to save the valuable time, by performing all such tasks by yourself. The drill toolkit comes with virtually every single type of tool to perform simple household repair work.

Beyond Drilling

You might as well perform several tasks, apart from solely drilling. In case your drilling machine comprises the hammering mode, then you might effortlessly break the surfaces, turn any hole broad, and isolate the unwelcomed things from the concrete.  In case your drilling machine offers the screwdriver mode, it is stress-free to undo those rusty screws, taut the fresh ones. Fundamentally, possessing a quality drill turns all the repair works pretty easier.

Top 10 Drilling machines to Buy Online 

Product NamePower (in Watts)Buy Now











Personal Recommendation

Since we have now reviewed the Top 10 Drilling Machines 2018 and have analyzed them thoroughly, it is going to be very easy for our users to choose one out of our top 10 picks and be a smart buyer both online and offline. But, if still there are some users who are unable to pick the best drill machine as per their budget and needs, then they must go with our personal suggestion.



The drilling machine that we are going to advise the users to buy is the Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt Drill Set since it comes with all the necessary attachments required for repair work and has a reasonable price tag. Buy this amazing drilling machine and perform all the basic repairs at home.

Drilling Machine – Buying Guide

How should one choose a drilling machine in the market?

There are plenty of aspects that a person should consider before buying a drilling machine. The major factors to watch out for have been given below:

Cordless or Corded

The corded drilling machines comprise of a sagging lead (with plug fixed) which requires to be plugged into the electricity source. This certainly limits the expanse you might be able to work away from an electric socket. The corded units incline to be extra commanding and offer elevated speeds as compared to the cordless drilling machines. Barring the slightest ones, they certainly incline to be pretty unwieldy to utilize like a meek screwdriver.

The cordless drilling machines have certainly more innovated in the past few years and might be able to offer similar working to a majority of corded drills. Their great benefit is that they might be utilized virtually anywhere up until the battery gets exhausted. After that, a majority of models comprises of the replaceable batteries and offer one spare, completely charged battery pack that is going to allow the drilling machine to work again.


Having the corded drilling machines, the power is generally mentioned as wattage in the majority of places, the greater the wattage, the further powerful is the unit. A majority of models offer wattage in the range of 500 – 1000 W. The wattage must usually replicate the sturdiness of the entire drill and the drill machine having higher wattage must have further strong bearings, gearbox, etc.

The cordless drilling machines are commonly assessed by voltage, the greater the figure, the further powerful it is going to be. A majority of DIY models offer a battery pack ranging from 9.6 – 16 volts, whilst a few offering nearly 32 volts are directed at the specialized operator. It is a separate benefit to possess a replaceable battery.


The perfect speed of a drill bit relies upon its size and the material getting drilled. Bigger bits require turning slower as compared to the smaller bits or else they might overheat and miss their cutting edge. They might as well put plenty of strain over the drill motor since it generally works fast to reimburse for its deficiency of power.

Above the single speed drilling machines are the fixed speed units, usually two, which are chosen by the machinist, the sluggish speed being nearly 500rpm lesser as compared to the top speed. The switch provided in between the speeds might be mechanically or electronically achieved.

Even further is the drill that provides an adaptable speed control where the speed is extremely variable equal to a fixed limit. The speed is customarily regulated through a trigger; the extra it is dragged back, the quicker the drilling speed. A few electric drills comprise of an adaptable trigger stop which might be fixed so that the drilling machine is confined to a speed appropriate for any task. Deprived of this pre-set stopover, it is pretty effortless to unintentionally overdrive the drilling machine whilst concentrating on drilling.

Size and Kind of Chuck

The size of the chuck regulates the size of the channel which might be driven through the drilling machine, having the HSS drill bits, the size of the shaft is generally akin to the bit’s diameter; having hole cutting, the shaft is commonly pretty smaller.

Usually, the bigger the size of the chuck, the further powerful motor is fixed, this commonly won't obligate an influence except whilst the bigger tools are fixed.

Keys or Keyless Chuck

Customary drill chucks require a key (chuck wrench) to close and open their orifices to remove/fit the drill bits or other sorts of attachments. Having the keyless chuck, the drill bits might be removed or fitted with your wrist’s flick. Keyless chucks might be pretty easy since you might not be incessantly examining for the misplaced key.

Hammer Action

The hammer action feature makes the drill chuck move in and out pretty rapidly, triggering the drill bit to strike its way into the masonry and bricks. On a majority of drilling machines, the hammer action is shaped by notch machinery, which allows the chuck to jump to and fro whilst it’s rotating. This kind of action necessitates pressure to be applied manually – the tougher the substance to be drilled, the further pressure – and that might be harsh on the bearings of the drilling machine after extended use.

Depth Stop

A few drilling machines offer the drill depth stop function that evades the drill bit from moving really far. These types of depth stops are pretty valuable but it aids if it might be detached from the drill whilst not being needed.

Screwdriver Function

For any drilling machine to function like a screwdriver, it requires to offer a variable speed in addition to 2 functions which is the reverse drive and the torque control.

Speed Control

Whilst utilizing a drilling machine like a screwdriver, an equally low speed is essential so it is crucial that the drilling machine offers an adjustable speed control.

Torque Control

These are generally set up on the drilling machines having a screw-driving feature and the torque control shuts down the drilling machine whilst a definite turning force is attained. The screw’s size along with the material getting the screw is going to affect the torque mandatory for a specific job. Generally the fine-tuning is by a numbered control – frequently nearly 16 positions having little numbers being low torque. This all assists in ensuring that the screws aren’t moved in too much inside; or over stiffened.

Reverse Drive

With the intention of using the drilling machine like a screwdriver, it requires a reverse drive feature to take out screws. Choosing the reverse drive is generally done through a switch selector.

Best Drilling Machines – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Usage of the Drilling Machine?

Do you plan on preparing a deck, push the bolts into building materials or just utilize the drill for the random decking task or occasional domestic mending tasks?  The regularity, sort of work, and material you are going to be functioning with are going to define your drill necessities.

How Much Power Would You Require?

In case you want to purchase for a standard corded drilling machine, recall that they are stated in Amperes — the greater the amperage, the further dominant the drilling machine is going to be. The cordless drilling machines are mentioned in the volts, with greater-voltage models customarily supplying advanced power. The drilling machines in the range of 9 – 12 volts might be able to handle nimbler weight tasks and a majority of household jobs. In the range of 12 – 14.4 volt offers sufficient power for a majority of tasks whilst still being slightly lighter in weight and fairly easier to maneuver. The drills that are in the range of 18 – 36 volts are superior choices for avid professionals and DIYs.

How Does your Drilling Machine Feel in the Hand?

The ergonomic design is going to turn your drilling machine further comfy to grip, effortless to utilize and assists in diminishing the fatigue. On the other hand, the one that would offer the best grip might not sense the best for anybody else. Grip your drilling machine and ensure that the hold is a relaxed fit. You should also verify that every single control can be accessed easily, which would help you to use the drill easily.

What Should One Know About the Battery?

The cordless drilling machines come equipped with the Li-Ion batteries that characteristically cost in excess of the similar drilling machines power-driven by the NiCad batteries. However, this additional expense is going to be well worth that price whilst you think through the lengthier runtime, extended life, and the capability to grasp a charge or more time. For equivalent volts at normally lesser cost, a NiCad-driven model may be an enhanced fit. Substituting the batteries might as well prove expensive on a few models, so inquire before you purchase.

What Additional Features You Would Necessitate?

A majority of cordless drills comprise a keyless chuck, a programmed brake swiftly to halt the chuck, reverse action, adaptable torque clutch, and an adjustable-speed trigger function. Further powerful drilling machines customarily comprise an additional handle that confers to your drill for superior control and balance. A majority of drill kits comprise a charger, 2 batteries, and a transportation case. A few multi-tool kits might comprise a rounded saw or reciprocate saw together with a flashlight. The additional features to consider comprise fan cooling, smart charger, belt hooks, LED lights, inbuilt levels or drill bit storing.

Possessing the appropriate tool might pose a huge difference in the manner in which a job is performed in addition to how satisfied you are going to be with the final outcome. Certainly, your budget is going to play a vital role part in the money you would splurge for buying a drilling machine, but that price must also associate with the kind of tasks you are going to perform and the regularity of usage. A low-priced drill might be able to handle the random home repair works, but for the further intense jobs, the heavy-duty dominant drilling or repeated usage, you might require spending some extra bucks to get an enhanced performance from your drilling machine.

Whilst purchasing a drilling machine, make sure that its function equals your requirements in addition to the spaces you are going to be working on. Check whether the drilling machine feels relaxed in the hand and if every single control is easy to reach and use. Select a drilling machine that comes with the battery that best ensembles your necessities. Consider buying the drilling machine that comprises a complete drill kit — a few of them offer a decent deal whilst you equate the cost of purchasing both a drilling machine and reciprocating saw against a kit is able to provide both. Solely ensure that the additional tools you buy are the ones you are going to utilize.


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