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5 Best Dosa Tawas In India (November 2022)

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No matter where you reside in India, Dosa lovers are everywhere and especially in Northern side. We Indians love to gorge on all kinds of foods and delicacies as we can under our kitchen. Dosa is no exception. But making a crisper, yummy dosa can be tricky and this is why using the right gear is of utmost importance.

Nowadays there are so many forms and varieties of kitchen appliances available that selecting one out of that pool is really overwhelming. We expect nothing but to get the best of the best for your kitchen space and loved ones. We understand your concern and here’s why we present you the Top 5 Best Dosa Tawas available on the market that are just perfect for your kitchen space. Enjoy the yummiest South Indian meal ever with our Dosa Tawas.

5 Best Dosa Tawas In India


Editor's Picks: Top 3 Dosa Tawas In India

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The Best Dosa Tawas In India You Can Find Today

A Dosa Tawa is heavier as equated to a normal Tawa to transmit less heat & letting Dosa cook at an appropriate temperature. A Nonstick Dosa Tawa is highly suggested since it averts food from sticking on cookware which is too infuriating. Thus, have a keen look at the list of best Dosa Tawas in India with complete review & ratings.

1. Wonderchef Granite Dosa Tawa Review

Ask any professional cook about the best brands when it comes to Dosa Tawas, and you positively won’t miss the name Wonderchef on the list. This brand has made its place on the market with consistent delivery and products and services without fluctuating in quality.

This model is widely accepted as it is gas stove compatible. The material used is of top-notch quality. This Tawa has PFOA-free nonstick coating which means it’s completely safe to use and harmless. The chemical PFOA used has been shown to surge the risk of certain malignant tumor in lab rats. That’s why a PFOA free non-stick coating is suggested even if it is expensive.

Why we recommend it

  • PFOA Chemical Coating, ideal for the safety of the user from certain types of tumor.
  • Color: Grey, Material: Aluminum with non-stick coating
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Granite Dosa Tawa (28cm)
  • The product comes with two years warranty

2. Hawkins Futura Non-stick Aluminium Dosa Tawa Review

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Hawkins Futura is one of the most famous kitchen appliance brands available on the market. It is manufactured by using a patented process along with a high quality non-stick German coating to reduce the oil usage. The non-stick coating locked definitely into the base makes for long-lasting resilience.

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Why we recommend it

  • Manufactured using a unique patented process
  • It is gas stovetop compatible
  • High quality non-stick German coating to reduce oil usage
  • Non-stick coating locked firmly into the base for long-lasting durability
  • The hard anodized base for even and fast conduction of heat
  • Colour: Black, Material: Aluminum
  • The package comes with a 1-Piece flat dosa Tawa (33cm), 1-Piece wooden spatula, 1-Piece plastic scrubber and 1-Piece cookbook

3. Tosaa Non-Stick Cookware Multi Tawa Review

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Take your passion for cooking and experience to the next level with Tosaa Non-Stick Multi Tawa. It is compact, light in weight and aids you to cook your crispiest Dosa in the shortest time possible. What's more, it is easy to clean as well. Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your kitchen space with this unique Dosa Tawa.

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Why we recommend it

  • Can be used to make scrumptious dosa, uttapam, paratha, roti etc, 4 millimeters thickness
  • PFOA free – Environment friendly nonstick cookware for healthy cooking (chemical free)
  • Heavy gauge aluminum, Easy to clean exterior coating, Heat resistance and sturdy bakelite handle
  • It is crafted from high-quality material, uniform and quick heat distribution
  • German coating and safe use with the wooden spatula, Color: Black, Material: Non-Stick

4. Pigeon Wondercast Flat Tawa Review

This is currently our #1 bestselling Dosa Tawa of all and is the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality Tawa that will work dead quiet and make yummiest South Indian food ever. Every lady wants a good cookware to experiment her dishes with, and for that she looks for a durable, best performing cookware. Pigeon has been doing that in premium fashion consistently for years. Its 3 layer coating, combined with its extra thick base and special design for South Indian dishes, make it one of the most perfect Dosa Tawas available on the market.

Why we recommend it

  • PFOA free, Non-stick greblon coating from Germany, 3 layer coating from Germany
  • It is made with extra thick body, Metal spoon friendly, ideal for making South Indian dishes
  • Dimensions (LXBXH) in cms of each piece: Diameter 280mm, Other features: Spiral bottom for even heating
  • Extra thick base to prevent warping, Triple layer coating from Greblon Germany

5. Nirlon Induction Marble Tawa Review (The Best Dosa Tawa In India)

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Nirlon is one of the oldest and most reliable brands in the sphere of home and kitchen appliances brand. They completely understand the user requirement and offer services as they require – it being truly one of the best options available among the pool of brands available. It uses special press aluminum technology along with thick marble coating which makes it quick and provide even heat distribution. 

Enjoy the best cooking experience with this unique and appealing Dosa, Roti and Parantha maker. Oh, did we mention that there are FIVE LAYERS of coating of this product, and that it comes with a one-year Warranty? Oh, it has an ergonomic design too. It will feel as if it was made to be held and stirred and… be used in cooking.

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Why we recommend it

  • Press Aluminium Technology, Marble Coating – Light Weight & Quick Uniform Heat Distribution
  • 5 Layer Non-Stick, Marble, Durable, Scratch & Corrosion Resistant, Excellent release capability
  • Healthy Cooking – No LEAD, No CADIUM & Ergonomically Designed Soft Touch Handle
  • Induction, Gas, Electric, Vitroceramic & Halogen – Ready Bottom works with all kinds of hobs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

What Are Pans Made Of?

Generally, most pans are made out of the following materials:


Although aluminum is perfect for its light-weight and heat-conduction material goods, it isn’t good as a separate material. Aluminum works well for browning and sweltering foods because of its heat receptiveness. The downside of aluminum is that it responds to acidic and alkaline foods, producing it to corrode and affect the taste of the food being cooked. Aluminum is usually used as a core heat conductor, or coated with stainless steel or an anodized coating to shield the food.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing is the procedure of plummeting aluminum in an electrolyte bath and consecutively passing an electric current over metal to protect it from corrosion. The outcome is a dark gray surface that’s harder and noncorrosive. It is a good conductor of heat, and the exceptional finish makes it stick-resilient.

What Are Pans Made Of?


Non-Stick Coatings

These pots and pans have had a covering functional to them that averts food from spearing and makes clean up easier. The non-stick surface is actually a benefit when cooking some food, such as omelets, and when warming sticky foods, such as rice. These pans are awesome for cooking low-fat meals since they necessitate fewer oils. Be cautious not to use any metal gears or rough scrubbers on non-stick pans since the coating cuts very effortlessly.

Cast Iron

Pans made of cast iron offer great heat retaining. They also offer a natural nonstick coating over time if you treat them properly. It heats gradually but once it is hot, it grips the heat well. This makes it worthy of deep frying food and even for slow-cooking. But cast iron is very hefty, a poor conductor of heat, and possibly a hassle to take care of. They are fairly heavy and will break effortlessly if released (your floor would perhaps break too!)

Best Dosa Tawas – Buying Guide

Based on our exploration, the most significant aspects that are demanded in a Dosa Tawa was even heating and ability to preserve heat. It simply means that we had to look at non-stick pans and cast iron which has usual properties of being non-stick.

We then seeded the best plans based on user reviews. We tried to look for width and weight as a limit of how much heat can be reserved. We then continued to get the qualified ones and test it out on our own. We got an expert cook to try them out and give their evaluation.

Are Non-Stick Pans Safe?

There has been some discussion on the safety features of nonstick pans and their undercoats and whether it sources cancer. The agreement it appears is that nonstick cookware is quite safe if it is used correctly. Chiefly, this means not overheating the pan. Overheating coated pans make their coating to break down, which can result in the release of surface elements and/or toxic gases.

Use and Care

Best Dosa Tawas - Buying Guide


  1. Always use pans on low or medium heat only (not high heat).
  2. Use high-quality nonstick cookware. Inexpensive, lightweight nonstick pans heat up quicker (not good), so spend on a good superior quality, heavier-bottomed pan. These cost more but will cook more consistently, last longer, and be safer.
  3. Avoid scratching or fragmenting your nonstick pans. Use wood or silicone spatulas in place of metal, and don’t use steel wool to clean or scrub your pans.
  4. Substitute temperately used nonstick cookware every three to five years. If your pan turns out to be dented (smashed or chipped) for any reason before this, don’t keep using it; replace it right away.

The bad news is that non-stick is momentary and will halt in 3 to 4 years depending on the care you give. If the covering starts to come off or scratches, substitute instantly. For just about double the price, you have the Lodge cast iron pan which essentially can last forever.

Personal Recommendation

We have already reviewed the very top Dosa Tawas available on the market. Any one of them would be a great choice for you to buy. Still, if you want us to give one top recommendation, then go for this one:

This product is the best of the best when it comes to Dosa Tawas. What features DOESN'T it have? It comes with a year of Warranty, has five (!) layers of coating, is ultra safe, and is a good looker too! Oh, did we mention that it is lightweight as well, scoring high on ease of use?

How Can We Go About Cleaning & Preserving A Non-Stick Dosa Tawa?

The protective coating present on the non-stick Dosa Tawa assists in cooking food without using a lot of oil and moreover averts the food from getting stuck on the tawa. In short, this provides the “non-stick” part of a non-stick Dosa Tawa. Therefore, to keep your tawa for a long-term, you require cleaning it carefully yet thoroughly. The appropriate techniques for getting the Dosa Tawa in tip-top shape have been discussed below:

  • You should refrain from piling up pots or pans above the non-stick tawa.
  • Solely utilize wooden, plastic, silicone, or non-stick utensils for cooking.
  • Follow the user’s manual to keep the tawa well-preserved and extending its life expectancy.
  • You should not clean the non-stick tawa by means of a dishwasher since might inflict a detergent stack. Using any hand wash might be a better option.
  • Don’t utilize the scrubbing pads made up of steel wool or other types of abrasive cleansers since they can scratch or damage the protective coating. So, you should make sure that you use the non-stick scrub sponge.
  • Utilize lukewarm water to get the dosa tawa cleaned at all times.

Best Dosa Tawas in India – Benefits

There are plenty of benefits on offer if you add a Dosa Tawa to your kitchen:

Uniform Heating

Iron is an amazing heat conductor. A majority of users are apprehensive of the fact that the iron pan would consume extra heat as compared to the lighter non-stick pans, which definitely isn’t true. Iron becomes hot really fast, uniformly, and retains the heat for a longer time. This signifies that you may save on the monthly gas bills and stay healthy as well.


Every single pan requires being seasoned prior to being used for cooking to make sure that the food isn’t sticking to it. We have provided the tips as well for maintenance and cleaning as well, which is going to help in using the tawa for an extended period of time. There are nonstick coatings available on the market that isn’t treated by any sort of nasty chemicals. The more you would cook on an iron dosa tawa, the further nonstick it is going to become—and the lesser amount of oil would be required to get the food cooked.

Addition of Iron

Anemia is a pretty common disease in Indians, particularly Indian women. This disease gives rise to numerous problems such as menstrual complications, immunity problems among several others. Cooking food regularly using a Dosa Tawa made up of Iron is an ingenious method that several natural practitioners suggest facilitating iron supplementation. There are plenty of studies that exhibit that the food items prepared using an iron cookware display a 16% growth in iron content above the ones that have been prepared using any other tawa.

Tasty Food

Scrumptious and delicious food is definitely somewhat of a pursuit, especially for the people who cook pretty often. We purchase quality ingredients, go through the connoisseur's recipe and guidance, we get it all done. But, then there is always a scope for improvement, which can be delivered by the iron dosa pans or tawa. A majority of restaurants in India utilize iron dosa tawa, which is the reason why they deliver that mouth-watering crust on that crunchy Butter Masala Dosa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Granite a good material for making a Dosa Tawa?

Yes, if the Granite used is in good condition. A Dosa Tawa coated with Granite will also not emit toxic fumes, thus being a good choice.

2. What if the dosa is sticking to the tawa?

If your tawa is iron-coated, it will gradually develop more and more non-stick properties. In the meantime, sprinkle a bit of water on the tawa on medium flame and let it evaporate, and then go on with your cooking.

3. Is an anodized tawa harmful for health?

No, an anodized tawa prevents the food from coming into contact with the metal. It has been established by health professionals that anodized cookware are not harmful for health.

A Final Word

What have we learnt from this post? We have learnt that Dosa Tawas are ideal for making South Indian dishes, but they have even more advantages. They are also healthy, particularly in being a rich source of iron! Wow, taste and health both being enhanced by a Dosa Tawa? What are you then waiting for, those of you who don't own a Dosa Tawa?!

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