5 Best Digital Thermometers In India (November 2022)

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Any parent with a sick child can attest that digital thermometers for kids must be easy to use, have a quick response time, and offer accurate numbers. These are our top benchmarks for picking the Best Digital Thermometers in India.

When it comes to taking a child’s temperature or anyone else’s for that matter, you want something that is going to be precise and comfortable for the child to handle. With the variation of digital thermometers on the Indian market nowadays, you can get whatsoever style and design you think is finest for your children. The best-rated digital thermometers we’ve reread here are all purchaser favorites since of their correctness and user-friendliness.

5 Best Digital Thermometers In India Online

Thermometers are very imperative tools to help screen your child’s health so having one that you can depend on is tremendously significant. Below is a buyer’s guide that will offer even more material for you to use to help choose which model you will desire.

There are many different types of digital thermometers on the market from ear thermometers to the newer, across-the-temple styles. If you have kids, having the right thermometer is vital to confirm that you don’t miss a probable fever.

Editor's Picks: 3 of the Top Digital Thermometer Brands

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The Best Digital Thermometers In India You Can Buy Today

1. Carent Waterproof Premium Digital Thermometer

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It ranks first on our list since it is not just a thermometer; there is more to it in terms of features and performance. It also has a mobile app to link it to your smartphone. The thermometer gives a fast and accurate reading in 40 secs and offers mobile app support that connects with both apple and android devices. It also offers wireless data transfer support and can track and predict your periodic cycle. The storage space available to store data for up to 1 week. All the features listed above have been presented with a well-balanced price, making it one of the top choices that you can make while buying a digital thermometer. It is the best digital thermometer for adults and kids alike. More detailed specifications are mentioned below:

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with 5 years warranty. It gives Quick Result: Reads quickly and displays the body temperature within 30 seconds.
  • Flexi-tip: Soft and Flexible Tip makes it Break-free and helps to get accurate measurements.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof thermometer with digital jumbo LCD.

2. Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer Review

Rossmax is a domiciliary name when it comes to thermometers. They have many assortments and they all share Rossmax word of dependability and correctness. The Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer has ExacTemp Technology which means you can depend on the readings you’re getting.

If your child is a fussy one, you will love this Thermometer as it will give you a precise reading in just seconds of employing the bendable tip hardly inside the ear. It’s so placid to use and fast that it can be used on the child who is totally numb without worrying them at all.

Thanks to the flexible tip you can leave it near children without worrying about anyone being hurt. The fever alarm alerts you about fever even before seeing the reading. The best part is that you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit mode easily. The quality has been assured by providing 2 years of warranty that makes it a never-to-miss deal.

Why we recommend it

  • Self-diagnosis when the device is the abnormal, waterproof and flexible tip
  • Fever alarm and Celsius to Fahrenheit switch ability
  • Low battery indicator, auto shut-off and 10 seconds measurement
  • Includes batteries and instruction manual
  • 2 years warranty

3. Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer Non-Contact Review


The Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer gives accurate readings in about 20 seconds which isn’t bad for older youngsters, but can occasionally be problematic for very young children to use. In particular, babies can only have the temperature taken rectally with this thermometer, which is problematic to say the least.

Non-contact thermometers are easy to use and are also safer than traditional ones. The thermometer takes only 1 second to measure and can store data up to 9 readings. You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. You get everything at a much lower price song with a 2-year warranty that makes it a worthy decision to make.

Why we recommend it

  • Backlight and forehead temperature measurement
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit switch ability
  • 1-second measurement and 9 memories
  • Includes batteries and instruction manual
  • 2 years of warranty

4. Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer Review

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At times, taking the temperature of a young child who doesn’t feel well can be a chore. That’s where this thermometer will help, as it allows you oral, rectal, and underarm measurement. The accuracy is dependable too, with only a ±0.1 degree celsius variation.

Sometimes we leave things on after using them, don't we? Don't worry if you do this to this digital thermometer for children, as it has an auto-off function after 3 minutes with no usage. The warranty of 1 year is not shabby either.

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Why we recommend it

  • For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement
  • 3-digit, + degree Celsius (degree Fahrenheit) display in 0.1-degree increment, beeps when a measurement is finished
  • Dimension Accuracy: ±0.1 degree celsius (32.0 to 42.0-degree celsius)
  • Memory recalls last reading.K indly press power button for seven seconds until a beep is emitted. The display will change to another measurement
  • Auto-off function: Around 30 minutes after use or 3 minutes when not been used
  • 1-year brand warranty from date of procurement

5. Dr. Trust Infrared Forehead Temporal Artery Thermometer Review

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Ask any professional in the field about the best Artery thermometer and you’ll never miss Dr. Trust in the list. You can tell from the name, right? Doctors trust Dr. Trust. When it comes to the best there is no other brand that can beat it. It offers high accuracy as it’s certified with medical device CE and FDA approved.

This thermometer offers many amazing and efficient features such as Large LCD Screen, Color Coded Backlight. It can also store memory for up to 30 results. The fever alarm lets you know it even before you see the reading. You can also keep it in silent mode. The backlight turns red in case of excessive temperature. Hence, if you are finding the best digital thermometer, consider this one for buying if you want accuracy and features together. 

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Why we recommend it

  • The Thermometer First Scans and Captures Naturally Emitted Infrared Heat, measurement of ambient temperature, liquids, and surfaces. Arterial Heat Balance Software Then Synthesizes These Readings To Determine Body
  • Temperature: 2 Color Coded Backlight: Large LCD Screen, Color Coded Backlight, and 30 Results Memory; Dual Mode: Person/Object Mode, Measures In both Celsius and Fahrenheit. fever alarm in case of excess temperature and red color LCD backlight will show
  • Object Mode Suitable For Measuring Temperature Of Baby Bottles With Milk. Always Accurate Measurement: Clinically Tested, This Thermometer Has Been Clinically Tested For Accuracy In Comparison To Rectal Thermometers.
  • The product of Nureca inc USA: 1 Year Extended Warranty in India subject to terms and conditions
  • High Accuracy Certified medical device CE and FDA approved

Importance Of Digital Thermometers

Even though all fevers aren’t high grade, knowing when your child has one and knowing what it is, is very important to their health and safety. An unattended high fever can result in more problems such as febrile seizures, so having the tools to keep track of the temperature provides peace of mind in addition to increased protection for your family.

Importance Of Digital Thermometers

You want to have a digital thermometer that is dependable and that you can believe the reading it is giving. Not being sure if the readings are accurate can cause more harm than good, so investing in a higher quality model, especially if you have very young children, will give you the right tools to make sure their health and wellbeing.

Not only do digital thermometers measure temperature, but they do it fast. This is especially useful for babies and kids who would not tend to rest easy for a whole minute for a regular thermometer to do its job. With a digital thermometer for babies, temperature can be measured in seconds!

Moreover, digital thermometers for toddlers also perform other activities besides measuring temperature. For example, our top pick, the Toshiba Fertility Thermometer can measure, as its name suggests, fertility among other things.

When was the thermometer invented?
Though not known for certain, there is wide agreement that the basis of the thermometer was given by ancient Greece. The credit goes to the Hero of Alexandria. The modern thermometer was invented by the Italian Santorio Santorio in 1612. As for the digital thermometer, it was invented by Billy Martin, James Chandler, Fritz Mueller, and Robert Martin in 1970.

Typical thermometers don't display digital temperatures, right? And they are quite hard to use; you need to shake the thermometer before usage and you need to even learn how to look for the results. With a digital thermometer, you will get the results in… digital form, of course. So easy, and accurate too, by the way.

Digital thermometers come in all price ranges and have variable degrees of sorts that distinguish them from each other. With these assessments and the subsequent buyer’s guide, you will have some great information to use when you select the digital thermometer that bumps into your needs.

Smart Features Of A Digital Thermometers – Buying Guide

We’ve drawn some of the collective features that most digital thermometers have. This will differ conferring to the type of digital thermometer it is, but in general these features will be comprised in most types.

Smart Features Of The Top Digital Thermometers - Buying Guide

Backlit display screen 

Getting the right numbers is the real concern when taking your child’s temperature so look for thermometers that have a bigger, easy to read screen that is backlit so you can read it in the dark. This is also a big help if you are taking the temperature through the child is asleep.

Alert signal

A tooting sound or signal will go off when the chosen time has gone by, letting the user know that they can look at the reading.


Built-in memories will let you form the last numerous temperatures that have been taken particularly if you need to track how the development is going. For tracing ovulation, recall ability is very good too.

Temperature warning color changes

Numerous digital thermometers for toddlers alter color in the display when the temperature is over a certain figure to specify a higher temperature. The backlit part of the display will turn red for upper temps.

Speed Of Results

The quicker a digital thermometer spreads the interpretation, the faster your kid can get the respite they need, whether it is a lukewarm bath or fever medicine or somewhat more grave. When a child doesn’t feel respectable, they don’t want to have to wait everywhere for the thermometer to finish its interpretation.

But don't worry about that. Children are like that. So why not simply fasten the time of getting the temperature measured? With a digital thermometer, you can measure temperature in seconds, and the best thermometers can even measure WITHIN a second! What sorcery is that?

Where To Use

Traditional thermometers are used by keeping them steady under your tongue or in between your armpits. As for digital thermometers, the range of places of the body increases. There are some which have to work rectally, inside the ear. Such digital thermometers are not good options for babies and children. Even if you are an adult, we understand if you don't want to use such products. Thus, we recommend you look for digital thermometers which can work on your forehead.

Long Battery Life 

Some digital thermometers use key cell batteries; others use normal AA or AAA batteries. Either type your usa, the battery life on most digital thermometers is quite worthy and lasts a long time. It might be a decent idea to keep an extra set in a drawer you can find effortlessly in case you need to substitute them.

Have a Backup

If you’ve definite on a larger ear thermometer or forehead thermometer, be certain to get a digital stick thermometer as a stoppage degree in case one doesn’t work. This way you are not ever without a means to check your youngster if they feel scorching to you.

Personal Recommendation

In the last couple of years, Digital thermometers for home have come a long way, counting things like forehead thermometers and other better features that make them more dependable and precise. With the info you’ve read in this buyer’s guide, you have the knowledge to make a good decision on the right digital thermometer for your family.

Many families have 2 or 3 digital thermometers for home; one big one like an ear or forehead thermometer and formerly 1 or 2 digital stick thermometers for standby, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution rather than be wedged without one when your child is sick.

Being a smart consumer, never ever negotiate on the quality of the medical devices like a digital thermometer for kids you buy because of money. Appreciated food Digital Thermometer is readily available on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified the Best Digital Thermometer for Kids, Toddlers, Adults for home!

This is our personal recommendation:

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Dr. Trust Infrared Forehead Temporal Artery Thermometer is a worthwhile, performance oriented and reasonable product which will last for years to come. And throughout all these years, you will be always satisfied with its pin-point accuracy and supreme features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is mercury used in digital thermometers?

No, so don't worry if you bite it!

2. I have heard that fevers vary throughout the day. Is that true?

Yes. Even if your fever hasn't gone worse, your body temperature naturally fluctuates: it is highest in the late afternoon and lowest in early morning.

3. Which place of the body gives the most accurate reading?

Rectal temperature measurement by thermometers gives the most accurate reading.

4. How should I clean a digital thermometer?

Since thermometers are placed inside the mouth, underarm, or the rectum, you need to clean them thoroughly. After usage, remove the probe, and then clean the thermometer end with tissue and water or, better yet, with a soapy cotton ball.

5. How high of a temperature is a fever?

We know that temperature measured on different parts of the body gives slightly different results.

Mouth/Ear: 100 F
Underarm: 99.4 F
Rectum/Temporal: 100.4 F

A Final Word

We have always found traditional thermometers delicate and difficult to use. Haven't you also heard the precaution that we should be careful of not biting the mercury, lest it should enter our mouth and poison us? *shudders* That's scary. And how difficult is it to accurately read the readings from a traditional thermometer? Wouldn't you rather take a digital thermometer and enjoy its ease of use, pin-point accuracy, fast working mechanism, not to mention that you can even choose a digital thermometer that keeps track of your periods? A win-win situation if we had ever seen one!

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