Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans Online Best Price List with Buyer’s Guide

Since we have arrived into the summer season and are experiencing the scorching heat of the Indian summer, we can’t help it when we are outside but surely we can do a bit for the inside that is our home. To vent the heat off from our house we must have a sound ventilation system in terms of windows, doors, and grills etc.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans Comparison List

Product NamePower (in Watts)FeaturesBuy Now

Eveready Super Fab M


Double ball bearing for an extended life

Inalsa Exotica


Full rust resisting body

Orient Electric Pacific Air Décor


Provides a higher thrust and air delivery

Orient Electric Apex-FX


Strongest motor in its category

Havells Vogue Plus


Noiseless functionality

Havells Pacer


Double ball bearing to provide endurance

Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC


Smart remote with timer, sleep, and boost mode

Crompton Hill Briz


air circulation and delivery is really good

Orpat Air Flora


ZZ sleeve type ball bearing

Crompton 48” Lerone Ivory


Powerful motor for good air delivery

But to make ventilation even more sturdy and balanced we need to have ceiling fans installed in our rooms that have the capability to move the hot air in a very brisk fashion. Therefore, today we are bringing in the best ceiling fans for your home so that you get relieved from the scorching summer heat in India.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews 2017

Eveready Super Fab M 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Eveready is a company well known for its rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for a long time. But this time it is their ceiling fans that have hit the market and are selling along with a decent growth.

The Eveready Super Fab M ceiling fan contains a double-ball bearing which offers high speed and an improved life. The fan blades are of standard size but the decoration on the motor and the blades provide it even more of an aesthetic value.

Product Information

Brand                     Eveready
Model                    Super Fab M
Colour                    Cream
Power                    70 Watts
Stars Rating         4.8

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Double ball bearing for an extended life The unit isn’t dust repellant
The decoration offers an aesthetic appearance
2 years warranty on product

Inalsa Exotica 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Increase the aesthetic value of your house and experience the splendid home comfort like never before having this amazing Inalsa Exotica decorative ceiling fan.

This ceiling fan comprises of a lustrous ring on its powerful motor and further contains eye-catching trims over the blades along with a sturdy design, which makes this ceiling fan a mixture of both operability and efficiency. This elegant pearl finish colored fan has an anti-rust body as well as blades together with the Double Ball bearing, which is an added charm of this fan.

Product Information

Brand                     Inalsa
Model                    Exotica
Colour                    Birkin Gold
Power                    75 Watts
Stars Rating         4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Full rust resisting body The motor of the fan isn’t stable while functioning
Influential motor together with quiet operation
Double ball bearing for high speed

Orient Electric Pacific Air Décor 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan

The Orient Electric Pacific Air Decor is a cool ceiling fan which comprises of the chic blade edges and metal finish to enhance your room’s décor. Intended with courtesy to feature, this Orient fan is going to serve like a striking central point for your room.

This unit is as proficient as it is trendy and the fan contains broader blades that make sure that you get ideal air flow through your room. The packed copper motor offers commanding and quiet air flow.

Product Information

Brand                     Orient
Model                    Pacific Air Décor
Colour                    Brown
Power                    73 Watts
Stars Rating         4.7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Reliable and effective copper motor Only 1-year warranty on the product
Provides a higher thrust and air delivery
The fan with the highest speed

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This simple-looking fan from Orient is very dependable and hard-wearing and a top-quality ceiling fan for your house. The Orient Electric Apex-FX is available in 2 unlike colors and the fan has the ability to flawlessly merge together with the design and décor of your space.

Comprising of an influential motor made up of copper, the Orient Electric Apex offers you a high-grade air circulation as well as thrust to provide the finest form of comfort and relaxation. The coating of powder on the fan offers high-durability to this ceiling fan.

Product Information

Brand                     Orient
Model                    Apex-FX
Colour                    Brown
Power                    78 Watts
Stars Rating         4.5

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers reliability through the effective copper motor This ceiling fan is a touch noisy
Higher air circulation and thrust
Strongest motor in its category

Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan

This Havells Vogue Plus attractive ceiling fan is a major specimen of rich appearance. This ceiling fan comprises of a remarkably gorgeous body that is efficient and appears striking with its aluminum intended appearance, silver and blue frame and an eye-catching ring over its motor.

The Havells Vogue Plus is a decorative ceiling fan having an influential motor that helps in offering the noiseless action and provides a string performance every single time you use it.

Product Information

Brand                     Havells
Model                    FHCVOPLSBL48
Colour                    Silver/Blue
Power                   72 Watts
Stars Rating        4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Beautifully designed ceiling fan The unit is not dust-resistant
Noiseless functionality
Fabulous air circulation

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This amazing ceiling fan from Havells has been stylishly intended in brown and merges flawlessly with every kind of home interiors. The appearance is restrained yet fashionable with a modest stylishness.

Including the double ball bearing, it provides an influential operation by bringing in higher cooling performance. With a power of 72 Watts, this Havells Pacer ceiling fan is an inexpensive choice too.

Product Information

Brand                     Havells
Model                    Pacer
Colour                    Brown
Power                    72 Watts
Stars Rating         4.3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The fan offers high-speed air flow The installation is not provided from the company
Double ball bearing to provide endurance
Provides nice performance even at low voltage

Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC White Ceiling Fan

Gorilla is a nice brand that offers several energy saving fans that come with a remote to control the speed and to turn the fan on or off. It is said that this energy saving ceiling fan from Gorilla is the most energy efficient fan in the market as of now.

The smart remote provided with this fan provides the sleep, timer, and boost modes and along with that the fan delivers no humming voice. The brand further offers a 3years warranty on the product which is higher than other brands.

Product Information

Brand                     Gorilla
Model                   E1-1200 White
Colour                    White
Power                    28 Watts
Stars Rating         4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Most energy efficient ceiling fan A bit noisy at full speed or boost mode
Smart remote with timer, sleep and boost mode
Produces no noise while being used

Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton is a very well established brand in the field of fans since a very long time. It offers a wide range of fans with different options and appearances. The Crompton Hill Briz is a nice fan having a standard design, size, and appearance.

This standard ceiling fan offers a really great reliability by means of the double ball bearing offered in the product. The double ball bearing is also responsible for providing a sturdy and high air delivery so that you get away from the hot environment.

Product Information

Brand                     Crompton
Model                   HLB1200BRN-WOR
Colour                    Brown
Power                   77 Watts
Stars Rating         4.2

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Comes with double ball bearing The blades are really thin
Offers a very high reliability
The air circulation and delivery is really good

Orpat Air Flora 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orpat comprises of a broad variety of ceiling fans which have top-class design and their performance has no match to be precise. The ceiling fans from Orpat are vibration free and are pretty less noisy. The motor provides an amazing speed as well as a sturdy transfer of air.

The razor blades have been formulated out of aluminum and offer great sweep for supreme delivery of air. These fans further have the ZZ sleeve kind of ball bearing for the suave working of the fan.

Product Information

Brand                     Orpat
Model                    Air Flora White
Colour                    White
Power                    75 Watts
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty and high-speed motor The unit isn’t dust-resistant
ZZ sleeve type ball bearing
2 years warranty on the product

Crompton 48″ Lerone Ivory Ceiling Fan

This amazing decorative ceiling fan from Crompton has all that one desires to have in their ceiling fan to offer durability, power, aesthetic look, and high air delivery. The blades of this fan have been designed in such a fashion that they offer even more effectiveness to the unit.

The decoration on the blade provides it the aesthetic loo that many people desire for in a ceiling fan when they have to install it in their living room. The power offer by its motor is also sturdy at 80 watts so that the air reaches every corner of the room.

Product Information

Brand                     Crompton
Model                    Lerone
Colour                    Ivory
Power                   80 Watts
Stars Rating         4

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Stylish decorative ceiling fan Consumes a lot of energy
Curved blades to offer more air
Powerful motor for good air delivery

Personal Recommendation

A lot of people must now be sorted about the type of ceiling fan they are going to buy as per their requirement and their budget but many would still be confused since the models provided above are too close to one another as far as specifications are concerned. But, don’t you worry guys since we have you covered by offering our personal suggestion.

The ceiling fan that we are going to suggest all of you is the Orient Electric Apex-FX (Brown) as it offers you all the utilities that one may like in a ceiling fan. This fan is very reliable owing to its efficient copper motor, which is the strongest motor in its class. So, buy this product without any hesitation and we are quite sure that you won’t have to repent anyhow.


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