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5 Best Bicycles Under 5000 In India (November 2022)

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Looking to buy a new Bicycle for yourself or for someone in your family? This is the time to get one! We have found and reviewed the Best Bicycles under 5000 INR to make sure you stay in a budget and get quality cycle for yourself or your family! Finding the Best Cycle under 5000 INR isn't an easy job and it takes lots of research but fortunately for you, we have covered everything!

Bicycles are normally used for local commuting and were hit event much before the freedom struggle in India. Our country is the second largest producer of bicycles all over the world. Originally, there were a few bicycle makers in India; though, over the decade, the industry has knowledgeable an estimable growth when it comes to the number of bicycle markers and exporters. In the recent years, not lone local cycle makes, but some introduced makes also have hit the Indian market, scenery up their outlets across the country.

Nowadays, the best bicycles have drawn ‘bike' freaks in droves, in turn, supplementary new players in the industry to launch their aids in the market. These are the best bike firms, particularly in industrial bicycles for consistent use, hikers as well as racing drivers.

Before making buying decisions there are a lot of aspects that come into the picture. Here we Provide the Solution To your Questions. It is also very important to keep yourself by wearing a helmet. We have reviewed some of the Best Helmets for Cycles that you can find on the market!

Best Bicycles under 5000 INR Reviewed

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T

Hawk Nu-Age is a model launched by Hero. It is a cycle exclusively made for boys. It has brazed heaved track racer frame, ergonomically designed drop-down sprinting style handlebar and ergonomically engineered extra agreeable, integral PU foam molded. It is accessible in eye-catching graphics and colors. The City bike is appropriate for those with the cutting-edge level of knowledge. It has a steel frame that is rigid with 23 inches in size. It comes with a length of 1780 mm, a width of 465mm and a height of 1010 mm. This model also offers a rigid suspension fork.

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Review - Best Cycle under 5000 INR!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Why We Recommend It

  • It is ideal for the cyclist with height between 5 Feet 4 inches to 6 Feet 4 inches
  • 85% assembled state, wheel size 27 inches, frame size 23 inches
  • It comes with unique front & rear V brakes
  • Rigid Steel Frame, Adjustable seat with PU Saddle
  • Moulded Rubber Type Pedals and Single Speed Cycle (Without Gears)

Loop Bikes Cycles Roadio BMX 20

Our next best pick is from Loop Bikes, a BMX bicycle, which makes it ideal for sports and tricks. BMX is also recognized as bicycle motocross. It is measured a fun activity to do on a bicycle. This model offers a single speed. This ease makes it easy to use, for riding and for acting tricks. The frame is constructed from the sturdy iron material.

Loop Bikes Cycles Roadio BMX 20 Review - Top Bicycle under 5000 Rs.Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Why We Recommend It

  • it's Come With Zero gears, 20 inches wheel size & frame size
  • BMX bicycle is ideal for sports and tricks
  • Frame material is made of Iron which makes it strong and durable
  • The sturdy iron material, single speed cycle, easy to use for riding and acting tricks
  • Age range is up to 8 to 10

Mad Maxx Humber 20T

Our next best pick is from Mad Maxx Humber 20T. This model is quite famous among users and for all the right reasons. It comes with various great unique features and is ideal for 7 to 10 years kids as it offers neon shades, sporty look, and features for street riding with steel rims and quality wheels for a smooth ride. The package box contains all the parts which require only 30% to assemble by the customer. It is the best cycle under 5000 Rs that we found on the Internet! It is good for growing kids. It comes with support wheels which you can take off once your kid starts to ride it by himself.

Mad Maxx Humber 20T bicycle Review - Best Cycle under 5000 INR!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Why We Recommend It

  • The body is made of steel which makes it unique and strong
  • It is available in eccentric Red color
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 132 cm x 58 cm x 68 cm
  • The package contains 1 kids bicycle (2 Wheels, 1 Frame, 1 Handle, Supporter Wheels, Free Bell)
  • It is battery operated with rim Width: 1.75 inches; Bicycle Height: 120 cm to 130 cm

Rising India 14-inch Kids Bicycle

Rising India bicycle is an ideal choice for toddlers. It comes with training wheels which helps you to learn to ride and is great for your toddler to ride a bike at a young age, to learn and gain more experience with balance. The training wheels can actually help with them. Once they become easy, you can slowly and gradually take out the training wheels.

Rising India 14-inch Kids Bicycle Review - Best Cycles under 5000 INR!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Why We Recommend It

  • Ideal for toddlers to learn a new skill and gain experience
  • Easy and comfortable to use, later on, you can detach wheels
  • Made of durable and strong steel frame material
  • Zero gears, 14 inches wheel size
  • Age range is 3 to 5 and weighs around 7.42kgs

NY Bikes 14T Hitman

NY Bikes are famous for various reasons, as it comes with lots of accessories, to begin with. The more the better as it enhances the efficiency of the bike. It is available in the multiple colors and sizes. The frame material is made of steel which means it’s quite durable and long lasting as most of the consumer’s desire. The package contains one Kids Bicycle, one Seat, one Handle, a Pair of Brakes, a Pair of Paddles, a Pair of Steel Training Wheels, one Front Basket, one Pair of Handle Grips with Mudguard Clumps and one Seat Backrest and contains all the accessories which need to be fix, multi-hole spanner key provided in the Box to assemble the bicycle.

NY Bikes 14T Hitman Review - Best Bicycles under 5000 RsCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


Why We Recommend It

  • It's come with Steel Frame Material
  • Material: Steel; Colour: Black & Blue
  • Bicycle Weight: 8000 g; Wheel Size: 14 Inches; Rim Width: 14 Inches
  • Size (L x W x H): 78 cm x 17 cm x 43 cm

Personal Recommendation

Mad Maxx Humber 20T bicycle Review - Best Bicycle under 5000 INR!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!


I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose Bicycle for yourself and still if you’re confused or looking for a second opinion then go with Mad Maxx Humber 20T bicycle. It has 3.5-star ratings on Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this bicycle ever. It is the best 5000 Rs Cycle on the Indian Market!

The Best Cycle Under 5000 Rs Comparison Table

Bicycle Buying Guide

The first and the foremost thing are to consider why you want a bicycle in first place. Choose which type of bike you want. Will you use the bike to ride nearby town, hit the trails or climb mountains, or a blend of both?

Buy a road bicycle for riding mostly on roads and highways. Road bikes have sunnier frames and thinner tires. They are not aimed to ride over rough land, so they don't have suspension systems that grip shock. Road bikes are a decent fit for riders with a sturdy back. Flexibility is required due to bent over riding location.

You need to select a mountain bike for riding on trails or mount biking. The tires are hefty with substantial tread, which aids to grasp the surface and push you onward when you're going hard. Similarly, the frame is heftier, and the bike has a suspension system to absorb shock. Most bicycles handlebars are traditionally straight and can create discomfort if rode long distance on surfaced trails.

Test Multiple Models

Bike shopping is nowhere less than that of buying a house or car—you should seldom purchase the first model you see. If you're still riding the same clunker that's been in your garage in the meantime high school, nearly any new bike is going to feel remarkable, however, that's only because the expertise has come a long way. On the flip side, an unacquainted bike at the shop might feel incorrect just for the reason that it's dissimilar.

Narrow Down your Search

Try to emphasise your choices to three models based on your budget and planned use. Then ensure you take an acceptable test ride of at least 15 to 20 minutes—lengthier if you can. Beforehand you take that whirl, however, ask for fit variations and a quick seminar on how the bike works. You might let go otherwise praiseworthy model if you're extending to reach the handlebar or searching for a type of shifter you've not once used.

Dress the Part

For test rides or bike fittings, put on the same attire and shoes you blueprint to use on tangible rides. A bicycle can fit one way when you're in jeans plus extra when you're wearing cycling shorts.

Seek Personal Service – It Matters

It’s always a good idea to bargain online. But also ponder all the benefits of going to a brick-and-mortar store. Moreover, fit terms and test rides, a shop will make sure quality assembly and might bid free alterations for a period of time, in addition to other reductions on fittings comprised with the purchase of a complete bicycle.

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