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5 Best Bajaj Ceiling Fans In India (November 2022)

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Nowadays, you might be thinking that with a majority of people having an air conditioner installed at home, the prevalence of ceiling fans would be fading away. No, this isn’t true since the smarter customers still are pretty aware of the actual importance of ceiling fans. The top ceiling fans, even if you have an AC installed inside the room, help in circulating that cool air all over the room for more comfort. At the night, you may put your AC on a 2-3 hours timer and switch on the ceiling fan, which is going to help you save a lot of energy and thus save a lot of money. To keep the air circulation good, a lot of people use exhaust fans which may not be the best strategy but it also works.

For buying a ceiling fan for your house, there isn’t any brand apart from Bajaj, which is going to provide you the best ceiling fans that are going to be really easy to your pocket. The Bajaj fans have been manufactured keeping the Indian weather conditions as well as the usage in mind and hence have long been performing well on the market. But, since there are several ceiling fan models that Bajaj markets, you might get confused so as to which Bajaj Ceiling Fan you must opt for. No worries, we have you covered as we have listed down 5 of the Best Bajaj Fans on the Indian market to make the choice a bit easier.

The Best Bajaj Fans Reviews In India You Can Buy Today

1. Bajaj New Panther 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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There are several people who just want a ceiling fan so as to get ample circulation of air inside the room and nothing else. For those, the Bajaj New Panther is going to do the job right owing to the high rotating speed that it provides at a pretty reasonable price. This modest ceiling fan from Bajaj comprises of the double ball bearing, which allows for a silent working and helps you get a sound sleep. With the rust-free powder-coated finish, there isn’t anything to worry about as far as corrosion is concerned. The company further offers a 2-years warranty on the product for after-sales assistance.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A complete value for money ceiling fan for a reasonable cost
  • Comes with a quick-start high torque motor for superior performance
  • Comprises of double ball bearings for silent operation and durability
  • Don’t need to worry about corrosion with the powder-coated finish
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty on the product

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2. Bajaj Elegance 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan

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Further, there are people who would like to get some frills with their ceiling fan to get their room’s setting even more enhanced. The Bajaj Elegance is going to be the best choice for them as it provides you with both power as well as elegance. This decorative ceiling fan comprises of a shiny ring on the motor and eye-catching trims on its blades. Additionally, the fan comes with the specially intended motor with broader tip blades for supreme air delivery. The body has been laminated with the top-class electric steel to provide durability and longer life.

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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A decorative fan comprising of a glossy finish & dominant performance
  • Comprises of a shiny ring on the motor & attractive trim on the blades
  • The wider tip blades and the special designed motor offer the best air delivery
  • Comes with a high-grade electric steel lamination for a longer life
  • With the superior ball bearing you get silent operation and durability

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3. Bajaj Euro 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan

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The whole line-up of Bajaj ceiling fans further comprises of several fans having a really eye-catching and unique design, which is going to augment the overall appearance of your room. This ceiling fan comprises of specially designed blades, which provide you with a stylish appearance along with the amazing air throw. Owing to the double ball bearing, the fan functions pretty quietly so that you may get a good sound sleep whenever you want to. The fan has been covered with a 2-years manufacturer warranty so as to provide you with the much-needed after-sales support.

[amazon box=”B00KQFEU3M”]

Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Comes with an innovative design to enhance your room’s appearance
  • The wider tip blades along with high-grade motor offer top air delivery
  • Comprises of the double ball bearing for silent operation & longer life
  • Offers an automatic winding for amazing reliability and high-quality
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of energy, hence diminishes the electricity bills

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4. Bajaj Regal Gold 4 Blade 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

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You might be thinking that isn’t there any ceiling fan having a royal or elegant look, which can be installed inside the drawing-room. With Bajaj, you have a ceiling fan for every sort of setting. This time it is the Bajaj Regal Gold ceiling fan, which comes in with a really royal appearance and an elegant gold finish. Comprising of 4 blades, the Regal Gold is capable of providing you the comforting air in every single corner of the room. Additionally, having a power rating of just 65 watts, this ceiling fan consumes really less power and hence brings down that electricity bill considerably.

[amazon box=”B084T88GZY”]

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Suitable to install inside your living room to enhance its appearance
  • Comprises of 4-blades to provide air in every single corner of the room
  • Comes with a large size motor along with a decorative ring and 2-tone colors
  • The double ball bearing facilitates the silent operation for sound sleep
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty on the product

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5. Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan

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With this ceiling fan, Bajaj has definitely surpassed every single brand or manufacturer as far as the design is concerned. The Bajaj Cruzair comprises of a really path-breaking design along with the wide angular blades for superior air delivery and air throw. This Bajaj fans also comes with a metallic finish to further augment the appearance of the fan and prevent corrosion. Additionally, this ceiling fan offers a 1300mm sweep, which is even higher than the standard 1200mm mark. The 2-years manufacturer warranty further tells you about the quality of the fan.

[amazon box=”B00VA8BWEY”]

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers you with a path-breaking design to enhance your room’s appearance
  • The wide angular blades provide you with an amazing air delivery
  • Comes with an elegant metallic finish that also turns it corrosion-free
  • The power consumed by this fan is really less at 66 watts that saves money
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer warranty for after-sales service

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Personal Recommendation

Since we have now completely analyzed and reviewed the 5 of the Top  Bajaj Fans on the market, it is going to be really easy for our users to choose the best one as per their requirement. All the ceiling fans that we have listed here are all-powerful and provide you with the finest air distribution. Apart from that, every single Bajaj fan comes with a decent warranty period, which further tells you about the overall quality of the material that they use and the high-grade machinery. Even then, if there are some customers who aren’t that sure so as to which Bajaj Ceiling Fan they must opt for, then they should go with our personal suggestion, to catch the best ceiling fan, which is going to suit any sort of room settings.


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The Bajaj fan that we are going to recommend to our users is the Bajaj Elegance 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan, which provides you with both power as well as the design for enhancing the look and feel of your room where you install it. Apart from that, it offers a fan-speed of 380 RPM, 2-years manufacturer’s warranty, and works at a power rating of 80 watts that helps you in saving a lot of energy and keeps those electricity bills down. So, invest in the Bajaj Elegance 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan to get the reliability and durability that you had ever wanted.

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What are the Types of Ceiling Fans Available on the Market?

There is a large variety to select out of while considering the ceiling fans. Described-below is the kind of ceiling fans on the market:

Standard ceiling fans: A majority of houses comprise of these types of fans. The standard ceiling fans offer amazing sizes and shapes, having 3 to 5 blades. These are really effective for using at home inside the rooms. They might be found in numerous shades as well as finishes to augment the overall look of the room.

Directional ceiling fans: These fans are really akin to the standard fans, but are smaller as far as size is concerned. The primary difference between the two is that the directional fans may be adjusted to distribute air or generate ventilation in a specific angle or direction. It is valuable in case a definite part of the room needs cooling in spite of the entire room.

Dual Motor ceiling fans: These kinds of fans comprise of 2 directional fans fixed by means of small rods, which have been linked to a single main rod. Every single fan functions in an independent manner and might be set on unalike working speeds. These types of fans are valuable for public seating only.

Energy Star rated ceiling fans: These directional or standard fans that match the energy star rating needs or criterions in the perspective of energy efficiency are categorized below the category of Energy Star rated ceiling fans.

Commercial & industrial Ceiling fans: These fans are the ones which comprise of high air circulation capability, frequently equipped with 6 blades, appropriate for elevated ceilings which might be found inside commercial buildings, malls, huge halls and even poultry houses.

Remote-controlled ceiling fans: It might be the standard fans or even the dual motor fans or any other kind of fan, solely with a single variation- they might be switched on/off and might be functioned using a remote control. These might at times possess lights on top, which might be switched off/on using a remote control.

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Ceiling Fans Vs. Other Cooling Devices

Ceiling fans are one of the most popular electronic appliances that almost every household in India has. And even after the invention of various more advanced cooling machines, such as coolers, air conditioners; the market of ceiling fans has not sunk even a little bit. On the contrary, it is an ever-growing industry at present. Particularly during summer, the market for ceiling fans rises dramatically. So, sometimes it may trigger a thought that why are they so popular. 


While there are many options in the market, the cheapest most efficient is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans roughly cost you around a thousand rupees which is too inexpensive compared to the price of a cooler or an air conditioner.

Low Electricity Consumption

Ceiling fans have a remarkably energy-efficient and highly powerful motor that delivers powerful performance and fills your room with air. Even after their robust performance, ceiling fans do not consume that much energy, leaving hardly any strain on your electricity bills. On the contrary, the air conditioners consume more power than a ceiling fan. 

Low Maintenance

Ceiling fans do not require much maintenance and are easy to keep. It mostly takes cleaning and mopping of the blades (which you can do alone) to maintain the performance. While on the other hand, the air-conditioners require maintenance by professional service personnel. 

Ceiling Fan – Usage & Advantages

The ceiling fans are really cool appliances to fit inside any house. There is a comprehensively wide diversity of ceiling fans obtainable to match every single type of interior style, shade, and designs. Furthermore, even there exist designer fans that are available to provide specific needs.

  • The ceiling fans are significant for upholding decent air circulation inside your house
  • They provide you with ample ventilation for comfort
  • These fans are really helpful in making the moisture levels inside the house low
  • Ceiling fans definitely serve the cooling tenacity; it doesn’t allow you to sweat

CCeiling Fans – Maintenance

A decent amount of care must also be taken in preserving the ceiling fans. The things that you should take care of have been given below:

  • The motor installed in the ceiling fans must be greased recurrently to ensure suave working. The motors comprising of the sealed bearing need minimal or no maintenance and hence need no lubrication.
  • In case the ceiling fan is becoming wobbly or is generating a lot of noise then it might not be working as it should be. Naturally, the fans having a metal container for the motor tremble less and are highly durable. Effectiveness might as well be enhanced by altering the ball bearings used within the fan in case it is generating noise.
  • Never exchange the ceiling fan’s blades since the companies ship their product once they have balanced the blades for the correct working. Substituting the blades might diminish the overall efficiency of the ceiling fan.
  • You must utilize the Step type switching in spite of the knob type electronic fan regulator so as to save more power. The outdated box kind of regulators solely alters the air breeze, but there isn’t any change in the consumption of power.
  • It is further significant to verify the electric switches used for the ceiling fan to ensure that the speeds are fluctuating on change; besides it is going to keep consuming energy.

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How to choose a high-speed ceiling fan

Get a calm wind that offers you a feeling of freshness throughout the hot months. Ceiling fans are an economical and easy to install solution to quell high temperatures and gain in well-being throughout the year. Among the advantages of ceiling fans include low consumption (ranging from 14 W to 120 W) and the possibility of refreshing both the interior and exterior of our home.
Things to consider when choosing a high-speed ceiling fan.

Decorative style

Ceiling fans are another decorative element in the room. You can find models in many styles to choose the most suitable for your space: modern lines, classic, rustic, for children's environments…
Some fans include reversible blades. This type of blade offers a different colour on each of its faces so you can adapt it to different styles. This feature is very useful in children's models as they allow you to show the blades in different colours while the child is small and simply turn the blades and show them in wood finish when they grow up.

Types of ignition and fan control

  • Switch – They are lit through a switch on the wall.
  • Chains – It is the simplest and cheapest way to control our fan. It is controlled from chains hanging from the centre of the fan. If your fan is made of chains, you can purchase separately a universal remote control that is connected to the infrared device.
  • Remote control – We can turn on and control the speed without moving with help of remote.

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For interior or exterior

Another factor to consider is whether you want to install the fan inside our home or outside (on the roof of a porch, pergola or open roof). In this last case we will have to acquire a specific fan for outdoor use.

Summer and winter position

The fans not only give us a sensation of freshness during the hot season but also help us to improve the heating efficiency in winter, because when the blades turn clockwise, the fan makes the air rise cold and when they turn in the opposite direction, the fan causes the hot air to rise.
The winter position of the device, which can be activated by means of a switch or lever, inverts the rotation of the blades and moves down the hot air accumulated in the ceiling. A simple way to improve heating and save on energy consumption.

The Size of the Room

The size and power of our fan will depend greatly on the size of our room, the larger the room size we will need a more powerful fan and with a larger diameter, the most common sizes are 75cm, 106cm, 122cm and 132cm. The number of blades is also important since more the number of blades, the volume of air moved in the room will be greater.
Finally, we must take into account the height at which the ceiling of the floor of our room is located, to choose a suitable height of the fan.
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