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5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India

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The primary thing that a person can associate with being at home is comfort. But, with the increasing dry heat of the scorching summer season, comfort needs to be taken care of. Therefore, to get the best of relaxation at home, we have enlisted the Best Bajaj Air Cooler in India, which are going to provide the finest cooling performance. In this dry summer heat, the air coolers are the best choice to buy since with the increase in heat, the evaporation also is increased and the result is top-class cooling and comfortable environment.

On our listing, the Best Bajaj Coolers that have been provided are all top-class evaporative coolers offering you the best results. With the features such as maximum air delivery, 4-way speed control, 3-speeds, abundant water tank capacity, low power consumption, and warranty cover, these air coolers are going to provide the desired comfort for sure. For make sure that you take the best decision as and when you want to buy one, we have also provided an Air Cooler Buying Guide at the end of the review.

Best Bajaj Air Cooler Reviewed!

Bajaj TC2007 37-Litre Air Cooler Review

With Bajaj being the most prevalent brand as far as home and kitchen appliances are concerned, how can it lag behind in the in the air cooler department! The Bajaj TC2007 Air Cooler is one of the top-selling models on the market and is effective in providing the desired results. This Bajaj air cooler has been designed compactly and has the capability to suit any climatic condition and works even in the coastal areas. At a power rating of 175 Watts, this evaporative cooler doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. With a capacity of 37-liters, the air cooler is going to work all night long without any problem.

Bajaj TC2007 37-Litre Air Cooler Review5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A really compact and solid model with 27-liters tank capacity
  • Comprises of a unique ice box to provide you with fabulous cooling
  • Works on the chill trap technology for the utmost comfort and cooling
  • Provides a powerful air delivery along with effective air deflection system
  • Comes with a dust protection speed and easily operates on an inverter

Bajaj DC2015 Review (Best Bajaj Cooler)

In case you are searching for an air cooler that comes with a remote control and can cool a large room, then the Bajaj DC2015 Personal Air Cooler is going to be the best you can go for. With the 43-liters of water tank capacity, this air cooler is going to provide you with all-night comfort and optimum cooling. For the most enhanced performance and durability, this best air cooler comes with the wool-wool cooling media, easily detachable pads, and 3-side cooling pads. Owing to the 4-way air deflection and, 3-way speed control, and quite performance getting the desired cooling might become really easy.

Bajaj DC2015 Review - Best Bajaj Cooler in India!5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of 43-liters tank capacity for longer operation
  • Appropriate for the rooms having an area of about 600 Sq. Ft.
  • Equipped with the wool-wool cooling media for desirable cooling
  • Comes with castor wheels to move it to the desired location
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty of the product

Bajaj MD2020 Review

Produce a comforting environment at your office or home by controlling the temperature using this fabulous Bajaj MD 2020 Air Cooler. It comprises of a smooth and fashionable design, which turns it a go-to appliance this summer season. This air cooler comes with an automatic water-level indication that allows you to keep an eye on the level of water. The humidity controller has also been fitted so as to keep the room comfortably cool. The easily detachable pads turn the cleaning procedure of the cooler really easy, to keep away the breeding of insects or mosquitoes.

Bajaj MD2020 Review5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with a cooling solution unlike any other air cooler
  • Keeps you cool even during power cuts with the inverter compatibility
  • Offers a cool room temperature owing to the 4-way air deflection
  • Set the temperature as per your convenience with the 3-speed control
  • Splendid air toss and wind current limit with the 54-liter tank capacity

Bajaj Platini PX97 TORQUE 36 Ltrs Review

You won’t find anything more hard-wearing, solid, and portable as compared to the Bajaj PX 97 Torque room cooler that might be installed inside your offices and inside your bedrooms for amazing cooling. It has been created out of anti-corrosion, planned thermoplastic material, which turns it into an enduring model. It comprises of castor wheels for movement and equipped with a commanding motor that produces really less noise. This Bajaj evaporative room cooler comes with a 36-liter water tank coupled up with the 4-way air deflection arrangement.

Bajaj Platini PX97 TORQUE 36 Ltrs Review - Best Bajaj Air Coolers in India5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of the honeycomb cooling media for the desired cooling
  • The easily removable pads make it really easy to clean the cooler
  • For an enhanced performance it comes with 3-side cooling pad
  • With the 3-way speed control get the desired cooling experience
  • Consumes really less electricity owing to the 100 Watts power

Bajaj Frio 23 Review

No worries about power cut with unique Bajaj Frio air cooler, as it comes with in-built ice chambers which include ice cubes for faster cooling. The blower produces extra powerful airflow while usage. It features an automatic water level indicator which let you keep a track the requirements at any given time. These are corrosion free and safety proof with no shock danger. Enjoy cool air even during hot days and night in summer.
Bajaj Frio 23 Review
5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • With a decent capacity of 23 Liters, this air cooler is Ideal for room size of up to 150 Sq. Ft. It is Apt for all climates and coastal regions
  • The smart honeycomb cooling media, easily detachable pads; 3 Side cooling pad for improved performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • 3-way speed control; Quite a Performance; Four-way air deflection
  • Power: 140 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V; Works of Inverter

Personal Recommendation

Since all the evaporative air cooler reviews have now been done and dusted, it is going to be really easy for our customers and users to decide on which air cooler they must opt for their bedroom or office. The coolers that we have enlisted down here are going to solve the cooling purpose of one or the other user for sure. Hence, this Bajaj Air Cooler Review becomes the one-stop destination for all the customers who want premium cooling performance coupled up with advanced features and specifications.

Bajaj DC2015 Review - Best Bajaj Air Cooler in India!5 Best Bajaj Air Cooler In India 1

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But, in case there is a customer or user who isn’t able to decide so as to which Bajaj Air Cooler he or she must opt for, then they must readily go with our personally suggested model. The Best Bajaj Air Cooler in India that we are going to suggest to our users is the Bajaj DC2015 Digital 43-Liters Personal Air Cooler, which provides you with the desired specification as well as the features that a customer looks out for. It comes with a remote control so that you may get the desired cooling whilst relaxing on your bed.

Coming to the capacity, it offers the 43-liters of water tank capacity, which is ample for providing you with advanced cooling for a longer duration of time. Apart from that, with the 3-way speed control, quiet performance, 4-way air deflection, and castor wheels, this air cooler is a must-buy for all those who want to buy an air cooler for their home or office. If you are not the biggest fan of Bajaj, you can check out the other brands such as Symphony or Kenstar!

Best Bajaj Air Coolers – Buying Guide

Whilst you want to purchase an evaporative air cooler, a person must bear in mind that the size of the evaporative air cooler does make a difference. One must opt to buy an air cooler relying on the size of their room or office chamber. Moreover, a person must recognize the specification of an air cooler prior to purchasing one.

An air cooler must be located ahead of a window. In case the air is warmer, the vaporization becomes even swifter. Therefore, air from the cooler is going to be puffed out through a fan. So as to generate respectable ventilation inside the room, the humidity requires to be thrown out. The room windows should be opened for this particular purpose. However, a person must pay attention that they aren’t opened so wide since it is going to solely result in an upsurge in the temperature of the room.

Placing or putting ice in the water tank is also one of the most effective methods used to upsurge the competence of cooling. A few air coolers comprise of a distinct ice compartment to solve this purpose. The pads become cooler through adding ice into the water tank. Therefore, the chilled air moves through the pads. This is solely operational in case one is sitting at a really close proximity to the air cooler. Putting ice isn’t going to assist you in a longer run for declining the humidity or the effective temperature inside your room. Adding a lot of ice inside might as well result in decelerating down of the vaporization procedure. Thus, a person should comprehend the time to lay ice cubes inside the tank of the air cooler. Whilst the temperature reaches at its peak, the ice is going to prove its effectiveness. It’s significant to take decent care of the evaporative air cooler.

A person should also clean up the cooling media of the air cooler so as to get a good cooling performance. The cooling pads are going to gather the pollens as well as the dust over a period of time; hence, it is really vital to clean those on regular intervals. They must be washed at least once within a week’s time using a brush. In case the dust that got gathered on your cooler’s cooling pad is in large amounts, it is going to be perfect to get them substituted.

It is really significant to clean up the water tank as well on a regular interval. A person must ensure that there isn’t any leakage. Regular cleaning of the fan blades as well is going to make sure that the air coolers is going to provide you with the top-notch efficiency. The air cooler must also get serviced on a regular basis so that it is going to last for a really extended time.

An approach to make sure that you get instant cooling is by allowing the pump to function while the water tank is being filled. The water is going to move through the fitted cooling pads by means of the pump. This permits them to soak in the water in advance. Subsequently, the tank is going to be filled with water, you might be able to run the fan.

Once you have turned it on, it is going to assist the air cooler in the cooling procedure. The effectiveness of the air cooling might as well be improved by other things as well. For evading the hotness from inflowing into the room, the curtains should be closed. The lighting as well as the other machines must similarly be turned off. The air cooler should also be mounted in the correct manner for the appropriate air cooling.

So, these were a few things that we needed to tell you so that you can make the best possible use of your air cooler. All the advice that we have provided above are going to help you in maintaining the air cooler for keep it running for a longer period of time. These suggestions are also going to help you in getting the best out of you air cooler and get the cooling that you desire. It will also assist you in keeping the air delivered by the air cooler – fresh and cool. Apart from that, following these steps is also going to keep away all those mosquitos and insects from breeding inside the water tank.

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