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5 Best Baby Strollers In India

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Everyone would agree to the fact that babies are one of the most beautiful gifts of god. The scene of a laughing baby might drive out your tensions and stresses. Having fun with babies is one of the most enjoyable moments in life as it feels really pleasant. It is a stunning feeling that everybody would love to experience. Babies, similar to everybody else, aren’t going to have fun sitting at home every time. They are going to enjoy an outing and have an amazing time admiring the new things in their surroundings. Furthermore, babies necessitate a snuffle of fresh air from time to time.

Hence, today we have listed the Best Baby Strollers on the market, which are going to help you take your baby around for an outing. The baby strollers or the pram like they are known in India are going to be really comfy whilst you carry your newly-born together with you. It is pretty suitable when compared to utilizing the trailer bikes and sling-type carriers. So, all the parents who love to take their babies out and perceive their beautiful smile when they love it, buying a baby stroller is definitely a nice choice.

All baby strollers are designed in different shapes and forms based on the requirements, style, taste, and features.

Do you need a stroller?

If lately you’ve been blessed with mommyhood then you know what we’re talking about. Only parents could understand how important a baby stroller is for the baby and them for that matter. Even if you’re going out for a walk on an uneven surface you need a stroller for the same and that too with strong wheels to meet the challenges of changing terrains while you take your baby on a short journey to the nearest store for that you need a light-weight model.

We understand markets are flooded with so many options and how overwhelming it gets to select one out of so many. Here’s why we’ve come up with a detailed informative, and engrossing post that gives you top 5 baby strollers which you can buy without giving a second glance.

Best Baby Stroller in India – Reviews

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller (Orange)

If you're looking for a reasonably low-cost stroller that has almost all of the best features, the LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller is the best value of the strollers for your baby. One of the major concerns while buying baby stroller is the safety of your baby and LuvLap design their strollers bearing in mind the same. Their strollers come with three different positions maintaining the comfortless of the baby. Toddlers and older babies can easily ride forward/backward in the toddler seat. It comes with a reclining seat, with a foot brake for easy slow down during use and all-wheel suspension making the LuvLap an ideal stroller for babies and moms as well. If you’re looking for a great stroller at a decent price, then you must check this out.

best baby stroller5 Best Baby Strollers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • It comes with the reversible handlebar, which let baby face parent while strolling
  • It includes safety features like 3 position seat recline which maintains the comfort level of the baby
  • 3 point safety harness in Stroller helps keep your child securely seated
  • It comes with attachable mosquito net, to keep baby safe from bug bites
  • Large Shopping basket for storage, back pocket for holding valuables, adjustable footrest, for different positions

Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller (Blue)

Usually strollers are big, huge, and take many hands (and maybe a foot) to fold. Not the Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller, which is lightweight yet sturdy and can be folded in seconds with a single pull of its state-of-the-art Quick-Fold handle. Like we mentioned, LuvLap strollers are universally designed bearing in mind your baby’s security in mind. Their next best model comes with a 5 point safety harness which makes sure that your baby stays in place. The handles are reversible, so that you can eye every possible situation.  The best facet of this stroller is the mesh basket at the bottom which let you to keep all your baby’s things together for safety. The stroller is also easy to store as it is foldup and hence is easily stored.

best baby stroller5 Best Baby Strollers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Front and rear wheels with brakes allows convenient usage and safety
  • 5 point safety harness in Stroller helps keep your child securely seated
  • It comes with a detachable food tray, large Shopping basket for storage, a back pocket to hold valuables
  • Looking window in the canopy, to keep a watch on baby while strolling
  • Comes with the reversible handlebar, which allows baby to face parent while strolling, extended canopy and cover protection for a better shield from direct sun rays

R for Rabbit R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite the Colourful Baby Stroller and Pram (Rainbow Multi Color)

Ask any professional cook about the best brands in Baby Stroller, and you certainly won’t miss this brand on the list. Now you can enjoy the top-quality performance with this premium stroller. It could be the best investment for your toddler and you consider all the features it comes with.  The Lollipop stroller is a fairly light, super safe and extremely stylish premium stroller with some neat, well-designed features and a very smooth ride thanks to a four-wheel suspension.

best baby stroller5 Best Baby Strollers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Cost-effective, super safe for your baby or toddler, front wheel suspension
  • Easy to carry and foldable, offers the smoothest ride for the baby
  • Available with the reversible handlebar, which allows the baby to face parent while walking
  • Front wheels and suspension -offers the best suspension with 6.5-inch wheel
  • 5 point safety harness to hold your baby in most safe position while strolling

Tiffy & Toffee Baby Stroller Pram Maxtrem (Royal Purple)

Tiffy & Toffee is one of the premium childcare brands which powerfully considers in offering products that are safe, contented and innovative. It is backed by thorough research, design, and novelty. This brand is known for delivering the luxury and convenience for toddlers and parents. Before your baby learns to take steps their stroller is their first cargo and must be selected after considering all the points in mind.

baby stroller online5 Best Baby Strollers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Canopy with mosquito net and peek a boo window, Reversible handle with soft rubber grip
  • 3 position reclining seat (sleeping, rest and sitting) and 3 point safety harness, rear brakes and front wheel lock, back pocket and large storage bucket
  • Musical toys and adjustable footrest included
  • It comes with attachable mosquito net, to keep baby safe from bug bites
  • Removable swivel front wheels, Adjustable footrest, Large shopping basket

Funbee Vista Premium Baby Stroller Pram

Funnbee premium baby stroller comes with a durable stylish aluminum frame with perfect and comfortable seating. It comes with 3 position recline exclusively for your little one's comfort and 5 point safety harness for security.  Funbee is EN1888 safety certified (most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of babies.  It comes with an adjustable- removable canopy with UV protection, extra-large storage basket, back pocket and soft grip handle. It is 100% fine eco-friendly, BPA free materials that will always remain safe and hygienic all the time. It is made with strong metal frame for durability.

best baby stroller5 Best Baby Strollers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Reverse strolling facility available with 360 swivel front wheels and one-touch brake and stopper
  • It’s adjustable- a removable canopy with UV protection and adjustable footrest for extra comfort
  • It is available with extra-large storage basket, back pocket, and soft grip handle.
  • It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor usage- car travel and vacations with the reverse strolling facility. It’s light-weight and convenient one-hand, self-standing fold for easy carrying.
  • 3 positions recline and 5 points easy safety harness for security.

Personal Recommendation

best baby stroller5 Best Baby Strollers In India 6

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I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose baby stroller for your baby and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller (Orange).It has 3.8-star ratings on the Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this baby stroller ever.  This unique part of this model it comes with ultimate safety features which is good for the baby.  With unique recline features, footrest, mesh basket, and low-priced makes this model an ideal one for the use.


There are multiply available on the market for buying baby strollers. We understand how taxing it’s to find something that fits in perfectly.

To begin with, any consumer must ask few crucial questions before making any buying decision.

  • What’s my budget?
  • How often will I be folding and carrying the stroller
  • Is it safe for the baby?
  • Is there easy to use and buckle safety harness?
  • What add-ons are available with a stroller?
  • How much storing space do you need?
  • Will you be dealing with rough streets, lots of set of steps, steep hills etc.?
  • What kind of weather conditions will you be using it in?

Whether you’re looking for a stroller which is cost-effective, versatile, there are all types of strollers available on the market. All you need is to know what exactly you are looking for. Follow these tips as you shop, and you’re certain to find one sweet ride.

Take the stroller for a test drive

A test drive is indeed the most important facet when it comes buying a stroller for your baby. Generally, people just look at the fancy features payout and carry the stuff in a home without checking how good or bad it’s for them.

Stroller frames

As we mentioned, it’s important to check the stroll frames as it’s probably best to pass on these inexpensive frames seat unless you know you’ll be diligent about using them for short trips only.


Fixed-swung joggers are a little less navigable, but they’re possible to catch every thump and dip when you’re going fast. It all means they are less likely flip in case of emergency.

Umbrella strollers

These types of strollers are generally made with lesser structure and less seat support and could be used for toddlers as well. It is safe and comfy for baby or toddler at any age.

Now that you’ve discovered there are plenty of options available on the market today. Here’s what you need to consider in order getting the perfect stroller for your baby.

It’s not difficult to pick among best and the worst but between two good options.

However, there are some of the basic and important features that you should look in before selecting any stroller.

New-born suitability

Since newborns aren’t able enough to sit on their own they need a seat with full reclines and comes with a bassinet attachment or accommodates an infant carrier. Ensure that the carrier effortlessly locks into the stroller.

Ease of use

Ease of use and comfort are important factors to look for. As you might use it daily and for a couple of years so you should be comfortable using the same. See if you can manage the same of your own and what if you need to move in a tight space. Is it lightweight?


A stroller with easy and good brakes is important in case of emergency. Look for a stroller with easy locking and unlocking brakes which is most of the times overlooked.


Safety is one of the most premium concerns when it comes to selecting a stroller for your baby. Always select a stroller which comes with 5 point safety harness which comes easily to buckle and adjust.


Always do a safety check with and ensure that could potentially pinch baby’s tiny fingers while moving handles, holders, sunshades or basket remain out of reach or are safely covered with comfortable cushiony fabric so she won’t get hurt.


Since the safety of the baby is our main concern here’s why look for a stroller which is large enough to shield baby from the sun, rain, wind and any other unexpected elements.


When we say comfort we mean how adjustable the handles are or what height is suitable for you? Do you need to change the normal stride when pushing the stroller?

Ensure that everybody who plans to normally use the stroller can use it securely.

Growth factor

If you plan on to use the stroller for a longer run or for an older toddler then look for fully reclining along with an extended food rest, so that your baby can nap comfortably.

Storage space

Always take a note of what all stuff you’ll be carrying with the baby and ensure you’ll have enough room for baby’s stuff.


Ponder whether it’s too large for your home or routine life. A stroller with bells-and-whistles stroller might seem ideal in the store but take up a ton of space in tiny locations where space is a constraint.


It’s great if you can handle the maneuver with one hand, meanwhile you’ll be holding a fidgeting baby with the other. And also take note of how insignificant it is when locked.

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