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5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India

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Are you eyeing for the best baby bottle Sterilizer? Congratulations, for the new addition in the life and for being promoted as parents. This is one of the most vulnerable stages of life. Nobody can prepare you for being parents. It’s tough; we want nothing but the best for the baby’s health and interest. We understand your concern and here’s why come up with top 5 best baby bottle Sterilisers as baby’s health starts with a best-Sterilized bottle. It’s the most important step one must bear in mind. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best five options to go with and all you need is go through the entire post and make the best buy for your newborn.

If you likewise think that washing baby wares under hot sparkling water will kill all the germs, then you are incorrect. As boiling is not same as purifying. Actually, for killing hypothetically destructive germs Sterilization is considered better than sweltering. That’s since it surfaces off every single origin though boiling just slew a handful of germs. If you won’t Sterilize your baby’s eating gears, he could grieve from stomach glitches. Henceforth as a safe choice, it’s better to buy any of these best-known baby bottle disinfecting appliances in its place of risking your baby’s invulnerability.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Philips Avent 3-In-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

When it comes to Philips they know it all, it’s one such brand that offers variety, performance, and style. It has everything that you look into the model when it comes to baby safety. There is nothing big concern than your baby’s health and safety. Here’s why we prefer Philips on more than one occasion so that you get to choose from nothing but from the best of the best.

baby bottle Sterilizer5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Adjustable size
  • Suitable for wide neck and narrow neck bottle
  • 6-minute cycle with automatic shut-off
  • Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs
  • This sterilizer is made from BPA Free materials

Philips Avent Avent 2-in-1 Electric Steam bottle Steriliser

Philips Avent is one the most advanced electric stream bottle sterilizer available on the market. We liked it so much that we included both of their models in this list. Like we say there is no compromise when it comes to the baby’s safety and hygiene. It gets the job done in no time.

baby bottle Sterilizer
5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • 6-minute cycle with automatic shut-off
  • Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs
  • This sterilizer is made from BPA free materials
  • Easy to use and maintain

Chicco Sterilizer 3 in 1

Ask any professional in the field about best baby products and you won’t miss Chicco in the list. It is one of the most best-selling and famous brands among the users. And, it’s for all the right reasons. The best part is the natural effect it offers, easy to use and maintain and lasts longer than usual.

baby bottle Sterilizer
5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Natural effectiveness
  • Sterilizing effectively with steam, with no chemical additives
  • Kills 99.9 percent of harmful household germs
  • 24-hour protection: As long as the lid is closed, the objects will remain disinfected
  • Easy to use
  • Sterilizes in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded)

Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer (White)

Pigeon is the one of the most famous and talked about the brand when it comes to compact sterilizers. It is ideal for your travels and equally useful at home; it’s slim and takes up minimum space in your home. It is made designed in such a way that it can provide value and doesn’t take much space as with a newborn you already need so much.

baby bottle Sterilizer
5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Useful at home and perfect for travels
  • The slim and compact design takes up minimal space
  • Fits 2 wide neck or slim neck bottles and accessories
  • Interchangeable compartments allow you to sterilize according to your needs
  • Heat resistant safely handle
  • Stainless steel heating element

SToK (BPA Free) ST-ES01 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

When it comes to the safety and hygiene of the baby we want nothing but only the best. And, SToK is the best electric steam sterilizer. It is multi-purpose just like you, it can kill 99.9 percent or harmful germs, it can sterilize maximum 6 bottles at once, BPA free, 8-minute cycle with automatic turn-off. You surely need this for your baby; it’s a must-have.

baby bottle Sterilizer
5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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Why we recommend it

  • Kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs
  • 8-minute cycle with automatic turn-off.
  • It sterilizes the bottles and other accessories as well. Adjustable Size. Suitable for wide neck and narrow neck bottle.
  • This sterilizer has a capacity to hold maximum of 6 bottles at once. This sterilizer is made from BPA Free materials
  • The 3-in1 functionality gives you the liberty to sterilize small, medium as well as large size bottles

Electric and Microwave steam disinfectants are the maximum popular ones found in the market, electric sterilizers are more luxurious as they can freshen and dry the bottles, they roughly take between 10 to 15 minutes to get the bottles prepared. Instead, microwave steam disinfectants are moderately cheaper than electric sterilizers, earlier than electric ones but they are not accomplished of drying the bottles, you’ll need to dry them with a soft dry cloth. Electric bottle disinfectants are more general as you can pick the baby bottle from the dish and you are prepared to use. Now that you’ve got an idea on the types of disinfectants and what they precisely do, here’s our select baby bottle disinfectants that comprise both electric and microwaveable replicas at dissimilar price points, we’ve entrenched customer reviews from multiple sources that states the following.

  • It’s time-consuming.
  • You could tumble boiling water on physically while taking out the bottle in a haste (which could ensure frequently when a starving baby is around).
  • The bottles are often not evenly pasteurized.
  • Unsterilized bottles can be breeding ground for bacteria subsequent in recurrent stomach infection, diarrhea, and vomiting in babies. Once the baby grows an infection from having a food, he grows an aversion to that specific food, and you will have to find a new formulation brand that the baby might like. It’s not an easy task for mommies!

Furthermore, if you are an employed mom who is continuously in a urgency and if you be contingent deeply on bottles for feeding your little one, spending in a steam sterilizer is the best bet for your little one’s health and safety. Steam sterilizers kill 99.9% germs.

Consequently, now that you are persuaded of buying a steam sterilizer, we thought of putting together a list of the best steam sterilizers accessible in the market. We took time to talk with a bunch of working moms who use steam sterilizers, read reviews and researched online and went to the stores in an attempt to make this list. Here are the parameters that we took into consideration to put together this list.

We reflected the product features like capability, ease of use and safety for rating the products. If your child is totally bottle fed, you might require as much as 6-8 bottles a day. Employed moms might similarly have to sterilize breast pumps. When the baby starts dissuading, bowls, spoons will also have to be pasteurized. Consequently, plenty of space was given top importance.

Best Tips

  • As water excellence is a significant factor for all steam sterilizers, use filtered/bottled water.
  • Do check the heating coil of the sterilizer and clean it by drenched it instantaneously in a mixture of water and vinegar every 2 weeks or as regularly as scaling seems.
  • A frequent remark by customers who buy sterilizers is that “the cord is ridiculously small.” But the product like kettle and sterilizers are designed this way for safety purpose. Long cords can hang down from tabletops and may result in serious injuries if your baby pulls it down and the device topples down.
  • Don’t bound the use of sterilizer to just cleansing. Most of the disinfectants can be used for warming and sweltering food. But guarantee that you clean the disinfectant correctly after use.

Do You Really Need a Feeding Bottle Sterilizer?

Dip, Steep, Brush and Rinse…is this, what you do every day for disinfecting your baby’s – nurturing bottle, its nipple, weaning spoon and its pairing bowl? If yes, then you must give second opinions, to this through repetition, of yours. Many new parents in India don’t know about the presence of automatic Baby Bottle Sterilizers. And those who identify about it, they ditch the clue of buying it seeing its howling price. Consequently, for both these sets of parentages, we are bringing you information about Top 5 reasonably best priced, Baby Bottle Sterilizers in India. That will sterilize every minute part of baby feeding wares consistently and neutrally without negative it.

Handy Tips:

  • As you can see, it’s deprived of any cover/lid you so will have to be careful, whenever you switch it on. Since steamed water is as unsafe as boiling water in a pot.
  • If your baby relishes warm milk and food, then this method can be of great use. Meanwhile, it is movable; you take it with you anywhere you go. One should evade heating expressed milk and baby food secret microwave oven as they can make it hot unequally in its place of making it warm methodically.
  • Many noses cramming liquids are accessible in medicine stores. They influence be good for you but not for kids under 3. Henceforth, have a nice chat with your chemist before buying such nebulizer meds for your baby.

Personal Recommendation

baby bottle Sterilizer
5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India 1

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When it comes to baby’s health and safety look always pick quality over price. We understand there are so many options available in the market. And, with a detailed post and options above it’s like a breeze to select the best baby sterilizer. And, if you’re still having second doubts then surely go with Chicco Sterilizer 3-in-1It’s everything that you look into before buying the best baby sterilizers.    

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