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10 Best Baby Booster Seats In India

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Parents nowadays use booster chair than high chairs for their kids at the dining table. As it get real difficult to clean and not very comfortable for their babies to site and reach the table. Currently, baby booster seats are in great demand for newly parents both infants and kids.

10 Best Baby Booster Seats In India

Baby booster seats have incredible benefits. You can easily fold it and it is easily portable for your baby and as a result of the holding straps which can be used at playtime. They come with smaller seats and can also be placed on top of any chair to raise the baby’s height to the desired level. Booster seats are frequently well-padded and have safe yet contented safety straps to keep young babies in place. So, if you’re planning to buy on a booster seat and to boost your baby up to a certain height, this list comprising the boosting seats you can buy in India will certainly help.

Editor's Picks: Top 5 Baby Booster Seats In India

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The Best Baby Booster Seats In India You Can Buy Today

1. Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Blue/Green/Gray

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Our first product is from Fisher-price, New York-based American company. They focus on educational toys and baby gear products. This product is quite clean and simple to use and ideal as infants create a lot of mess while eating. It comes with an in-built fast finder wipes dispenser. It can be easily filled with wipes of a standard size to be used while your baby is enjoying his meal. 

This booster seat comes with non-skid feet and can be used on a chair as well as directly on the floor itself. It is also equipped with two height and two tray adjustments to suit the needs of your growing baby. This chair comes with removable dishwasher-safe feeding tray which minimizes unexpected food spills.

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  • Built-in easy to access fast finder wipes dispenser
  • Can be used on a chair or directly on the floor
  • 2 height & 2 tray adjustments for a growing baby
  • Removable dishwasher safe feeding tray with Sure Grip spot

2. eHomeKart Swing Cum Booster Seat for Kids 3-in-1 

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If you’re looking for something more than a booster chair the eHomeKart could be your pick. It is multi-purpose and can be used as a car seat, booster seat, and bath seat while washing up your baby and also as a comfortable feeding chair.

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  • 3-in-1 multipurpose booster seat
  • Large detachable food tray included
  • Secure safety belts and strong strings for swing
  • Foldable back
  • Quite cost-effective

3. Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat 

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Since 2014 this booster chair is one of the largest online stores of baby products. In your baby’s initial few months this 3-in-1 premium quality chair could be a comfortable and convenient option. The harness keeps your baby safe and secure.

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  • 3 point security harness
  • Comes with adjustable & detachable feeding tray (3 heights)
  • Attractive toys on front table
  • Suitable up to 3-year-old kids

4. GUDS Kids Booster Seat Cum Feeding Swing Chairs for Baby (Blue Green)

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This product from GUDS is an ergonomically designed chair for young toddlers. It helps them to sit at ease and firmly at a sophisticated level on a dining chair. It is prepared with a unique fast finder wipe feature that is characteristic of most quick-clean booster chairs. This makes it very handy during mealtimes, preventing the kids from creating a big mess around themselves. A storage compartment at the rear of the seat can be filled with easy to access wipes, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.

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  • Ergonomically designed with high chair
  • Compact & foldable
  • Unique fast finder wipe feature
  • Easily accessible storage compartment for wipes on seat rear
  • Seat height & variable tray adjustable up to 2 levels
  • 3-point safety control feature with non-skid feet

5. LBLA Baby Booster Seat for Feeding,Folding Booster Chair for Eating Green

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This is another booster chair to keep your baby safe and secure at mealtimes or at any place outside. This chair comes with feeding tray and is dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Removable deluxe toy keeps baby occupied during meal preparation (or at restaurants)
  • Removable seat back and height adjustment make seat the right size for baby as baby grows
  • Seat is easy to clean, with no crevices to trap crumbs
  • Fewer germs sanitize feeding tray and toys in dishwasher
  • Folds compactly for storage and easy portability

6. Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat High Chair with Removable and Foldable Toy Tray with 3 Point Safety Harness

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Kiddale is no wonder a documented brand leader in the 0-3 year’s age category for baby products. It comes with detachable feeding tray and is adjustable up to three height levels. A feeding tray is as long as for the infant stage, while it can be used as a simple high chair to be upheld next to the dining table for toddlers at meals.

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  • 2-in-1 design
  • Adjustable detachable feeding tray
  • Straps that fit almost all types of chairs
  • Made of BPA-free durable plastic
  • Accessible in different colours
  • Apt for up to 3-year-old  kids

7. Mastela Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat (Pink)

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The Mastela Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat is ideal for holding kids ranging between 4 to 18 kg. This makes it a good option for those looking for booster seats from the age of 6 months up to 2-year-old kids. It comes with a 2-level height adjustment feature. Level 1 is ideal for use as an infant feeding seat. Level 2 works well as a toddler booster seat. This ensures you can use the same product from your baby’s infancy to toddler years, making it a cost-effective purchase.

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  • 2-level height adjustment feature (for infants & toddlers)
  • Secure straps to hold baby in place
  • Dishwasher safe 4-position full-size tray
  • Light in weight, foldable & compact to carry
  • Easy to clean & comfortably spacious for the baby
  • Suitable for 6-24 months old baby

8. WONDERKART Baby Swing Cum 5-in-1 Baby Booster Seat with Feeding Tray – Sky & Dark Blue

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Keep your baby safe and secure with this Wonderkart healthy care booster chair. It comes with the heavy duty rope with super lock for your child security. It is Made of premium quality plastic which is safe, durable and BPA free.

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  • Comes with dishwasher-safe feeding tray
  • Back & tray can be removed for older babies
  • Compact folding with extra strap for carrying
  • 3-point harness for additional safety
  • Appropriate for 6 months to 4-year-old kids

9. A+B Love Baby Folding Dining Chair Booster Seat

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This brand is quite famous among the users as it is a useful option for those looking for a basic seat with unique features. It is made from plastic fibre and is quite simple to use and clean the mess made during mealtimes. The seat comes with a height which can be easily adjustable as per your newborn needs.

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  • Adaptable height for growing baby
  • Multipurpose – infant feeding table & toddler dining/playing chair
  • Sturdy & capacious
  • Suitable for 8 months to 2-year-old kids
  • Detachable feeding tray for hassle-free cleaning

10. Chicco Booster Seat (Mode Mars)

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Chicco needs no introduction; it is already present in more than 120 countries across the globe. It is quite suitable for kids ranging from 6 months to 3 years of age. Their seat is quite flexible in height, making it work well with any sort of tables. It has comfy padding and is designed to be flexible to growing babies of different sizes.

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  • Comfortable detachable padding on seat & backrest
  • Foldable & easy to carry around
  • Adjustable, easy to clean feeding tray
  • Fastening belts designed to fit all types of chairs

Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Booster Seat: Buyer's Guide

Baby booster seats are available in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the factors you must bear in mind while selecting the best booster seat for your baby.

Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Booster Seat: Buyer's Guide


In today’s time, a majority of baby booster seats are available to suit the essential requirements of infants and toddlers. They also offer flexibility features with bendable heights for the spaces and the nursing trays that come along with this booster. They make the product handy and ongoing. Therefore, you must check what age group the booster seat you’re looking to buy is intended for before essentially purchasing it.

Strong adjustable chair straps

The straps should be solid and safe. It is essential to keep your baby in place. Select for a 5 point harness and a 3 point harness for babies.

The belts must be variable to be fit for growing babies. It is suitable to choose for a seat which has chair straps that can fit dissimilar types of chairs as well as not only specific dining chairs. This can be supportive as you can use the seat away too apart from just the dining table.

Adjustable/Reclining Back

For young babies, backs that can be rested to a certain point help in offering them extra support. Newborns don’t have accurately settled head and neck control, so they need a flexible back. Though for older kids like babies, a rigid back or even a booster seat without a back can be a good option.

Foldable & Portable

A baby booster seat is roughly that comes in handy everywhere you travel with your baby. Henceforth, it must be foldable and compressed so that it doesn’t take up much space and is simple to carry along. Its size matters too temporarily it may be difficult to carry around if it is larger than usual.

Build Quality

Regardless to say, when you are buying something for your toddler, you must be very careful about your purchase. So, the most crucial factor to consider before buying a booster seat is its build quality. After all, you can not expect your baby to sit quietly on it. More importantly, before buying anything, you should always be concerned about its build. The build quality of a product determines its durability, which further safeguards your investment. Needless to say that these chairs are, in a way, not very cheap. And so when you are spending thousands on something for the comfort of your much-loved toddler, always make sure that he/she is in good hands. Anything bad can cause real harm to the baby. Hence, when you are buying a booster seat, make sure that it is durable enough to go for several years. Also, a good chair can help someone next in the future. 

Safety Features

The next point to concern is somewhat related to the same issue- your baby's safety. After all, no one would want their baby to get hurt because of something cheap. Hence, while buying a booster seat, you should better be careful about the safety features that the seat offers. First of all. make sure that it has at least one strap. It is preferable for a booster seat to have two straps to secure the booster seat to the actual chair. Look for a 3 or 5 point safety harness to ensure your little one secured tightly. Another point that one must ensure that the baby should not be able to move the tray on his own. Otherwise, his fingers can easily get pinched. So, safety should be one of your primary concerns while buying a booster chair. You can read the product description of the chair when you are buying it, or ask your seller for more details. But only buy one when you are satisfied with the quality. 


The size of a booster chair depends on the height, weight and most importantly age of a child. Now, size plays a huge role in the purchase. There are many sizes available as per the age of children. So, you should be very careful while picking one. If you pick too small a one, your child may not feel comfortable. On the contrary, in the case of a bigger one, the space of your home can be compromised. Therefore, size plays a vital role in the comfort of the child. Now how can you choose the perfect booster seat? To do that, you first have to sort out the chairs depending on the age of your child. Once you have sorted out some, choose the one that you see fit. For example, if you have enough space in your home, you can go for the once with more space. Contrastingly, compact ones are great for those who struggle with space in their residency. Basically, high chair booster seats work better for the younger toddlers, while booster seats are the best option for toddlers eating at the table like a big kid.


If you are planning to buy a booster seat for your kid, you have probably seen the various options available in the market. So, there are plenty of choices available in the market, available at several price segments. The price of a booster chair depends on its type, build quality, size, features and many other factors. So, it can become quite tiresome to find one out of so many. The process can become easier when you know your budget. For example, if you have a budget for around 3k, you can set a filter according to that and find out the available options. However, we recommend you to go through as many options as possible and judge them from different aspects. Anything that has quality is worth the value. So, the budget helps you to understand the features in a better way while making your finding faster. 

Detachable Tray

A separable feeding tray is optional because of two reasons. First, it can be simply washed and lapped if it can be parted from the main booster seat. Secondly, the booster seat can work for older kids like children as well if the tray is removable, helping them spontaneously sit on the seat without the tray which works as a high chair at meals on the dining table.

Easy to Clean

It is at all times better to select for a simple and elementary booster seat intended with clean cuts and no services. It makes it less cluttered and informal to clean at meals, in the meantime food doesn’t get stuck in unforeseen and hard to reach places.

Benefits Of Buying A Baby Booster Seat

While the significant benefit of having a booster chair is, of course, about comfort and convenience, we can not deny the other ones at all. Yes, if you are not expecting any other benefits, then you should start expecting some. After all, when you are spending thousands, only a few advantages are not at all expected. A booster seat is a very handy appliance for children that not only makes their chair sitting more comfortable, but also helps them to learn table etiquette or table sitting with their family. So, we thought that, before buying a booster chair, one should know the many benefits that a booster chair has to offer you and your child. Below we have mentioned some of those advantages that you can expect from your purchase.


One of the primary reasons for purchasing a booster seat is that they add a lot more convenience to your experience of baby feeding. When your baby is old enough to sit, but not on an adult chair, a booster chair with a tray (for eating) is the perfect choice for them. Now, these chairs, as designed for children, have the proper support to sit. Also, there is a tray attached in the front where you can keep the food. It makes the toddler feel as if he/she is sitting on a table itself. So, you don't have to hold the baby or the food bowl. Also, there is no fear of your baby, falling. The seat belts keep the baby tight on the seat despite its moving. In this way, you do not have to worry about anything, and baby feeding becomes much easier and convenient. So, if your baby is old enough to sit, you should probably be having a booster chair. It also teachers them table etiquettes and proper way of seating- which is our next point of discussion. 

Teaches Them Table Etiquettes And Way Of Seating

You can not always baby feed your child. So, they have to learn it one way or the other. It is better if they receive it from childhood. A child learns from seeing his parents, guardians, or people from their home. So, when you are eating sitting on the table, your child is most likely to learn from that. So, when your toddler is seeing you doing this, why do not you let him join the family? Booster chairs have a tray attached in front of them where you can keep the bowl and feed your child. Or, if your child is old enough to feed himself/herself, he/she can eat on her own. And, when he is at the age of learning, you can start teaching him some table manners and etiquette. Also, letting him join with the family while eating would make him feel as if he is a part. And, your child will also be learning you while copying everything that you do on the table. It brings a sense of manners from a very young age, and the child learns to do these things on his own. Thus, a booster chair does not only let your child learn the table etiquettes but also makes them feel more connected to the family. 


Another advantage of having a booster chair is its portability. Specific types of booster chairs can be very portable. You can even attach them to the car seat and let the child sit more comfortably in the car. Or, you can simply pack the chair behind or in the car and take it to wherever you go. These chairs can also be taken to the restaurants if you are taking your toddler to one. Suppose you are going for a tour somewhere. Obviously, you can not leave your toddler behind. But, it can be hard for him to manage in a new environment (restaurant) if he/she can not sit properly. But thanks to the prolonged use, the toddler has already become comfortable with the seat that he/she has. And, thanks to the portability, you can always carry the seat with you. So, when needed, you can simply keep your child on it. It will make the child more comfortable and feel at home. Also, letting the child on its own means more comfort and enjoyment for you. It is, hence, one of the major benefits and reasons for buying a booster chair. However, make sure that the chair has a good build quality. 

Better Than Traditional High Chairs

There are many backdrops of using a high chair. First of all, a booster chair is far cheaper than a high chair. Booster chairs, basically, are cheap and you get many options in every price segment. However, with quality, size and types, the price would differ. But whatever that might be, it is always cheaper than high chairs. There is another backdrop with high chairs. Our previous point discussed how booster seats are portable, which offers a commanding advantage in the user experience. But high chairs are not at all portable (at least if you want to carry them in your car). High chairs are not only heavy but also do not have a preferable height as compared to the booster chairs. So, if you are planning to buy something more portable and convenient, then a booster chair can be the perfect option for you. However, you should always compare the benefits of both types and then decide which one to buy. Make sure to go for the one that appeals to your more. However, on many, you will find a booster chair crossing over a high chair while it is for a toddler to use. 

Multiple Use

Another benefit of buying a booster chair is that they serve you for multiple purposes, which makes them one of the reasons to opt for them. Booster chairs are used when your child is growing older and not old enough to sit on an adult chair. A booster chair is designed to hold your toddler on the spot while making sure that he is comfortable. It not only teaches your child several ways like how to sit and how to eat but also ensures safety. Now, we have learned almost all the points so far by now. Now, we will be learning about several ways in which you can use a booster chair. The use of a booster chair lies in the cause of its invention. A booster chair was designed to protect children from getting hurt, or dead in case of a car accident. These chairs are even mandatory to install in cars in some countries in case you are traveling with children. But, it has come a long way since then. Now you can use a booster chair to teach your children the table etiquettes or to feed them. While they can not use a table, they can sit on it and eat on their own. It makes them feel more connected to the family while letting them learn from a young age. 

Offers Safety

As mentioned earlier, booster chairs are invented to ensure the safety of children. So, when your child is grown enough and can sit, it is the perfect time to use a booster chair. A booster chair has belts attached to it which hold your baby tightly on the spot. So, there is no chance of falling from the chair. It is very beneficial when you have to clean your room or do other jobs while leaving your child alone. The tray in front serves multiple purposes. For example, your child can paint or play with things, keeping them on the tray. So, it ensures proper distraction of the child while you work. And you also know that your children are properly tied, which eliminates all the worries about your child's safety. So, the chair not only protects your child in the car but also at home when you are buying and doing other jobs. 

Do’s And Don’ts With A Booster Seat

There is always a way of doing things. Doing a job in the right way offers many benefits and presents the perfect result. And when it is about someone's safety, you should better know the do's and don'ts of using a product. A booster chair is an extremely easy product to use. However, using it properly enlarges its safety and assures your child from almost every accident. So, we thought that, if you are going to use a booster chair for the first time, you should better know the rules before using it. Below, our team has described some of the dos and don'ts of using a booster chair.

Make The Child Seat With The Back Tightly Against The Backrest

If your child has just learned how to sit properly, then it is very vital to make sure that he/she does not fall from the chair.  So, the first rule of using a booster seat is making sure that your child is properly seated on the chair with their back tightly tied against the backrest. 

Tie The Lap Belt Properly

Tying the lap belt properly is a must. Always remember, the lap belt is meant to attach on the pelvis area and not on the stomach. If you are tying the belt on the stomach, while moving on the chair, or while eating, your child may face difficulty or hurt himself. Make sure that the belt is tied correctly, which will keep the baby on the spot. 

Padding Of The Straps Should Be Over The Child's Shoulders

Next, make sure that the padding of the chair is exactly over the child's shoulder so that it can hold the child properly, and the child does not hurt himself. It keeps its shoulders safe and stops it from getting hurt due to improper movement. 

Don’t Keep Anything Sharp On The Tray Or Near The Child

Many times when you are feeding your child, you may forget to remove everything from the tray. Or, while your child is playing on it, make sure that there is no sharp object nearby. A child can easily hurt himself using that. So, it should never be done with children under any circumstances. 

Maintain It Properly

Maintain the chair properly. Do not forget to check its parts carefully before time-to-time. There should not be any tear in the straps or any parts must not be broken. Change the parts as soon as you see it. And if the parts can not be changed, replace the chair with a new one. 

Never Make Your Child Seat On The Front Seat

Never make your child sit in the front seat of the car. Even if the booster chair protects your child by keeping it on its spot, it can not protect you from anything from the front. So, it is preferable that you keep the chair on the rear of the car.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. From what age can a baby use a baby booster seat?

Many baby booster seats claim that 6 month olds can sit on a baby booster seat. We recommend being close to your baby when he/she sit on it as a supervisor for safety reasons, though.

2. Till what age can a child use a baby booster seat?

That depends on the size of the baby booster seat. If it is not strong enough, it cannot support, say, a 4 year old's weight. Check to see how the age range that the baby booster seat can support before buying one.

3. Should I buy a high-end baby booster seat?

A little extra money you spend on a baby booster seat will be worth it in the long run. You will look to get one baby booster seat for one child, we would assume. So we recommend you buy the best one you can find. Choose a colorful one for the baby/child with toys and good portability (you will want to move it, so choose a foldable one) and ease of maintenance (to clean it).

A Final Word

Baby booster seats are a very reliable option to preoccupy your kid for a long time (we know how fickle babies are). And most importantly, it will preoccupy your kid SAFELY. What's more, you can feed the child while he/she is safely and happily sitting on the booster seat. Happy parenthood!

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