Best Baby Bathtubs in India in February 2020!

Giving your baby a bath can be the most memorable moment and at the same time, quite messy one as it is all delicate and with soapy flashing water it’s seems like a task with a newborn. So that your moment becomes a soothing memory we’ve come up with one of the best baby bath tubs available in India. Whilst it’s easy to make your baby sit in a bucket and sink for bathing using a good quality bathtub especially made for your little one. It’s nothing less than that of a blessing for a new parent and a newborn.

Since market is loaded with so many options these days choosing a bath tub for your baby could be challenging since these tubs come in all shapes and sizes depending on the size and age of your baby. We’ve listed a couple of things that you must consider before making any purchasing decision along with their pros and cons to make the buying decision simple and easy for you.

Why Should One Opt to Purchase a Baby BathTub?

The baby bathtubs are pretty convenient, particularly in the primary days, to securely and effortlessly bathe the baby up to the time when they are sufficiently old to make use of the tubs made for adults. A diversity of baby bathtubs is accessible in several different sizes, shapes, and materials. A majority of them are slanted for the comfort of your baby and are crafted out of plastic. A few of these comprise the fabric liners so as to support the baby, and the others might get converted into the toddler tub, and some of the expensive models also comprise temperature gauges and whirlpools.

The advantages that you get with a baby bathtub are as follows:

You might be able to utilize the baby bathtubs on the floor to escape the straining of your back by leaning above the adult bath. A few baby bathtubs comprise a stand beneath the tub to get it up.

In case your bathroom is really cold, you might as well utilize them inside your living room or bedroom.

Best Baby Bath Tubs in India – Reviews

The First Years Newborn to Toddler

This is one of the best baby bath tubs available in the market and here’s why it is in the top slot. This tub comes with a special sling which can be adjustable to provide extra safety to support your baby. It is designed in an ergonomic design for the deep tub also has a padded cushion for newborns. It is suitable for both single and double sinks; these tubs are equipped with form-fitting nettings. It makes sure extra safety for the baby while bathing. The in-built wash basin can be comfortable having growing baby sit up and play with toys on the side.

baby bath tubs



  • It’s easy transitioning among babies, newborns & toddlers
  • It is simple one-piece deep ergonomic tub design
  • Adaptable newborn mesh sling with padded cushions
  • Offers quick water drainage through temperature-sensitive drain plug
  • It comes with built-in spacious wash basin
  • Mildew-resilient, contented, non-slip pads
  • Fits both with single and double sinks

LuvLap Baby Bubble Bathtub with Anti Slip (Blue)

Our second product on our list is the Baby Bubble Bathtub from LuvLap. It is also obtainable in three different colors – blue, pink and yellow. It is compact in design and lightweight, it has gently curved edges to deliver extra defense to your baby. The pad at the base of the tub makes sure simple drainage and the anti-slip tub base is as an extra security feature. It is ergonomically designed and safe for babies to use.  In order to avert sliding of soap, an in-molded soap case is providing within the bath tub itself.

baby bath tubs



  • It is compact yet spacious & lightweight
  • It is softly curved around edges for extra protection
  • Comes with plug at base for easy drainage
  • It also has Anti-slip tub base
  • In-molded soap case to prevent sliding of soap
  • It is super easy to clean
  • It is made of durable plastic

BabyCenter India Baby Bath Tub

This bathtub is the best tub for your baby in the market. It is made of good quality with durable plastic that is simple and easy to clean.  It can be adjusted to different heights making it safe for the baby. The non-slip base works as an extra safety feature for the baby while bathing. This model is lightweight, can be easily transferred here and there though it can’t be folded.

baby bath tub



  • It is made of good quality strong plastic
  • Hassle-free dusting
  • Adjustable & detachable padding
  • Comes with non-slip base
  • Lightweight & easily movable
  • Securely positioned hip-stopper on base
  • Suitable for up to 2yrs old babies

Sunbaby Splash Bath Tub (Purple)

Sunbaby is one India’s largest online shopping stores in the world of baby care products. It comes with good quality and is a long-lasting product. This bathing tub comes in a bright shade of purple with an embossed design on the exterior.  There is an indicator to detect the water level to make sure water is filled only to a certain level. This prevents spilling of water while bathing.

baby bath tub



  • Anti-slip supports on both sides
  • It comes with an anti-slip base for extra safety
  • Water level pointer to prevent dropping out of water
  • It is appropriately located drain for smooth water flow
  • It comes with built-in soap & toys compartment
  • Comes with pre-assembled
  • It comes with embossed fish design on the exterior
  • Appropriate for babies up to 2 years old

Baybee Daffy Duck Baby Bather

Baybee Daffy is one of India’s most trusted brands online in the baby care industry. The tub is spacious and compact in design. The backrest is adjustable and can also be changed to different positions depending upon your newborn or toddler. It comes with a soft-cushion for baby’s head support and integrated soft feet for additional useful features.  It is ideal for both in sinks and bathtubs as well, this bather is washable and that’s the best part of this product. It can be easily folded for storage which aids in transferability.

baby bath tub



  • The tub comes with adaptable backrest with 3 different positions
  • Sturdy base for extra constancy
  • It comes with Dual practice – bather & recliner
  • It is spacious yet compact and can be folded
  • It comes with Padded headrests and leg rests along with soft mesh
  • It has Anti-slip for integrated soft feet for additional comfort
  • It is washable

Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool (Multicolour)

Intex is most known and famous brand name worldwide in this industry for over 40 years. It comes with a soft inflatable base; this pool can be set up anyplace suitable, even on balconies and porches. It is economical spacious pool with other bathtubs that are available in the market. The depth of the tub is good enough and safe to use and splash water around.  The sides of the tub are padded and suitable for children up to 10-12 years of age.

best baby bath tubs



  • It comes with soft inflatable base
  • It is adequately cushioned sides & bottom
  • It is easy to inflation & deflation
  • It is compact & easy to store

Baby Bucket Folding Baby Bath Tub for Infant Bathing

Baby Bucket is one of the brands that specialize especially in manufacturing modest and high-class bathing ideas for babies. It is compact in design, it is used on any flat surface. It comes with extra strong leg support and rounded edges along with non-slip material at its base for constancy. Thanks to the adjustable size this tub can grow along with your baby. For babies, you could use it as a bather in an inclined situation.  This Baby Bucket model is preferably right for kids up to the age of about 3.5 years.

baby bath tub



  • Foldable into a flat structure; easily portable
  • Space efficient for storage and traveling
  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Strong leg support, curved edges& non-slip material at base
  • Adjustable size for growing babies
  • Suitable for kids up to 3.5 years of age

Chicco Tub

Chicco is one such brand that needs no introduction in the world of baby products. It is available in 120 countries worldwide. If you’re looking for a simple and suitable for your newborn then this could be your best pick. It is ergonomically designed and is not too bulky but is capacious enough for a one-year-old baby. This Chicco Tub is preferably suitable for newborns and babies up to the age of about 1 year.

baby bath tub



  • Safety stopper to prevent sliding into water
  • Comes with two in-built compartments for soap & fittings
  • Double washing positions – lying down & sitting
  • Integral plug for convenient drainage
  • Not too large in design

Mee Mee Compact Baby Bather (Light Blue)

Mee Mee is India’s popular brand when it comes to parenting and baby care since 2006.  It is an ergonomically designed dense baby bather for your baby. It comes in two different colors –blue and pink. The product is washable and comes with a detachable head pillow and seat cover safeguards hassle-free cleaning. The anti-skid base of the bather is intended in such a way to retain it steady on all flat planes.

baby bath tubs



  • It is adaptable backrest with 2 lockable positions
  • It comes with soft & cushioned seat edges
  • It comes with Pillow for baby’s head support
  • It is washable and comes with a changeable pillow & seat cover
  • Anti-skid base for extra constancy
  • Made of sturdy non-toxic materials
  • It is easy and space efficient; easily portable
  • Available in 2 different colors

Bey Bee {Premium} Baby Deluxe Bath Tub with Anti-slip & Soft Back Bath Slings

Bey Bee is a trusted name in the sphere of baby care that produces mattresses, sheets, bathtubs and similar high superiority baby products. It is ergonomically designed to provide adequate space for the baby. The tub is robust and made up of imported, finest excellence PVC that has a long shelf life. It is made with a plastic body and is soft and contented for the baby’s delicate skin. It is easy to clean and easy to carry around while on the go, this Bey Bee product scores high on all heads.

baby bath tubs



  • It is Ergonomic & spacious design safe for your baby
  • It is rounded edges for protection
  • Made of sturdy, finest quality, soft PVC
  • It is easy to clean & easy transferability
  • It is accessible in 2 different colors

All baby products including baby bathtubs are designed bearing in mind the needs of an infant keeping their safety as first their foremost concern with contouring as well as anti-slip padding at just the right spots to ensure your baby doesn’t get hurt in the process. These products are made with ample of space for babies so that they can play around in the water making bathing a fun process.

The Best 10 Baby Bath Tubs To Buy Online

Product NameSuitable For AgeBuy Now

Newborn to toddler

new born to toddlers

Luvlap Baby Bubble

at least till age of 3


up to 2yrs old babies

Sunbaby Splash

up to 2 years old

Baybee Daffyduck

under 6 Months

Intex Inflatable

10-12 years of age.

Baby Bucket Folding

up to 3.5 years of age

Chicco Tub

about 1 year

Mee Mee

Newborn and above

Bey Bee

under 6 Months

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Baby Bath Tub

Choosing a right baby bathtub could be a task but with these points, it would be a cakewalk.

Types of Bath Tubs

Baby bathtubs come in two standard types namely basic infant and standard plastic bathtubs. These basic bath tubs come with minimalistic plastic tubs usually with gently sloped interiors with no additional features.

Hammock Baby Bath Tubs

Hammock baby bathtubs come with mesh slings and these are positioned within to help cradle and support your newborn. If you need total support for your baby while bathing then this could be the best pick as it comes with special mesh slings.

Convertible Baby Bath Tubs

These convertible baby bathtubs are designed to grow along with the growth of your baby, these convertibles allow a straight upward position for your toddlers.

Inflatable Baby Bath Tubs

The inflatable baby bathtubs are the most spacious ones, ideal for travel and portable enough but less durable than other baby bathtubs. So, if you love traveling and likes to tag along with your newborn then this is your best pick. Without any second thoughts just get it.

Foldable Baby Bath Tubs

Foldable bathtubs are easy for storage and travel and it is a good option for people who want to save up some space and likes to travel on a frequent basis.

Like these types, there are multiple types of baby baths available in the market.

How much water can it hold?

Apart from what type you need the other important aspect is the depth of the tub which needs to be taken into consideration while making any purchase decision. These tubs should come with a depth level where in your baby should remain immersed in water to a good extent along with water in the tub. In the market, there are bathtubs that are too shallow and hold lesser water than they should make it easy and simple to bathe.

Does it have a drain at the bottom?

There are certain bathtubs that come with drain option with a rubber stopper positioned at the base to make sure drainage of water after baby’s bath. If a bathtub has no drain option then it gets difficult to lift up or tilt the heavy tube in order to drain out the water.

Hereafter, it is constantly advisable to buy a bathtub which has a drain along with a closure plug for ease of norm. This aids in drying it out effortlessly and stops water stains even with steady use.

Does it have contoured edges?

All babies usually tend to slide around a lot within the tub or at the base here’s why we need tubs to be designed in a way that baby’s head can rest throughout bathing. It is any day better to purchase a bathtub which offers padding, anti-slip pads at the sides and at the base to prevent baby from getting hurt in the process.

Is it foldable or convertible?

Convertible or foldable it all depends on your requirement.  If traveling is on your mind with a baby on the go then you must have a foldable or convertible tub which takes up at least space and is quite easily portable.

How to safely give a bath to your Baby?

You shouldn’t ever leave the baby unwatched at the time of bathing, for the shortest period of time even, even whilst you're solely getting the tub filled with water. Foresee; ensure that you get everything near you prior to getting started. You might not desire to rattle through for any towel or washcloth whilst the baby is there in the bathtub. In case your baby can't sit as yet on his or her own, continuously keep your hand with him during the bath. Further, you should not pick the baby bathtub up after you have settled the baby in it.

So as to get the bath done safely, you should stay inside arm's grasp of the kid every time he's nearby water, even whilst the baby is in a toddler or even a standard tub.

Fill up the baby bathtub using a smaller quantity of water as probable. 2” of water is an ample volume for bathing an infant. Settle the baby inside the bathtub on a smooth and flat surface that isn’t going to permit it to slide and turns it easier for you to supervise your baby.

You should not put extra water whilst your baby is inside the bathtub, and certainly not place that baby bathtub inside a bigger tub that has been filled with water since it might hover around & tip. In case you're making use of an infant tub within your adult bathtub, ensure that the drain has been kept open.

Be cautious to elude scalding water. The water must only be warm and not hot. Previous to putting your baby inside the bathtub, you should check the water temperature through your forearm. Don't depend on the tubs that come with a temperature pointer, for example, a drain plug that alters the color to specify too cold, too hot, and accurate.

In case you're utilizing a thermometer comprising readout, the baby bathwater must be amongst 90 to 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Then also, get the forearm test done.

If you require leaving the bathroom, always make sure that you take the baby along with you. You should not depend on the grownup children to keep a watch on the baby. In case your mobile phone has an incoming call, don’t take it. If someone’s at the door, take no notice of it. Make this instruction as strict as strapping the baby into the car seat whenever you are driving.

Whilst utilizing the baby bathtub inside a standard tub or a sink, you must always turn off the supply of hot water primarily and look out for the hot metal faucets. Buy a cover for the baby bathtub's jet to defend your kid from those hard edges and heat-conducting metal. A few covers come with the softer plastic and are shaped like an animal and a few others are the inflatable plastic ones. Swirl the tub water around using your hand so as to even out the hot spots. So as to be on the safer side, lessen the temperature setting of the water heater to 120° F. The skin of an infant baby is going to burns pretty easily in comparison to an adult's.

Utilize the washcloths in place of sponges. Anyone of them is going to finish up in the mouth of the baby, but a washcloth is going to be a safer option since the smaller sponge bits might easily break away and turn into a choking threat. The washcloths might as well undergo a dryer and washer so they would become really clean, whilst the sponges require being air dried and might port injurious bacteria.

You should get the bathtub emptied instantly following the bath time. An infant baby or even a kid might get drowned in not more than 1” of water. The nosy toddlers may even turn back inside the bathroom whilst you are not around.

Whilst your kid gets graduated to a standard bathtub, you may get the rubber strips attached to the foot to avoid slipping. Further, you may utilize any bath mat that may be attached to the foot of the tub using the suction cups, and verify if it has been securely fixed prior to putting the baby inside. Remember that the bottom of the mats might be damp, enticing mildew and mold, so you must get the mat away and brush it meticulously every single time you get the bathtub cleaned.

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