5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India

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Nowadays, there is a lot of water scarcity in many parts of the world owing to non-availability of drinkable water resource or mismanagement of water. This is the reason why either bad-quality of water is supplied or water isn’t available when you want it. Other things might be checked by using the available water in a decent manner and not wasting water, but if bad water is supplied to your building or house, it must always be cleaned through a water purifier to avoid the water-borne diseases.

Therefore, today we have come with the Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers, which are going to provide you with clean drinkable water by removing the impurities. Aquaguard or Eureka Forbes is a really prevalent name as far as water purifiers are concerned. Their water purifiers are equipped with the best and innovative water purification technologies such as RO, UV, TDS, etc.

Since choosing a quality air purifier might be a difficult task to perform since there are plenty of water purifiers available on the market. The listing has solely been aligned so as to make your decision-making task easier and faster. To further make your decision a smarter one, we are going to provide you with a Water Purifier Buying Guide 2018 at the end of this review. So, go through this post and we are certain that you won’t experience any hassle in purchasing a quality water purifier from the market.

Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers Reviews

Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ Uv+Nutritron+Biotron

If you want a quality, stylish, and sophisticated water purifier at a decent and reasonable price, then the Dr.Aquaguard Classic+ is going to provide you exactly the same. This water purifier from Aquaguard has been equipped with exceptional e-boiling+ expertise that make sure that every single drop of water is as healthy, pure, and nontoxic as water boiled or heated for a minimum time period of 20 minutes. It provides you with 3 personalized installation preferences along with the automatic shut-down feature. The intelligent purity sensing system further makes sure that you get the purest form of water.

water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Installation is pretty easy with 3 personalized set up preferences
  • Equipped with the unique e-boiling+ technology for purifying water
  • Comes with the automatic shut-down feature to save ample electricity
  • The biotron technology unlocks the minerals for superior absorption
  • Delivers a multi-stage purification procedure with advanced expertise

Aquaguard Reviva Nxt Ro 8.5 L RO Water Purifier

Here comes another chic and fashionable water purifier that is going to enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. The Aquaguard Reviva NXT works on the RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification system for delivering pure and cleansed water as and when you need it for any type of usage. With a water tank capacity of around of 8.5-Liters, filling the tank once is going to be ample for the consumption of water in a single day for an average family comprising of 3-4 members. This water purifier has been equipped with the Chemi-Block filter that sieves out the surplus chlorine and organic impurities.

best water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Works on the RO purification system for removing impurities
  • Offers a tank capacity of 8.5-liters ample for average families
  • Comes with an i-Filter that eliminates the suspended particles
  • Equipped with a chemi-block filter to remove extra chlorine
  • Comprises of RO cartridge diminishes the hardness of water

Aquaguard Reviva UV 8 Litre Electrical Water Purifier

This is another water purifier from the Reviva range of Aquaguard purifiers. This water purifier has been equipped with the E-Boiling Technique, which ensures that the water you are drinking is as safe as water boiled for 20 minutes. The E-Boiling+ Technology has been coupled up with the Advanced 4-Stage Purification that helps you get that original taste of water. In addition, the Auto Fill System makes sure that the tank is full of purified water and you won’t require keeping a check on it every now and then. This expertise makes use of the UV Rays to purify the water through boiling.

best water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Electrical water purifier that doesn’t consume a lot of electricity
  • Equipped with the innovative auto-fill feature for storing water
  • Offers a storage tank of 8 liters that is ample for small families
  • Appropriate for water supplied from the municipal corporations
  • Eliminates all the viruses and bacteria through e-boiling technique

Aquaguard Hi-Flo UV Water Purifier

Whilst something is so worthy and clean, it must be available plentifully. According to this belief, the Aquaguard Hi-Flo has been furnished with Global and UV expertise of G.RO.UV.TH together with the e-boiling+ equipment to automatically boil the water through electronic means. It eradicates every single kind of disease-triggering virus, bacteria, and impurities to provide your family with the water that’s as clean and nontoxic as boiled water, within a really small time frame. With the high flow rate, this water purifier dispenses around 3 liters of water within a minute to store in a vessel or tank.

best water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Furnished with the Advanced Intelligent Purity Sensor System
  • The purifier constantly scans the water to deliver 100% pure water
  • Equipped with the E-Boiling+ technology to remove bacteria & virus
  • Dispenses more water in lesser time with the high-flow rate of water
  • Comes with mineral preserver system to avert the scaling of quartz tube

Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO+UV Purifier

For all the people who want their water purifier to be one that suits the overall ambience of your modular kitchen without a lot of hassle regarding the installation, the all-new Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD is the best water purifier, which has got the looks together with the advanced technologies. This water purifier comprises of the soft-touch water dispensing feature that delivers water with just a press of a button. Having the Digital Advance Alert System, this water purifier warns you 15 days prior to end of the GermKill kit. The water is 100% pure since every single drop of water passes through RO and UV.

best water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides you with 2 installation preferences for easy setup
  • Offers soft-touch water dispensing with solely a button press
  • The digital advance alert system offers a warning for kit change
  • Water passes through both RO and UV for 100% purified water
  • Chic and stylish water purifier that matches the kitchen indoors

Personal Suggestion

Since we have now provided you with the detailed and comprehensive reviews of every single water purifier from Aquaguard, it might be pretty easy for our customers or users to select the best water purifier as per their needs and requirements. Every single Aquaguard Water Purifier that we have listed in this review provides you with 100% purified water with utilizing one or the other technology. In addition, we are pretty sure that there would be at least one water purifier which is going to conform to the requirements and budget of one or the other user.

best water purifier5 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers In India 1

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However, we suppose that there might be a few customers who might not be able to come to a final decision so as to which water purifier they must opt for. For such people, we would suggest that they must go with our personally recommended product so that they do not face any problem in the future and get the best performance. The water purifier that we are going to suggest to our users is the Aquaguard Reviva NXT 8.5 L RO Water Purifier, which has been equipped with the latest technologies and comes with a decent tank capacity of 8.5 liters that is ample for any family comprising of 3-4 members.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers – Buying Guide

It is really significant to take an educated decision whilst selecting the appropriate water purifier. The purity of water that we are going to consume has a straight effect on our as well as our loved one's health. On the other hand, with a large number of choices offered, it might frequently appear like a frightening job. Numerous people believe that all the purifiers perform its task in a similar manner. But we recognize that might not be true. Diverse water conditions necessitate different purification expertise.

Source of Water

Your kind of water purifier relies on whether your water is delivered from municipal corporations, bore wells, or a combination of both. This principally varies from one area to the other and from a home to another.

Water TDS Levels

The level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) denotes the existence of minerals, salts, and metals in the water that is supplied to your house. The greater the TDS level of your water, the water is going to be that much harder.

What Kind of a Water Purifier Should You Use?

There are principally 2 kinds of water purifiers you might be able to select out of:

RO water purifiers are appropriate for the households that are utilizing the borewell water, with elevated levels of TDS levels.

The household that has a supply of municipality water, which comes from the rivers and lakes, must choose the UV water purifiers that turn the water as purified as the water boiled which might be boiled for a time period of 20 minutes!

Numerous homes obtain water from manifold water sources. The Aquaguard and Dr. Aquaguard offer a wide range of water purifiers that utilize both UV and RO technology to decontaminate the water in such type of conditions.

In case you are disordered regarding the kind of water in your house, you might be able to demand a free home demonstration. The water specialists from Eureka Forbes perform a water check prior to recommending the best water purifier for your house.

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