Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India

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The air in our homes and jobs is getting worse and worse. Having a good quality of air inside the house is very important, especially when many of us spend much of our day locked between 4 walls. If you are thinking about this minute that the air outside is much worse than what is inside your home, I regret to inform you that you may be quite wrong. Polluted particles dragged from the outside, bacteria, CO2 and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde are floating in the same air you breathe daily in your room or living room and even this indoor air pollution has been listed as one of the 5 biggest threats to public health by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Having the house purified helps to ward off bronchial diseases and it is worth clarifying that most of these plants are of tropical origin, so it is necessary to water them regularly and clean their leaves, which are responsible for trapping toxins. In addition, it is necessary to place them in the areas of greatest use. These are the 10 indoor plants, air purifiers.

Luckily for us, NASA has created a list with the best plants to filter the air we breathe into our homes, offices and other establishments and here you can see some of them:


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 1

For NASA this plant is a true air purifying beast. Eliminates ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene, is cheap and also give a touch of colour to your home. The best thing is that if you like it as much as to have it also outside the home, there will be no problem.  In case of this plan you need not to give extra care to the plant.


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 2

According to NASA, common ivy is the number one indoor plant because of its incredible ability to filter the air. It is a plant that adapts, can remain hanging in a flowerpot or on the floor and prefers moderate temperatures and medium exposure to sunlight.

Palm tree

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 3

It acts as a natural humidifier. It is a plant native to China whose cultivation has spread throughout the world. Currently, it can be found as part of the decoration in houses, gardens and terraces. Due to its unique characteristics, it is a plant that requires minimal maintenance. This very popular indoor plant thrives in low light conditions, and does not support abundant watering, making it ideal for those who often forget to water the plants.


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 4

With its heart-shaped leaves, the philodendron is a popular choice for indoor areas and is easy to maintain. Like ivy they are particularly efficient at the time of absorbing formaldehyde. If they are properly cared for they can last for many years. This plant prefers moderate water and a place with access to sunlight -not direct.


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 5

NASA: Purifying Score: 8.0. The gomero or Ficus robusta is fourth in the ranking. According to Avian Web, this type of plant is excellent for removing chemical toxins from the air indoors (particularly formaldehyde) and requires less light than many others.

Potus or Pothos

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 6

The photos are a simple-looking plant that is also on the NASA list. It grows best in cold or cool environments and with little exposure to sunlight. It cleans the formaldehyde of the air and is a beneficial plant for your home that would look perfect in your living or living room in height, with its leaves hanging like waterfall.

Dracaena marginata

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 7

This beautiful plant with very long and narrow leaves of dark green color with reddish brown edges can grow up to the ceiling (plants of 4.5 meters are usually common.

The bamboo

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 8

They usually never grow beyond 3 meters and are a fairly simple addition to any indoor space. As a plant, it is recognized for its best filtration of benzene and trichloroethylene, two substances that are usually found inside our homes. Bamboo can also be positioned near furniture that is prone to produce formaldehyde, another toxin that can effectively filter.


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 9

This plant is perfect for any space where you wash clothes or bathrooms, as it specializes in removing meld spores. The plant itself does not require much water or sunlight to survive and even produces beautiful flowers that make it a decorative piece. In addition to mold, this plant can also eliminate formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.


Top 10 Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification In India 10

What makes this plant really great is the development of its effectiveness. The more time the plant spends in a place, the more effective it becomes in removing contaminants and toxins that can be found in the air of any room. Like the espatifilo, it can exist happily even in a low-light area and usually sprouts and produces berries.

What is the Appropriate Number of Plants We Must Use?

As Many As Possible! This is going to be the answer since the plants aren’t going to harm your household in any sort of manner.
NASA suggests that you place 2-3 plants inside the 8-10 inch pots for every single 100 sq. ft. A few plants are superior at eliminating definite chemicals in comparison to others.
You must not use the identical type of plant in numerous numbers within a solo room; as an alternative, you should utilize diverse plants to gain thoroughgoing advantages.

Top Tips for Keeping the Indoor Air Clean

In addition to the houseplants, there are several other methods using which you may get the indoor air purified:

  • Diminish the level of humidity in the indoor air by using dehumidifiers
  • Keep the carpets, floors, and furniture fresh by mopping and vacuuming
  • Never smoke inside your house or office
  • The air conditioner should be regularly maintained by cleaning the filters
  • Install a quality air purifier inside your bedroom or living area
  • Lessen the usage of air fresheners, candles, and incense sticks
  • Get a kitchen chimney installed inside the kitchen
  • Utilize exhaust fans inside your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry space
  • Do not keep solvents, chemicals, pesticides, or glues close to the living spaces
  • Try and enhance the level of ventilation
  • Keep the windows and doors shut whilst the air pollution level is severe


These air purifying plants are certainly going to enhance the quality of air inside the house and are going to keep your mind boosted by the addition of a natural hint to the interiors. But in case you are further stern about attaining broad defense against the unsafe indoor air then you might as well try and install a top-quality air purifier in addition to these plants.

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