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Best Acoustic Guitars In India

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Music has a way of pleasing our souls and it can be formed in endless number of ways. Every single object has some element of music hidden within it. One such object everyone is familiar with is the music instrument “Guitar”. The guitar is also called Acoustic Guitar to differentiate it from the Electric Guitar which relies on the electronic amplification system. We have all, at some point, imagined ourselves holding an acoustic guitar and swiftly moving our fingers to generate the music. We can all learn to play it but the problem lies in the question: Which one to buy? What’s the perfect pick? You’ll be getting a pretty wide range of choices from these best acoustic guitars in India to buy.

Best Acoustic Guitars In India

There are sound waves from strings of an acoustic guitar that resonate through the body of an instrument and amplify the sound. Body of the guitar is basically a sound box where the top side is a sound board that enhances the vibration of strings. There are different strings varying from low to high, all creating a different element. These can be strummed through a fingertip or “guitar pick”. You might already be aware of all this information and just want to get yourself the best pick. We advise you to go through the following list thoroughly to get what suits you.

Editor's Picks: 4 of the Top Acoustic Guitar Brands In India

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5 Best Acoustic Guitars In India Reviewed

1. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha is renowned in the music world for over a century now and its musical instruments have stood the test of time. They have proven to be pleasing the musicians through different features and updated designs from time to time. 

Keeping the needs of beginners in mind, Yahama F310 Acoustic Guitar has been specifically made for first-timers. The ergonomic design and shape would give no trouble to first-time users and makes a good impact. It is comparatively cheaper than its counterparts and gives the feel of authentic and traditional music. 

It is known for its dreadnought size and measures 41-inches long. Spruce tonewood has a high-quality in producing dense sound and its material covers the body while the back and sides are made of Meranti. With the neck being made with Nato material and 6-string steel chords for swift music, it has all that is required. 

Truss rod finely tunes your guitar and rosewood complements the fretboard material, joining together to produce vibrant mid-range sound quality. Amplifiers cannot be connected but it does come with a connector cable, an extra string set, a capo, and a hex wrench. 

Extra playing comfort is provided with no loss of tone as it has a shorter scale length and weighs just 2.4kg. The 120 watts of audio wattage gives the freedom for additional combinations. 

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  • ISO certified and gives 3-years of warranty
  • Smooth fretboard touch
  • Truss rod for easy-tuning
  • Strong bass
  • Top quality wood
  • Steel strings could be improved

2. Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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The musicians will know the importance of Fender in the guitar world as it has been finely producing some of the best acoustic guitars in India. Another dreadnought designed acoustic guitar made of mahogany gives a perfect shine and beautiful music that is topped with glossing of a unique solution.

As stated before, spruce wood material is at the peak where it cannot be beaten in terms of strength, brightness, and dynamic range. Fender CD60s has a top made of spruce material that complements well with acoustic playing style. You can go from delicate fingerpicking to fast Flatpicking to hard strumming, and it will respond back well. 

The neck of the guitar should have the utmost comfortability and Fender CD60s comes with rolled fingerboard edges where the neck gives a comfortable fret-hand feel, catering to first-timers and professionals at the same time. 

The ideal brightness and vibrant dynamic range make this a preferred choice. It has an astonishing cosmetic vibe with a resonating combination of mahogany back and sides. These come together to bring you a balanced tone with a fine mid-range. The product weighs 2.84kgs and has a scalloped “X” bracing.

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  • Very smooth finishing
  • Durable strings
  • Deep sound is resonated nicely
  • Top-notch quality
  • Easy-to-play neck
  • Chords can get harder if not used for a long time

3. Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar

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Donner, unlike the brands mentioned before, is a new name in the market. They have selective guitar range but they have quite grasped the needs of users. They have very quickly perfected the features desired by people and have done a good job. The DAG line of guitars comes with one such DAG-1C acoustic guitar for the beginners and is considered to be the best budget acoustic guitar.

This acoustic guitar has a natural and authentic appeal. It is complemented with the fine sound, smooth and dressed frets, sealed tuners, and two-strap buttons. It comes with a beginner’s bundle and not as a solo buy. 

The back and sides of the guitar are laminated with mahogany while the top is covered with spruce wood, ensuring the quality material. Headstock is basic but with an incredible finishing and is connected to a mahogany c-shaped neck. 

This acoustic guitar stands tall at 41 inches and has a dreadnought shape to it. You can grab it and have long-practice sessions, thanks to the cutaway that increases playtime and provides extra comfort. 

Tones generated are bright yet warm, though the resonance and projection might not be the finest. The tuning is especially impressive and can be experimented with ease. It comes under an affordable price and has a neat packaging with all the necessary accessories such as a capo, a case, strings, guitar picks, and a tuner.

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  • 20 brass frets are infused
  • Cut-away appearance
  • Larger body to easily change the chords
  • Does not weigh much
  • Power chords can give complications

4. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha loves to give their products a traditional look yet with updated features, that appeals to different types of audiences at once. Yamaha FS100C acoustic guitar has that natural feel to it and comes very well under the budget if you’re looking for a cheap acoustic guitar. 

FS100C is a concert-sized 40-inch guitar. It is ideal for the people who love fingerpicking the guitars as it gives a smooth flow. This 6-string guitar focuses on sound quality and design and provides a sweet and responsive experience of sound. 

It is laminated with a spruce top on the side and the back is made of Agathis wood. This wood used is efficient as well as cost-effective. Fingerprint is made of rosewood to give yet another nice touch. The cutaway experience here adds to the comfort while holding and the expensive craft on the guitar screams about the high value.

The guitar is a bit heavy and weighs more than others with its neck made of Nato material and mahogany. There are 21 frets for different tones. You can easily get a good grip on this guitar and can be used to it quickly.

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  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Melodious sound output
  • Cutaway model
  • Thinner sides and back give a great volume
  • It is a bit heavy

5. Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar

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Ibanez MD39C is an acoustic guitar that comes just in right size. With the length of 39 inches, it is not too big or too small and fits just right. It is crafted brilliantly and gives the quality sound you desire. Coming very well under the budget, it offers a range of features. 

Under this price range, the other guitars often provide a plastic bridge but here the bridge and fretboard are covered with the rosewood material. Spruce wood provides additional sturdiness and there are 20 frets with a truss rod. 

The brand of Ibanez is a much-preferred brand among the professionals and it is apparent how the brand caters to beginners and professionals alike. It has 6 strings and natural sunburst finish with shiny polish. 

Though there are not many color options, it is still attractive and appeals to the masses. There is a slight lack of tone but can be practiced perfectly. The sound of chords is pleasing and finger strumming can be conveniently done.

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  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant guitar
  • Durable nylon outer shell bag
  • Good build quality
  • Exposed to scratches

Types Of Guitars

As we had made it clear in the beginning, the guitar is also called an acoustic guitar to avoid confusion with the electric guitar. A guitar can be broadly classified into Acoustic and Electric. We’ll look into them and their subcategories as well to know more.

Acoustic Guitars

There are many subcategories in the Acoustic guitar group such as flamenco guitars, classical guitars, steel-string guitars, flat-topped (folk) guitars, 12-string guitars, and arched-top guitars. There are unamplified guitars as well that can play at different registers such as acoustic bass guitars. 

Baroque Guitar

Baroque guitars come under the acoustic guitar group. They have been replaced by classical and flamenco guitar. These generate less volume and are smaller in size with the delicate build quality. There are four or five paired courses of strings. These are not solo instruments and are often used in the rhythm. They can be usually seen in the early eras of music. The baroque guitar has an ivory or wood inlay and a paper-cutout inside the hole. 

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is also known as Nylon-string guitar due to the fact that it uses nylon strings. There are 6 nylon strings rather than steel strings found nowadays. As the name goes, these guitars sit perfectly with classical music and can be used in folk, pop, jazz, and more. 

The overall tone is soft and mellow but they can produce hard tones if hit harder. The guitar teachers advise beginners to perform on classical guitars so they would not get sore fingers. Classical guitars have a wide fretboard and low string tension, meaning it doesn’t need to be pressed down hard to play a note. 

Flat-top Guitar

Also known as steel-string acoustic guitar, it comes in different sizes and is often larger than the classical guitar. It has a sturdy structure with a reinforced neck. Brighter tone and loud sounds can come out of its steel strings. These are often used in pop, blues, jazz, folk, etc. Dreadnought guitar is the most-common flat-top guitar, with Jumbo variation being the second.

Archtop Guitar

The top and the back of Archtop guitars are carved and have a curvy shape to them. They have steel strings and shape like a violin. A deep and hollow structure is usually found in these and its form belongs to the violin family. It was not the case before but now you can find archtop guitars with magnetic pickups, used in acoustic and electric alike. Jazz music cherishes the archtop guitar, especially the F-hole variations. 

Acoustic Bass Guitar

The acoustic bass guitar has a hollow wooden body which is comparatively larger than 6-string guitar. The acoustic bass guitar has 4 strings: E-A-D-G and has the same tuning pitch of an electric bass guitar. There are rare acoustic bass guitars that can have 5 or 6 strings too for a wider range. 

Resonator Guitar

Resonator guitars have a similar appearance to the flat-top guitars but a body made of brass, steel, wood, or nickel-silver. One or more aluminum resonator cones are mounted on the top, producing a resonating sound. It was originally aimed to generate loud sounds and thus resembles the volume of loudspeakers. They have a metal cone in the place of the soundhole. There are varying models suiting to different styles of music. These are not recommended for beginners as they require good experience in playing guitar. 

Twelve-string Guitar

Normally there are 6 strings in the guitar but as the name goes, 12 strings can be found in these with 6 courses made of 2 strings each. The string pathway is similar to that of mandolin and the highest two courses are in unison, rest being in octaves. 

12-string guitars were very acclaimed in the 60s and 70s and are used today too. Considerable finger pressure is needed to fret the notes properly. It is harder to play than 6-string guitar and beginners wouldn’t find it easy. Build up finger strength before working on 12-string guitar.  

Types Of Guitars - Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

Solid-body Electric Guitar

Solid-body electric guitars are the most common electric guitars. A solid-body should be your preferred choice for a wide range of musical situations. It is less vulnerable to feedback and can resist the knocks and bumps with ease. 

Solid-body electric guitars do not have a vibrating soundboard to amplify string vibration. Their instruments rely on electric pickups and an amplifier and speaker. These are made of hardwood and have a polymer finish to them. Wood is stored for 3 to 6 months and then cut to shape. 

Solid-body electric guitars get their sound from the type of wood, the type of magnetic pickups, the quality of magnetic pickups, scale length, and shapes of bodies and necks. 

Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar

These types of guitars have a hollow body, which causes the sound to resonate. There is a warmer and more dynamically-responsive sound than solid-body ones. These rely on the amplifier and are unable to produce a sound just by themselves. 

They are vulnerable to feedback and thus most of the rock and heavy-metal musicians do not prefer to play them. These are mostly preferred by jazz and blues guitarists. 

Full Hollow Body Electric Guitar

In these, there are large and deep bodies made up of glued sheets or wood plates. Their volume can be at the same level as an acoustic guitar and thus can be played unplugged too. 

Their tops and backs are arched like a violin and they are carved from a single piece of wood. Heat-pressed laminates are used to construct them. 

These can produce a thick sound and are preferred by jazz guitarists, thus getting themselves the name of “Jazz-box” as well. 

Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Electro-Acoustic guitars are the ones that have magnetic pickups equipped with them. They can be played with the amplifier or acoustically too. There are amplifiers that are specially designed for electro-acoustic guitars to produce a fine sound. 

Electro-acoustic guitars are mostly preferred by fingerstyle guitarists, folk guitarists, singer-songwriters, etc. Rock guitarists would not prefer them unless they need acoustic sound.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which type of guitar is easiest to learn?

Nylon-string guitars/Acoustic guitar is the easiest to learn as there is low-string tension on fingers.

Q. How many types of Guitars are there?

Broadly speaking, there are two main categories of guitar: Acoustic and Electric. Both of them have various subcategories that have been already explained before.

Q. Can you learn guitar by yourself?

A decade or so ago, it would have been very difficult to learn by yourself. But with the truckload of online content and easy access to manuals, it is very easy to pick things up from scratch.

Q. What’s the easiest song to play on guitar?

Everyone finds something different as the definition of their easy son. However, the general audience considers the “I wanna be there” by Blessid Union of Souls to be the easiest among all.

Q. What are the 3 basic guitar chords?

The 3 basic guitar chords that are must-know for everyone are: G Major, C Major, and D Major. 

Q. In terms of budget, which is the best acoustic guitar brand in India?

Donner DAG-1C is pretty good considering the tight budget. It gives the necessary comforts and a wide range of features for beginners, while keeping the budget in mind.

A Final Word

The guide here caters mostly to the beginners who want to get into the world of guitars. It is necessary to know the basic things about them before buying one and by now you should be certain of your pick. However, if you’re one hard-to-please person, we would personally recommend you Yamaha F310. It has a good brand value and falls under the price range while being a compact guitar for the first-timers. For us, it is the best acoustic guitar in India!

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