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5 Best Camping Tents In India (November 2022)

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Today, you might be able to perceive a lot of travel blogs and vlogs on the internet, which provide you with the information about places that you must visit, what are the trends in that place, the culture, and above all they share the whole experience with you. As a result, people have become really excited and interested in visiting one place or the other so as to blossom their love for hiking and camping outdoors. But, before visiting such a place, you need to be properly geared up with the equipment and other necessities to make your outing even more memorable and comfortable.

5 Best Camping Tents In India

Therefore, today we have come up with the Best Camping Tents in India, which are going to help you whilst you are hiking and camping outdoors along with your family and friends. When you are outdoors, it can never be as comfortable as you feel being at home, but these camping tents are going to help you evade the heavy winds, proper ventilation, water-resistance, and a section to rest comfortably in. So, if you are planning for a camping or hiking trip with your family or friends, having a camping tent will surely provide you with the comfort you need being outdoors.

The Best Camping Tents In India You Can Buy Today

1. Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tents


Planning for an outdoor camping or hiking expedition with your friends? Here we have come up with a top-notch camping tent, which is going to help you rest comfortably in the midst of the woods. This camping tent comes with the WeatherTec System, which keeps you dry in the rains and offers a cool dome structure.

This tent is really appropriate for carrying and fairly effortless to set up. This 2-man camping tent has been intended to deliver decent air ventilation owing to the bigger windows coupled up with the inverted protected seams. The generous head height adds up to the overall convenience of the user and the big D-shaped front door allows easy passage in and out.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Easily accommodates 2 people inside the tent very comfortably
  • Intended having a dome design for effortless setup or pitching
  • Allows for an incredible air ventilation owing to the large windows
  • The WeatherTec System offers a welded floor to keep you dry
  • Offers a spacious sleeping area along with a decent head height

2. Diswa Miletry Tent Quick Setup 6-Person All Season Camping Tent


Here comes another idyllic camping gear to carry outdoors whilst hiking, camping, or moving out on vacations. This camping tent from Diswa Miletry unwraps automatically in seconds and might be installed pretty easily by any person without using several tools.

It consists of a tent body crafted out of Double Walled Polyester comprising mesh fabric, which provides defense from winds, sunlight, and rain. The external fabric delivers additional protection in sturdy winds and rains. This layer might as well be detached and attached back according to your preferences. In addition, the waterproof floor of this tent averts dew from moving into the tent.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • An appropriate and stylish camping tent for outdoor trips
  • Allows for a fairly easy and quick setup as well as fold down
  • Comes with the double-sided zipper on the mesh and outside door
  • Provides the user with an excellent view devoid of mosquitoes
  • Comprises of 4 distinct metal tent pegs for substantial fixing

3. Wildcraft Shield Pro Pack 4 Person Tent


If you are searching for a tent that can easily accommodate your family of 4, then you may opt to purchase the Wildcraft Shield Pro Pack Tent for sure. This contemporary tent from the house of Wildcraft has been equipped with the clip hanging system that helps you to pitch the tent with a whole lot of ease. The base has been attached with a groundsheet so as to keep the user dry. Furthermore, the tent is completely waterproof owing to the seam sealed and dual-layered rainfly. In addition, the multiple point tensioning system makes for utmost toughness, which turns it wind-resilient.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Offers pockets on the inside of the tent for easy storage
  • The net or mesh windows allow for superior ventilation
  • Comes with the tensioning system at multiple points for toughness
  • Completely waterproof tent with the double-layered rainfly
  • The clip hanging arrangement turns it effortless to pitch the tent

4. Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent

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If you are on an outdoor escapade with your friend or any other solo person, the Quechua Arpenaz camping tent would be the best option for you. Owing to the sturdy fitting and attachments on the exterior, the tent remains really stable and resists those heavy winds.

Since you would be staying in outdoors inside this tent, it has been equipped with a flysheet to defend the occupants from condensation. In addition, this tent allows for easy transportation as well as installation to the user. Furthermore, if there are frequent entry and exits, the entry way might as well be rolled up and then fixed to the pole.

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Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Equipped with the galvanized steel pegs for decent twist resistance
  • The interior comprises of 2 pockets so as to facilitate easy storage
  • Comes with a single vertical zip to allow the entry and exit of occupants
  • Provides a decent head space for easy mobility of the people inside
  • Offers a decent level of wind-resistance and keeps the mosquitoes away

5. Krevia Velkro Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Tent


This camping tent from Krevia Velkro provides you with the stress-free method for installation. Dissimilar from other tents on the market, this isn’t just light in weight but might be installed within a minute! It has been intended with a long-lasting polyester fabric wall & top having silver polyurethane along with shock-corded fiberglass poles for the frame.

It comprises a big front entrance, which has been furnished with a zipper mesh/net ending and zippered storm covers. Therefore, this camping tent with a capacity of accommodating 6 persons is an essential product for every single family outdoor trip.

Why Do We Recommend It?

  • Equipped with the light in weight steel stakes for stability
  • Offers an effortless transportability as well as installation
  • Delivers decent air ventilation with the mesh door and windows
  • An appropriate camping tent for all your outdoor escapades
  • Provides a bigger front entrance with the zipper mesh closure

Personal Recommendation

So, here we are after concluding the overall comprehensive review process of the Best Camping Tent on the market. Thus, we suppose that after going through our reviews, every single user would be able to choose a camping tent as per their requirement, budget, and preference. In addition, we would like to tell our users that all the tents on our listing have been crafted using the best materials and are pretty endurable. Furthermore, the majority of the camping tents are wind and water resistant for utmost comfort.

On the other hand, if still there are a few customers or users who are unable to choose an appropriate camping tent for their outdoor escapade, then we would like to tell them that they should go with our personally suggested product for sure. The camping tent that we would recommend out users to purchase is the Diswa Miletry Tent Quick Setup 6-Person All Season Camping Tent, which has the capacity to accommodate as many as 6-people at once without any discomfort.

In addition, the price tag that it has been tagged with is pretty reasonable and you may not find any other 6-person camping tents in this price range. It provides you with all the features and specifications that one looks for in a camping tent. So, if you are planning for an outdoor trip with friends or family into the woods, this camping tent would be the option to go for.

Things To Consider When Buying A Camping Tent – Buying Guide

Planning out for a camping trip this vacation, but haven't bought any camping tent up till now? We comprehend it might be complicated to select the appropriate one, with several kinds of camping tents flooding the market. But, you don’t need to worry about anything! After reading and analyzing plenty of camping tent reviews on the web, we have constituted a concise camping tent buying guide that is going to assist you in purchasing the best one out of the lot.

Things To Consider When Buying A Camping Tent - Buying Guide

Effortless to install and wrap up, the camping tents are the units that assist in fills up your camping experience with fun. The points discussed below are the aspects that all the campers or hikers require keeping in mind whilst purchasing a camping tent:


Search for a camping tent that is water-resilient, since in a camping trip, it is always better to be prepared than being sorry. You may end up getting yourself into an unfriendly situation in case it starts raining or snowing all of a sudden.

Weather Compatibility

Select a camping tent which is weather-harmonious. It must be capable of enduring storms, showers, and even any sort of snowfall. There is a wide diversity of tents contingent on the time of year. A few camping tents are season-definite, whilst the others may be easily used in all the 4 seasons.

Easy Transportability

Purchase a product that may be effortlessly conveyed to the ground for camping. The poles of the tent that are crafted out of fiberglass are really sturdy and heavier, whilst the aluminum poles aren’t that hard-wearing whilst being really lightweight. The tents that are made up of nylon are the best ones for the campers and might be satisfactory for camping out on an enjoyable day.

Space Requirements

Select the camping tent being mindful about the capacity or the totality of people you desire to house inside the tent. In case you desire the overall family to be accommodated in one single camping tent, then you should select as per your requirement. But as the camping tent might be occupied with other sorts of stuff or things, it is forever a good option to purchase a tent that might be able to lodge 5 to 6 people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What material is used for making camping tents?

Most camping tents are made of man-made products such as polyester and nylon. Nylon-based products make for really portable and lightweight camping tents. As for the poles of the tents, they may be made of aluminium (which is lighter in weight) or fiberglass (which is more sturdier but less portable).

2. Are all camping tents waterproof?

Not all. But the best tent for camping will be. Especially the ones on the list are made to persevere not only just rain but also hailstorms and storms!

3. How many people can fit inside a camping tent?

That depends on the camping tents. There are camping tents which can accommodate 2 people, some which can accommodate 4 and even 6 people. We recommend you buy a large tent for their being more room to chill inside.

A Final Word

As of now, after you have been furnished with this essential knowledge, we think that you will be able to purchase a camping tent that would be ideal for your desires and comes within the reach of your budget so that you may revel in the open air or outdoors after taking a smart decision.

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  1. Do u have any option of tents to set up a camping site cor commercial purpose

    • Hey! I have helped a camping + tour company set up tents in Kasol, Parvati Valley (Himachal Pradesh) on the banks of Parvati River. It was more than a year ago and the tents we used were the Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tents. Last year, during my visit to Kasol and Tosh on Christmas, I found that these tents were still in use although they had to buy more of these to accommodate the rising influx of tourists.

  2. Me and my 2 friends are planning to go for a camping trip as we all love adventurous trips and camping under sky can be an explosive experience. Thank you for this blog, it will help us picking the right camping tents.

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