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10 Best Infrared Heaters In India (November 2022)

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There are many things that change at the time of winters, you start taking hot water baths with the help of those gas geysers, tend to wear woolen clothes, apply those skin moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated, etc. There might not find any reprieve from those chilly winds outside, but you can surely prosper a comfortable environment inside your house to get the utmost relaxation. Hence, today we have listed down the Best Infrared Heaters for your house that would help in controlling the temperature indoors.

This guide takes in consideration all the factors, specifications and features to pick up the best of the lot according to requirements. These types of heaters are pretty eco-friendly and well-accepted throughout the world. In addition, the infrared heaters are intended in such a fashion that they augment the appearance of your house or office as well. Further, these warm up your house with instantaneous heating, which thereby makes them really effective types of heaters on the market.

So, go through our line-up of infrared heaters if you are planning to make this winter season more comfortable and desire to buy a product that would last for a really long time without any sort of fuss.

Best Infrared Heaters in India

Lloyd LGH2W Review

Lloyd is a company that is pretty quickly taking over the Indian market with its seamless range of home and kitchen appliances. The product that we are here going to talk about is its Lloyd LGH2W Infrared Room Heater, which offers you the best warming experience owing to its powerful and silent heating design. It is a budget model that offers both silent as well as effectual heating for your room. It is really easy to set up or install and takes a very small space in your room.

Lloyd LGH2W Infrared Room Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Provides noiseless and powerful heating
  • Comes with a really pleasant design
  • Offers a remote control for easy usage
  • Can be placed on a table without any support
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of electricity

Placehab Mini 220W Infrared Air Heater Review

This Infrared Heater from Placehab is an expertise that has been motivated by infrared. Therefore, it is an accepted and eco-friendly method of warming. It warms up similar to the sun, which is by focusing on articles every living being. The heater is visually pleasing, very stylish and exceptionally designed to endure every weather settings owing to the IP-24 rating. The warming panels offer prompt heating within 30 seconds, which makes it a really effective product.

Placehab Mini 220W Infrared Air Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • The heater is really safe and noiseless
  • Comes with the standard Green Technology
  • It doesn’t burn oxygen while heating
  • Provides a clean & natural method of heating
  • Can survive any kind of weather condition

Xtreme H2 Infrared Heater Review

This infrared heater from Xtreme has been intended having a finned distinctive Aluminium alloy with distinctive expertise. This heater makes use of an aero heating component and offers high electricity-heat efficacy relation. Its warming panel has been shielded by superior Nano painting so that the infrared waves are generated following the warm-up. The benefits of fresh, harmless, comfy, vigorous, and dependable heating are provided by this infrared heater.

Xtreme H2 Infrared Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Warms up the indoor and outdoor spaces with ease
  • Can be utilized comfortably within closed rooms
  • Doesn’t waste energy for warming the air
  • Comes with an exceptional, smooth, and attractive design
  • Doesn’t burn the oxygen available in the air

Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Room Heater Review

This 3 Element infrared heater from Lifesmart is a real heating genius. Making use of the high-class Broadrange Oscillation Technology, this space heater might offer the infrared warmth for a spacious room. It comes with 3 of Lifesmart 3 wrapped quartz infrared components. These are very efficient in delivering superior heating performance as every metal component comes with a distinct heat regulator. The metal covering further assists in extending the lifecycle of every element as well.

Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with the Broadrange Oscillation technology
  • Provides long-lasting performance and durability
  • Spreads the warmth really fast and effectively
  • Really competent in heating large spaces with ease
  • Offers a 500W eco setting which saves energy

Vornado IR400 Dual Zone Heater Review

The Vornado IR400 offers the capability of using the Vornado's official V-Flow Technology, which heats up the entire room with the effectual heat circulation to provide seamless and unvarying heat. Using this heater, you may also change to a personal heat mode for extra-warm heat targeted at you. However, without worrying about how heated and warm space becomes; the infrared heater is going to stay cool when touched and it further offers a programmed safety shut-down feature.

Vornado IR400 Dual Zone Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with the fabulous dual-zone heating
  • Offers a personalized heat zone mode as well
  • Comprises of a digital display and inbuilt handle
  • The heater operates at 3 distinct heat settings
  • Provides a 5-year satisfaction guarantee to the user

Orpat ORH-1410 Review (Best Infrared Heater)

The fundamental usage of the infrared heater is to provide warmth into a bounded or walled space to keep your ambiance warm during the course of winter. In case you are living in the northern part of India, you are surely going to require buying the best room heater. This infrared heater from Orpat makes use of the infrared technology to generate warmth, providing warm air to the objects as well as people openly. Therefore, it is a perfect warming method for a small or average space.

Orpat ORH-1410 Review - Best Infrared Heater in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • An international standard ergonomic infrared heater
  • Offers a really compact and stylish design
  • Comes with a Nickel Chrome plated mesh grill
  • Provides a 2-years warranty to the customer
  • Bright nickel-chrome reflector for quick heating

Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater Review

This infrared heater from Lifesmart provides you with really harmless, natural warmth and is super-competent for a big space or room. This infrared heater comprises a 6 quartz-infrared element arrangement that is essentially enveloped in a metal heat regulator loop. Every single electrical element comes with a warranty for 1-year and a cleanable air filter. It comes with 3 energy-saving modes comprising of an Eco-Friendly Setting that is going to heat very effectually.

Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with a remote to provide easy usage
  • A digital display has been provided on the front
  • Provides an eco-setting for effective usage
  • Helps you keep away from awful electricity bills
  • Really quiet as compared to other space heaters

Orpat OQH-1230 800-Watt Quartz Heater Review

This infrared heater from Orpat turns your house warm and comfortable in winters and has a stylish design. It comprises of 2 greater quality heating components crafted using the tungsten wire, defended through a quartz-crystal pipe. The reflector has been plated with nickel-chromium, which produces infrared heat in a constant fashion. The heater can also function at 2 diverse power stages as per the power of heat needed by the user.

Orpat OQH-1230 800-Watt Quartz Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with a safety tip-over switch
  • Offers a secure mesh-grill to avoid accidental contact
  • Supports 2 distinct heating options at 400 & 800 Watts
  • Easy to install and operate the heater
  • Automatic shut-down feature avoids overheating

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-838 Family Red Ceramic Space Heater Review

Take pleasure with an effortlessly heated space using this infrared heater from Dr. Infrared heater. The Dr. Infrared Heater is industrialized grade merchandise at home pricing. It comes with an adaptable regulator that features a high, low, and fan-only feature to permit you to warm up to a convenient temperature for several winters coming up. It has been prepared with an industrialized level motor along with a blooming red self-adaptable ceramic heating component for safety.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-838 Family Red Ceramic Space Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon


  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Inbuilt automatic overheating shut-down feature
  • Quiet operation and perfect heating
  • High & Low Setting coupled up with Fan only mode
  • Bounded with maximum efficiency as well as safety

VonHaus 4 Element Portable Infrared Fan Heater Review

Now keep your home comfy while it’s severely cold outdoors using the VonHaus 1500W Infrared Fan Heater. It has been prepared using 4 infrared components coupled up with a 1500W warm up setting. This heater is effortless to use since it has a digital thermostat feature. It is a silent but commanding scroll fan, which allocates heat all over the room consistently. Its tip-over cut-off regulator offers real safety. It comes with a lifetime cleanable air filter that offers reliable and consistent function.

VonHaus 4 Element Portable Infrared Fan Heater ReviewCheck Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

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  • Comes with a remote control having a nice range
  • Perfect for spaces of every size counting bigger rooms
  • Trendy black design and cool touch peripheral
  • 4 infrared components and 1500W heating power
  • The digital thermostat switch offers a 12-hour timer

How to Choose an Ideal Infrared Heater?

There are numerous aspects that a customer needs to have a look at to make a decision so as to which kind of infrared heater he or she is going to buying to make a perfect choice. You must go through all the features given below before making a selection.

Security Features

We need to be surprised about the aspect that the manufacturers of heating appliances take safety pretty earnestly.  In the end, we are buying an appliance that might become really hot from time to time. The final thing that needs to happen is someone receiving burns!

The producers of the Infrared heaters cover all these aspects by providing certain safety features. The bulk of warmers comprise of the safety features that have been provided below for your reference:

Tip-Over Safety Button

This switch is going to shut-down the heater while it tips over. It might be an occasional event but it is important to be secure.  Finally, you don’t require the unprotected hot grills of the heater getting in contact with something inflammable such as the carpet.

Cool-Touch Peripherals

On top of the zone that offers hot air to your space, the majority of the heaters might be warm or cool when felt.  It is going to avoid you or the kids or even pets from receiving a burnt surprise.

Automatic Shut-Down

This is one more safety aspect which naturally operates while a particular temperature is touched or your heater is pressed over. This feature is going to either shut the heater down permanently or shut it down momentarily till the heat starts falling.


Finding a good brand like Bajaj gets you more trust because of the quality Bajaj's Room Heaters provide and it is recommended to go for popular brands!

Additional Features

Remote Control

No one wants to get out of bed to alter any setting of the heater. Therefore, a remote is the perfect solution.  They typically cover up the change in settings such as on/off, temperature, and timer.  Essentially, they assist in covering a majority of features you might get with an actual warmer.


They come in really handy when the usability comes into consideration.  They permit you to either set the time as to when your heater is going to shut down or when it is going to operate.  This is convenient in case you are sleepy and require returning to a heated up space. They usually range from a 9 to 12-hour operation.


However, the bulk of infrared heaters utilize a little fan to move the heat outside, the remaining heaters moreover employ an oscillation setting.  It helps in rotating the heater and offers superior heat treatment of an area.


Characteristically presented by means of a digital panel, the thermostat permits you to fix the hotness of your heater.  Evidently the more you fix the temperature at, the more time it is going to take for the heater to attain it.

Personal Suggestion

Meanwhile, as you have gone through all the products and their description, we suppose every single user would have caught hold of an infrared heater that would take care of their requirements and would deliver a decent performance. Subsequently, we would like to tell you that all the infrared heaters on our listing have tested on several parameters such as build quality, safety, power consumption, etc. so that you don’t have to worry about anything apart from choosing the product that matches your requirement and budget.
On the other hand,
Orpat ORH-1410 Review - Best Infrared Heater in India!Check Best Price and Reviews on Amazon!

Check Price on Amazon

if any of our users aren’t able to find a perfect match to suit their preferences, then we would like them to go with our personally suggested product if they want to purchase value for money product. The infrared heater that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater, which is going to help you surround yourself with a comfortable setting all throughout the winter season.

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