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A Complete Buyer’s Guide For Auto-Clean Chimney

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It is very important for the health of the families, to use efficient stoves, chimneys or bells and to adequately ventilate the area of the house where the food is cooked.

A neglected chimney is a threat to the life of the whole family. Unfortunately, people save on chimney services risking their lives. As long as it succeeds, it succeeds … Others are again trying to guerrilla chimney to hammer a chimney with a hammer or a brick dropped on a string, which has nothing to do with proper cleaning.

Auto-clean technology comes to your rescue therein by getting rid of the oil particles from the kitchen chimney on its own, without requiring human intervention.

Auto Clean Chimney

What is an Auto clean Chimney?

Basically, the automatic cleaning of the chimney installations is null or requires less maintenance. A separate oil trap is provided in the automatic cleaning chimney. Whatever the oil particles are present, the cooking gases are collected in this collector.

Automatic cleaning chimney equipped with non-stick aluminum turbine through which smoke passes from cooking. Due to the centrifugal forces, the oil particles are forced to move towards the wall of the fan and are collected in collectors / bowls washable and easy to remove. These extractive oil collecting bowels have been washed once a month according to use. This is not an additional effort to clean the oil collectors. All you need to do is press the “automatic cleaning” control button while cooking.

Why use auto clean chimney?

By cleaning our chimney we get a good combustion. The ducts being totally clean provide a complete shot that facilitates the ignition of the fuel.

With cleaning we avoid possible fires of soot accumulated in the chimney. Fire in a chimney is not frequent, but it can occur if we let the years go by and we do not keep the ducts in good condition.

Due to the continuous heat to which the materials are subjected, sometimes detachments of some material can be produced inside the chimney such as a brick, plaster, etc. Birds usually have as a point of reference the nesting in chimneys with which it is possible that at some time part of the nest can clog the pipes.

It will be important to consider if our chimney is direct or has elbows, in the second case we will have to carry out the cleaning of the registers and the elbows with greater assiduity.

But in case of Auto-clean chimney but need not to do anything. You just need to press button if you want to clean the chimney

How automatic cleaning of the kitchen fireplace works

The kitchen fireplace is an appliance that makes the kitchen clean and smoke free, but cleaning the fireplace is a tedious and time consuming process. Auto Clean basically solves getting rid of the oil particles from the kitchen's chimney, without human intervention. We hope this article will help you choose the right kitchen fireplace for your kitchen needs. In fact, you can use our kitchen fireplace selector to know the proper kitchen fireplace according to your kitchen's needs.

Advantages of self-cleaning filters

  • Prevents oil, grease particles negatively affect the suction power of the kitchen's fireplace, which subsequently reduces the performance of the kitchen's fireplace.
  • The non-stick aluminum turbine blower prevents clogging of the oil, therefore, it increases the useful life of the internal parts.
  • As oil collected in bowls, it is not necessary to wash the filter frequently.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduces filter cleaning effort

How to clean a chimney

You will need to clean up depending on the use of your fireplace and how you use it. A fire with little oxygen or with moist wood generates more smoke containing particles with more partially burned solids. These solids build up quickly in your fireplace and will need to be cleaned more frequently.

If the use is with live fire that totally burns the wood at a higher temperature and with totally dry wood, cleaning may be less frequent.

The cleaning of the chimney is a technically easy task, but really unpleasant and can be a dangerous activity by the use of stairs, the height at which there is to develop the works, roofs, slippery roofs, icing et c. If you can afford it, hire a specialized cleaning service.

The chimney sweep is an experienced professional who, in addition to cleaning the soot of the chimney, will know how to detect possible failures and deterioration in the construction that will prevent possible fires or leaks. In case of hiring, check that you have insurance to avoid possible problems in case of accident.

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