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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner

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Do you want to be geared up for the upcoming summer season? Invest in our freshly reviewed Best Air Conditioners, to get the most soothing and comfortable environment during those hot scorching summers. In this post, we are going to provide you with a complete buying guide to Air Conditioners together with the best of options available on the market for individual types of air conditioners. So, all those who want to purchase an air conditioner of any type or with any budget, must go through this buyer’s guide for sure.

This air conditioner buyer’s guide is going to help you to make the best choice while you are on the market to buy one. Apart from that, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of different kinds of air conditioners as well as the top models that you might get from the market at a decent price tag. So, here we go with our comprehensive buyer’s guide and air conditioner reviews, fetch you pen and paper jot the important points that you would like to consider before buying an air conditioner.

What is an Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner is an appliance that often makes use of a fan to dispense the conditioned air to an engaged area like a house or a car to develop thermal comfort as well as interior air quality. The electric refrigerant-centered AC models sort from the minor units that might be able to cool down a small room, which might be supported by a solitary adult, to those huge units fitted on the rooftop of the workplace towers that might be able to cool a complete building.

The cooling is characteristically attained by means of a refrigeration sequence, but at times free cooling or evaporation is utilized. The air conditioning arrangements might further be made centered on the desiccants (chemicals which eliminate dampness from the ambient air) and subterraneous piping that might be able to hand out the heated refrigerant to the floor for cooling.

What are the Features to Consider before Buying an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners aren’t those appliances which you may buy without considering the pros and cons of every single aspect related to its features. Therefore, we have come up with the features or aspects that you must check before buying an air conditioner.


An air conditioner’s power is calculated as tons of refrigeration or simply tons. One ton is the capacity which is measured in the sense as the amount of heat needed to melt down a ton of ice within a period of 24-hours. The air conditioners with 1-ton capacity are rated as 12000 BTU/hour, or 3517W. Prior to buying an AC, you could calculate the needed capacity to chill down a room through calculating the square-foot area. You can utilize the guide provided below to select the best AC for your room.

Apart from that, there are a few factors that may need you to choose a bigger capacity unit:

Floor – The elevated is the floor of house, the large is the cooling capacity you must opt for, with the most elevated floor requiring the highest capacity.

Temperature – In case you live in a region with summer temperatures over 40-degrees Celsius constantly, buying a higher capacity unit is a must.

Manifold Windows – When you have several or bigger windows in your house or office, only the higher capacity air conditioners are going to do the job for you.

Direction of Room – while the room faces south or west direction, to cut down the heat, you need to install an air conditioner with higher capacity.

Power Consumption

The BEE Rating, which is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, is a new star rating approach known as the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER), basically for the air conditioners. This unique and evolved rating approach in change in higher temperature in India and rates the ACs consequently. Air Conditioners having the higher star ratings are going to munch less energy or power, which thereby results in a decrease in your electricity bill and hence save a lot of money in the longer run.

BEE Rating Disparity in the Year 2017 and 2018

According to BEE, a drop of 2 points or stars in the energy rating has been introduced in the year 2018 aimed at the non-inverter split ACs. For an instance, a 2017 non-inverter air conditioner rated with %-stars is going to turn into a 3-star model in the year 2018.

What are the Types of Air Conditioners on the Market?

Based on the capacity, installation, and the energy efficiency, the air conditioners have been categorized into 3 different segments which are namely the Window ACs, Split ACs, and the Inverter ACs.

Window Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, these are the air conditioners which are installed in a window frame with the front facing the room and the back towards an area that may dissipate the hot air into the surroundings.


  • Offer a reasonable price as compared to Split ACs. 
  • Easier to install when comparing to the overall setup of Split ACs as there isn’t any need to drill the walls to hide the air tubes or pipes.
  • Do not reside in the internal wall space similar to the Split ACs.

Whirlpool Magicool 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Whirlpool is brand that has long been marketing valuable and ground-breaking home appliances to its customers. Its wide range of air conditioners is really competent as far as energy saving and usability is concerned. The Whirlpool Magicool 1-Ton Window AC comes equipped with the 6th Sense EnergySaver technology, which helps you curb down on those energy bills considerably. The turbo cool function offers the instant comfort that you require owing to the superior cooling that it gushes out. The automatic restart function restarts your AC at the same temperature and mode after power failure.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 1Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Comes with a Japanese Compressor for longer life of the AC
  • The Sleep Function maintains the temperature for a sound sleep
  • Comprises of an auto-restart function to restart the AC after power cuts
  • The advanced MPFI technology results in enhanced cooling capacity
  • Offers a turbo cool function to for superfast cooling performance
  • Saves a lot of energy with the 6th Sense EnergySaver Technology

Blue Star 3W18LB Window AC

For the best cooling solution for the scorching summer heat Blue Star comes with the latest 3W18LB window AC, which is proficient of offering the perfect cooling capability in a standard sized room. It is a respectable solution in case you don’t possess the endowment to install a split AC. Equipped with advanced features, this air conditioner is really a good choice. With this AC, you are allowed to experience that office level cooling inside your house too. The features comprise of an auto restart with the memory utility as well as an on & off timer.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 3Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Power-packed to offer the best cooling experience at home
  • Comes with an automatic restart function with memory utility
  • The on & off timer allows you to fix the time to switch on/off the AC
  • Comprises of an anti-freeze thermostat and an easily cleanable panel
  • Equipped with an anti-corrosive blue fin condenser for longer life
  • Offers a power coated body to provide defense from external shocks

LG LWA5CP3A L-Crescent Plus Window AC

The air conditioners from LG have been equipped with amazing and useful features such as the auto restart function for turning the AC on after a power cut that too at the same temperature, fans speed, and mode. It further offers an energy saver mode coupled up with the on & off timer, which assure the customers of providing you with the finest cooling with diminished electricity bills. Correspondingly, the dual protection filter makes sure that every single ounce of air that you respire in is pure and clean. With the customer trust that LG has developed, this AC has also been loved by many users.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 5Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Made to a standard size of a window for easy and stress-free installation
  • Saves a lot of energy when functioning on the energy saver mode
  • Curbs down the consumption of electricity with the on or off timer function
  • Comes with a copper condenser to provide a longer life to the AC
  • Comprises of a dual protection filter for enhancing the quality of air
  • Provides an auto restart feature to turn the AC on following power cuts

Split Air Conditioners

The Split Air Conditioners are the ones which are installed or mounted on the walls inside the room you want to cool. The installation of this type of air conditioners takes time as the walls need to be drilled to make space for hiding the air tubes. Further, these ACs are even more powerful as compared to the window ACs.


  • These ACs offer considerable energy and money savings owing to the low energy consumption
  • The Inverter Split ACs offer superior energy efficiency than the non-inverter versions
  • Generates less noise as the compressor and condenser are positioned outside
  • Amazing cooling performance by virtue of the extended blowers that offer higher air volumes

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

The wide-range of Carrier Split Air Conditioners is pretty prevalent owing to their amazing cooling performance as well as the savings that they offer owing to the low energy consumption. Carrier has covered this inverter split air conditioner with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product along with 10-year warranty on its compressor. It comprises of a best-in-class copper compressor for fabulous performance and long-lasting working. The cooling that these air conditioners offer is really energy proficient and is pretty easy to maintain.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 7Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Offers high ambient working with the hybrid cooling technology
  • Works even at lower voltages for continuous and powerful cooling
  • Innovative design of the Hybridjet helps in cooling more efficiently
  • Functions even deprived of any stabilizer at 48 degrees Celsius
  • With high ambient working, cools even at temperatures around 55 degree Celsius
  • Comes with a 10-years manufacturer warranty on the compressor of the AC

BPL 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

BPL is a brand that has long been standing on the market amongst the top brands and has even then stood its ground. Owing to the revision in the BEE ratings, this air conditioner has come down to a 3-star rating and had a 5-star rating last year. Owing to the 1.5 ton capacity, this air conditioner is appropriate for all the medium sized rooms. This air conditioner has been covered with a 1-year warranty on the product along with 5-years on the compressor. It further comprises of some unique and special features such as the Hidden LED display and the quick cool technology for faster cooling.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 9Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Provides you with comfort, class, and performance all at once
  • Equipped with advanced features to assure you of a sound sleep
  • Comes with an auto restart and sleep mode function for convenience
  • The hidden LED display makes the appearance of this AC even classier
  • Turn on the energy saver mode at night to save electricity while sleeping
  • Quick cooling technology to rapidly cool down the temperature of the room

Godrej 1 Ton 1 Star Split AC

This air conditioner is an energy efficient appliance from the brand named Godrej. It comprises of several user sociable specifications that provide you with the best cooling performance together with the required. Having a 1-ton capacity, this air conditioner is only suitable for the small-sized rooms only. The air conditioner comes covered with a 1-year warranty along with a 7-years warranty on the compressor. The condenser has been designed using copper bot the best-in-class durability and reliability. It has been equipped with a catechin air filter for providing clean and purified air.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 11Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 12



  • Suitable for providing cooling inside the small rooms in your house
  • Comprises of a condenser made up of pure copper to offer durability
  • Provides really energy-efficient cooling together with easy maintenance
  • Comes with a turbo mode for cooling faster during the peak summer season
  • The catechin filter makes the air suitable to breathe by filtering the impurities
  • Offers a sleep mode which further helps you in saving a lot of energy

Inverter Air Condtioners

In case you are searching for a smarter AC, which is capable of providing continuous as well as superior cooling, coupled up with energy efficiency, the Inverter ACs is the best bang for your buck.


  • The inverter ACs consumes pretty less power since the compressor doesn’t need to often reach those utmost cooling speeds
  • They are able to offer consistent cooling as the compressor tends to vary its speed for ultimate cooling performance
  • Owing to the lesser load on their compressor, these ACs last for a really longer time

Onida 1 Ton Inverter Split AC

This 1 Ton Split AC from Onida is a contemporary yet a really cost-effective appliance. This air conditioner is really lightweight and generates 18 DB of noise levels, which turn it into an ultimate choice for individuals who have a longing for some undisturbed sound comfort inside their room. The 1 ton AC has been designed to turn your living area cooler and more comfortable. It comprises of a spectacular peripheral appearance. On the outside surface, this cooling appliance comes with a 13 ft. long linking kit together with a blue colored condenser and evaporator fins.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 13Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • Saves a whole lot of energy with the inverter technology
  • Lightweight and really silent air conditioner for sound sleep
  • Appropriate for people longing for undisturbed quality time
  • Comes with an LCD display for convenience of the user
  • The timer and sleep mode option further saves a lot of energy
  • Provides powerful cooling with the turbo cooling mode

Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Revel in the fabulous air conditioning performance whilst saving pretty big on the energy bills owing to the inverter technology. This inverter split air conditioner has been equipped by the ultramodern technology owing to which the they keep you contentedly cool which goes together with the smart features such as the inverter technology, Wi-Fi control, self-clean mode, 4D suction, and many more. It comes with a hidden LED display which looks pretty stunning. Further, this air conditioner offers an anti-dust filter, which keeps the dust out of your room.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 15Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • With inverter technology, save a lot of electricity and power
  • Works even when there are voltage outages owing to stabilizer-free operation
  • Comes with a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty on the compressor
  • Comprises of an innovative self-diagnosis function for convenience
  • Provides a hidden LED display which looks really stunning
  • The anti-dust filter doesn’t allow any dust to be present in your room

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

This air conditioner from LG comes in with a Dual Inverter Compressor, which resolves indecorous, cooling and noise difficulties, causing in the air conditioner that cool down quicker, persists for longer, and operates quietly. Coming with the 10-years manufacturer’s warranty on its compressor, the users may also be able to revel in the profits of LG air conditioner for an extended period of ACs with the exceptional Himalaya Cool Technology assure to cool the room within the moment you turn on the AC.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 17Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Air Conditioner 2



  • This 1.5-ton capacity air conditioner is suitable for medium-size rooms
  • Compressor comes covered with a 10-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with the best-in-class 100% copper condenser for durability
  • Provides a wide-range of innovative and ground-breaking features
  • Comprises of an energy saving mode for diminishing power consumption
  • Works really effectively even during voltage outages owing to stabilizer-free operation

What are the Ways to Conserve Electricity with your Air Conditioner?

  • Keep the windows closed, which doesn’t allow the heat to enter the room and retains the cold air inside
  • Keep the AC vents clear since the obstructions might prevent the cool from moving around
  • Utilize the ‘Sleep Mode’ during nighttime, which is going to make sure that your AC offers a uniform coolness all throughout the night
  • Provide regular service and maintenance to your AC to keep it working effectively
  • The anti-bacterial filter makes sure that no harmful substances or microorganisms are present in the air
  • Stay cozy and warm throughout the winter season with the inbuilt heater that a few AC models have
  • The dehumidifier gets rid of the additional moisture during the monsoon season
  • The auto-clean function is going to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms keeping the moisture away
  • Save on the power bills by reducing the cooling every single hour with the Sleep Mode
  • The condensers of the air conditioners utilize the coils to cool the air and the coils made up of copper are really prevalent since they cool really faster and are easy to maintain

For Further Reading

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  2. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is mentioned in Split AC list. But it is not mentioned in the inverter AC list. Please calrify whether it is just a Split AC or Inverter AC ?

    • Hi Mr. Prabhu! Thank you for showing interest in! We would be really happy to help you out in clarifying every single doubt that you come across. Sir, as far as your query is concerned, we would like to tell you that the Carrier Superia Split AC, which we have listed down in our Split AC reviews is a non-inverter air conditioner. This is the sole reason why we have not listed it in the Inverter AC reviews. Previously, when we had published the article, this air conditioner from Carrier had a 5-star rating, but with the revised Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) standards, it experienced a 2-point energy rating drop in 2018 since it is a non-inverter split AC. For an instance: a 2017 5 star non-inverter split AC will become 3-star AC in 2018.

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